SCARIEST PLACES IN THE WORLD : Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia, USA

Savannah, Georgia is known as one of the most haunted cities in America, and Bonaventure Cemetery is known as one of the most haunted sites within Savannah! Despite the rumored hauntings, Bonaventure is also one of the most picturesque cemeteries in the US. This eerily beautiful Southern Gothic cemetery has been around since the 1800s. It is filled with rows of weathered gravestones resting under 250-year-old live oaks draped with Spanish moss.

It is rumored that people have been buried alive at Bonaventure Cemetery

Before modern technology such as heart monitors, sometimes people in comas with a low pulse rate were mistakenly buried alive. Although it was a rare occurrence, there is proof that this did happen on occasion. As evidence, they have found scratch marks inside of caskets when bodies have been exhumed or ransacked by grave robbers. In order to prevent this from happening, a string would be tied to the finger of the deceased and attached to a bell next to the grave, which is where the phrase “saved by the bell” came from.

The grave of Gracie, the six-year-old ghost, is found here

One of the most famous residents of Bonaventure Cemetery is Gracie Watson, the sweet 6-year-old that supposedly haunts the Regions Bank. Gracie’s parents managed the prestigious Pulaski hotel in Savannah where Gracie was beloved by all the guests. She was known to sing, giggle, smile, dance, and play around the hotel at the delight of its patrons. However, in 1889 when Gracie was only six years old, she fell ill with a fatal case of pneumonia and died just days before Easter. Her parents were utterly distraught and commissioned the famed sculptor, John Waltz, to carve a statue with her exact likeness even down to her favorite dress.

After Gracie’s passing, her mother and other hotel staff claimed to have heard her laughter and singing echoing throughout the halls of the hotel and under the back stairs where she loved to play. The Pulaski Hotel was eventually demolished with a cafe being built in its place. The cafe has since been converted to the Regions Bank on Johnson Square where patrons and workers claim to still hear her laughter. Rumor has it that she plays pranks on unsuspecting people, like pulling makeup out of women’s purses. Some have even seen the apparition of a young girl in 1880s attire wandering around the bank and other locations around Savannah. It is also said that if you take any of the gifts left at her grave then her statue will cry tears of blood.

Bonaventure Cemetery plays a starring role in the book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

The burial grounds have seen a dramatic increase in tourists since the release of the bestselling novel and subsequent movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The cover of the book features a statue known as Bird Girl that once resided in the cemetery. After fans of the book incessantly trampled the family plot to snap a photo of the statue, the family decided to donate Bird Girl to Savannah’s Telfair Academy Museum where it is safely on display. The statue is not the only tie that the cemetery has to the book.

In the book, the voodoo priestess Minerva routinely performed spells over Danny Hansford’s grave at Bonaventure Cemetery to vindicate Jim Williams of his murder. Discover the truth of a rumored ill-fated love story ending in suicide. One of the most controversial stories is in relation to Corinne Elliott Lawton. Many like to believe the Romeo and Juliet-esque version as it makes for a better story. Legend has it that Corinne was in love with a young man that was below her family’s social standards. Her parents did not approve and forced her into an arranged marriage.

On the eve of her wedding day, instead of living a life without her true love she threw herself into the Wilmington River and drowned. However, published accounts from her mother’s diary tell a different story. She writes that Corinne succumbed to a bout of Yellow Fever after being sick for 10 days and died in her bed while surrounded by family. Many also believe that the statue that was erected in her likeness is wearing shoes which symbolizes that Corinne is not walking with Jesus.

The ash remains of 344 Holocaust victims can be found at Bonaventure Cemetery

The Jewish cemetery within Bonaventure is a beautiful area to visit. There are a few things worth noting in this portion of the cemetery. You’ll notice that many of the headstones are engraved with the picture of two hands touching at thumbs with their middle fingers split in a “V”. If it looks similar to the “live long and prosper” gesture that Mr. Spock used on Star Trek, that is because it is the same gesture. Leonard Nimoy, the actor playing Mr. Spock, is Jewish. He adopted the symbol from the Jewish priests who make this gesture at the end of services in Orthodox synagogues as a traditional Jewish blessing.

My Top Picks For Honeymoon Destinations In The World

Bali, Indonesia

From the traditional Buddhist temples to the iconic green rice paddies, volcanic mountain ranges, and beaches, Bali exudes so much romance and beauty, it’s no wonder the island has remained a popular honeymoon destination for decades. Particularly romantic for couples is the Hoshinoya Bali, featuring iron treehouses suspended within the Balinese forest (where you’ll enjoy your breakfast in the morning), rooms featuring exquisite Japanese design, and one of the most impressive resort pools on the island.

Paris, France

Some romantic destinations are clichĂŠ for a reason. And here’s the truth: You simply cannot go wrong with a Parisian honeymoon. Between the food, the wine, and the sheer beauty of the city, it’s a perfect couple’s destination. Enjoy wine on the idyllic patio at The Hoxton, Paris, and dine at Septime or at The Ritz-Carlton, Paris’ restaurant, Le Comptoir. Stay on the luxe Rue Saint-HonorĂŠ amidst Haussman buildings at Mandarin Oriental, Paris, known for their phenomenal suites and elegant atmosphere right by Place VendĂ´me.

Santorino, Greece

It doesn’t get much better than a honeymoon in Imerovigli, Santorini, where you can take in some of the best sunsets in the world at Andronis Concept Wellness Resort and Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts Collection. Imerovigli offers a more secluded experience, but the quintessential town of Oia is also worth visiting while on Santorini. After hiding away in Imerovigli, venture over to Andronis Luxury Suites, which are carved into the Santorini cliffside. With breathtaking caldera views and white-and-blue houses in every direction, your room will be one of the most romantic spots on the Aegean.

Napa Valley, USA

From Napa Valley to Sonoma and everywhere in between, a trip to Northern California’s venerable wine region is guaranteed to tick all the boxes on any food and wine lover’s honeymoon list. Whether it’s a ride on the region’s famous wine train or trying a multi-course tasting menu at Single Thread Farms, the three-Michelin-star reservation everyone’s after, you really can’t go wrong. For phenomenally romantic accommodations in wine country, stay at Auberge du Soleil, which overlooks picturesque rolling hills and feels reminiscent of the South of France. Then, hop over to Calistoga, where you’ll find wine tasting at the forever-hip Tank Garage Winery, mud treatments at the spa within Solage, Auberge Resorts Collection, and a number of incredible restaurants.

Lankanfushi Island, The Maldives

Sometimes, all you need is your own private villa and miles of gin-clear ocean at your fingertips. Home to 45 overwater villas, Gili Lankanfushi Maldives is the place for a far-flung getaway. There are a number of activities to choose from, including windsurfing and sunrise yoga, plus a variety of massages and treatments at Meera Spa.

Bali, Indonesia

From the traditional Buddhist temples to the iconic green rice paddies, volcanic mountain ranges, and beaches, Bali exudes so much romance and beauty, it’s no wonder the island has remained a popular honeymoon destination for decades. Particularly romantic for couples is the Hoshinoya Bali, featuring iron treehouses suspended within the Balinese forest (where you’ll enjoy your breakfast in the morning), rooms featuring exquisite Japanese design, and one of the most impressive resort pools on the island.

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii has long been a popular honeymoon spot, thanks to its tropical weather, beautiful beaches, and, most conveniently, no passport requirement. Situated on 15 acres of tropical hillside heaven, Hotel Wailea is designed for couples seeking relaxation and a sense of refuge from the beachfront crowds.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

It’s a miraculous “unofficial” world wonder. Niagara Falls, which runs along the Niagara River, flows into New York and the Canadian border and is a beautiful spot for a minimoon or road trip honeymoon. The Niagara Region is home to some of the best wineries in the world, beautiful hiking trails, tourist attractions, and unique experiences all year round. While there are a variety of ways to view the falls up close, our Niagara Falls honeymoon guide will help you experience the best the region has to offer.

Oktoberfest 2023 : What To Expect

Each year between six and seven million people will consume 7 million liters of beer and eat half a million half chickens. They party hard and dance harder. Oktoberfest 2023 is going to be the ultimate bucket list item you need to experience! Oktoberfest 2023 will begin at 12pm on Saturday September 16th and end on Tuesday October 3rd, 2023. Each year Oktoberfest begins on a Saturday in September and typically ends on the first Sunday of October. However, as you can see here, Oktoberfest 2023 is one of those rare occasions when we get extra Oktoberfest days!

Two specific times to consider attending Oktoberfest are the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony. Both are spectacular in their own ways and equally tough to get into (but both are worth their weight in schnitzel). Not counting opening and closing day at Oktoberfest, Fridays and weekends are the toughest time to find space for your tush in a beer tent. During the week (and during the day) is going to be your best bet to easily find a seat in a beer tent. Getting into the festival and into the beer tents is 100% free.

You can expect a liter of beer at Oktoberfest to cost you about 14 euros (without tip), give or take depending on which tent you’re in. Food menu options and prices at each tent vary but expect to spend between 9€ – 30€ on a meal with a ½ chicken being around 15€.

Weird Laws In The Sultanate Of Brunei

The ‘close proximity’ law

It’s against the law in Brunei for men and women who aren’t blood relatives or married, to be alone together. This is the same as some countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. This only really applies to Bruneian Muslims, but punishments can sometimes be harsh especially when authorities suspect adultery. Things that might appear innocuous to us such as walking in the mall or sitting in the park can be illegal in Brunei.


Committing adultery is a big no-no. It is considered illegal in Brunei and can carry an archaic punishment such as stoning to death. This law is unlikely to affect tourists unless it involves a Bruneian or a Muslim.

Unmarried couples sharing a hotel room

Both the proximity and adultery laws make it illegal in Brunei for unmarried couples to share a hotel room. If you’re not married, you need to get separate rooms. This still applies if you’re in a long-term relationship and just haven’t tied the knot. Some hotels check; others don’t. The law can be murky and exceptions are sometimes made with foreign tourists. If you’re in this situation, call the hotel and double check before booking a room. Check the current government advice on visiting Brunei for up-to-date information.

Saying negative things about the Sultan

The technical term for defamation of the royal family as a crime is lèse-majesté. And lèse-majesté is illegal in Brunei. Saying or sharing anything unfavourable about the Sultan or Prince is a crime. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the Sultan of Brunei, keep any opinions to yourself.


Yes, you read that correctly. In a sense, Christmas is illegal in Brunei. December 25 isn’t a holiday and it’s against the law to put decorations up in public. Christians can attend church and celebrate in private but need to notify the authorities. The Sultan believes ‘excess and open’ celebration might undermine the role of Islam in Brunei. Punishments can be up to five years in prison or a B$40,000 ($29,336) fine.


Leap Castle is located in County Offaly. Proudly listed as ‘the world’s most haunted castle’ on its website, it is safe to say this majestic manor has quite the name for itself. Standing strong for over 700 years, this 13th-century castle has been witness to a tumultuous history. It has stood through bloody histories and lives lost, love affairs, and babies born. Many ghost stories are associated with it. This castle is open to visitors, where they can take the leap castle tour and explore the history and stories related to it closely.

Various stories are associated with when the castle’s main tower was constructed, but most likely, it was built around the 1250s. The castle was built by the O’Bannon Clan. It was initially called “Leap of the O’Bannons”. In 1922, the castle was destroyed during the Irish Civil War. It remained untouched until 1974, when Peter Bartlett, an Australian descendant of the O’Bannon Clan, bought it. He worked on the castle’s restoration until he died in 1989. Later, Sean and Anne Ryan purchased the castle. Now, it is a privately owned castle that is open to the public.

Leap Castle Bloody Chapel is the most popular part of the castle because of its various haunted stories. This is the place where O’Carroll’s sons killed his priest brother because he was performing mass in the chapel to gain power. It is believed to be an awful murder. Now, it is a burnt-out shell. Many visitors have reported noticing light streaming from the barren windows at night. Some have also reported witnessing the ghost of the priest lurking in the stairway near the chapel. Leap Castle visitors and owners have confirmed that it has some supernatural presence. Most of the castle tours are also related to castle ghosts. It is believed to be the most haunted castle in Ireland.

The Bloody Chapel, Priest’s House, Emily & Charlotte, The Governess, The Murdered Women, The Red Lady, and The Elemental- Many Ghost Stories are related to the castle. You must explore ghostly history before visiting the castle to make your visit thrilling.

The Song That Can Get You Killed In The Philippines

In the Philippines, karaoke is king. Every barangay is equipped with 10 or so karaoke bars, each of which is alive until well into the early morning. However one song can cause your death. And it’s surprising that it is this song. Popularized 50 years ago, in 1969, “My Way” is one of Sinatra’s greatest records. Critics claim that the song is one of Sinatra’s best, vocally and creatively. But in the Philippines, when you sing Sinatra, you could get killed. Some were killed for singing out of tune, others were killed for hogging the microphone, and quite a few were killed for singing the song on repeat for hours on end.

Filipinos discovered this  when a spate of karaoke-related killings took place between 2002 and 2012. Within one decade, it’s suspected that at least 12 people were killed in connection to singing Frank Sinatra’s hit song “My Way.” In 2007, a karaoke bar’s security guard shot a 29-year-old man singing “My Way” in San Mateo, Rizal. Apparently, the young man was off-key, and when he wouldn’t stop singing, the guard lost his shit, pulled out a .38 caliber pistol, and shot him dead. That’s just one incident from the many that took place in 10 years. The string of killings shocked society, and some bar owners removed the song from the jukebox or videoke machine.

Some won’t even sing the song in public, and if they do want to sing it, they’d get a private room at a karaoke bar so no one would be triggered by their off-tune vocals. Just when they thought the murders had ended, the “My Way” killings struck again just last year in 2018, when a 60-year-old man was stabbed by his neighbor, 28, during a birthday party in Zamboanga del Norte. According to reports, the senior grabbed the mic from his neighbor just when “My Way” was about to play. A fistfight ensued, ending with the neighbor stabbing the elderly man. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

10 Fun Facts About Liechtenstein

  • Liechtenstein is a tiny European nation nestled between Switzerland and Austria.
  • Home to about 38,000 people, it’s the fourth-smallest and the second-least-visited country in Europe.
  • With an area of only 62 square miles, it’s nearly eight times smaller than the city of Los Angeles.
  • It has virtually zero national debt, and the per capita GDP is the second-highest in the world.
  • Liechtenstein’s only billionaire is worth half the country’s GDP. According to Forbes, Christoph Zeller is the country’s only billionaire.
  • It doesn’t have its own airport. The closest major airport is in Zurich, which is around an hour-and-a-half drive away from Vaduz.
  • Everyone gets to party in the big castle once a year.Every year on Staatsfeiertag, Liechtenstein’s national holiday, the palace throws open its doors. Prince Hans-Adam II and his son Prince Alois invite all 39,000 residents, and anyone else willing to make the journey, to Vaduz Castle. Taking place on the 15 August every year, guests can enjoy a beer in the gardens, as well as a party and fireworks in the town centre.
  • Not only is it Europe’s richest city, but it also has the world’s longest lunch break. Residents are also discouraged from making loud noises during the official 90-minute break from noon until 1.30 pm. Don’t try to make any noise after 10 pm either.
  • Women only got the vote in Liechtenstein in 1984. It was the last country in Europe to give women the vote. There were rederendums about women’s suffrage in 1971 and 1973 but both were voted against.
  • Liechtenstein’s national anthem, “Oben am jungen Rhein” (“Up above the young Rhine”) uses the same melody as the British anthem “God Save the Queen”. In the 19th century there were a handful of German-speaking nations using the same melody, including Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony and Switzerland. Liechtenstein is the only remaining country still using it.


Iceland has always has an otherworldly feel to the land The tale of Gunnuhver is an example of classic Icelandic folklore, tying together the harshness of life on the island, ghosts, curses. It was said that a woman called Gunna lived on a farm on the Reykjanes Peninsula about four hundred years ago. She was tied to the land in poverty, under the authority of a wealthy lawyer. One day, she was unable to pay her rent, and her landlord took one of her only possessions, a cooking pot, as payment. She was enraged, and said she would starve herself until it was given back. Neither relented, and she died of hunger.

When her coffin was being carried to her grave, however, those holding it noticed it suddenly grow light. Then, a whisper echoed to the congregation: ‘No need deep to dig, no plans long to lie’. The body of her landlord was later found mutilated, and all who heard the whisper suspected the ghost had killed him. Unfortunately, Gunna’s vengeance did not end there. She killed his wife in a similarly brutal attack, then began to haunt the peninsula, driving many residents to madness. This continued until the arrival of a priest, Eirikur, to the peninsula. Considered a sort of holy sorcerer, the locals begged him to help. He came up with a plan, involving a ball of yarn. He gave the ball to the locals, left one end where Gunna was known to haunt, and told them to take it to the nearby hot spring and toss it in. They walked off with it, and Gunna picked up the end to follow their trail.

When the yarn was thrown into the hot spring, it took the spirit with it. It is still said that through the mist of the pools, it is possible to see her fighting to escape, and as such, the hot springs took her name. The Reykjanes Peninsula is highly volcanic, due to the fact that the Mid-Atlantic rift runs right through it. This leads to many hot springs, with others occurring at Krýsuvík and beneath Lake Kleifarvatn. These springs are beautiful, but unpredictable. In one of the mud pools, it is possible to see the engulfed remains of the old path, which was consumed by it expanding.

Some Interesting Facts About The Wendy’s Baconator

Perhaps one of the most iconic fast food burgers ever, the Baconator helped put Wendy’s back on the high burger sales map after a long period of struggling to compete with brands like McDonald’s. The Ohio-based fast food chain, which opened its first restaurant in Columbus back in 1969, started selling the Baconator in June of 2007. By March of 2008, it had sold over 68 million of the bacon cheeseburgers.

The Baconator was an attempt to revive Wendy’s after Dave Thomas died

The Baconator was launched in 2007 as part of an effort to revive Wendy’s in the wake of its founder Dave Thomas’ death in 2002. Back then, the number three burger chain was flailing and offers were on the table from rival companies. The chain had suffered with lower sales for a few years after Thomas passed, and those who are old enough to remember might be able to understand why. His appearances in Wendy’s commercials were always heart-warming and fun to watch. The company couldn’t seem to match the marketing magic that was Dave Thomas, until the genius invention and very catchy-named Baconator.

The Baconator was developed to appeal to men

In 2007, when then Wendy’s CEO Kerrii Anderson helped roll out the Baconator, she openly admitted that the meat-lovers mecca of a sandwich was definitely designed to appeal to a particular demographic — 18- to 34-year-old males, which at the time were the most common fast food consumers. The Baconator vision was dreamed up while Wendy’s was trying to reinvigorate both its menu and its marketing. The efforts paid off and the sandwich definitely boosted the brand’s status, and in 2008, Anderson reported that Wendy’s was developing a “Go Wrap” chicken sandwich to its “snack and value” menu, but this time in an effort to appeal to women. While nowadays this might seem like a bit of a gender stereotyping kind of ploy, we guess the numbers regarding men and fast food at the time didn’t lie.

Wendy’s sold 25 million Baconators in two months

To say the Baconator took the fast food world by storm when it first arrived would be a bit of an understatement. The bacon cheeseburger arrived in a full-on blaze of glory. Within two months of initially promoting the now-iconic Wendy’s bacon cheeseburger, the company sold 25 million sandwiches to hungry meat-eaters. In the summer of 2007, a few months after the Baconator mania took hold, then CEO Kerrii Anderson told Business Wire, “This is one of the most successful new product introductions we’ve had in some time.”

Wendy’s tried to push a spicy Baconator but it didn’t work

Look, not everyone can be the Baconator. We’re looking at you, Spicy Baconator (RIP, we barely knew ye). In March of 2008, Wendy’s tried to top its Baconator success story with another Baconator success story. The chain extended its Baconator line with a spicier version of the cheeseburger. Long story short, it’s not on the menu today. While the commercials were cute, for some reason, Americans just didn’t take to the spicy version of the bacon-on-beef classic.

The Baconator had its first child in 2012

In 2012, Wendy’s tried to quell the concerns of folks who really wanted a Baconator but couldn’t bring themselves to justify consuming a half a pound of beef plus six slices of bacon in one sitting. So for those who wanted a little less pork and beef, Wendy’s launched a baby Baconator, dubbed the “Son of Baconator.” The mini version of the Baconator made you feel a little less guilty than a full Baconator, serving up much less hefty burger patties (two 2.25-ounce beef slabs versus two quarter-pounders) and four instead of six slices of bacon.

The long-anticipated breakfast Baconator didn’t emerge until 2020

Wendy’s has a troubled history when it comes to breakfast. The chain tried to initially launch a breakfast menu in 1985 but pulled the plug after just nine months of slinging eggs. It tried in earnest to serve breakfast again in 2007 and then again in 2012 but still couldn’t quite gain Egg McMuffin-level traction. Cut to September of 2019 when Wendy’s once again announced plans to give breakfast another go. In February of 2020, the morning menu offerings started cropping up again at the chain’s outposts. They included a Breakfast Baconator and a Frosty-ccino, in perhaps another effort to capitalize on what they know already works (peeps do love their Wendy’s Frosty post-real meal).

SCARIEST PLACES IN THE WORLD : Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia

What’s even scarier than a haunted graveyard? Probably a haunted graveyard that sits 50 feet underwater. Micronesia’s Chuuk Lagoon (formerly Truk Lagoon) served as a fortified base for the Japanese Navy during WWII, and it was attacked by American forces during a three-day air strike in 1944. Dozens of warships, planes, tanks, and railroad cars sank to the bottom of the lagoon, where they remain today in what is known as the “Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon.” The ship graveyard is immensely popular with scuba divers, with PADI dubbing it “one of the best wreck diving destinations on the planet.” Underwater explorers can swim up close to the wartime vessels, which are littered with weapons, gas masks, and, according to some superstitious divers, a few waterlogged ghosts.

On the 17-18 February 1944, America carried out Operation Hailstone, destroying Japan’s Chuuk Lagoon base in the South Pacific. Japan lost over 250 airplanes and 137 tonnes of ships, the remains of which still lie at the bottom of the lagoon: the world’s biggest ship and aircraft graveyard. The event is often referred to as the Japanese equivalent of Pearl Harbour. Today, Chuuk Lagoon is among the top wreck diving spots of the world.

Previously Truk Atoll, the site of Chuuk Lagoon is located 1,800 km north of New Guinea and consists of a protective reef enclosing a natural harbour. The surrounding Chuuk islands had been settled since the 14th century AD but were claimed by the Spanish Empire, German Empire and eventually the Empire of Japan in 1914, who seized the lagoon from Germany during World War One. During World War Two, Chuuk Lagoon was the Empire of Japan’s main and most formidable naval base in the South Pacific. The base was heavily fortified against the Allies who were operating in New Guinea and the nearby Soloman Islands. A large part of the Japanese fleet was based at Chuuk, including Imperial battleships, aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, minesweepers and submarines.

In 1944, the Japanese Imperial naval base at Chuuk was destroyed by a US naval attack. Having been warned, the Japanese removed their larger warships. However, Operation Hailstone as the attack was known, continued for 3 days as US planes sank 12 smaller warships and 32 merchant ships, as well as 275 aircraft. The destruction of Chuuk Lagoon’s base prevented it from being a major threat to the Allies in the Central Pacific, especially after it was attacked again by British naval forces in June 1945.


Centralia, Pennsylvania was once a thriving town with a blossoming coal industry where mining began as early as 1856. That was of course until 1962 when the coal mine was set ablaze, defying all attempts to put it out. The town went through such a rapid regression that it went on to become the inspiration for the hit movie renditions of Silent Hill. With such a sordid past the area definitely holds a few secrets, some of which you can find below.

1. The Centralia Fire Is Still Burning

The fire which caused the downfall of Centralia has been burning since at least May 27th, 1962, exactly 58 years to this day! The longevity of the blaze is due to the 8 mile stretch of coal deposits which when examined “thirty feet below the ground, the temperature has been clocked at close to 1,000 degrees“. Some reports say that the town could be on fire for at least another 250 years.

2. The Town May Also Be Haunted

If the literal hellscape brewing beneath Centralia wasn’t enough there are also reports of ghostly goings-on throughout the town’s history. Ruth Edderson, who visited in 1998 with her friend claims she saw the figure of a miner walking in the smoke before it disappeared. Scott Sailor also visited the town with friends who all apparently heard voices coming from the smoking hillside that apparently told them to “leave this place”. There are also stories of people hearing and seeing unexplainable occurrences whilst exploring the town’s abandoned homes.

3. Some People Still Live There

From its peak in 1940 where is was home to just under 2500 people, according to the last census in 2017 only 5 people still reside in the smoking wreckage that is modern-day Centralia. The town still holds services at its Ukrainian Catholic church which attracts worshippers from the surrounding towns.

4. Centralia Is Literally Collapsing In On Itself

If you look at the typical Centralia landscape there is almost always smoke spewing out of the ground. These toxic fumes killed off most of the vegetation and nothing can grow due to the amount of carbon monoxide circulating from below. On top of this, the burning of the coal veins has caused rapidly forming sinkholes and rampant destruction. You can’t stay in many parts of the town for too long where asphyxiation due to the air quality is a very real threat. In 1981 the mayor of the town himself succumbed to the toxic fumes and collapsed.

5. There Are Theories That Say The Fire May Have Been Started On Purpose

Some residents and online theorists have stated their belief that it was in fact the government who started the fire which ultimately destroyed the town. The theory is based around the way in which certain private businesses alongside the government needed the ever-growing population of Centralia out of the way to get to the lucrative coal deposits below. Later on, the businesses that were interested in the town’s resources offered to dig out the fire in return for the rights to mine. Other sources state that the initial attempts to put out the fire were intentionally lackluster in an ongoing plan to vacate the town.

9 Weird Laws In Delware

1. If you want beer, wine, or any other alcohol from the liquor store on a Sunday, you’d better get to the store between noon and 8 p.m.

2. Pawnbrokers can’t accept your wheelchair or fake leg or arm for payment or pawn.

3. If you go to the beach and want to change because there’s sand in your suit, don’t do it in your car OR a public restroom. It’s illegal.

4. No R-rated or X-rated movies may be shown at drive-in movie theaters.

5. You’re out of luck if you want to see horse racing on Good Friday or Easter Sunday; it’s illegal on both days.

6. The only hunting you can do in Delaware on Sundays is fox hunting with dogs.

7. Of all the weird laws in Delaware, this has got to be the strangest: It’s illegal to PRETEND to sleep on a bench on the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk.

8. Girls under 6 can run around topless at Rehoboth Beach.

9. If you get married on a dare, you are legally allowed to get an annulment. (Seems reasonable enough.)

8 Billion & More People Surround Us

World Population Day – July 11 People across the globe observe July 11 as World Population Day – designated by the United Nations to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues, including their relations to the environment and human development.

Over the past 12 months, the world saw two significant population milestones. First, in November 2022, the global population officially hit eight billion people. Second, in April this year, India surpassed China to become the world’s most populous country, according to UN estimates.

The current population of World in 2023 is 8,045,311,447, a 0.88% increase from 2022.

Rank Country Population Area Population per km²
1 India 1,425.8 M 3,287,300 km² 433.7
2 China 1,425.7 M 9,562,900 km² 149.1
3 United States 331.9 M 9,831,500 km² 33.8
4 Indonesia 273.8 M 1,913,600 km² 143.1
5 Pakistan 231.4 M 796,100 km² 290.7
6 Brazil 214.3 M 8,515,800 km² 25.2
7 Nigeria 213.4 M 923,800 km² 231.0
8 Bangladesh 169.4 M 147,600 km² 1,147.2
9 Russia 143.4 M 17,098,300 km² 8.4
10 Mexico 126.7 M 1,964,400 km² 64.5

22 Facts About Canada As She Turns 156

  1. Canada has the fourth lowest population density in the world.
  2. In 2019, the population of Canada was approximately 37.59 million. The current population of Canada is 38,730,567 as of Saturday, July 1, 2023
  3. 81 per cent of the total population resides in cities.
  4. The average life expectancy is 81.16 years. This is recorded to be the sixth-highest in the world.
  5. Canadians tend to finish a sentence with the word ‘eh’.
  6. Canada is the Most Educated Country in the World.
  7. Half of the Canadian population were born in other countries.
  8. The literacy rate in Canada is 99%.
  9. In Canada, the one-dollar coin is called the ‘loonie’ and the two-dollar coin is called the ‘toonie’.
  10. As of 2017, about 15% of Canadians were reported to be daily smokers.
  11. An average Canadian watches 30 hours of television per week.
  12. Thirty-two per cent of Canadians are reported to be very happy, whereas 55% are quite happy.
  13. The top countries visited by Canadians are – The US, the UK and Mexico.
  14. About 90% of Canada’s population is concentrated within 160 kilometres (100 miles) of the Canada/US border.
  15. While 15.9% of the population is 65 or older, the other 68.5% are between the ages of 15 and 64.
  16. The median age in Canada is 41 years.
  17. In 1867, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick combined to form a dominion with its own government, parliament and prime minister – and Manitoba joined soon after. In 1931, Canada became an independent nation.
  18. The British Parliament passed the British North America Act and Canada became a country on 1st July 1867.
  19. Canada got its flag after 100 years of becoming a country – 15th February 1965.
  20. English and French are the two official languages of Canada.
  21. The Viking settled the east coast of Canada in 1000 AD.
  22. Canada was invaded twice by Americans in 1775 and 1812.

5 More Weird Laws In Quebec

Most Bars & Nightclubs Have To Close At 3 A.M.

Can someone explain why we can’t dance the night away until sunrise? Wouldn’t it be nice to have more events like Montreal’s annual Nuit Blanche? Nightlife in France ends when you emerge from the club at 6 a.m. and you go straight to the nearest bakery for breakfast. Montreal has been testing all-night nightlife on several occasions in 2022 and 2023, but sadly, the regular last call is at 3 a.m.

Weed Is Legal — But Only When Sold By The Government 

The fact that cannabis is legal for recreational use in Canada is already mind-blowing when you come from abroad. But what most of us find even more surprising is that only the government-owned SQDC can legally sell pot in Quebec. I can’t picture the Indian government selling weed to its citizens, ever.

You Must Pay Driving License Fees Every Year Before Your Birthday 

What a lovely birthday present from the SAAQ! A few weeks before your date of birth, the Crown corporation reminds you to pay fees to keep your driving privilege. Luckily, it only costs $24.75 this year thanks to an “insurance contribution vacation” implemented by the government.

French Words Must Be Bigger Than English Words On Signs

Most of us understand the intention of keeping the French language predominant in Quebec. But Quebec must be one of the few places on Earth to have legislation about font size on signs. The law doesn’t prevent grammar and spelling mistakes on local signs, according to a study by the Office quĂŠbecois de la langue française (OQLF).

Turning Right At The Red Light Is Permitted Everywhere Except In Montreal

The prohibition applies mostly to Montreal for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The rest of Quebec allows it. Try not to forget, or you might get in trouble!

SCARIEST PLACES IN THE WORLD : St. George’s Church, Czech Republic

Originally built in 1352, St. George’s Church (about 125 miles east of Prague) boasts quite a history. The building was nearly destroyed by fires many times over the centuries, and its roof partially collapsed during a funeral service in 1968. Many people were convinced the place was haunted and opted to leave it to the elements instead of going inside. People refused to enter, as a result, the building was stripped by robbers and fell prey to vandalism.

In 2012, local resident and volunteer caretaker Petr Koukl wanted to raise the funds to repair it but wasn’t sure how to do it. He enlisted the help of student Jakub Hadrava who created the installation as his thesis for art college. He created plaster models of real people, then covered them with sheets before placing them in the church. In the past five years, the ghosts have slowly given the church a new lease of life. They sit solemnly in the pews, congregate at the altar, and stand at the doorways, as if to beckon you inside. Word of mouth began to spread and in 2014 a video published on YouTube helped more people discover the Czech curiosity.

600,000 koruna (€23,500) has been raised from admission fees so far and they were able to get the roof repaired last year. They also organise concerts and even hold the occasional mass in the church. At present, the ghost church is only open on Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm – though the installation itself is permanent – and attendance is excellent with about 150 people coming every weekend.

Eight Weird Laws In The Province Of Ontario

MOWING : In London, Ont., the city takes lawn mowing very seriously. If you leave your lawn to grow higher than eight inches, a city worker will come and mow your lawn for you. They will also send you the bill.

GARAGE SALES : There are laws in Toronto governing how long a garage sale can last and the number of garage sales a person can have within a year. The Toronto Municipal Code states the law of two and two, which means a home may not hold more than two garage sales within a year, and each one may not last more than two days.

BATHTUB LAW : In Etobicoke, Ont., there is a local bylaw that states that a bathtub should not be filled with more than three-and-a-half inches of water – not a very large amount at all.

INTERNET SPEED : The town of Uxbridge, Ont., has strict limits regarding Internet speed. The local law limits internet speed to 56k, which was the average speed in the mid-1990s when dial-up modems were more common. Obviously, that law isn’t really followed anymore.

WATERING LAWNS : In Markham, Ont., the city limits outdoor water use in the summer between June 1 and Sept. 30. Homeowners are only allowed to water their lawns once a day between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., and 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Watering lawns is not permitted during the hottest hours of the day because it’s believed that the sun will speed up the water’s evaporation.

ONLY TWO DOGS PER HOUSEHOLD : In Uxbridge, Ont., each household can only have two dogs. In order to have more than two dogs, homeowners need to either move to a neighbourhood deemed as rural, or invest in a 10-acre lot.

CLEARING SNOW : Sidewalks are the city’s property, but homeowners are responsible for clearing the sidewalks around their property of both snow and ice within 24 hours of a snowfall. If you fail to comply, the city will clear the sidewalk and send over the bill.

CLOTHESLINES : Mississauga restricts the use of outdoor clotheslines. Homeowners can have only one clothesline per home, they must be located in the backyard and no higher than three metres, and placed 1.25 metres from the property line.