A Childhood Memory Which Includes A Bollywood Song

A childhood memory

I remember my friends who were my neighbours as well. When my family lived in Kuwait they and their parents lives right opposite our apartment for many, many years – 11 of which I was alive. The girl was a year older than me and the boy was 2 years younger than me. Along with the other kids in the building we played a lot of games together and spent a lot of time watching tv together; like cartoons and tv shows.

One particular afternoon sticks in my mind about the 3 of us in their apartment playing the games we did. After having watched the Amithab Bachchan & Hema Malini starer Satte Pe Satta we decided to play out some of the scenes in the movies. What I especially remember is me and the sister lip syncing to one of the songs and walking around like in the movie while her brother, played several characters spying on us and hiding behind the furniture.

I dunno why but this scene played out in my memories when I was lying in bed this weekend and for some reason I was thinking about my childhood. I haven’t seen them since 1990 and am barely in touch with the brother on Facebook. But I do miss my childhood fun days.

A Flashback To An Afternoon For Kids

Yesterday we had a visit from some family friends. My family lived in Kuwait for a while – dad lived there for 29 years, mom 18 (just after she got married to dad) and my sister lived there for 15 years while I as born there and lived there until I was 11. In our building we had a lot of Malayalee families (each apartment was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath with a small kitchen and a living room) and a couple of other Indian families, 1 Pakistani and 1 Egyptian family. We were close with a lot of them, the committee had frequent parties in one flat or the other and then we had the always awesome parties with lots of games for kids & adults alike on the roof top terraces, followed by movies shown on a projector.

My family  moved back to India in 1987 and my closeness with my friends and neighbours were quickly replaced by my cousins, uncles & aunts. There were a few that we kept in touch with but as I grew older I made my own friends and my circle didn’t include these people, though my parents were still close. However a couple of the families have remained close with us. Sometimes a few things will remind me of the good ole times we had back in Kuwait. Like just a few weeks ago I was watching 101 Dalmatians (the 1961 animated film) and I suddenly remembered that the first and only other time that I had watched this film was back in Kuwait.

I, along with a few other kids, were at this Goan families apartment for a kid’s movie day and their mom put on 101 Dalmations & then Dumbo for us. She also made popcorn for us kids and I remember that was the first time I had someone make popcorn in a microwave for me. I had only had pre-popped popcorn before that. I could even smell the popcorn when I was flooded by the memories of that day. Odd how things remind you of a memory from ages ago.

The Pangs Of The Heart That Longs For You

Write about your first love — be it a person, place, or thing.

I’ve had my crushes throughout my years. When I was 12 I had this major crush on a girl 2 years older than me. That last a little while and by the age of 13 I had a crush on another girl. And I have posted about my first girlfriend, the first girl who said she liked me but I also do think about this girl who didn’t tell me directly that she liked me, but apparently it was kind of known among her friends that she liked me and I was interested in her as well. But that was puppy love ofcourse as I was 14 and she was 12.

Yeah, so many, many years ago and I have sort of forgotten what her face looked like – at times it’s a blur but at times she appears in my mind as clear as if she was standing face to face to me. I rarely do think about her but since the last 2 years or so I keep thinking about her once in a while – mainly because I hear her name a lot more. And that is because, my next door neighbours have a teenage daughter with that name and I have a colleague who has the same name as well. So about this then 12 year old girl who had a crush on me she was in the 7th grade when I was in the 9th grade. Her name was Maryam and she was from a Muslim family.

Her parents were ultra strict with her but not mainly with regards to religion or religious upbringing. Infact, in hindsight, her family must seem quite modern to most now. They were very strict with her studies and things like that. So they had no television and no games and no radio! This is the year 1990! Her family were well off enough to afford a couple of tvs and a few radios and walkman but she and her younger sister were forbidden to have them at home. Anyways towards the end of that year, I came to know that she had a crush on me, based on a few comments her friends made and what she wrote in my book (like a year end autograph book we used to keep back then).

All summer I was dreaming of meeting her again and actually pursuing this and maybe get to know her even better. Unfortunately, when I came back to school and started looking for her, she was not to be seen. I spoke to a couple of her girl friends and they said that her parents had moved away to another city and hence she had left the school. I feel that it is a shame. I hope she has had a wonderful life so far and has a nice family to get home to.

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Five Traits Of A Really Good Friend (Part One)

Trustworthiness : Every relationship needs trust as a core quality, and friendships are no exception. They offer us a sounding board to test ideas and show our true selves while knowing they won’t betray our confidences or make us feel ashamed of our weaknesses. They also offer us caring, honest feedback, even when it might hurt which will eventually allow us to grow.

Supportive :  Supportive friends are a lifeline. Good friends offer us various kinds of support, such as emotional support when we’re feeling insecure and information support when we need to know how to handle problems or deal with ambiguities. Knowing that they are there is the encouragement we need to face life’s many demands and [helps to] prop us up when needed. Life is not always easy and fun, but a good friend will be available.

Acceptance : They accept you as you are. You’re probably comfortable around your good friends because you can be yourself around them; with others, you may put up more of a front or feel less comfortable. “A good friend is someone who will unconditionally accept you as you are, but will never be afraid to tell you the unpleasant truth of a situation or your behavior. Corbett adds that good friends are not judgmental either.

They’re Emotionally Available : Just like a romantic partner should be emotionally available, good friends should be, too. They make us feel heard and acknowledge us and our points of view. We feel listened to and appreciated as opposed to ignored or dismissed. As a result, he says, this allows you to share your life with each other and feel connected, both of which combat loneliness and help you weather distressing circumstances. Even if your best friend doesn’t live nearby, you still maintain a close relationship with them.

They Have Similar Interests : Chances are, you and your good friends are a good fit because you have several things in common. They are similar to us in terms of values, beliefs, and views about things that matter to us. Because our personalities and opinions are similar, it gives us a sense of belonging, which satisfies the fundamental human need to feel connected to others — we feel united, togetherness, and a sense of belonging.

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Friends New Year Episodes

Season 1, Episode 10 “The One With The Monkey” : The first Friends New Year’s episode, “The One with the Monkey,” aired in December 1994, during the show’s very first season. The episode rang in 1995 for the New York City clan. The pals decide to host a New Year’s party, but no one is allowed to bring any dates. It goes exactly how you think it does. And it turns out Ross is the one with the monkey — his new pet monkey named Marcel, and naturally, hijinks ensue.

Season 5, Episode 11 “ The One With All The Resolutions” : The next time that Friends celebrates New Year’s is 1999. In the episode, the group is winding down after partying like it’s, well, 1999. They think about how they want to spend the last year before the new millennium. Rachel resolves to quit gossiping, Monica takes up photography as a hobby, and Ross wants to undertake new daily experiences. The episode ends with the revelation that Monica and Chandler are secretly dating.

Season 6, Episode 10 “The One With The Routine” : Finally, Friends rings in the year 2000 with all the silliness, low-rise jeans, and one-liner quips that can fit into 30 minutes. In “The One with the Routine,” the group is invited to a taping of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, which devolves into hilarious dance routines. Monica and Ross slay the dance floor, but the joke’s on them when it’s aired on the blooper reel.

Season 5 Episode 10 “The One With The Inappropriate Sister” : Bringing a little incest in the festive mood, this Friends New year episode could be called an incentive..lol. Sorry..!! But that is the main plot of the episode, as Danny, Rachel’s boyfriend has a ‘unique sibling bond’ with his sister Krista…Ahem ahemm… But you know, what we laugh the hardest, it was Joey’s delayed realization about knowing they are siblings, but again he is also the one who patches up Ross and Chandler with a play, “Could I be any more sorry?” ( I love that idiotic guy..!!) In the New year’s festive spirit, Phoebe decides to volunteer for Salvation Army by collecting donations, even though if it includes shouting at old ladies..!! Trust me; nothing is ever predictable with Phoebe.

Great Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

We all celebrate different occasions. Whether that’s birthdays, religious holidays, cultural holidays or anything else. Often, these celebrations revolve around spending time with loved ones. But they can also often incorporate gifts, given as a token of love and appreciation. Sometimes, we just want to give gifts without any particular occasion. Regardless of why you’re giving a gift, there are plenty of different options out there. At the end of the day, only you will know the best gift for your loved ones – after all, you’re the one who knows their preferences and interests. But hopefully, some of the ideas listed below can get your imagination going and can help you to find the perfect gift that will really bring a smile to the recipient’s face!

Speakers and Headphones

If your loved one is techy and into their music, you could consider getting them some speakers or headphones. This can improve the sound they get when they listen to their favourite songs – inside and outside of their home. Price can vary depending on branding and quality, but generally speaking, there’s something to suit every budget. From home speakers like the fluance ai60 to wireless earphones or headphones for travelling and the gym. Browse different options out there and settle on what will best suit them and their lifestyle!

Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, you might want to consider subscription boxes. These come in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of different content, so will give your loved one something to look forward to each month. Take a look out there for what’s available. You could get a beauty subscription box, a flower subscription box, a magazine, a book box, a snack box, a pet box… the list goes on and on!

Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental gifts tend to be the best. They come from the heart and show that you’ve really thought this purchase out. Finding their favourite song on vinyl. Finding a first edition of their favourite book. Having a pet portrait made. One of those images that shows the constellation of the stars on the first night you met, the day they were born, or another special date. These tend to be some of the most heartwarming gifts.

Pamper Packages

Everyone likes to pamper themselves every once in a while. So why not pack up a little pamper package? Bath bombs, moisturisers, hair masks, face masks, foot masks, lip balms… the opportunities are endless and you can sculpt to box you make to match whatever they like – specific scents, specific brands, you name it!


If you’re buying for a kid, head straight to toys. Little ones love playing with everything from spaceships to cowboys to race sets and dolls. If you’re unsure what they might like, it’s easy to ask their parents for some suggestions. They’ve probably been circling things they like in a catalogue or jump about when they see certain adverts on the television.


If you don’t know someone too well, but want to get them something to show appreciation – perhaps a relative stranger who has helped you, a partner’s parents, or someone else, flowers tend to almost always go down well. Select a nice bouquet and have it gift wrapped and delivered! You may also want to consider an option that comes with a vase, so the person receiving the flowers definitely has a way of arranging and presenting them nicely.


Like flowers, chocolates also tend to be a simple staple gift. Boxes, arrangements, bars, dark, milk, white, plain, filled, topped – there are so many different options out there! You can even get chocolate for people with special dietary requirements and preferences. For example, you could buy vegan chocolate for people who are vegan or lactose intolerant.

Edible Arrangements

If you want to combine something like a flower arrangement and a sweet treat, consider edible arrangements. These are pretty arrangements made from fruit. The fruit is carved and arranged to look like flowers. This is great and a real novelty! Just make sure to use a reliable supplier who has an extensive portfolio and can definitely deliver on time. You need to ensure the person is home to receive their delivery too – you don’t want the arrangement to go bad before they get it.

These are just a few different gift ideas to get the ball rolling. Your loved one may have more niche interests that you can cater to. They might not like any of the things above. But generally speaking, one of these options should be able to bring a smile to most people’s faces.

Games We Kids Played

What was your favorite game when you were a kid? Do you still play it today?

1)  Cricket was the sport we played the most as kids. I don’t like cricket anymore and I don’t think I played the sport since my late teens. I only followed, watched and played the sport since most of my cousins loved it and this is India after all. But in reality, I cannot stand the sport, I can’t stand most cricket players and I wish it got banned!

2) Football was the next big sport we played as kids. We didn’t have enough space to play it in my grandmother’s place which is where we cousins vacationed but I did play some at school and especially during my early years in Kuwait. In my later school years back here in India I played either defense or defensive midfield.

3) Badminton – we played it a lot. My mom played it a bit too. We usually played doubles with cousins and one year, age 12 in 7th grade my buddy Jimmy and I made it to the finals of the school badminton doubles tournament. We lost because we were not prepared for the finals.

4) Monopoly or Hind Trade which is the Indian version of Monopoly. I have blogged about this before. Loved the game and enjoyed the hours spent with my cousins playing the game.

5) Donkey (cards) which is a fun game to play with your cousins. Many, many evenings spent playing that game.

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Surprise! How to Bring Joy to Your Friends, Family and Colleagues

We all love a good surprise. Whether it is a surprise party of all our friends or an unexpected perk at work, there is something just wonderful about the whole process. But what is even better, is that you can use the power of surprise to bring joy to those around you every day.

The best surprises are not the most lavish or complicated. In fact, it is the small acts of kindness that we appreciate most because they usually show an honest interest that can’t be found elsewhere.

Here are a few ideas you might like to try.

Surprises at Work

For most people, work is a bit of a grind. You go in, you do your thing and then you go home. It’s the same most days. A surprise is just what you need to break the monotony and it doesn’t even have to be expensive to succeed. As you can see on the http://www.proweatherstore.com/, introducing a little surprise every now and then can feel empowering for employees and motivate them to do even better.

So what sort of surprises work here? Well, if you’re the business owner, you have a lot of scope from ordering in a stack of pizzas to announcing an early home time. As an employee, you should probably check your boundaries first but it might be fun to organize an office playlist for the day or take in some snacks to share.

Surprises for Family

Kids absolutely love surprises and there are so many things you could do that they would just love. Fun breakfasts always go down well and even the simplest soft cheese-topped bagel can be improved with a bit of food coloring and sprinkles! Starting the morning well is a nice way to set the tone for the whole week and makes a big difference.

For a bigger surprise, you could turn the lounge into a fort to jazz up your family movie night or even take everyone on a day out together. To be fair, ordering in a stack of pizzas works pretty well at home too!

Whatever you do to surprise your family, just make sure that the experience will suit everyone and encourage you all to bond. After all, enjoying each other’s company is what family is all about.

Surprises for Friends

Keeping up with friends between work and family commitments can be tough but a little surprise once in a while can help things along. Again, the surprise doesn’t have to be big – especially if you live quite far away from each other. A postcard is a lovely way to check in with an old friend.

Organizing a spontaneous night out is a fun way to catch up but don’t just do what you usually do. Spice things up by trying a new place or stay in and try something different like cooking together. Once again, ordering a stack of pizzas works wonders every time but go wild – make sushi, buy a chocolate fountain. Have fun!

Former Colleague Takes His Own Life

Yesterday as I was getting into my office building, a former colleague, who works in one of the two other companies in the same building, came by to say hello. As we stepped into the elevator he asked me if I had come to know about Sijo. Sijo was another former colleague who worked with me in FirstSource from 2007-2009. He then left to go and join the US Army’s admin department in Iraq and then would later marry a Malayalee nurse living in the US.

He got posted to the US and joined the Army in the mainland. He kept in touch very briefly mainly on Facebook. I remember he would post once a month his earnings as per his investments in the stock market or shares and stuff. Each post would go like this ‘Thank you Jesus or heavenly father for the profit you have given me’. He would also shared a screenshot of his app or website where it showed his earnings.

What I got to know yesterday is that he had borrowed a lot of money from several sources to invest and I guess he ran into a lot of losses and debts. When they came a calling he decided that the only way out was to end his own life. He leaves behind his wife and family (I don’t think he has kids). His funeral is this Friday.

RIP Christy Mathew Phillip

This afternoon while at lunch, I was browsing through Facebook while eating my sandwich and came across a post from a priest who had posted on the profile page of a guy named Christy. From the way he posted it, in that weird Christian priesthood manner, even though he never said the words “passed away” or “died” you know what was up. I had no clue as to what had happened and this guy is only 23-24 years old. I tried finding out from the comments but couldn’t make out for a long time. I texted a few people who were close to him in order to find out what had happened.

I came to know that Christy passed away in a car accident in the early hours when he and a friend crashed with a truck. From what I hear, he died on the spot. Christy was a trainee of mine in my current office, though he left for higher studies last year. Everyone remembers him as always smiling and always jovial and cordial towards others. I remember a few of his jokes and funny impersonations of actors that he did during breaks in work.

I think he was studying for his MBA. He was around 23-24 years old, way too young for me to be reading his obituary. Young guys of his age should be looking forward to a new job, a career and enjoying life. I wish that could be what was in store for you. I can’t believe he is gone. But his memory will live on in the hearts and minds of his friends and colleagues. I hope his family can find some peace in this trying time.

Goodbye, Christy! We will all hold you dear in our memories.

Spooky Gift

I was looking to buy a gift (or a small set of gifts) for a friend of mine. She is leaving our company after 3 years (I’ve known her for 2 years and bit more). We used to work in the same section, were very close and had a falling out about 5-6 months after meeting each other and I guess we didn’t speak or be very friendly for a few months. We’ve built our friendship over the last few months and she confides in me a lot.

She recently got called for an interview at a large organization and the job pays her a lot more than what she is getting now but I think the clinching factor was that she would work only 9-6 shifts whereas here she can’t always get that. So she had told me about a month a half that she was going to resign as she got the job. I didn’t want her to leave but in my old age and wisdom setting upon me, I realize that this is better for her as she has a young son. As the days of her two month notice period come to a close, I’ve been looking for a farewell gift for her. I checked Amazon as they have a great selection from companies in India and I was looking for a couple of things that would be good for her at her new office.

I looked up a few things and saved them to my wishlist for later but while we were sitting at a coffee break one evening a couple of days ago, I casually ask her if she had bought anything online recently. She takes out her phone and opens the Amazon app and shows me a cool looking flask for keeping water – an exact same one that I had saved in my wishlist to buy for her! It look so stylish that I had immediately thought of her. And what’s more, she had looked at a diary which was incredibly similar in design to one that I had also thought of buying for her and saved it in my wishlist!


Someone Else’s Island 5

We’ve all been asked what five objects we’d take with us to a desert island. Now it’s your best friend’s (or close relative’s) turn to be stranded: what five objects would you send him/her off with?

Depends on which friend it is, I have a couple:

  • a case of beer
  • Shaving kit to shave off the beard and perhaps hair too
  • a blanket
  • mp3 player with a large selection of awesome music
  • hunting knife

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Saturday Afternoon Out With Anil

For the first time this year Anil & I got together and met at Center Square Mall for a few hours. We agreed to meet there for coffee in one of the stalls in Food Court and then on the spot decided to go for a movie.


After coffee we bough tickets for a movie and went to watch it with some popcorn. We then walked for a bit in the mall and then went for a late lunch.


The Tandoor restaurant about 10 minutes away was the perfect choice and we went in to have some good food. We started with lime juice and a half tandoori chicken – the portion of which has shrunk so much since the last time I came here, which was back in 2012.


We then moved on to butter naan and butter chicken. All of the food was delicious and bellies full we went back to our homes.


Sunday Chinese Food & Beer

A not really planned but still awesome and happy get together between the 3 of us. Anil & I had talked about meeting on Sunday at 6:30 pm but we still hadn’t confirmed it. Sunday at 6pm, after watching some tv all afternoon and then taking a shower, I messaged Anil to check if we could meet up. Turns out he was on his way to the city!


Aha! So he called me back and said to get ready and that he would pick up me at my apartment building by 6:30 pm. He contacted Madhu who was on his way back home from an afternoon spent at some friend’s house and he would meet us after he dropped his wife back at their home. So I got ready and was in the process of putting on some deodorant when it started thundering & lightning and heavy rains poured down over the city. Luckily since Anil was in his car we didn’t get wet.


Madhu called just as we were leaving my area and said that he would be an hour late and that we should start before he joins us. Instead we went to BTH for a cup of coffee and we went slowly through MG Road which was partially flooded as it was really raining cats and dogs by now. Anil & I spent 30 minutes drinking hot cups of coffee before making our way back to MG Road and on to Mercy Estate where Golden Dragon awaited us. We stopped on the way to get some money out of an ATM.


We ordered beer – ofcourse – and started with the restaurant’s famous and delicious Dragon Chicken which was not as great as the last time we had it but it was still great. We then had two plates of Honey flavoured sesame pork which was crisp and juicy and oh so delicious. Madhu wanted some soup and some fish and we drank beer and chatted for a while.


To end the evening we stopped at the nearby Milano gelato parlour and had ice cream cones which were magnificent. Madhu had a milkshake instead but we were all raving about the stuff. Then it was goodbye and onto home.

Three Old Men Reunited Again!

Today was the day that I finally got to meet Anil & Madhu after a very long time. Since last October in fact! Anil has been back from Dubai for a few weeks now (he is not going back and instead is going to look for a job here or elsewhere) and Madhu is on holiday from his work in Qatar. So we needed to meet. Despite me having an ankle problem we decided to meet for coffee at around 11am in Bay Pride Mall.

After a while of chatting over there we went to Golden Dragon for beer and Chinese food. They only had King Fisher but that was ok for us.


We munched on several stuff including this well done Chinese chicken salad. The dragon chicken was the star of the show, also good were the spring rolls, golden fried crispy prawns but the Chicken Satay was a bit too much for us. No fried rice or noodles just these starters.


At around 2:30 pm we went to the Center Square Mall and went to several stores as Madhu looked for a pair of shoes to his liking but we never found anything he liked. We ended the day with a fruit salad & mango ice cream and then went back to our respective homes.

Friends Indeed

Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to). Write a post based on it.

I don’t have to ask the person what she is thinking about, since she has been texting me on Whatsapp for a long time this evening. Well this friend & colleague was reading an online article about her favourite sit com – FRIENDS – and there was a quiz at the end. Since she loves FRIENDS as much as I do, she decided to test my knowledge about the show and asked me several questions from the quiz.

I knew them all and in return I asked her a few questions of my own from some episodes. She knew some of them and we joked about the show for a while. I know she is missing the show and having watched some other shows in completion she is missing Friends and wanting to watch it again but discussing episodes & jokes with me, since I love it equally as much as she does, is good fun for her. And it is fun for me to to relive the jokes and act out the scenes to peels of laughter.

So yeah, that’s what my friend is thinking about at the moment. Or atleast at the time I started typing this post.

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Goodbye To A Wonderful Lady

Yesterday one of our family friend, who my parents have known since the early 70s and who I have known from the time I was born. Today was the funeral of this wonderful lady who had to suffer so much before her untimely death. She & her husband lived in the apartment opposite my family’s and has seen the birth of my sister as well as mine. I grew up with her kids, who – the daughter is a year older than me and the son is 2 years younger than me – were my close friends until the age of 11. The last time I saw either of them was over 20 years ago, though I think I have been to the girl’s wedding but cannot be sure (which would have been around the age of 25-26).

The last time I met this woman was back in the early 2000 I think, while I was doing a marketing job and I wanted to see her husband about having his business featured on this internet portal that my employers were promoting. I spent about an hour at their house during tea time and talked to them. I haven’t seen either of them since and have not seen this lady suffer through her illness. She lost her eyesight slowly and then her ability to move and even swallow food. She needed to be put on IV to feed her and then later they had to pump food & nutrients straight into her stomach. She stopped recieving people as her  health went from bad to worse and later didn’t want anyone other than her immediate family to be near her.

After years of this state she finally breathed her last as she slept and now she is no longer suffering. Her family and friends will miss her tremendously even though they will be grateful that she no longer is a victim of her illness. She will be remembered and thought of as fondly as she deserves to be. It’s a travesty that good people, nay wonderful people like her, have to go through what she went through. Life is just not fair. She leaves behind her husband, daughter, son and grandchild.

Fireside Chat

What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. — would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?

I dunno if I could pick just one. There’s so many to choose from. People I’ve met over the internet and have become friends with either through their blogs or Facebook/Twitter – some of them seem so damn interesting that at the top of my head I can think of atleast 20-25 who I’d want to have a long chat face to face with. Just to hear what their life has been like wherever they live and what life has doled out to them and how they faced those and came out smiling in the end.

So to those several people if I ever do get a chance I would love to sit with you, over several cups of coffee/tea or maybe a bit more potent drink and listen to you as you tell me things that happened over your life to make you who you are. That would be fascinating to say the least.

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