Honeymoon (2014)

Honeymoon is a 2014 horror film directed by Leigh Janiak and her feature film directorial debut. The movie stars Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway with Ben Huber & Hannah Brown.

Newly married couple Bea & Paul are crazy in love and we start of the film with them on their wedding day, shooting a film. Bea & Paul profess their love, share with us as to how they met and Paul insults Indian food! Seriously dude, if you are going to go on a date with a chick to a lowdown restaurant with a crummy bathroom, anyone would be sick too! Anyway, as a “revenge” they have Indian food for their wedding reception (vegetable korma, lamb curry & samosas are on the menu) and Paul declares a “fuck you” to India as “we” won! What the hell dude, you totally deserve what you are going to get in this movie!

All kidding aside, the newly weds decide to head from Brooklyn to a remote cabin in the woods across the border in Canada. Seriously, you guys have to select a really remote place with bad wiring near a large lake do you? The cabin was one that Bea’s family regularly used when she was  younger thought it has been a while since she’s been there. They settle in and spend the days making love, cooking together and fishing in the lake. Except at night as they sleep, a strange light shines on their bed. One afternoon they visit a small restaurant which they find to be empty of people and a rude man who impolitely asks them to leave. As they are about to the man, Will, recognizes Bea as his childhood friend and he apologizes. As the two reminize about the summers they played as kids, Will’s wife Annie comes in all troubled and tells them that they have to leave. Will restrains her but the damage is done and the couple leave soon after.

That night a noise awakes Paul and he goes to investigate. While he is out the light shines on Bea and she walks off in a trance into the woods and is later found sleepwalking naked and dirty by Paul. He brings her back home and she cleans up herself seemingly not too worried that this is her first sleepwalking incident. Soon it is apparent that things are not the same, Bea forgets how to cook French toast and forgets to put coffee in the pot and Paul finds only hot water. Her strange behaviour is apparent all throughout and he is also worried about two bite marks on her thigh which she claims to be caused by mosquitoes. Paul also finds her missing nightgown torn and with a sticky substance on it in the woods. Although he tells her that he will take her to a hospital in town, she refuses. Dude, that’s your cue – take her to the fucking hospital if you see all these worrying signs! She starts forgetting phrases and Paul catches her writing down her own information – like name, hometown etc – in a book. Also Bea had been all about lust and love but now seems to deny it to her husband. Paul heads back to the restaurant, hoping to confront Will (he suspect that perhaps the two were having an affair) but finds the place deserted. He finds Will’s computer and watches videos of Annie walking out into the woods on several nights and a bright light that seems to shine on her as she does. He also sees pages of Annie’s writing similar to Bea’s. A shadowy figure is see outside unknown to Paul.

As he leaves he finds Annie at the dock and she tells him that Will is away and she leaves on a boat. Paul finds Will’s cap in the water, bloodied and dirty and heads back home. He finds Bea repeatedly stabbing herself between the legs and blood all over the bathroom floor. Frightened he ties her to the bed and she pleads for him to take it outta her. So he puts his hands inside her vagina and pulls out a lengthy worm like creature. Ewww! Not for the easily squeamish! A frantic Bea says that she was attracted to the light and walked out in the woods and saw some silhouettes that apparently impregnated her and that they are slowly taking away what’s left of her (which could explain her forgetting things). She also says that she must protect Paul from them and knocks him out. When Paul comes to, he is tied and in the boat on the lake. Saying that she will hide him in the water, Bea ties Paul to the anchor and sinks him in the middle of the lake. Later she is shown to be deteriorating and her skin becomes all flaky with marks on her. At night Annie, who looks the same way, comes to take her to the woods where the silhouetted figures are waiting for them and a light shines on them.

I suppose these beings, whatever they are, needs these women to procreate and doing so changes them. A well acted film, Leslie in particular goes ballistic when she is tied to the bed. Simple and yet compelling. Not bad for a directorial debut and low budget flick. 7 outta 10!

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Warm Bodies

I saw a bit of this movie on one of those rare evenings that I, alone at home and bored, wandered to the living room and switched on the tv. It was just about 6-7 minutes towards the end and I thought I should check out the full movie. Mainly because of the lead actress who I think is a hottie.

So Warm Bodies is a romantic zombie comedy (yes that rare genre) directed and written by Jonathan Levine, the film stars Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Analeigh Tipton and John Malkovich. It came out in 2013, no doubt inspired partly by the Twilight franchise and by The Walking Dead. The film is based on the 2010 novel of the same name by Issac Marion, which in turn has some elements of Romeo & Juliet.

  • 8 years after a global zombie apocalypse humanity is reduced to living in heavily guarded walled cities. ‘R’ is a male zombie, who shuffles through his day at the airport, where for some reason a lot of zombies hang out throughout the day and look for food i.e humans. At night, although zombies do not sleep, R heads out to his personal space – an airplane where he hoardes stuff including a lot of vinlys and listens to music.
  • Zombies like R crave human flesh and R in particular likes to eat the brains as he can experience the victim’s memories and what they felt as he consumes them. That is the only way that R feels alive. Although the movie is partly narrated by him, he can only speak a few words with a lot of effort and otherwise grunts, like the other zombies do.
  • There is another group of zombies called the Bonies.- skeletal zombies who, having lost all traces of their humanity, have shed their flesh and prey on anything with a heartbeat. The more human looking zombies & Boneys do not mix.
  • Julie Grilio and her friends are on a scavenger mission one day when they run into a group of zombies and among them is R & hs friend M. R sees Julie and is drawn to her and when he is shot by Perry, her boyfriend, he kills him and eats his brains and thus gains some of Perry’s experiences & feelings which makes him attracted to her even more. Almost all of the humans are killed by the zombies, except for Nora, who hides under a desk and Julie. R smears blood on Julie’s face, masking her scent from the zombies and takes her to the safety of his plane.
  • Julie & R bond after they hide out in the airplane listening to R’s records – including Guns n’Roses – and he gets canned food for her from the airport. After a few days, Julie gets restless, and tries to return home, yet attracts swarms of zombies, requiring R to rescue her. After fending off a group of zombies, including M, who is confused by R’s actions, R decides it is time to return her to the human enclave. They stop at a house on the way and R, who is regaining his humanity, confesses that it was he who killed & ate Perry. As they sleep, R dreams for the first time since he became a zombie. Julie leaves the house early and makes her way back to her fortified city home.
  • R returns to the airport a sad zombie but sees that M and the others are all showing signs of changing. Notified that the Boneys are looking for him & Julie, he heads to the walled city and sneaks in through a gap in the wall (using Perry’s memories) and meets Julie. Nora is initially horrified but the two girls apply make up on him and go to see Julie’s father the Colonel to explain that the zombies are regaining their humanity. He doesn’t see it the same way so Julie & R run off with Nora’s help. escape to a baseball stadium where the rest of R’s group is waiting, but soon find themselves under attack by a horde of Boneys.
  • M and the other zombies fight off the Boneys, surprising the human soldiers who join forces and kill of many of the Boneys. Seeing themselves trapped, R jumps with Julie from a high building, using his body as a shield to protect her as they hit the water. When he comes to, the two kiss but he is shot by the Colonel. Julie manages to convince her dad that R is human again as he is bleeding and the Colonel changes his orders. The humans and zombies combine forces and kill most of the Boneys while the rest die off, and the zombies slowly assimilate into human society. The film ends with a now fully alive R and Julie watching a wall surrounding the city being demolished, signifying the end of the apocalypse. M us now using the name Marcus and meets a human woman who he befriends.

Funny in places and not at all corny or cheesy and certainly not Twilightish or like the sudden spate of young adult scifi or supernatural movies that have been release lately. This one is actually enjoyable. 7 outta 10!

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Death Do Us Part

Death Do Us Part is a low budget Canadian indi-horror flick of the slasher genre. Directed by Nicholas Humphries the movie was co-written & co-produced by Ryan Copple, Peter Benson &  Julia Benson. The movie stars married couple Julia & Peter Benson, Emillie Ullerup, Kyle Cassie, Benjamin Ayers, Christine Chatelain, Dave Colette & Aaron Douglas. The movie was shot in a remote location on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.

Kennedy Jamieson is a wealthy socialite who has waited her whole life to have the perfect wedding. Engaged to the charming Ryan Harris, the young couple is just a week away from the big day but hasn’t had a chance to celebrate their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties. Ryan’s best man Chet books has booked them a remote cabin in the woods to throw them a ‘Jack and Jill’ stag that they’ll never forget. Joining them on the trip other than Chet is Kennedy’s sister Hannah & her best friend Emily as well as Ryan’s shady cousin Derek. On their way to the cabin it is obvious that they may not like each other; Chet used to go out with Hannah but she thinks he is very immature and all the girls find Derek a bit creepy while he & Chet seem to be inches away from a fight. Derek has been dealing drugs and Ryan doesn’t want him to ruin what could be a great weekend.

The caretaker of the cabin turns out to be a super creepy weirdo named Bo, who tells them that they can’t party at the cabin – what the fuck would 6 adults do in a remote place you idiot? – and shows them the place, which has dead birds in the front porch. After Bo cleans up a bit the party of 6 settles in – Ryan and the girls will take the cabin while Derek & Chet will share a trailer next to it. Hannah goes for a run into the woods where she meets up with Ryan and they have sex against a tree! Seems this has been going on for a while. Only problem is Emily, who was creeped out when she caught Derek leering at her from a window while she was changing, was on a walk by her own and saw the whole thing and she is shocked. While this is happening Bo, sneaks into the couple’s bathroom and leers at Kennedy taking a shower. As evening sets the parting & drinking starts as they dance and play games. Bo comes in outta nowhere and demands that they stop partying but the group promises to clean everything up before they leave. Emily gives a necklace to Kennedy who informs her that she & Ryan will be moving to NYC after the wedding, which upsets Emily. A little later Derek, who has been hounded by calls from drug dealers, asks Ryan to get $20,000 to bail him out as Kennedy’s family is loaded but Ryan refuses, saying he can’t and they have a little fight, which is also seen by Emily.

While Hannah & Chet and Kennedy & Ryan pair off to play a scavenger hunt, Derek walks out in the woods and is killed by an unseen assailant with an axe. The others panic and regroup in the house and find the phones all destroyed and the lights out. They try to leave but get separated and one by one they are picked out for death by the unseen assailant. Chet is killed in his trailer and dragged out to the woods, while Emily is also found next to him. The assailant has also messed with their vehicle so no one is escaping in the night. Hannah is offed next by the assailant wearing a mask. Suspicion falls on Ryan, as Emily had confessed to Kennedy that she had seen Ryan having sex with Hannah and that she has seen him punch Derek, and Kennedy runs away from him and she is finally able to get a knife and stab him while he attacks her. A distraught Kennedy walks into the cabin and puts on her wedding dress as she contemplates her life ruined and as she steps out she finds Emily staggering towards her. Emily says she was only dazed and pretending to be dead to hide from the killer and the two friends are about to leave when Emily blurts out and blurts out details of the ways the others died – which she couldn’t have seen as she was supposed to lying unconscious.

Kennedy realizes that it was Emily who was the killer all along and accuses her of killing the other 4. Emily cries and says that she killed them for Kennedy as Derek was dangerous and Hannah & Ryan were cheating on her. She admits that she got carried away and killed Bo & Chet but now the two best friends could be together. An angered Kennedy attacks Emily and stabs her. Leaving her for dead she walks away but Emily comes to and attacks her from behind and smashes her dead with a large rock. She walks away and is picked up by a cop car and taken to the sheriffs office where a deputy listens to her story. Emily tells the events that happens, pretending to  be Kennedy and at the end, clearly out of her mind, picks up a pen and stabs the deputy and leaves the station.

The low budget aspect really stands out; the killing scenes are bad and lack any real gore. The plot though good with it’s twists, is hampered by some corny & cliched dialogues though the acting is ok. I do wonder why mid 30 year old would act like 20 somethings though, especially Chet & Derek. It’s like a group of friends went to party in the woods and shot a film. Production is not bad for such a low effort and it clearly isn’t aiming to be anything more than what it is – an indie flick with a cast of tv actors. 5 outta 10!

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Everybody loves food trucks! Well, atleast the food trucks that you see in the US, Canada & some other western nations. Chef is a 2014 American comedy film written, produced, directed by, and starring Jon Favreau. The film co-stars Sofía Vergara, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman and Oliver Platt. Robert Downey, Jr. & Russell Peters have cameos in it as well.

Carl Casper is a chef in a popular Los Angeles restaurant and is preparing for the visit of prominent food blogger and critic Ramsey Michel and is trying out some new dishes when the restaurant owner Riva intervenes and tells him to serve the usual classics that they are known for. Michel comes in and eats dinner and thrashes chef Casper in his online review. Disappointed Casper, who has his 10 year old son Percy create a Twitter account for him, calls out Michel on his opinion. By the next day Carl has almost 2000 followers and Michel taunts his back. Carl invites Michel back for a special dinner but Riva won’t allow the menu to change and after having a few words, Carl quits. That night he goes back to the restaurant and yells at Michel in public which is shot on several mobile phone cameras and the videos go instantly viral, giving Carl internet notoriety.

However his credibility & job prospects vanish and he needs a job quick. His wife Inez hooks him up with an agent who says she can him work on reality tv but Carl just wants to cook for people. Inez invites him to go to Miami, where she is from and where they met & fell in love, so he can spend time with their son Percy while she works. He also goes to meet Inez’s first ex-husband Marvin who hooks him up with an old food truck. Carl & Percy clean up the truck and go buy the equipment needed to start cooking and serving food. Martin, Carl’s line cook from LA who got promoted to sous chef after Carl quit, joins him in Miami and has the truck cleaned up and painted. Calling the food truck “El Jefe” they prepare and serve Cubanos, a form of Cuban sandwich, which gets them some notice. Pecy starts tweeting the locations where they will be and uploaded them to Twitter and sets up a FB page for them and they hit the road back to Los Angeles, stopping at several placed along the way where they sell a lot of food and gain popularity.

Having reconnected with his son Carl promises him that he can work at the food truck on weekends and when he is done with home work since he has become a good cook as long as Inez is ok with it. Soon “El Jefe” becomes a hit in LA with Inez back with Carl and helping him & Martin sell the food that they are cooking along with Percy. Michel comes to meet Carl and they bury the hatchet as the critic tells him that the food is excellent and that Carl is back to the groove he was 10 years ago when he first moved to LA and started cooking. Michel having made a ton of money selling his website invests in Carl’s business and they start a new restauant, with the same name ‘El Jefe’ and the finall scene is a ix months later, the new restaurant is busy and closed for a private event: Carl and Inez’s wedding.

Sweet and funny movie which focuses on food & social media stuff, family & loyalty with a light hearted theme. Funniest scene is when Russel Peters comes in as a cop and on recognizing Carl from the internet video asks him to pose for some funny pics! Loved that one! It’s a feel good movie and should be taken lightly. I’ll give it an 8 outta 10!

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Divergent is another in a now long line of young adult style futuristic science fiction drama movies that have come out in recent years and all that seem to be following a set pattern. Directed by Neil Burger, based on the novel of the same name by Veronica Roth the film is the first installment in The Divergent Series and was produced by Lucy Fisher, Pouya Shabazian, and Douglas Wick, with a screenplay by Evan Daugherty and Vanessa Taylor. It stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ashley Judd, Jai Courtney, Ray Stevenson, Zoë Kravitz, Miles Teller, Tony Goldwyn, Maggie Q and Kate Winslet.

Set in the not too distant future of a dystopian Chicago, now a walled city society is divided into five factions: Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), and Erudite (the intelligent). An individual is allowed to join the faction of their choice but are given an aptitude test at the age of 16 before they join to see which is the best suited faction for them. Beatrice Prior grew up in the Abnegation faction as the daughter of Andrew who sits on the ruling council, but she has long been fascinated with the Dauntless. Beatrice has her aptitude test, done via a serum injection, conducted by Tori a woman from Dauntless and she tests out to be Divergent – meaning she doesn’t fit into a single faction. Tori tells her to keep it secret telling her that since Divergents can think independently and the government therefore cannot control them, they are considered threats to the existing social order and manually enters the result as Abnegation.

At the choosing ceremony Beatrice’s brother Caleb chooses Erudite while she, after hesitation, chooses Dauntless. She meets two Candor kids Christina & Al as well as Will an Erudite who all chose Dauntless. The new initiates then meet a brutal leader named Eric and Four, a famed trainer of the Dauntless and are immediately put through physical tests. The initiates are then told that at the end of the evaluations, the lower ranked of them will be cut meaning they will join the factionless destitutes. Beatrice, going by Tris now, struggles in the grueling physical challenges but slowly improves. After losing a fight with her enemy Peter, she almost fails but redeems herself by winning the flag for her team in the next game. The next tests are simulations that put the initiates in their personal fear situations but Tris is able to use her divergence to win the challenges in much quicker time than the others. Four, who has now struck up a relationship with her warns her not to do it that way but use the Dauntless techniques to win the scenarios to avoid detection. Tris visits her brother, Caleb, in Erudite, who tells her that Erudite is planning to overthrow Abnegation and become the ruling faction. On her return to Dauntless headquarters, Tris is attacked due to her success in training, with Peter, Al, and Drew attempting to throw her into a chasm. She is eventually rescued by Four. The next day, Al pleads with Tris for her forgiveness but she refuses and calls him a coward. Later, she is shocked to learn Al has killed himself by jumping into the chasm.

Four helps Tris to prepare for the final test by taking her through his own fear scenarios and learns that his real name is Tobias and he is the son of Markus, the Abnegation leader. They share a kiss after the simulation ends and spend the night together. The next day Tris is able to pass without anyone suspecting that she is a Divergent but after the ceremony for the initiates passing, they are all injected with a serum which is said to be administered as a tracking device, but which is revealed to be a mind control serum. Erudite controls the Dauntless using the serum and has them attack the Abnegation but Tris is unaffected as she is a Divergent and learns that so to is Four. They are caught and separated but Tris’s mother Natalie comes and rescues her daughter, but is shot dead in the process. Tris goes to meet her father & Markus and along with Caleb they infiltrate the Erudite center where Andrew sacrifices himself to save the others. Tris goes in alone and finds Four, who is now under a more advanced form of mind-control that works even on Divergents. After a fight she manages to wake him from his stupor, knowing he cannot shoot her while looking at her face, for that is one of his fears.

Before Erudite leader Jeanine can give the order to have the Dauntless soldiers kill off all the Abgnetaion members Tris stabs her hand with a knife and using the mind controlling serum has Jeanine abort the program and has it erased, freeing all the soldiers from their zombie like trance. Tris knocks her out and escapes Dauntless with Caleb, Peter, Four, and Marcus on the train, intending to ride to the end of the tracks.

Stale, tried and tested and yet boring plotline and characters who pale in comparison with the scifi characters we known and love. Why are these kind of young adult books so popular and then made into these movies? I was expecting something else totally but these plastic characters and cliches stories are so dull. And no one looks 16! Asheley Judd & Kate Winslet in small supporting roles!! I love the sets and the special effects but….it’s like eating a bland, boiled potato. Movie made $274 million on a $85 million budget. I give it a 6 outta 10!

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Cast Change : Star Trek The Next Generation

You’ve just been named the casting director of your favorite television show (or movie franchise). The catch: you must replace the entire cast — with your friends and family with other actors. Who gets which role?

For the sake of playing along, I shall choose Star Trek The Next Generation (actually I wouldn’t want to replace anyone in that but this is just for fun). So here goes

  • Sean Bean as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard
  • Commander William Riker
  • Lt. Commander Data
  • Omar Epps as Lt. Jordie LaForge
  • Eve LaRue as Lt. Tasha Yar
  • Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Beverly Crusher
  • Lyric Bent as Lt. Worf
  • Christina Hendricks as Counselor Deanna Troi
  • Ensign Wesley Crusher
  • Russell Peters as Q

I can’t think of anyone for Wesley, Data & Riker. Any suggestions? I will update this post later!

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.

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Neighbors (2014)

Neighbors or Bad Neighbors is a 2014 American comedy film, directed by Nicholas Stoller and written by Andrew Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. The film stars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, with Rose Byrne, Dave Franco, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. The film was released in the United States on May 9, 2014 to positive reviews and grossed over $266 million against a budget of $18 million.

The premise is pretty simple; couple in their 30s with a new born baby daughter are upset when a fraternity famous for their wild partying move in to the house next door. Initially everything goes nice as the couple, Mac & Kelly Radner, go over and offer the members some weed and ask them to politely keep the noise level down. Fraternity leaders Teddy & VP Pete promise to do so and ask the couple to always come to them first if the noise is too loud instead of calling the cops. The Radners are invited over for a wild night of partying with booze, grass and magic mushrooms and the couple are happy. But the next night Mac is unable to get Teddy on the phone during another loud party and the baby wakes up crying. Mac calls the cops but the cop goes away after Teddy shows him a video of Mac partying with the fraternity. The next day the fraternity members continuously haze the couple and make life miserable for them. They go to the dean (Lisa Kudrow) to complain and learn that the school has a three strikes policy; burning down their old house was Delta Psi’s first strike.

Mac & Kelly hatch a plan with the help of their divorced friends Jimmy & Paula; they go to the next party pretending to patch things up but while Mac distracts Teddy, Kelly manipulates Pete & Teddy’s girlfriend Brooke into kissing and then have sex, which Mac sees. The two best friends fight which causes a bbq grill to roll onto the street and hit a passing professor. This causes the second strike against the fraternity and they are put on probation, meaning Teddy’s plans of having an end of college term blow out party is shut down. Mac, Kelly & Jimmy also bribe a freshman to secretly record the fraternity’s hazing ritual, which they can show to the Dean and close the fraternity down. But Teddy shows kindness to the freshman when he acts out causing the kid to tell Teddy about the whole recording. Teddy begins playing violent pranks on the couple, stealing their car’s airbags and placing them in hiding around the house. This causes a little rift between the couple but they patch things up.

Mac & Jimmy forge a letter from the dean allowing them to have parties again, and Teddy begins planning their end-of-the-year bash. They also hand out flyers announcing the party to the local neighbour gangs and hobos. Once the party is in full swing the cops are called by Teddy sees a flyer and guesses what is going on. He stops the party just as Watkins shows up. Jimmy throws himself from the balcony to distract Teddy, allowing Mac and Kelly to sneak into Teddy’s bedroom and restart the party using the breaker box. Teddy catches them and fights Mac, while Kelly lights one of the fireworks and shoots it at Watkins’s patrol car to provoke him into action. With the lights back on, all the partiers returns and the cop calls for backup and Teddy is arrested but he talks Pete, a good student, into leaving. Teddy takes the blame for the party and the dean shuts down the fraternity and the members leaves the house with Mac & Kelly adjusting to their old life and the quiet neighbourhood.

Four months later Mac & Teddy meet at a mall where Teddy is working as a shirtless greeter for Abercombie & Fitch. The two greet each other warmly, having put aside their fight and Teddy tells Mac that he is attending night classes to complete his degree. Mac takes off his shirt and jokingly acts as a greeter with Teddy.

Funny and gross humour – baby putting a condom in it’s mouth, Kelly’s sore breasts and milking it as she was drinking the night before etc etc. Lots of yelling, falling about and bad rap & hip hop music. 6.5 outta 10!

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Godzilla (2014)

Having seen the 1998 version – which I wasn’t so happy with – I wasn’t expecting much of this new and most recent tackle at Godzilla. The 2014 film is directed by Gareth Edwards and tars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn, and Bryan Cranston. Richard T Jones, Jared Keeso (19.2), Ty Olsson & Gary Chalk have minor roles.

In this reboot the existence of Godzilla and other large creatures have been known since 1954 but have been kept away from the public. In a mine in the Phillippines a colossal skeleton is found in 1999 and two pods are discovered near it; one lying dormant and the other has been hatched. Whatever was in the hatched pod, has crawled it’s way into the ocean and made it’s way to a Nuclear Power Plant in Janjira, Japan and causes a massive radiation breech causing an emergency shutdown. For 15 years the giant winged creature, a MUTO, eats the radioactivity and grows in size until it matures and breaks out. Meanwhile, at a Nevada nuclear waste facility, a second, larger and wingless MUTO, emerges and devastates Las Vegas. The scientists conclude that the second MUTO is female, the two were communicating and will meet to breed. Now, I know what you are thinking but shucks they did not show any giant creature sex – darn it!

Another larger creature, Godzilla an ancient alpha predator, was awakened accidentally in 1954 and initially the US military used nuclear weapons to kill it; it was in vein. As predicted by the scientists who lead Monarch, a project setup to study Godzilla, the large creature will hunt and kill the two MUTO as it in in it’s nature. Much devastation occurs as the MUTO’s destroy parts of Japan, Hawaii and California as San Francisco is where the two MUTO’s meet to form a nest and breed (ofcourse, eventually all extra-ordinary creatures and aliens will converge in the USA) and military forces are deployed with nuclear warheads to stop these creatures. Godzilla battles both creatures and is losing when one of the soldiers destroys the nest, causing the female to rush towards it. This gives Godzilla the edge and it kills the male and rests. The female kills a few soldiers and is about to kill the lead male character when Godzilla grans it and rips it’s head off after spewing radioactive energy inside of it. He then collapses, seemingly dead. The next day, as people rummage through the rubble to find loved ones and get medical aid to the injured, Godzilla suddenly awakens and returns to the ocean, as survivors cheer. He didn’t even stay for a photo op, what a hero!

Now for the human characters: the hero’s mom was killed in the reactor in Japan and his father kept on searching for the truth about the nuclear explosion leading father and son to sneak back into Janjira. They are caught and taken to the test sight where the male creature was kept and as it broke free, the dad died in the melee. The son, a military solider and bomb expert (the coincidences just keep on rolling) joins the military back (he was on leave) and heads back to Hawaii and then San Francisco and is in the team that carried the nuclear devices. He, ofcourse, is the one who burns the nest causing the female MUTO to rush back to it and giving Godzilla the gap he needs to kill the male MUTO. He is also the one at the with the nuclear device on the boat and about to be female MUTO’s dinner when Godzilla attacks again. Son soldier is reunited with his nurse wide and son in the end! Not much to know about the characters other than that!

I found the first half mostly tedious and nothing memorable. We are all hereto watch the giant creatures battle it out. The second half of the film is much better and the special effects are awesome. But that’s all there is to this film. 7 outta 10!

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RIP Richard Attenborough

English actor, film director, producer and entrepreneur Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90. Attenborough was one of England’s leading actors and was also a director and producer. He’s probably best known for bringing Jurassic Park to life. He also starred as Santa Claus in the remake of Miracle On 34th Street. His 70-year career also included The Great Escape with Steve McQueen as well as directing the film Gandhi which won 8 Oscars. Attenborough’s son told the BBC his father died Sunday at lunchtime — he’d been living in a nursing home with his wife for the past few years.

He was the older brother of Sir David Attenborough, a naturalist and broadcaster, and John Attenborough, who was an executive at Alfa Romeo. During the Second World War, Attenborough served in the Royal Air Force. After initial pilot training he was seconded to the newly formed RAF Film Unit at Pinewood Studios, under the command of Flight Lieutenant John Boulting. Attenborough worked prolifically in British films such as Private’s Progress (1956) and I’m All Right Jack (1959). In 1963, he appeared in the ensemble cast of The Great Escape as RAF Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett. During the 1960s, he played character roles in films such as Séance on a Wet Afternoon (1964) and Guns at Batasi (1964), for which he won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor. In 1965 he played Lew Moran opposite James Stewart in The Flight of the Phoenix and in 1967 and 1968, he won back-to-back Golden Globe Awards in the category of Best Supporting Actor, the first time for The Sand Pebbles, again co-starring Steve McQueen, and the second time for Doctor Dolittle starring Rex Harrison.

He took no acting roles following his appearance in Otto Preminger’s version of The Human Factor (1979) until his appearance as the eccentric developer John Hammond in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park (1993) and the film’s sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997). He starred in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street (1994) as Kris Kringle. In the late 1950s, Attenborough formed a production company, Beaver Films, with Bryan Forbes and began to build a profile as a producer on projects including The League of Gentlemen (1959), The Angry Silence (1960) and Whistle Down the Wind (1961), appearing in the cast of the first two films. He also directed Cry Freedom (1987) & Chaplin (1992) among others. Attenborough had been married to the English actress Sheila Sim since 1945.

Richard Samuel Attenborough, Baron Attenborough, CBE ( 29 August 1923 – 24 August 2014)

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

After the success of the reboot in 2012 a sequel was surely in the works. So earlier this year the sequel, simply titled The Amazing Spider-Man 2, was released directed by Marc Webb and released by Columbia Pictures. Once again Andrew Garfield reprises his role as Peter Parker / Spider-Man and Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Campbell Scott, Embeth Davidtz, Colm Feore, Paul Giamatti, and Sally Field also star. The film was made on a budget of $200 million and made over $700 million at the box office.

So before we catch up with Petey we see a flashback to the night that his dad Richard Parker and mom Mary leave young Peter with his uncle Ben and aunt May and then leave in a private jet. Wile Richard is uploading data to a remote server, an assassin attacks them and Mary is knocked out in the tussle. The plane crashes as the pilot had been killed, presumably killing everyone on board. Peter, having just saved Oscorp employee Max Dillon from a truck, and apprehends Aleksei Sytsevich, who attempted to steal a truck containing plutonium vials, graduates from high school and breaks up with Gwen as he is unable to get the image of her father, police captain George Stacy, reminding him to leave Gwen out of his affairs as Spider-Man. Gwen gets upset with him and storms off. Meanwhile Harry Osborn returns to New York just as his father Norman is dying and takes over Oscorp, laying down the law on the board a trying to wrest control of the company from the Osborn family and promoting his father’s secretary as his second in command. Harry has the same disease as his father and will not live long himself. Peter goes to see Harry and they reconnect.

Thinking they have become “best friends”, Max idolizes Spider-Man. While tending to maintenance in an OsCorp laboratory, he gets electrocuted and falls into a tank of genetically modified electric eels. As a result he mutates into a living electricity generator. As Peter tries to be friends with Gwen, she tells him that she has an interview to get a scholarship for Oxford and is looking forward to moving to England. As Peter tries to digest this information Max wanders into Times Square and causes a blackout as he draws in a whole lotta power from the city. Peter saves a few people from being crushes by cars and tries to calm Max down but the later feels that Spider-Man has betrayed his “friendship” and is shot by a cop when he makes an aggressive move. Spidey is able to stop him and Max is taken to the Ravencroft Institute after he has been shackled. Harry meanwhile has found that Richard & Norman’s work on the spiders could be the cure to his illness and asks Peter to get Spider-Man to give him some of his blood as he knows that Spider-Man must have gotten his powers from the spiders in the lab at Oscorp. Harry thinks Peter must know how to contact the masked super hero, having taken Spidey’s photos for the paper. Peter reluctantly agrees although he does come to Harry as Spider-Man, he still refuses; Harry begins to hate Spider-Man.

The board of members uses Max’s accident as an excuse and frame Harry for it and has him removed as CEO. The secretary informs Harry that some of the venom from the spiders was stored away in the building before the spiders were destroyed and Harry sneaks his way into Ravencroft and has Max, who calls himself Electro (yeah very original) freed. He works with Max to get him back inside the OsCorp building and, there, finds a suit of armor made by Norman, and venom from genetically altered spiders. The venom accelerates his illness and transforms him into a goblin-like creature, but its built-in emergency protocol restores his health. By now Peter has found a secret message left by his dad and finds a lab hidden in a deserted section of the subway and finds out that Richard had to leave because he refused to cooperate with Norman’s biogenetic weaponization plans. Peter then goes to see Gwen before she can leave for England and professes his love for her and says that he will join her in England and fight crime there. However this is when Electro attacks the city and with Gwen’s help Peter is able to overload Max’s body, destroying him. Harry comes to confront Peter and seeing Gwen with him, deduces that Peter is Spider-Man. They fight at the top of the clock tower with Gwen caught by Harry; in the tussle Gwen falls down to her death after Spidey overpowers Harry.

A distraught Peter attends Gwen’s funeral with aunt May and spends several months mourning her death. In those months without Spider-Man, NYC has seen rampant crime overtake the city with Harry having healed plots to breaks Sytsevich out of prison and in turn the villain, using a giant mechanical robotic suit and calling him the Rhino attacks NYC. His spirit renewed by watching a video of Gwen’s speech at graduation, Peter dons on the suit and goes to battle the Rhino, after thanking a small boy who stepped up to face the villain as the city cheers his return.

Nothing new in terms of story or characterization (which makes me wonder why the reboot) but I found the movie fun to watch. Garfield is better here and funny too than in the first movie but watching Jamie Foxx is painful as he attempts a human rendition of Ugly Duckling (watch the cartoon and you will understand what I mean) and his performance is painful. Nothing really stands out and in some of the fight scenes with Electro, the CGI makes it look like I’m watching something from Cartoon Network! I found only Garfield’s & Stone’s performances to be good. I’ll give it an 8 outta 10!

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Roshan’s Eleven : Robin Williams Movies

In honour of Robin Williams I am currently rewatching a bunch of his movies. It is highly unlikely that this list will change and so here is my list of fav 11 roles of the late Robin Williams.

  • Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Popeye
  • Aladdin
  • Patch Adams
  • Jack
  • Good Morning Vietnam
  • Jumanji
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Bicentennial Man
  • Insomnia
  • Dead Poets Society

The list is in no particular order although Mrs. Doubtfire is my personal favourite.

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The Other Woman

From director Nick Cassavetes comes The Other Woman a 2014 American romantic comedy film by Melissa Stack. The film stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Kinney and Don Johnson. The movie is about 3 women who a man has been cheating on joining forces to teach him a lesson and get revenge upon.

Carly a successful lawyer in a big NYC firm has been going out with Mark for 8 weeks and things are seemingly going well. However on the day that he is supposed to be spending having dinner with her & her dad, Mark has to cancel saying that his housekeeper just called him saying that there is a burst pipe and that his basement is flooded. Upset with the last minute cancellation Carly grumbles to her father Frank, who advices her to go surprise him. Dressed in a tight plumber’s outfit she goes to his home (apparently for the first time) in Connecticut she is surprised to meet his wife Kate! Even though Carly doesn’t say much Kate realizes that Mark is cheating on her and finds out where Carly works and goes to her office and get the truth. Although they have troubles, with Kate having a funny version of a breakdown, the two eventually bond and spend a day together.

They also find out that he is also having an affair with the younger & much hotter Amber and run into her at a beach. Now the three of them bond after talking for a while at Kate’s brother Phil’s house at the beach and plot to get their revenge on Mark by doing things such as spiking his smoothies with estrogen and giving him breasts, as well as putting hair removal cream in his shampoo. By investigating his schedule and work Carly finds out that Mark has been embezzling lot of money from various clients and using Kate’s name as the CEO of a fake company to deposit the money in. However things get sidetracked when Kate finds herself falling for him again at an investor’s meeting but sees him talking on the phone with another woman and changes her mind. They track him to a trip to the Bahamas where they see him with another woman! Kate as the owner of the companies Mark defrauded, which would mean that she’d go to prison if the fraud is discovered. This, and the possibility of facing prison in Mark’s place, urges Kate to take actions with help from Carly’s legal expertise. After they get back the 3 women contact Mark’s senior parter and has all the money returned back.

Mark is confronted by the 3 of them in Carl’s office and given divorce papers and is also confronted by his partner. He can avoid jail time since the money has been returned but he is now bankrupt and out of a job! Kate who had contributed to some good ideas for the company is offered a job by Mark’s former partner while Mark gets a punch in the face by Carly’s dad. As the movie ends we find out that later on Kate becomes successful earning a lot of profit for the company and investors while Carly married Phil and is expecting while Amber goes out with Carly’s dad.

On a budget of 40 million the movie made $194 million and is considered a success financially although it got a lot of negative reviews. I found it ok and funny in a lot of places, especially Leslie Mann who is hilarious when she undergoes her breakdown and in the first half of the film. And ofcourse any excuse to see Kate Upton running on the beach in a bikini – yowza! Some of the jokes are funny and its an ok film. 7 outta 10!

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RIP Robin Williams

Comedic actor and stand up comedian Robin Williams was found dead today (11th August in the US)  of an apparent suicide. He was 63 years old. Celebrated in Hollywood for his zany comic persona and more subtle dramatic performances, Williams was found dead at his home in Tiburon, Calif., just north of San Francisco, according to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office on Monday. The apparent cause of death was suicide by asphyxiation, although an investigation is continuing. Emergency personnel found Mr. Williams inside the home he shared with his wife, Susan Schneider, after a 911 call reported a man unconscious and not breathing. The sheriff’s office said Mr. Williams was last seen alive at 10 p.m. on Sunday.

His film career included such acclaimed films as Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), Dead Poets Society (1989), Awakenings (1990), The Fisher King (1991), and Good Will Hunting (1997), as well as financial successes such as Popeye (1980), Hook (1991), Aladdin (1992), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), Jumanji (1995), The Birdcage (1996), Night at the Museum (2006), and Happy Feet (2006). He also appeared in the video “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor three times, Williams went on to receive the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Good Will Hunting (1997). “This might be the one time I’m speechless,” he said upon accepting the award. He also received two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and five Grammy Awards.

Despite being famous for his zany sense of humour and making people laugh he was often troubled by depression and masked a personal struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. He’s been married 3 times and has 3 children from his first two marriages. We will never know another like him.

Robin McLaurin Williams (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014)

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Captain America : The Winter Soldier

Captain America : The Winter Soldier is a 2014 American science fiction / action / superhero blockbuster directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, with a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. It stars Chris Evans as Captain America, with Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp, Hayley Atwell, Robert Redford, and Samuel L. Jackson. The movie serves as a sequel to the events of Captain America : The First Avenger & the first Avengers movie. In this film we are introduced to both the Winter Soldier (who was only seen as his normal avatar of Bucky Barnes, a close friend and fellow soldier to Steve Rogers and the debut of the Falcon.

Steve Rogers leads a team that includes Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow about two years since the events in New York, on a mission to rescue hostages onboard a SHIELD vessel in the ocean that was taken by Algerian terrorist Georges Batroc (retired UFC champion Georges St-Pierre) and his mercenaries. As Rogers fights the Algerian he finds out that Natasha has an additional mission, that of retracting vital data from the ship’s computers. After securing the vessel and the hostages they return to headquarters where Rogers confronts Fury and is briefed about Project Insight: three Helicarriers linked to spy satellites, designed to preemptively eliminate threats. Unable to decrypt Romanoff’s recovered data, Fury becomes suspicious about Insight and asks senior S.H.I.E.L.D. official Alexander Pierce to delay the project. Fury is ambushed while in his car by a team of assailants led by a mysterious masked figure, who we will come to know as The Winter Soldier, and barely manages to escape. He ends up in Rogers apartment where he passes on the data on a USB drive to Rogers before he is shot in the back by the masked man.

Rogers is unable to get to the assailant and at the hospital Fury is declared dead much to the dismay of Romanoff & Rogers. Agent Maria Hill recovers the body as Rogers is called back to the headquarters to meet Pierce. As Fury told him moments before he died to trust no one, and seeing a team of SHIELD soldiers arriving to escort him, Rogers hides the USB drive in a vending machine at the hospital. When Rogers witholds the information from Pierce, he is branded a fugitive and is ambushed by several agents who he manages to defeat and escapes. Using the data from the drive, Rogers & Romanoff discover an underground bunker in New Jersey where an old SHIELD lab was built and housing a supercomputer with the preserved consciousness of Arnim Zola. Zola reveals that Hydra is still alive, hidden within the ranks of SHIELD and responsible for creating chaos on a global scale with the agenda for the world to give up freedom in favour of security. The bunker is hit by a SHIELD missile  and the duo narrowly escape and make their way to the home of Sam Wilson, a former USAF man who Rogers had befriended for recuperating. With the help of Sam’s “Falcon” wingpack they approach SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell and force him to reveal Hydra’s plans to divulge that Zola developed a data-mining algorithm that can identify individuals who might become future threats to Hydra’s plans.

Once the hellicarriers are launched they will target these individuals and use satellite guided guns to eliminate them from above. Just then the Winter Soldier and his men attack the trio and kill Sitwell. During a fight Rogers unmasks the mysterious figure and recognizes as Bucky Barnes, his best friend and fellow soldier who was captured during WW3 and experimented upon by Hydra and is more powerful and hasn’t aged a bit. The trio are captured but enroute to the SHIELD headquarters they are extracted by Maria who brings them to a hideout where they find a still alive Fury! Fury gives Rogers, Natasha and a newly recruited Sam controller chips which need to be placed in the 3 hellicarriers to foil Hydra’s plans. At the headquarters Rogers reveals Hydra’s existence and their plans to the entire SHIELD staff via a broadcast while Romanoff, disguised as one of the Council members, disarms Pierce. Fury arrives and forces Pierce to unlock S.H.I.E.L.D’s database so that Romanoff can leak classified information, exposing Hydra’s actions. After a struggle Fury shoots Pierce dead while Rogers & Sam storm the hellicarriers to replace the chips. At the 3rd carrier the Winter Soldier destroys Sam’s wingpack so Rogers arrives to a showdown with his old friend.

Rogers fends him off and replaces the final chip, allowing Hill to take control and have the vessels destroy each other. Rogers refuses to fight the Winter Soldier in an attempt to reach his friend, but as the ship collides with the Triskelion, Rogers is thrown out into the Potomac River. Barnes, having recovered some memory of his former life, rescues Rogers and leaves him on the banks and leaves. With SHIELD in disarray & Fury still “dead” Natasha speaks before a Senate committee while Fury heads for Europe, Sam joins Rogers to find Barnes. Post credits we see scientists examining an energy specter while two mutant twins are revealed inside glass cages; one with super speed and the other with kinetic abilities while the Winter Soldier goes to see a Bucky Barnes exhibit at a museum.

Exhilerating, entertaining and a fantastic action packed thrill a minute ride, this is an extremely worthy successor to the original movie and probably one of the better Marvel movies to date. On a budget of $150 million the movie has grossed $715 million before home media sales. I give it a 8.5 outta 10!

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RoboCop (2014)

Although not a huge fan of the RoboCop franchise, I still like the original movie enough to consider rebooting it an unnecessary deed. Based on what I just saw, I stick by that decision. The new & rebooted RoboCop is a 2014 science fiction action film directed by José Padilha. The film stars Joel Kinnaman in the title role, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson. Supporting roles are provided by Jay Baruchel, Abbie Cornish, Michael K Williams, KC Collins Jackie Earl Haley, Aimee Garcia & Jennife Ehle.

So much like the original plot, Alex Murphy is a Detroit cop who is critically injured when a car bomb goes off at his residence, burning most of his body and leaving him invalid. OmniCorp is a leading company that manufacture robots for the American Military that has successfully deployed their models in various situations overseas in keeping the peace. However their entry into civilian law enforcement has been blocked by Senator Dreyfus, whose Dreyfus Act prevents non-humans to act as police officers. CEO Raymond Sellers has his marketing team join forces with leading scientist Dr. Dennett Norton in finding a suitable candidate, i.e a permanent injured cop to be fitted with their latest product that will combine man & machine. After much persuasion Murphy’s wife Clara consents to letting Alex be that candidate.

Alex is outfitted with a cybernetic body and software and wakes up once the procedure is done. He reacts violently to his situation and escapes the complex in China but is deactivated and brought back. Slowly he comes to terms with the fact that only his head, brain, lungs, heart, throat and right hand have survived and that the rest is robotic and agrees to be their man. Mattox, a military technician who is hired by OmniCorp, is skeptical of a man being to best robots in the field and in their first test Murphy responds more slowly than a drone due to his natural hesitation when making judgments in the field. In order to improve his performance, Norton tampers with his brain, putting the software fully in control in the field but making Murphy believe the decisions are his own. With these changes, Murphy defeats Mattox and his drones in a live test.

At his first pubic appearance Murphy becomes emotionally unstable as he downloads the Detroit PD’s database and sees CCTV footage of his own accident and has to be deactivated again. Pressed by Sellers, Norton has Alex’s dopamine levels dropped altering his brain chemistry to the point where Alex does not show emotion. He is revealed to the public where he ignores his wife & son and immediately apprehends a criminal that he scanned in the crowd. Over the next few weeks he drastically lowers the crime rate in Detroit as fear of RoboCop hinders the plans of criminals & thugs and the ones that dare are apprehended. The public’s opinion of the experiment soars and it looks like the Dreyfus Act could be repealed. Sellers has his team ensure that Alex is denied access to his wife & son but when Clara confronts him, it begins to affect his brain chemistry and he starts to investigate his own case and goes to his house. As his scans & investigation shows that his son was traumatized by the accident, his dopamine levels return to normal and he blasts into the hideout of the mob man Vallon, who had ordered the bomb on him and kills them in a firefight. Back at the PD he confronts two corrupt cops who were protecting Vallon and feed him info and shots one while making the other confess. However as he confronts the police chief, his program is shut down by Mattox.

Sellars spins this latest news to his advantage stating that drone will be incorruptible and hence make better law officers. An effort to repeal the Dreyfus Act is initiated, with overwhelming support. Meanwhile, Clara goes to the press and lashes out at OmniCorp, demanding to know why she and her child are being kept away from her husband. He and his team decide that Alex must not be revived and that his body is to be dismantled as he would likely go after corrupt officials, making things tough for OmniCorp. Clara is told that Alex died but Norton revives him and removes the control chip and tells him what happened. Feeling betrayed Alex heads to OmniCorp headquarters and battles the drones and with some help from his former partner, who kills Mattox when the latter is about to get the better of Alex using a software code written in, is able to get to Sellers and shoots him dead but is injured in the process as well. He is reunited with Clara and his son and his much damaged body is rebuilt back at the lab by Norton and his team. The President vetoes the repeal of the Dreyfus Act based on the testimony of Norton, who confesses everything OmniCorp has done while news reports show Murphy secretly returning to work.

Great special effects, nice showing of futuristic gadgets and gizmos, good action sequences and fun stuff blowing apart. The movie does nothing to really improve upon the franchise story or charm and is devoid of much emotion even if it is a healthy update to the franchise. Samuel L Jackson’s role as a much biased news/talk show host ends with his typical boisterous rantings. Kinnaman as an action star/ Not fully convinced and he really is one dimensional. All his roles are pretty much the same character in slightly different shades. There’s a kitchen scene in this film that is so similar to the latest season of The Killing (in which he does excel though)! I’ll give it a 7 outta 10!

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Finally I got a chance to watch one of the most anticipated movies of the year (for me anyways) and I wasn’t exactly disappointed. Transcendence is a 2014 science fiction film directed by cinematographer Wally Pfister in his directorial debut, with Christopher Nolan as executive producer and written by Jack Paglen. The film stars Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara, Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany, and Morgan Freeman.

What is the movie about? I’ll spare you the scientific & technological slangs and stuff that even I, a staunch science fiction buff, find hard to grasp but let’s just stick to the framework of the story. Dr. Will Caster, a brilliant scientist who is motivated by curiosity about the working of the universe, is the head of a team, which includes his wife Evelyn, that is creating a fully sentient computer. He hopes that such a computer can create a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence, human biological enhancement, or brain-computer interfaces will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature aka a technological singularity or “transcendence”. However a group of revolutionaries, RIFT, who are scared of evolution aided by technology shoot him with a radiation affected bullet and also poison almost all the staff working on the AI projects.

A dying Will has but weeks to live and in desperation Evelyn comes up with a plan to upload his consciousness into the quantum computer and gets Will’s best friend & fellow researcher Max Peters to help her. Although he has his doubts about the wisdom of this decision, Max helps and it works. Will’s likeness survives his body’s death and requests that he will be connected to the Internet so as to grow in capability and knowledge. Max panics, insisting that the computer intelligence is not Will. Evelyn forcibly asks Max to get out from the building and connects the computer intelligence to the Internet via satellite. Max is kidnapped by RIFT and questioned by their leader, a former admirer of Caster, Bree and eventually over time he joins them. Evelyn meanwhile leaves for a small town in the desert named Brightwood and together they build a technological utopia in the middle of the place. Over the next two years Will spearheads revolutionary advancements in nanotechnology, medicine, energy & biology – even being able to heal blindness and fatal wounds. However Evelyn begins to feel fear when as a sideffect of the process Will is able to remotely connect to and control all the people who have the nano-particles in them.

The government has been keeping a close eye on things and plan an attack, aided by the fact that the terrorists are also trying to infiltrate Brightwood. RIFT has created a virus that once uploaded into Will’s network will kill Will’s source code but will also erase him and as a catastrophic side effect will also wipe out all technology. Evelyn who was contacted by government researcher and friend Joseph Tagger who is with FBI agent Donald Buchanan is told to run from the place but she goes back in. Later on seeing more treated humans acting like assimilated being, she joins Bree, Max, Tagger, Evelyn, and has the virus injected into her blood as she is forced to choose between uploading the virus or risking assimilation into Will’s Transcendence, which holds the promise of ending pollution, disease, and human mortality. On returning back to the Brightwood she is shocked to find Will in a newly created organic body identical to his old one. The FBI and the activists of R.I.F.T. attack the base with mortars, fatally wounding Evelyn.

In order to save her, Will, knowing that the virus is in her, chooses to upload her mind as she did his and is instantly affected by the virus. All the technological devices and even buildings that have the nano-particles in them dissolve into the air as Brightwood is destroyed but the humans infected with the nano-particles retain their previous state. As Will is dying, he explains to Evelyn that he did what he did for her: saving the planet was her wish, to learn the secrets of the universe was his. Then, the virus kills both Will and Evelyn, and a global technology collapse and blackout ensues. 3 years pass by and with the world still in a technological blackout, Max visits the former home of the Casters and finds sunflowers blooming under a Faraday cage that Will has setup in their backyard. He also realizes that a sample of Will’s nano-particles have survived under the cage with possibly Will’s & Evelyn’s consciousness surviving in that, which will give the world another chance at transcendence – perhaps when it is ready.

Ok, so that does very techy and geeky but I like the idea a lot although the execution wasn’t as good as needed to pull of the movie successfully. Made on a $100 million budget the film flopped just about making the money back. I can understand why as it is a hard film to connect to and the characters aren’t ones that you can relate to either. I still will give the movie a 7.5 outta 10!

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