Saturday Night Family Drinks & Dinner

Yesterday was the final rituals for my uncle who passed away on Monday. As I arrived late from work, I woke up late and after a coffee and a shave and a shower later, I left for Thrikkakara in an Uber. I reached there by 11:30 am and had a light breakfast as some of the other had just finished theirs. After a bunch of prayers and stuff which I never partake in at his house, we took my uncle’s ashes to the river banks of the Periyar where his brothers placed his ashes in a clay pot and dropped it in the waters.


We came back to the house and setup the lunch for everyone. Me and my cousins also served our elders as well and we were grateful for the simple rice and curries as it was almost 3pm by then. We stayed there for a couple of hours more. My uncles wanted to get some drinks in the night and called my cousins and me for a discussion. One of my cousins has a small hall her can hire for the night at his apartment complex and made the arrangements. He also called a local caterer he knows to make fried rice, beef fry, chilli chicken, chicken roast, veggie curry, curd salad and chappatthi for dinner. Plus there was ice cream.


Another two cousins bought Smirnoff vodka and signature whiskey. The caterer also arrange bottles of cold water, soda and lots of Sprite and ice ofcourse. We drank and we ate and we played some dumb charades. It was fun. It was a cool night in a scorching & humid summer. It was what we needed after the emotional week we have had. We had some fun for over 3 hours and then found Ubers to take us back home.

Pick Your Potion

Captain Picard was into Earl Grey tea; mention the Dude and we think: White Russians. What’s your signature beverage — and how did it achieve that status?

And Captain Janeway’s was coffee while James Bond had his vodka martinis. Me? I too like vodkas and my poison is vodka and Sprite on the rocks.

How did it happen? Simple. When I first started drinking, after beer I ventured into rum & coke in my 20s. Well I actually first had it when I was 19 but started more into it in my early 20s. Rum was cheap and it was popular and everyone was drinking it. Well, whoever was into his scotch or brandy. So I drank a lot of Old Monk from age 21 till 28.

When I was about 27 I happened to try some vodka and liked it but it was almost a year later when I settled on vodka and 7up and then Sprite on the rocks as my drink of choice. I would get some at the bar/restaurant below my offices that I worked at the time and order some beef and fried rice on certain nights. It was awesome. Every bar I went to I ordered vodka. I started buying vodka to keep at home as the bars have all closed down due to the ban in effect by our stupid previous state government.

Vodka & Sprite – everyone who knows me well knows that it’s my drink.

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Quiet Weekend With Beer & Pizza

A nice quiet weekend spent mostly at home. I came back home a little later than my shift on Friday but couldn’t get to sleep for a long time for no reason. I kept waking up as it is. Anyways, I had some quiet time planned for myself as I was alone at home. Saturday morning I woke up at 7 am and drank the first of my two morning coffees and ate a simple sandwich of white bread and cucumbers before showering and getting dressed. I hailed an Uber to take me to Gandhinagar where the self-service BevCo is located.


I also wanted to try the SupplyCo first which is right next door but they seemed to have less stuff than BevCo and also they didn’t have any cans so I went to the BevCo. They didn’t have an beer cans either but I ended up buying 5 650ml bottles of beers – 2 Carslbergs, 2 British Empire (a beer I have never tried before) and a Miller. I also bought a 600ml of Smirnoff’s Apple vodka and went to the counter and paid. My Uber was still waiting for me and he dropped me back home. And it wasn’t a high charge at all so this is what I plan to do going forward once a month.


I was back in my apartment 10 minutes before noon as the drive is not far and I took all of what 10 minutes inside BevCo. I put my beers into the fridge (although I had to keep one on the counter as there wasn’t enough space) and my vodka in a cupboard and changed my clothes. I then ordered a large cheese & bbq chicken pizza from Dominos and had to wait a while as I was out of the guaranteed area for the 30 minutes delivery. The pizza took about an hour by which time I was hungry so I had already bought some snack from the local grocery store / tea shop as I was starving by then. By 1:45 pm I had half my pizza and a beer before watching part of a movie and then fell asleep for an hour.

Evening coffee was followed by EPL football and a beer with the rest of the pizza for dinner. Then I watched some tv show episodes and went to sleep by 1am. Sunday I basically had only buns and coffee.

Not Your Normal Lemon Slushy

When life gives you cheap personal loan uk lemons… make something else. Tell us about a time you used an object or resolved a tricky situation in an unorthodox way.

  • 8 cups water
  • 3 cups granulated sugar
  • 2 fresh lemon
  • 2 orange (fresh)
  • 6 cups pineapple juice
  • 2 cups grapefruit juice (fresh)
  • 4 cups lemonade (such as Sprite or 7Up + extra for mixing)
  • 5 cups vodka


  1. Make a simple syrup by bringing the water to a boil in a medium-size saucepan and stirring in the sugar until it’s completely dissolved.
  2. Pour the simple syrup into a large container (I recommend this 17-cup container or this 29-cup container) and leave to cool to room temperature. When cooled, stir in the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Freeze the contents of the container for at least 24 hours. When ready to serve, scoop out as much frosty stuff as you need to fill your glass and top with lemonade. If the drink is still largely frozen after adding lemonade, mix it up a bit with a spoon or a straw to help dissolve the frostiness.

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Cyber Mall & Soi7 Brewery Pub, Gurgaon

The second of the two pubs that I hit while I was in Gurgaon was the Soi7 Brewery pub in Cyber Mall. This mall is huge and it has a lot of eateries and other fun stuff to do. After coffee and breakfast and a long walk through, I finally went to Soi7 brew pup. Take a look at the photos the large outdoor mall and the pub








I had some awesome beer while I was there. They have their own brews with boxing related names. Enjoy the pics!

The Manhattan Brewery & Pub, Gurgaon

Although it has been a few weeks, I would like to now introduced you, my dear viewers/readers, to the excellent Manhattan Brewery & Pub in Gurgaon, Haryana. During my 2 week stay in that city I took the time off on a Saturday and went to the Global Foyer Mall on the outskirts of the city to drink some craft beer and try some awesome food.




They have a dark yet inviting and welcoming lightning and the decor is awesome with some tv screens showing the current live sports and a larger screen that displays music videos.







The beer was cold and delightful and the food was amazing too. The video reviews will follow up soon.

Beer Review – Amstel Light Lager

Amstel Brewery is a Dutch brewery founded in 1870 on the Mauritskade in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was taken over by Heineken International in 1968, and the brewing plant closed down in 1982, with production moving to the main Heineken plant at Zoeterwoude. Amstel Lager uses predominantly light pilsner malt, although some dark malt is also used. It is sold in 75 countries. Amstel Light is a 3.5% abv pale lager. Basically it’s for grandmothers and small kids. If it was a hot day and the beer was quite chilled, I guess it would be very refreshing. I would want atleast 4.8 – 6 % alcohol in my beers.

Beer Review – Stella Artois Lager

Stella Artois is a pilsner beer of between 4.8 and 5.2% ABV which has been brewed in Leuven, Belgium, since 1926. A 4% ABV version is sold in Britain, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. Stella Artois is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer.

Although Belgium is best known internationally for its ales, the so-called “table beers,” the bottom-fermented pilsner lagers such as Stella Artois head the list for domestic consumption, making up almost 75% of Belgian beer production. Stella Artois is available on draught and in several packaged sizes, including a 275 ml bottle, 284 ml bottle, a 330 ml bottle, a 440 ml can, a 50cl can, a pint size can known as “La Grande Biere” (568 ml), 66 cl bottle, 70 cl bottle and a 1 liter bottle.

Stella Artois monthly loans no credit check has been associated with film in the UK since 1994, organizing events, sponsoring television, and hosting a website. Stella Artois has been or is a primary sponsor of the Cannes, Melbourne, and Sundance film festivals, the Independent Spirit Awards, and the Little Rock Film Festival. For many years previously The Queen’s Club Championships, an annual tournament for male tennis players, held on grass courts at the Queen’s Club in West Kensington, London and part of the ATP World Tour 500 series on the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Tour, was known as the Stella Artois Championships.

Beer Review – Erdinger Weissbier (Hefe-Weizen)

Brewed by:
Erdinger Weissbräu
Germany |

Style: Hefeweizen

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.60%

Availability: Year-round

Erdinger has been brewing their Bavarian wheat beers for over 100 years. Beers like this classic Hefe Weissbier have attributed to their international success. This hefeweizen pours a hazy gold colour with a foamy white head. A lively carbonation brings delicate aromas of bananas and cloves to the nose. Classic flavours of banana and clove are accompanied by a biscuity maltiness and perhaps even a bit of lemongrass. A medium body and crisp dry finish make this a very refreshing drink, pure and simple.

I was lucky to get this imported beer from the Discovery Wines & Liquor, a store that was walking distance from my hotel where I stayed at while in Gurgaon. I only went in there once during my stay in Gurgaon and got 3 imported beers that I had never tried before.

Hot & Sunny But Busy Sunday

It’s been a busy Sunday today and I usually do not go out on a Sunday (I prefer going out on a Saturday and sleeping in and watch movies on Sunday) but since I have Monday off as well, I went out today. In the morning I went to this store called Heels Footware and bought a new pair of black shoes and a belt and then went to McDonald’s which was nearby.


Hungry I ordered a big spicy paneer wrap with a medium Coke Zero and fries. It was delicious. Their tortilla wraps are amazing, so much better than the chicken, veg or paneer burgers.


I shot a review video in McDonald’s and then chilled there for a while as it was a really hot day and I was not looking forward to venturing out again. But I had to leave and went to get my hair cut.


While I was waiting for the barber to be free I took some grain from a store next door and fed some pigeons. I like pigeons.


By then I was hungry again and it was time for a late lunch with beer. I had two beers at Couchyn, both Budweiser Magnums and I had their style of fish n chips. Basically bread crumb fried fish with French Fries and some tartar sauce. It was good though nothing like what is actually fish n chips.


After that a brief stop at a place to buy snacks for tomorrow and then it was on to home.

Awesome Sunday Out

After a couple of weekends staying in at home and not going out, today I went out by 11am to join my cousin Sujith for some coffee and sandwiches at a late breakfast/brunch before going on for some drinks. Kahawa Cafe & bristro in Atlantis was our destination, a place neither of us had ever been to before. We went there and ordered some food – he had the roast beef sandwich and I had the beef burger. Both were excellent and we rated each of them a 9 outta 10!


Not sure what this cafe is best known for but it should be their milkshakes or chillers as they call them. We had these large choco chillers which were amazingly rich and delicious. I can’t be sure if I have had a better milkshake with icecream in Kochi ever. This was a 10 outta 10 for the both of us.


Much talking about movies and science fiction later we made our way a while later to Couchyn Vibe at the Grand Hotel and settled down at a table to drink some beers. Budweiser and the Magnum one were the choice for the afternoon.


It’s a shame that we can’t find places in Kochi that will serve you awesome burgers or pizzas with your beer. It’s tough but I think the 4 star and 5 stars hotels may have the option. I am not in the habit of visiting 4 or 5 star restaurants at all but I guess we will try one someday soon.


We had barbecued chicken sausages (delicious by the way) and a poor Teriyaki beef plate which was way too salty and vinegary for our tastes. No problem the rest of the stuff was top class so we didn’t have any complaints. By 5 pm we left the hotel and went back to our respective homes.

Back To An Old Watering Hole

It was like going home. Going home to a home that you haven’t seen in a long while. My cousin Sujith & I went back to Velocity Beer & Wine parlour / restaurant which used to be Velocity bar, a favourite watering hole from 2007-2013. I hadn’t been there in a long time indeed.


The decor is still the same but I don’t see why they should change it much. The place looks as good as ever.


As some of you may remember we’ve had a big problem for drink lovers in the state what with the stupid decision of our moronic government to ban bars in the state. Hence we have no more bars, other than those of the 5 star variety and they are very few in number as well as very expensive for the likes of yours truly. Most of the 2 & 3 star bars were close with just a few 3 star ones becoming beer & wine parlours joining the 4 star bars that also converted and added food to their menu.


Velocity, a 3 star bar but of a really good standard, was one of the early victims when they had to close down and then lost their license. They were able to renew their license as their standards were better than most and hence were allowed to re-open as a beer & wine parlous plus restaurant. The same owners also have a family restaurant (no beer or wine served there) right next door. But Velocity did not reopen their doors immediately as they wanted to do a lot of renovation and hence it was closed for even longer.


The couple of times I have tried to go there we saw that they were closed so I moved on to other bill consolidation loans bad credit beer parlours like Couchyn, which became my go to place. Also I started relying on buying beer (along with vodka and rum) from the BEvcos and drinking at home. Hence I haven’t been to Velocity since mid 2013! Which is huge!


Today my cousin and I walked in and were greeted like returning family. We ordered some Pork Pepper Fry (bad idea, the pork was good but it was so peppery and spicy) and Chicken 65. The latter was delicious as ever. And ofcourse we had a couple of beers. Heineken first and then Carlsberg. We sat there for a good 2 hours or so and enjoyed a nice afternoon. By 4:30 pm we had to leave, with promises to come back soon.


And so I have my watering hole back again. No alcohol but it still is something. I like the place and it’s a fun spot to kick back with some beers and good food and relax. Cheers!

Drinks & Dinner @ Lotus Club

Last night my family – dad, mom, my sister, brother-in-law, their 3 kids – 3 cousins (2 who brought their wives and 1 child each), 1 uncle & 3 aunts met at the Lotus club for some drinks and dinner. This was decided at around 5pm yesterday evening and by 7:30 pm we reached at the club. My dad, mom & I went by an Uber cab and greeted everyone at the large room we had booked for the evening.

The star of the show was clearly the vodka which 4 of us had. My dad had whiskey, my uncle and bil had brandy. I must have had 6 vodkas throughout the evening, which explains the headache I had this morning.

Th festivities started with some snacks. I remember plates of french fries, egg burgi, onion pakodas, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, deep fried beef being involved.

Dinner was naan, butter chicken and fried rice followed by some ice cream. It was a great get together and by 11:30 pm I was back in my bedroom watching Star Trek.

Three Old Men Reunited Again!

Today was the day that I finally got to meet Anil & Madhu after a very long time. Since last October in fact! Anil has been back from Dubai for a few weeks now (he is not going back and instead is going to look for a job here or elsewhere) and Madhu is on holiday from cheapest secured loans his work in Qatar. So we needed to meet. Despite me having an ankle problem we decided to meet for coffee at around 11am in Bay Pride Mall.

After a while of chatting over there we went to Golden Dragon for beer and Chinese food. They only had King Fisher but that was ok for us.


We munched on several stuff including this well done Chinese chicken salad. The dragon chicken was the star of the show, also good were the spring rolls, golden fried crispy prawns but the Chicken Satay was a bit too much for us. No fried rice or noodles just these starters.


At around 2:30 pm we went to the Center Square Mall and went to several stores as Madhu looked for a pair of shoes to his liking but we never found anything he liked. We ended the day with a fruit salad & mango ice cream and then went back to our respective homes.