Thanksgiving Meals

Turkey. Dressing. Cranberry Sauce. Pumpkin Pie. What does Thanksgiving dinner look like at your house?

I have never had roast turkey with all the dressing and stuffing and cranberry sauce. I have never had a pumpkin pie. I live in India and we don’t have a Thanksgiving Day. Infact, isn’t it only Canada and the US who have Thanksgiving day? Late October for Canada and late November for the Americans.

The only turkey meat I have had is from Subway, the slices that they have in their subs. I like it a lot but I want turkey legs, turkey wings and some roast turkey. They look so awesome and delicious. But I think it’s very, very expensive here in India and atleast the place I checked with a few years ago, it was way outta my budget.

I like cranberry juice and cranberry as well. I like the juice with my vodka but I haven’t had any cranberry sauce yet. I wonder how it would taste like. I would love to try some. And finally the pie – I love pie but I haven’t had pumpkin pie yet. In fact I haven’t had pumpkin flavoured anything yet. I see a lot of pumpkin flavoured beer from the craft breweries in the US & Canada. Send us some.

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Strict Laws In Norway

Selling (and buying) alcohol on a Sunday

Alcohol in Norway is state-regulated. Anything stronger than 4.7% can only be sold at the state-run vinmonopolet shops, which close at 6 p.m. on weekdays, 3 p.m. on Saturdays and remain closed on Sundays and national holidays. And although you can find lighter alcohol options like beer and cider at the supermarket, these are only accessible until 8 p.m. on weekdays, 6 p.m. on Saturdays and never on Sundays. So basically, if someone tells you they know a place where you can buy a beer on a Sunday, you should know it’s definitely something illegal that could get you in trouble.

Smoking in a public area

Norway banned smoking in public spaces way back in 2004 – and is continuously taking steps to discourage people from smoking. To be on the safe side, if you feel the need to smoke when you’re outside, it’s better to do some snus.

Stealing someone’s cloudberries

This one is particularly interesting, given that in Norway’s it’s every man’s right to forage the forests for berries. But not all berries were created equal. Molter, also known as ‘cloudberries’ or ‘highland gold’, are considered rare delicacies since they’re not commercially grown. You’re only allowed to pick them from places that are not fenced otherwise there may be serious trouble and we don’t just mean the police: farmers have been known to shoot at trespassers for stealing their cloudberries. Yikes.

Using studded tires before October 31

Driving regulations are quite strict in Norway, which is understandable considering how icy and dark the streets can get half of the year. So it’s imperative to use summer tires in the summer and winter tires in the winter – and the dates to make the switch are actually very specific. Studded tyres or snow chains are not allowed from the second Monday after Easter to October 31, or October 15 if you’re in Northern Norway.

Hitting a child

This one is really serious. Of course many agree that parents should never hit (or corporally punish in any way) their children, but Norway is taking this one step further. Even a mild slap from a parent to a kid is completely illegal – and reason enough for social workers to pay you a visit. In many cases, as extreme as that may sound, children are being taken away from their families and put into foster care. So be very careful to not let momentary anger or frustration make you do something you will regret.

Cycling on motorways and tunnels

Cycling in Norway will get you far – just not on the motorway. Although cyclists in general enjoy many privileges, and car drivers are for the most part very mindful of them, some places are still considered off limits for two (pedal-propelled) wheels. Namely you are not allowed to cycle on motorways, dual carriageways and most of Norway’s tunnels. It’s literally for your own protection.

Neutering your dog

This one may also seem strange to many, but the Norwegian Animal Welfare Act makes it very clear: you are not allowed to perform surgical procedures to your dog unless it’s strictly necessary for its health. The law was amended and relaxed a bit in 2010, but it is still in effect. The idea is that neutering/spaying is not something that will help your dog have a better life (it’s just you who’ll feel more comfortable) and Norwegian vets advocate proper training instead. You have to remember that in Norway, there is no such thing as strays and there is plenty of space for your dog to roam, have a full life and make many furry babies.

The Weird And Wacky Driving Laws Around The World

The world is a crazy place, and when you get used to a certain way of life only to see a totally different one, it can be mind opening. Not every country around the world is equal, and often they have vastly different rules and values. This is why sometimes you cannot take food on a plane or transport American plastic products to the rest of the world. Every country has their own laws, values, and regulations to follow.

That’s why today we wanted to take a look at some strange laws, and in particular, driving. Whether you work for a company like CTI Logistics Interstate or you are a single road user, there are certain things you should know before you take the wheel abroad.


To make things easier, we are going to take a look at the laws by continents, and as far as weird laws go; Asia has to have some of the strangest of all.

Japan – In Japan, respect and courtesy are both things heavily valued, and as a result there is a specific law that is crucial to obey. In Japan you must not splash water or mud on a pedestrian, it is impolite and also is illegal.

China – In China, children must salute passing cars. Also, it is illegal for drivers in China to stop for pedestrians on the road, so good luck walking anywhere!

Thailand – It is illegal in Thailand to travel topless. You may think this is an obvious rule to follow, however the hot climate often tempts motorists and tuk tuk drivers to take off their top.

Philippines – In Manila, you are not allowed to drive on a Monday if your number plate ends in either 1 or 2. Why? Who knows.


Europe is a vast continent and you may know already that the UK is already different to everyone else as they drive on the left side of the road. However, there are some weird rules in Europe that will really make you wonder.

Russia – In Moscow, it is a fineable offense to have a dirty car. The reason for this is that the city itself is incredibly clean and they don’t want anyone to tarnish the view.

France – This French law is a great idea for safety, but also one that is a little odd. It is illegal to not have a breathalyser in your car if you are driving in France. This aims to cut down on drink driving as if you are pulled over you will be automatically breathalysed.

Denmark – If you live in a suburban spot you may be used to checking for cats or other animals sitting under your car before you set off, however in Denmark you must check for children. It is a law that before driving, you must check underneath your car in case any children are hiding under there. It’s a worrying thought how they came to the conclusion that this law was needed.

Cyprus – We all know it is illegal to drink and drive, but in Cyprus, this law is taken very literally and you must not drink even water or juice when driving.

Switzerland – Tough luck if you want to clean your car on a Sunday because in Switzerland it is illegal.

Germany – Germany is the manufacturing capital of the world so it is no surprise that Germans came up with this rule. In Germany, you must follow strict set of laws including keeping your fuel tank full, as well as not breaking down. It is illegal to breakdown on the autobahn or stop for any reason.

North America

The United States is a vast country, and you likely already know that the law can differ starkly from state to state. It is no surprise then that the bulk of this list will be made up of weird laws in different parts of the USA.

California – There are a lot of laws in California which are bizarre, and here are just a couple of them:

  •         It is illegal to jump from a car going 65 mph
  •         It is illegal to dry your car with used underwear
  •         It is illegal for women to drive while wearing a dressing gown
  •         It is illegal to shoot an animal from your car, unless it is a whale

After looking at some of these weird laws, it makes you wonder how they came to be created in the first place.

Alaska – In Alaska it is an offense to tie a dog to the roof of your car, and to be honest we are glad of this rule.

Florida – If you were hoping to get free parking for your pet elephant you are out of luck in Florida. If you tie an elephant to a parking meter in Florida, you must pay for parking.

Massachusetts – Say goodbye to primate road trips because it is illegal to have a Gorilla in the backseat of your car.

Nevada – It is against the law in Nevada to ride a Camel on the highway…. To be fair this makes sense.

Minnesota – No matter how cold your head might be, crossing the state lines with a duck on your head is illegal.

Kentucky  – it is illegal in Kentucky to allow your pet to molest a vehicle.

Montana – If you are driving a sheep in your truck, you must not leave it unattended.

Alabama – Alabama has some strange laws, but these two are the weirdest. You are allowed to drive the wrong way down a one-way street as long as there is a lantern attached to the car. And you are not allowed to drive blindfolded.

Georgia – In Georgia it is an offense to spit out of a moving car, however if you are driving a truck it is acceptable.

Maine – No matter how much you love donuts, you are not permitted to park in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Colorado – In Denver specifically, you are not allowed to drive a black car on a Sunday.

There are many weird laws out there but these are definitely the strangest driving laws we’ve ever seen!

5 Weird Laws In Sweden

It is illegal to paint your house without getting a license first

This (non-verified) law is supposed to guard against having houses that stick out . The rule of thumb is that you need to keep to similar colors (as was before) if the building is within city bounds. The purpose of this is to keep the look of the city together and not to go against local building tradition too much (without prior permission). But in the countryside you can paint your house any color, if your house is not a very old or otherwise considered extremely valuable for historical or cultural reasons.

It is illegal to post a picture of Swedish Krona

Currency is protected by copyright in Sweden. Riksbanken advice’s that the original authors of the works used on banknotes and coins may decide to sue if they feel their moral rights have been violated (which may mean the economic rights are not an issue for Swedish currency). So next time be careful in the way in which you use images of the Swedish Krona.

It is illegal to spontaneously dance

How can it be illegal to dance? I know what you’re thinking. This weird law forces pubs and bars to have a licence in order for people to dance in them.It’s quite outdated as it dates back to the 1970’s. ‘Dance permits’ were introduced as a way for Swedish police to prevent public disorder which led to riots. Luckily the law doesn’t apply to tourists in Sweden. It is not criminal to dance for customers, but it is of course funny that a restaurant or bar owners can be charged for ‘illegal dancing’ in the year 2017. We’re happy however, that the Riksdag is considering dropping this law.

Dance party anyone?

It is illegal to name your baby Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116

As I discovered while writing 10 funny FACTS about Sweden,according to the Swedish name law, Swedish first names “shall not be approved if they can cause offense or can be supposed to cause discomfort for the one using it, or names which for some obvious reason are not suitable as a first name.”

Here comes in Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (pronounced Albin) – of course. Born in 1991, his parents named him in protest of the naming law. Their protest was sadly unsuccessful and the parents were fined and told to give him another appropriate first name.

It is illegal to use your phone without hands-free while driving

The law initially introduced in 2013, allows for use of mobile phones but persons are not permitted to use them in a manner that could be deemed detrimental to your driving. Watch out as this could earn you an on the spot fine!

Transsexual Women T-Girls Dating Review

We all like to think that dating is something from movies and TV shows, but that’s only fiction. Sure, some people have the fortune to experience a romance story like from the movies, but that rarely happens to the majority of us. If you don’t have luck in the real world, then maybe it is time to turn to other platforms that can help you out. Online dating is now a very popular topic, and people use these types of website to find their significant others.

Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to fall in love immediately. You can check out other people’s profiles, establish a connection, and then see where things will go. It’s good to know that you can have a chance to express yourself and what you like and dislike through a platform where no one can judge you. Also, if you are very shy in person, then maybe communicating online will be so much easier to get to know the person. Read more here.

Whether if you are straight, gay, transgender, it really doesn’t matter. A lot of transgender people find what they are looking for on these dating websites as well. You just have to upload a picture, add as much info as you can about yourself, and you will definitely find several matches. Here are some of the websites that can make that happen:


As the name suggests, once you create a profile, you will be able to match with someone instantly. This is because there are over a million users active that look for the same thing as you do. The site will definitely match you with people of the same preference and gender. As a transgender woman, you might think that no such thing exists, but this is where you’re wrong. A lot of hopeful souls like yourself are just waiting to find someone like you.

That’s why you should definitely give this website a try and see what happens. Usually, it is free for creating a profile, but if you want to increase your luck in finding someone, then you have to pay additional money. Click on the link to discover more details


If you want a serious relationship, then you should definitely try out this website. Usually, there are a lot of sites that offer just one night stands and hookups, but not this one. If you are tired of your single life and want to try out something more profound and meaningful, then start here.

You can always check out the reviews from other transgender women out there that have a profile on this site. It is safe to say that the reviews are all positive because it is the most effective website that targets trans women looking for something meaningful.

Moreover, that’s why you shouldn’t waste any more time overthinking the situation. After all, if this doesn’t work out with one of your matches, you can always find another one. There’s no shortage of transgender women in the world looking for love online.


Looking for something more fun and kinky? Then you should definitely go for this one. You will experience an overwhelming content of pictures and active users that will simply leave you speechless. But if this is something that you really want, then why not? There’s no shame in having different sexual interests and fetishes. You have the option to sign up as any gender you want and look for any gender you want as well. Check for the best transgender dating sites of 2020 to find more information.

This website offers a user either a fun one night stand experience or a deep connection that can lead to a relationship. It all depends on how you agree with the person you’ve matched. That’s the beauty f online dating. Even if you don’t have the same opinion, you can respectfully end the conversation there without ever having to see the person in real life. Talk about avoiding awkward situations.


Zoosk was once a Facebook app, but then it expanded into something even bigger. Now it is a dating site that anyone can sign up on and find the love of their life. For those that don’t want to waste a lot of time signing up and adding information on their profile, Zoosk is the perfect option. Once you log in to your Facebook account, then Zoosk will automatically select your most-liked pictures and upload them on the platform. How cool is that?

Moreover, you can easily like someone similar to you, and then the website will inform the other party of that. It will also recommend similar profiles that you should be able to check out. Who knows? Maybe someone from those candidates is your special someone.

7 Weird Laws In Portugal

It’s illegal to urinate in the ocean (pee in the sea) in Portugal.

The Portuguese government has an 80-page list of illegal names, or names prohibited to name your baby. For example, ‘Ovnis’ is on the list. In Portuguese it means ‘UFO.’

A Portuguese law, for instance, restricts “names that raise questions about the sex of the registrant.” People in Portugal can actually look at a government approved list of baby names that are mostly traditional and clearly state which sex the baby must be for the name to be appropriate.

In Portugal, the age of criminality is 16 years. However, many people in Portugal say that if a 14-year-old man commits a murder, he can not be arrested and responsibility for his crime. Now if he takes a slap from his parents, for example, stealing money, the same young man can go to court against his parents for domestic violence.

The ISP (Tax on Petroleum Products) focuses on all fuels that are made from petroleum in Portugal. So even if this same government encourages the use of alternative energies, if you put vegetable oil in your vehicle you are committing a crime.

Of the strange rules and laws in Portugal, one that irritates the Portuguese is the one that concerns the government subsidy to the young people and the value of the retirement. For example, an 18-year-old Portuguese young person who does not work can apply for a monthly subsidy to the Portuguese government of 200 € (two hundred euros). However, an elderly person who has contributed all his life can only receive € 236 (two hundred and thirty-six euros) of retirement.

Despite being an extremely controversial subject and provoking heated discussions, abortion enters into strange rules and laws in Portugal. Regardless of our opinion, a 16-year-old girl can perform an abortion, but she can not wear a piercing because the Portuguese state does not allow it.

Things Not To Do When In Austria

Forget to Tip Waiters
Waiters in Vienna have a reputation for being uppity and unfriendly. However, you can keep them on your side if you follow a few simple rules. Tipping is very important in Austria, with 10% being the recommended amount. If you are always courteous, you shouldn’t meet the sharp edge of a Viennese waiter’s tongue.

Ignore the Highway Code
Austrians take their Highway Code very seriously. Fines can be issued for jaywalking in Vienna, and so you’ll often see people waiting at a red light, even if the roads are clear. Remember to stay out of cycle lanes during rush hour, and obey the green man.

Expect Stores to be Open on Sundays
Although it may seem antiquated, supermarkets and most major shops in Austria close on Sundays, even in the capital Vienna. Make sure you stock up on food on Saturday. Keep in mind that many restaurants and cafés will remain open.

Be Too Snap Happy
It is always tempting to photograph every landmark you see while you are on holiday, especially in a city as beautiful as Vienna. However, make sure to be aware of your surroundings before embarking on a photography session. A busy pedestrianised street, for example, won’t be an ideal location.

Mention The Sound of Music…
Although it may be hard to believe, the film was a complete flop in Germany and Austria when it premiered in 1965, and neither country has succumbed to its charms since. The Austrians resented the historical inaccuracies depicting their heritage, while the Germans found the Nazi theme difficult to swallow so soon after World War II. Vastly preferable in both countries is the 1956 German-language film Die Trapp-Familie, which was the original inspiration for the Broadway musical.

Mention Arnold Schwarzenegger
Despite having lived away from Austria for over 30 years, he’s still considered one of the only famous Austrians, and his association with the country is not unfounded. However, there are other far more relevant popular Austrian cultural figures, such as celebrity Conchita Wurst, the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Some Bizzarre Animal Reproduction Facts

Banana slugs are huge, they eat your garden, and they leave a slimy trail as they squirm across the ground. Their method of reproduction is no more pleasant than their appearance: The scientific name for one species of banana slug is Ariolimax dolichophallus, the second part of which means “long penis,” and it’s apt. The invertebrates’ penises can be 6 to 8 inches long—the entire length of the slug’s body. When it’s time to get down, the penises grow out of pores in the head. It isn’t unusual for the penis of one slug to get stuck inside the other during copulation; to solve this uncomfortable situation, the slug on the receiving end will eat the penis that’s stuck inside it.

The elephant penis is so huge that males can rest on it like it’s a leg. When erect, it can weigh in at 66 pounds and can be more than 3 feet long. It’s also prehensile, which means that an elephant can move it around and even use it to scratch hard to reach places. Meanwhile, female elephants have a very long reproductive tract —nearly 10 feet from start to finish—and the vagina doesn’t begin until about 4.27 feet in, so the elephant penis doesn’t enter the vagina. So male elephants have evolved to produce more but smaller sperm to combat the risk of dilution. To follow the reproductive strategy of mice sperm, elephant sperm would need to be scaled up enormously to make a difference.

Neotrogla, a fly-like insect that lives in a cave in Brazil, is the first-ever species found that has “opposite” genitalia. The females are equipped with spiny, penis-like genitalia called gynosomes, which they use to penetrate the male; then, the insects get it on for up to 70 hours as the male transfers sperm and nutrients to the female. If the two are separated during copulation, the male’s insides will be ripped out while the female remains intact.

The Changing Legal Landscape In Britain

The legal landscape is always shifting. This makes complete sense because certain laws become redundant as society evolves. Some laws are simply viewed as unethical when viewed through the lens of a newer generation. In any case, it’s worth keeping an eye on these seemingly-minor changes in society. Whilst the occasional law change might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, it’s important to remember that society doesn’t change overnight. Every development in the field of public law should be taken seriously. With that in mind, let’s talk about how the legal landscape is changing in Britain.


Something that affects everyone is income law. No matter your age, background, gender, or political persuasion, everybody has to earn money to survive in the modern world. This hasn’t changed for the past couple of centuries, but the laws surrounding income change with every passing year. In 2019, the UK has seen some major shifts in terms of income law. For starters, the National Minimum Wage has increased. So, not all legal changes are negative; this is great news for people in the lowest income bracket. Additionally, the income tax threshold has increased. That’s good news for low earners, yet again – you won’t have to pay any income tax until you earn over £12,500. The law involving pension contributions has changed, too. Both employers and employees have to contribute 3% and 5%, respectively, to auto-enrolment pension schemes. But that’ll benefit you when you retire.

Technology and law enforcement.

It’s not just the laws that are changing. Over recent decades, police organisations have had to update the way in which they enforce those laws. For both the organisations and the citizens in those constituencies, it’s well worth paying attention to these changes. As technology develops and improves, the police have to adapt and come up with technological solutions to the changing landscape of crime. You might want to do some research on digital policing. With the power of data collection on their side, modern police organisations can do so much more to investigate criminal activities and react to situations effectively. It’s worth appreciating that this is leading to a massive shift in the way that police officers enforce the law.

Road laws.

Most people slack off a little once they’ve passed their driving tests. However, having a license doesn’t mean that you’re an expert on road law until the end of time. Laws are always changing. You might have got all of the answers right on your test, but the questions on a typical driving test will already look majorly different after a few years of passing. In other words, you need to keep up with the legal landscape with regards to British roads. For starters, the Highway Code has updated the law concerning overtaking cyclists. Starting this year, motorists have been warned to leave at least 1.5m between their vehicle and cyclists in order to avoid being fined. If you didn’t know that, then it might be time to refresh yourself on both the Highway Code and current road laws in 2019.

Weird Laws In Spain

1. Don’t walk too many dogs at the same time
There is a limit to how many dogs you can walk at the same time in Spain. You should avoid hitting the streets if you have eight or more dogs to walk unless you want to be fined. So be alert.

2. Don’t walk around the streets in a swimsuit
While this is true in many countries around the world, walking around the city in only a swimsuit is frowned upon in Spain. This is considered tasteless, indecent and even illegal in the seaside of some cities like Barcelona and Malaga. Do dress appropriately or you could end up paying a fine of 200 euros.

3. Don’t hang your underwear outside in Seville
In the state of Seville, hanging your underwear or any suggestive attire outside on a line is a big no no. Also, it is illegal to shake your rugs or clothes on the streets. AVOID.

4. Don’t wear sandals/flip-flops while driving
If you’re renting a car for that “ZNMD experience,” just know that driving a vehicle with flip-flops or sandals on is not accepted throughout the country. Avoid wearing footwear that isn’t ‘complete.’ Always wear shoes while driving to be on the safer side.

5. Don’t be shirtless in the city center
You should not wander around the city center shirtless when you are in Palma de Mallorca or you could end up paying a hefty fine of $800. However, this rule doesn’t apply when you are chilling on the beach. So, chillax.

6. No throwing rice at weddings in Cadiz
Throwing rice after a wedding ceremony is an age old tradition that is still followed in some parts Spain. However, in the city of Cadiz, doing so is banned. This ban has been imposed to avoid couples from tripping and falling and to discourage birds from flocking to the area.

7. Don’t ask for the time during certain hours of the day
If you are in Madrid, remember not to ask about what the time is between 3:39 PM and 6:47 PM. I really don’t know what is the reason behind this but do as they say.

Tips for Travelling the World

A long-haul trip can be the experience of a lifetime, but travelling the world requires just a little bit of preparation. With these handy tips, you can ensure you make the most of your time overseas and explore everything the world has to offer…

  1. Research your destination

Whether you want to explore unchartered territory, spend a week in the sun or climb epic peaks, you’ll need to ensure that your destination offers what you’re looking for. The internet makes it easy to find out more about the places you want to visit, so take the opportunity to conduct research before you book.

Remember – the climate and weather can change dramatically from season to season, so make sure you’re fully prepared for when you’re going, as well as where you’re going.

  1. Immerse yourself in culture

When you’re visiting another country or even another part of your homeland, it’s important to experience the culture. Meeting local people, enjoying the cuisine and taking part in cultural activities will give you the opportunity to really get to know the country you’re visiting and will give you a real feel of what it’s all about. Whilst global retailers and chain-restaurants may be a familiar reminder of home, they won’t necessarily be the best way to experience the country you’re visiting.

  1. Choose the right accommodation

Where you stay will have a significant impact on the success of your trip, so be sure to choose the right type of accommodation. Budget-friendly trips may involve hostels and B&B’s, whilst more luxurious breaks may include hotels and villas. However, renting your own apartments can be a great option too. Giving you your own private space to enjoy, renting apartments on your own or with family and friends can reduce the cost of your trip and ensure you have a safe, secure and well-maintained place to stay.

  1. Take out travel insurance

Wherever you’re going and however long you’re going for, it’s always worth getting travel insurance. If you’re ill or injured while you’re away, the right travel insurance policy will fund any medical costs you incur. However, you’ll need to buy the right type of policy for your trip. Many travel insurance policies don’t cover injuries which arise during sporting activities, such as mountain climbing, skiing or kayaking. If you’re planning an adrenaline-fuelled trip, be sure to find a suitable policy before you jet off.

  1. Leave yourself some free time

With so much to see and do, it’s tempting to plan your itinerary down to the minute. However, some of the most memorable parts of a trip are the ones you didn’t plan. By leaving yourself some free time, you can explore the local area at your own pace and enjoy sights and attractions you weren’t aware of.

  1. Keep emergency numbers safe

If’s always worth having a selection of country-specific emergency numbers to hand, just in case you need assistance while you’re travelling. Keep these close by and you can relax in the knowledge that you can access help if you need to.

Have a blast.

Five Casino Must Haves

The United States has more casinos than anywhere else in the world, with over 1000 casinos in the country. Las Vegas alone has almost as many casinos as the whole of the UK. With all this competition, it’s important to stand out. When setting up a casino, don’t miss this must have items to make your casino successful.

  1. Slot machines. The sounds and lights of the slot machines are an iconic and immediately recognizable part of any casino. Slot machines are an incredibly popular option, as they’re easy to play and give frequent rewards that encourage people to keep playing. Buy hard-wearing machines from reputable slot machine companies so they’ll stand up to a lot of heavy use. Choose a mix of machines that are cheap to play and some that require a higher spend to attract different kinds of players. Position these near the entrance, so people are drawn in by those classic lights the sounds of coins cascading out.
  2. Gaming tables. What’s a casino without gaming tables? Offer a wide variety of games, such as Poker, Black Jack and Roulette, and make sure you have several tables for each game so players don’t have to wait too long to join a game. Choose attractive tables that draw people in.
  3. Comfortable seating. The right seats for each game will encourage people to stay and play for longer. If the chairs are uncomfortable, you won’t keep gamers in their seats for long. Choose chairs that look inviting and comfortable, and in keeping with the aesthetic of the rest of the casino. Deep colors and fabrics in plush textures are ideal, as the color stands up to heavy use, and the soft fabrics are inviting to sit on and stay sitting. Make sure chairs are supportive, especially around games popular with older players. If the chairs are giving them a bad back, they’ll leave instead of staying and spending money.
  4. Game signage. Add attractive, clear signage to help gamers find the games they’re looking for. Choose bright, colorful signage that draws the eye and lures players inside to join in the fun. The classic neon signage of casinos is a popular style for a reason, so stick with it. Animated graphics can work well too to keep people moving deeper into the casino to try out different games.
  5. A well thought out layout. The right casino layout allows for different times of visitors to interact with the space. The best layout draws high rollers towards the more expensive game tables, like poker, while encouraging casual players into the casino and moving around more relaxed options like the slots. If your casino is based in a hotel, you need to allow for hotel guests moving through the casino as a route to hotel rooms and other facilities. Casinos now are opting for a layout style called the ‘playground’. Rather than confusing guests with a maze, there are wide aisles to encourage free movement around the casino. Cluster slot machines for sociability, and group rowdy games together for a party atmosphere that draws people in.

Laws That You Should Know About

There are some laws that make total sense. Don’t drive drunk, don’t harm other people, but there are some laws that you might not believe. It pays, in general, to be aware of recent law changes for anything you feel might affect you, but for these – you’re probably pretty safe.

Fishy Issues

In the UK, try not to walk around holding a fish, while looking suspicious. According to the Salmon Act of 1986, you can’t handle fish in a matter other than ‘normal’. The list of seafood that is included in this law are:

  • Salmon
  • Trout
  • Eels
  • Smelt
  • Freshwater Fish
  • Lampreys

So, on the off chance, you were about to head to the UK and look a bit shifty with any of the above fish – think again.


Flying a UFO over Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France is of course just not the done thing. In 1954 after a local person saw some ‘deep-sea divers’ leaving a ‘cigar-shaped’ spaceship, the mayor immediate made a rule.

“Any aircraft, known as flying saucer or flying cigar, which should land on the territory of the community will be immediately held in custody.”

If you are currently considering visiting the south of France in your UFO, then you’d better reconsider – or you might find yourself in custody.

Moo Point

It’s the point a cow makes! However, there is a law that is similar to the ‘don’t drink and drive’ one, with a small twist. There is a licensing act of 1872 that makes it illegal to ride a cow while drunk in Scotland. It has a hefty fine of £200 but can also land you in jail for a year. While it might be one of the funniest laws you have heard of, it is probably with good reason. Although to date, no one has been found guilty of it. Sot the drunk cow riding happened prior to the date the act was created.

We Mustache You To Stop!

Okay, that was a bad joke. But, seriously, in Indiana, you shouldn’t be kissing people if you have a mustache. In fact here is the line of the law –

“Mustaches are illegal if the bearer has a tendency to habitually kiss other humans,”. Beards, however, are a-ok. So if you have ever been wondering if you should have a mustache or a beard – for the sake of your ability to kiss your partner in Indiana – always go for the beard.

Wheel-y Dirty

In Russia, since somewhere in 2006 you cannot drive around in a dirty car. Although the lines are slightly muddy (haha) on what constitutes as a dirty car a poll in Russia newspaper Izvestiya, found that 46% of people believe a car was too dirty IF you couldn’t see the license plate.

So there you have it, some wild a wacky laws from around the globe. Are there any laws that you have stumbled upon that have made you question everything? Here is a quick final law – You are forbidden to die in Sarpourenx in France unless you are already the proud owner of a burial plot.

Learning From the Past: How Our History Can Shape Our Future

There are plenty of sayings that describe how humans have to push on and move ahead in order to grow and prosper. While the sentiment makes sense, it’s not actually the most useful piece of advice. Instead, what we should really be talking about is how we can use the past in order to shape our future–but how exactly does that work?

Our past is a collection of our mistakes

When we make mistakes, it’s fairly normal to bury them in the past so they never rear their head again. Unfortunately, hiding your mistakes like this isn’t progressive. Instead, what we should be doing is analysing these mistakes and attempting to find the cause and the effects it had, then use that knowledge to prevent it from happening again. We can also use those lessons to avoid similar problems and improve our future.

Our past shows our progress

People that study the past or at least have a grasp of it will often tell you just how much progress we’ve made as a collective. This is because understanding and embracing the past can show us just how much progress we’ve made. Whether it’s using statistics and facts or simply realizing that we’ve changed, it’s a great way to understand how far we’ve come and also gives us predictions on where we’re going.

We’ve included a fantastic example of a study of the past involving American women in war and how their role evolved. Using this, we can see just how progressive our society has become and it even gives some indication to where we might be going.

Design by Norwich University

The Extensive Impact of Oil Spills

Oil spills are one of the unintended consequences of the oil industry. But while they might not be intentional, they can still be devastating. An oil spill, even when it’s small, can affect the environment and society in a number of ways. It can cause long-term damage that often takes years to recover from.

Wildlife and the Environment

Most people are aware of how an oil spill can affect the environment, and particularly the marine environment. You have likely seen seabirds covered in oil or dead fish caused by oil spills. Oil spills are difficult to clean up and minimizing their impact on the environment can be difficult. They can affect marine mammals, birds, fish, beaches and other aquatic environments, and wildlife habitats and breeding grounds.


Human health can also be affected by oil spills. The effects of an oil spill can vary depending on various factors, including the type of oil and the amount of exposure to it. It can lead to skin problems, breathing problems, and stress. There are potentially long-term health effects of oil spills too, but not much is known about them if there are any.

The Economy

The economy is another concern if an oil spill occurs. In particular, an oil spill can affect coastal and marine economies. This can range from fisheries to coastal real estate, with long-term effects often occurring. Businesses can be disrupted by damage to the environment or even their own stock, and oil spills can affect the reputation of the area too.

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Weird Laws In Iceland


This one is at the very top of any list of weird laws and rules in any country. In 1915, alcohol was banned in Iceland. All alcohol remained illegal until 1921, when wine was allowed. A few years later, spirits were allowed as well. Legislators decided that since beer is cheaper than wine and liquor, Icelanders could not be trusted with it and it would cause more drinking problems. The beer ban continued until 1989 when it was finally lifted and Icelanders rejoiced.


Since 1991, Icelanders who want to name their children a name that isn’t on the list of approved names, must get permission from the Icelandic naming committee. The committee has been criticized harshly and often sparked controversy with its verdicts. Its objective is to protect the Icelandic name tradition but many people find it too strict and sometimes unfair. New names must conform to Icelandic pronunciation and grammatic rules. They may not cause children embarrassment, girls must be named girl names and boys boy names.


If you were living in Reykjavík in the 1880’s, you had a very high chance of getting a nasty type of tapeworm (eeeuw). To diminish the spread of the tapeworm, that caused horrible symptoms and blindness, dogs were banned in Reykjavík in 1921. The ban remained up until 1984. Regulations are still strict for dog owners in Reykjavík, who need to get a permit and show proof that the dog is vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. There are plenty of dogs in Reykjavík these days, but Icelanders still can’t legally own snakes, lizards or turtles.


If you think government interference is high now, imagine if you’d not be allowed to watch TV or go online for one day a week. This was a reality for Icelanders up until 1987. There was only one TV channel in Iceland, and it didn’t broadcast on Thursdays. Until 1983, nothing aired for the whole month of July! The reason isn’t quite clear, but it’s usually said the TV restrictions were put in place so people would go out and socialize more. Yikes. We wonder how the legislators back then would feel about smartphones.


Iceland is the only remaining Nordic country to forbid boxing, clinging to a 1956 ban even in the face of changes of heart from Norway and Sweden, which also long opposed the sport. Boxing was originally banned because residents directly attributed an increase in violent crimes to the sport’s rise in popularity during the 1930s and 1940s. As a direct response to boxing’s ban, alternative martial arts like judo, karate, MMA, and Taekwondo have gained popularity in the country. In fact, one of the most popular figures in MMA is from Iceland: Undefeated Gunnar Nelson from Reykjavik, the sport’s poster child, has spawned the launch of several Icelandic MMA clubs.

Another 5 Weird Laws In The Netherlands

#6: House sharing is technically illegal

3 or more young singles are technically not allowed to live together. This is to prevent a load of house shares. Yet this law is pretty much never enforced though, so it’s pretty pointless and bizarre.

#7: It’s illegal to go into a coffee shop if you’re under 18

Contrary to what the video suggests, it’s not illegal for under 18’s to go into a regular coffee shop (‘cafe’), but if it’s there to sell weed, you aren’t allowed in, soz. NO DRUGS FOR U18s. Seems fair enough, we can’t drink till we are 18 either.

#8: Trees must be reinforced to prevent them sinking by canals

Canal houses, including trees and other structures must be reinforced so they don’t sink. So it’s not just the
houses, but the trees too! It’s great that trees are just as protected as the canal-side houses.

#9: Tenants have incredible protection when renting

Good for tenants and not so good for landlords, tenants have an incredible amount of protection. In fact, the landlord can’t kick you out unless it gets taken to court. Pretty bizarre if you aren’t paying the rent and trashing the place. Great if you don’t want to be made homeless by your landlord for literally no reason.

#10: You can only pee in a canal if you’re pregnant

Peeing in a public place is not allowed (hence the urinals everywhere) and many fatalities have happened from drunk people peeing canals. This is fair enough, however, when pregnant it is allowed. Not exactly safe though is it… this is one of the pretty weird laws that the Netherlands has.

5 Weird Laws In The Netherlands

#1: It’s illegal not to have lights and a bell on your bike, but not to wear a helmet

In a lot of countries, this is the other way around. This is mainly due to safety issues and of course if you’re out with a small child too, they usually have to wear some form of protection. Not in the Netherlands. As long as you have lights for visibility and bell to attract attention, you’re good to go. Safe or just stupid? The debate continues on whether we should all wear helmets. I guess we do have great bike lanes, which definitely makes it a heck of a lot safer.

#2: Bikes have right of way, they rule over cars and pedestrians

So say you were strolling along a bike path and a bike hits you. They are not necessarily liable, as they have right of way, even if it wasn’t your fault. The same goes for a car hitting a bike – that’s a big no, no too. Please people just watch out for bikes and cars watch out for them too. They rule us all ?

#3: Fireworks are illegal apart from 3 days before NYE

It is illegal to purchase fireworks for intention to use, unless it is 3 days before NYE. Even then, they cannot be set off until NYE. Any time after that is also illegal. That means that New Years Eve itself, is wild as hell. Again, another one that causes a debate every year. Shall we allow them every day or should we ban them completely? Put it this way, where I’m from we can have fireworks all year round and our firework problem is the fraction of what it is in the Netherlands. Solution? Probably shouldn’t risk it.

#4: Mandatory emergency drills need to be tested every month

You may have all heard that weird and loud sound going off on the first Monday of every month. The Dutch government requires that these emergency drills are mandatory and are tested at least once a month. A law that means we are going to have to listen to them every first Monday of the month FOREVER (well until the law changes, that is).

#5: You cannot marry legally in the Netherlands unless one of you is Dutch

This law is true, but only if neither of you has residency. So for instance, you can’t come here from abroad to marry, like other people do at beach resorts across the world. So if you’re wanting to get hitched on the canals of Amsterdam and neither of you are registered here, forget it.