5 Reasons Why Atheists Are Good For The World

As you probably know, I am an atheist. Quite frankly, though, I couldn’t care less whether you are an atheist or religious. There’s no reason why a contrast in belief systems should ever stop two people from getting along.

One thing I will say, though, is that atheists are good for the world. And I don’t think you can argue that even if you are deeply religious. Here are just five reasons that prove the world is a better place for having people that do not believe in a higher being.

#1. Scientific & technological advancements

Science and technology are two key components in human evolution. Our species would have still progressed without atheism, but there is no doubt that atheists have played a major role in the developments.

Atheists don’t merely accept the hand that is dealt by nature. Experts explain here how genetically modified humans are possible thanks to tech and science. Meanwhile, there are many other aspects of medical science and discovery that may not have occurred without atheists.

#2. Intelligence

There are several studies that show a positive correlation between atheism and intelligence. While I’m probably not the greatest example of that, I assure you it does exist.

That’s not to suggest atheists are actually smarter. However, atheists are perhaps more inquisitive as they pose existential questions. Contesting the notion that “God just made it happen” certainly has an impact.

#3. Peacekeeping and integration

It would be far too simplistic to state that all wars are caused by religion. Still, it’s impossible to ignore that it is a common factor. Atheists are more likely to integrate with people from other walks of life. Marxist views show that atheists have been guilty of atrocities too. Atheists tend no to kill others in the name of atheism. The fact that terrorism is very rare in Scandinavia and non-religious regions gives further credence to the argument.

#4. Belief system makeup

Many people view the failure to believe in a higher power as an unnatural perspective. On the contrary, this study shows that it is just as natural as religious beliefs. After all, they are all (including atheism) ideologies that have been passed down.

If a society can exist with different cultures that believe in varying gods, there’s no reason non-believers can’t be involved too.

#5. Human choice

While I don’t believe in any religious script, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that I could be wrong. Still, the scripts were all produced many years ago. As such, many of the teachings simply don’t match up with modern life.

Atheists are often behind the fight for equality relating to sexuality, race, and other key human issues. Without them, there’s a strong chance that religion would still be playing catch up. The fact that people are able to live more freely can only be a positive – even if you disagree with their decisions.

One last note – I do believe that the world is a better place thanks to religion too.

Ways To Keep Busy And Have Fun This Winter

Ways To Keep Busy And Have Fun This Winter

Aah, winter. Whilst it can be pretty fun just re-watching the same series over and over again on Netflix, it soon gets boring, and you need something to fill those dark days when going outside may not be an option. There are many ways to fill the time, however, and they don’t all involve watching the television and staring out of the window wishing summer would come back (that doesn’t work, guys). We’ve put together a list of a few things that you can do to get rid of those winter blues, so read on if you want to have fun this season!

Listen to an album a day

Whatever you decide to do this winter, the Christmas season is a great time to listen to new music, and find out bands and artists that you love. Whether vinyl is your thing or you’d rather stick to Spotify, there is just so much time right now, and finding some new jams wouldn’t go a miss. Mix up your genres, try something different, and you could find something that you’re really glad you’ve discovered. Winter is a great time to get listening, so that you can go to those pub quizzes in the New Year and get every single question right on the music round. Winning.

Try out some new games

There are so many games out there on the market right now, that it can be difficult to choose. If you’ve been playing something like Fortnite Battle Royale for a few months, don’t you think that it’s time for something new? Anime is a totally underrated genre, and there are many Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPG) if you fancy a change from the whole killing-the-opposition thing. These games are quite story-focused, so you can spend a few hours really getting into character. A great way to pass the time, right? Check out AnimeWhiz for more advice for beginners.

Go on a road trip

Look, we know. Going on a road trip is a summer thing, and it sounds like hell in this weather. But don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! A winter road trip will allow you to see some beautiful sights, particularly if it has been snowing. Get the air con on, get your scarves and gloves out, and explore somewhere amazing near you! Going for a forest drive if you can get to one is a great idea, and if you’ve got your thermals on, why not go for a walk? You’ll see unique wildlife, a beautiful snowy skyline, and you can even have a snowball fight. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Sign us up.

So, there are many ways to keep busy and have fun this winter, and listening to an album a week is one of them. Try out some new genres, and you’ll have new music all year! Trying out some new games such as JRPGs is also a good shout, as you’ll get lost in the interesting stories. And going on a road trip will get rid of that stubborn cabin fever, so give it a try, too. Have fun!

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