Top 5 Pizza Joints

Top five slices of pizza in Cochin

  1. 360 Degree Pizzeria
  2. Dominos
  3. Pizza Hut
  4. SFC Plus
  5. Woods Manor’s Pizzeria

These are my personal top 5. I have a couple of newer places that I have yet to try and once I do I am sure this list will change. But these are the ones that I go to satisfy my pizza cravings.


Food Review #141

A nice big juicy burger with two beef patties, cheese, bacon, onions, jalapenos and mushrooms sauce. I dubbed the burger the Kate Upton of burgers!! A 10/10! I washed it down with a cappuccino shake. Both were amazing. Shake was light and refreshing. The Burger Junction is the place to go to for good burgers in Kochi. Did I say good? I meant great!!


Food Review #138

Costa Coffee’s Macchiato & Chocolate Twister – Costa Coffee hasn’t really won me over with their menu. Coffee is usually quite bitter and boy are they over priced. Twister was good.


Food Review #135

An awesome burger from Mash 24, a nice new restaurant. The Texas burger comes with a beef patty, cheese, chicken sausages, fried egg and caramelized onions in a special sauce. French fries as sides and I had a Banana-Strawberry shaky (milkshake).


Food Review #132

Dominos Non-Veg Supreme Pizza with cheese burst crust – black olives, onions, green peppers, mushroom, bbq chicken, hot n spicy chicken & chunky chicken pieces. Garlic bread in a jalpenos dip and Sprite on the side.


Food Review #131

Club Burger & Cold Coffee Shake at Carrots Confectionery & Cakes – burger patty was a pre-cooked variation kinda disappointing, with eggs and veggies. French Fries were bland. The Cold Coffee shake was awesome and perfect for the blazing hot & humid day I went there.