Current Wallpaper & Watching Enterprise

This is my current desktop wallpaper for my laptop. I’ve just started my rerun of Star Trek Enterprise. Watched the pilot and another episode this afternoon. Hopefully before bedtime I’ll get in another 2-3 episodes. I’ve seen seasons 1 & 2 twice – once on tv and  then on dvd in 2011 along with seasons 3 & 4. I’ve stated it before that season 3 – a long arch of searching for & meeting the Xindi alien races – is one of my fav seasons of all time and not just in Star Trek or scifi shows alone. It’s gonna be a good ride.

Happy 66th Independence Day

Despite the flaws, despite the corruption, greed, apathy, ignorance, stupidity, intolerance, religious differences & atrocities, political games, the raping & pillaging of the land, the bloodshed, the bombs, the destruction, the filth and all the other crap we use & abuse – She still loves her people!
Jai Hind!