Movie In Lulu Mall & Taco Bell Lunch

After 10 months I finally went to Lulu Mall again. I just haven’t wanted to go there in a long while and the main reason is the crowds. I hate crowds, I hate too many people walking around for no reason and blocking your way as they walk in a horizontal row and you can’t pass by. I hate the endless posing around for selfies and stupid, silly smiles and pouts (ugh, get a life). I hate the kids running around unsupervised and making a ruckus. But, I wanted to watch Captain Marvel and since my preferred theater is Lulu Gold PVR (since Cinepolis had to close down due to violating the local fire & safety laws) which is in the mall.


I woke up by 7 am and got ready by 9 am and waited to catch an Uber which would take me to Edapally. I got there and started getting a bad coughing fit because of some phlegm that was caught in my chest. I cleared my throat and coughed a few times and then looked for a cafe. They have Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Coffee and McDonalds and as Costa Coffee was kinda crowded I went into McDonalds. I had only a little cornflakes for breakfast and a coffee but I was hungry and definitely needed a coffee after all that coughing. So I ordered a Sausage (chicken as there are no beef or pork products in Indian McDonalds) and Egg McMuffin and a medium cappuccino. Ok, McDonald’s now I get the hype. I really liked both.


After that I went to the washroom and then walked around a bit before it was just 10:20 am and I went to the PVR section, showed them my e-ticket and went to wait for a few minutes. I then got an ice tea (at the counter I was in there had some problem with the soft drinks fountain and only the Lipton ice tea was available. Now, I actually like ice tea and so I got that and a bottle of water and went to sit in my seat. As usual I had the next seat empty (even though it was booked) and there were were a few seats empty. I watched the movie and it finished at 1:15 pm, perfect time for lunch.


I had wanted to go to Taco Bell ever since I heard about the inauguration of the very first TB outlet in Kerala. I finally got my chance. I went through the menu, not knowing what to get so I finally selected a chicken fajita burrito with Mexican fries and a Pepsi. The burrito and fries were really good and now I have another fast food done. I can’t wait for more from them. I walked a bit in the mall and left by 2:30 pm and was home by 3pm!

Waffles Combo

Best waffle recipes and toppings – go!

Chocolate chips and whipped cream. Oh, I can just feel the sin! How about Nutella, Banana and Peanut Butter? Hmmm hmm!

I’ve always seen fried chicken and waffles combos. They look amazing. Seriously it’s kinda difficult to find someone who hates the combo and every version looks delish. Korean spicy chicken and waffles also looks amazing with the Korea spices and flavours mixing in with a fresh, hot waffles.

Waffles are perfect for breakfast but waffle tacos? This is a rare gem, friends. These bad boys are stuffed with cheesy scrambled eggs and topped with sausage, guacamole, salsa, grated cheese, cilantro, jalapeño pesto and pickled red onions.

Buffalo Hummus Chicken Waffle Bites – with all the deliciousness of buffalo chicken wings combined with spongy waffles and melted cheddar, these apps are superb for game day. And err…hummus is kinda healthy right?

Pepperoni Pizza Waffles – there should be a pizza version of everything and there should always be room for pepperoni — waffles included. When something is stuffed with stretchy mozzarella, salty parmesan and pepperoni, all is right in the world. A basic dough recipe spiced with basil and garlic replaces the usual waffle batter here.

The Great Indian Food Experiment

What’s the first dish that you cooked on your own? Was it good?

I first cooked eggs and in omelet form. Then perhaps scrambled and later on as bulls-eye / fried eggs. But the real test for every guy or girl in India is Maggi noodles. Which are ramen like noodles which you can add the powdered flavour or tastemaker as the noodles are being cooked in the boiling water.

Now the real experiment in cooking for me, and a whole lot of Indians in urban centers, starts with Maggi noodles. Ramen is so versatile that once you have the basic stuff from packets, the world is now your stage. You can add almost anything to it and see how it works and tastes.

Eggs, hen’s or duck’s is what I would usually add to my Maggi noodles (no matter what flavour packet it comes with). Onions, green peas, peppers, carrots are some of the vegetables that you can add to enhance some more taste. You can add cooked chicken or beef or fish or pork and it will become even more yummy.

Mushrooms are another options. Experiment and enjoy is what I say.

Prompt from 16 WRITING PROMPTS FOR FOOD BLOGGERS @ FoodBloggersOfCanada

Ava Lounge @ Radisson Blu

One of my wishes for this month was to try out one or two bars in 5 star hotels. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Radisson Blu. It was back in 2015 when it was still called Dreamz Hotel before the Radisson group took over, that I was in the place for attending an office function and lunch.

So I finally I joined my cousin Sujith, who has been here a couple of times before, to visit the Ava lounge bar. We had Amstel beers, a Long Island Ice Tea each then a 340 ml Budweiser while munching on a couple of plates of delicious Afghani chicken tikka, chicken seekh kabab and tempura prawns.



When we went in at 12:34 pm the place was empty and we enjoyed the corner table and comfy cushiony seats we had. About an hour later some folks from a wedding party downstairs came in for some wine and beers and other stuff and were making a ruckus. But we still enjoyed the afternoon and I want to come in for more. Enjoy the pics!




Dream Vacation

Where would you go on your perfect dream vacation

I would have to say that for the past 22 years or so it has been Canada. Now if you want me to be specific and choose an city/town / area or region/province it might be harder for me to say so. And that’s because I have so many places in Canada that I want to visit and see for myself. My love affair with Canada started in the late 90s just as I was turning 20 and started to see more documentaries, travel programs and read about places.

Then came the internet and I started to see images from these places and also finding out that several beautiful locations shot in some movies are actually shot in Canada. From BC to Newfoundland the 10 provinces are amazing places and each have their to go destinations that I find that I want to see. Even the territories with their harsh winters and scarce populations have things we need to see. There was a tv show set in Yellowknife which looks beautiful and a new destination hit me up.

If had to pick only one city in Canada, it might just have to be…….ugh, this is hard…..Montreal as it is just so unique with it’s mix of old world European architecture, French influence and North American modernness. It’s an amazing place. Second might be Vancouver. And on and on. But yeah, city would have to be Montreal.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF JANUARY WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

Cupcakes. Yay Or Nay?

Cupcakes! At one point of time, atleast in India, was the last thing that I would ask for as far as desserts were concerned. Or at a coffee shop! They were usually dry, flat on top and nothing much in terms of taste and all came in one flavour. You needed a cup of coffee or tea just to create enough moistness to push the stuff down your throat and into your stomach.

Nowadays it seems like cupcakes look so much more enticing and delicious and quite fancy. I guess the recent food renaissance in places like Cochin and the rest of India is the hero in this story. With so many channels that have international food, cooking & baking shows and with the internet having literally 1000s of cooking channels, it was inevitable that even the dry cupcake that we were used to would get a make over.

So like in many other countries, we have some places like Bloomsbury, Baker’s Walk & Bake Lady that will make for you a host of deliciously frosted & decorated cupcakes. I am not the biggest fan of cupcakes but I will try out the odd one here or there.

Prompt from 16 WRITING PROMPTS FOR FOOD BLOGGERS at The Food Bloggers of Canada

Food Review #265

McDonalds Big Spicy Chicken Wrap (With Wheat Tortilla) – they changed it from a flour tortilla, the rest is mostly the same. But – the veggies inside seem all fresh and healthy! What the hell McDonald’s? LOL, just kidding. Even with the change, this one is my fav from their menu.

Holiday Meals

So with the Christmas eve and now Christmas day behind us (almost as it’s 9:30 pm on the 25th as I type this), I though I’d share some of what I and my family ate & did during this holiday period. On Monday the 24th, I woke up early and had coffee by 7pm and later at 9am I had my breakfast of 4 dosas with sambar and more coffee. Lunch was light and simple, just some rice with veggies and a bit of fish curry.

I watched The Minions movie and then watched Star Trek First Contact on my tv – which was awesome by the way – and took a light nap. In the evening after coffee and light snacks, my sister came over with her three kids. So we ordered some food – I ordered a shawarma for my niece and two piece alfahm chicken for me with kuboos and mayo. My sister ordered butter chicken & chilli chicken with appams for my dad, mom, my two nephews and herself.


I also had two beers with my meal, which was delicious by the way. I had two kuboos with the alfam chicken and drank a Sterran beer plus a Kingfisher. The alfaham was great though once it isn’t that hot you do need more mayo as it dries up while trying to eat it with kuboos. After the dinner, I was back in my bedroom on my computer. At night I watched Home Alone, a Christmas movie and one of my 3 ultimate Xmas movies (the other two being Gremlins and Die Hard) and then 2 episodes each of Z Nation and Angel and fell asleep by 4 am.


This morning I woke up by 11 am and just had coffee. By 1pm my sister and her kids came over for lunch and my sister had made a simple egg fried rice while dad and mom made chicken curry. We ate our fried rice and chicken curry and at the end we had some mango & chocolate chip ice cream which my sister had bought from a store on their way here. Nicely filled I went back to lie down and watched Star Trek Insurrection. I even managed a short nap after the movie. More coffee and chips and then more internet until dinner time which was chappathi and the left over chicken curry.

Taco Bell Comes To Kochi

It’s finally here! Well not that I or anyone I know was waiting eagerly for it but Taco Bell is finally coming to Kochi. It’s the inauguration of the first Taco Bell outlet in Kerala and it’s in Lulu Mall, Edapally – which is a suburb of Kochi. Lulu Mall is largest mall in India (for now anyways as that title will soon be gone) and has KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Burger King & McDonald’s.

Now they have a Taco Bell too. I have never been to a Taco Bell and never had anything from them. They have outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad & Chandigarh – 11 in all and I guess Kochi makes 11. If it’s a success I guess they will have one each in the two Lulu Mall outlets that are being setup in Calicut & Thiruvananthapuram. But since India does not allow national/international food chains to have beef products (local joints in Kerala can have beef but not in most of India) what will they serve? Chicken ofcourse. Let’s look at the menu!

Mexican Paneer? What the fuck??? Tikka Masala Nachos Veg/Chicken? LOL, to be honest the rest of the menu looks interesting and I want to try a bunch of them. No beef ofcourse but lots of chicken option. I hope it’s good.