Friends : The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion is a 2021 reunion special of the American television sitcom Friends. The special is hosted by James Corden and executive produced by the show’s co-creators, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, Kevin S. Bright, the show’s main cast, and Ben Winston (who also directed the special). The special sees the main cast revisit the sets of the original show (such as the Friends’ apartments, the Central Perk coffee shop, and the signature water fountain), meet with guests who appeared on the show as well as celebrity guests, do table reads and re-enactments of Friends episodes, and share behind-the-scenes footage.

The special was executive produced by the show’s co-creators, Kevin S. Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, and the show’s main cast, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. Ben Winston directed and executive produced through Fulwell 73. The special was filmed in Los Angeles, California, at Stage 24, also known as “The Friends Stage” at Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, where Friends had been filmed since its second season. The filming of the reunion began in April 2021. Filming of the special was delayed twice, first in March 2020, and second in August 2020, both due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Death Of An Icon & My Memories Of Life With It

It was a news out of the blue that sadden me on seeing it and reminded me of the years gone by. What news? The announcement that the smartphone company BlackBerry, had announced that it would be ending support for major BlackBerry OS from January 4, 2022. With this, the company will discontinue offering significant services for its existing devices. Blackberry, one of the most popular smartphone brands of the time before the high-end phone segment became a rage, will be ending support for BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier, BlackBerry 10 software, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 along with previous versions.

The smartphone, which ruled the tech industry years ago, offered a smooth keyboard-centric designs and was a major hit among business executives and working professionals who relied on BlackBerry services that provide a high degree of confidentiality and anonymity. However as high end full touch screen devices became the rage, BlackBerry fell behind and concentrated on their top class QWERTY keyboard. At one point in time I was a BlackBerry fanboy. I was so much in awe of the devices when I first saw/heard of them on an Oprah Winfrey show where, on the launch of a new device, 7105t, she gave everyone in her audience a brand new one of the same model as part of her pre-Christmas giveaway show. Since then I have checked out news of the BlackBerry models and tried to get one for myself.

I got my first BlackBerry back in 2010, a grey BlackBerry Curve 8320 and then in 2012 I got a BlackBerry 9780 which I loved a lot and in March of 2015 I switched to a white Q10. But by 2016 I was feeling the lack of a full touch screen and felt that it was time to make the switch to Android. So in February of that year I switched to a Samsung and then I have bought a few Android devices (currently I have an Oppo and a RealMe) and have never gone back. But it fills me with sadness as I had brand loyalty for a while and it just died out as they weren’t the in thing anymore and also were left far behind the race.

A Rub Dub, Just Relaxing In The Tub, Thinking Everything Was Alright

Do you like soaking in a bathtub? I do not have a bathtub in my bathroom or the other bathroom in my current apartment.  But back in Kuwait, even our tiny apartment had a bathtub/shower combo and when we moved back to India, there was a bathtub in my parents bathroom. Now initially my parents slept in that bedroom from 1987 till the late 1990s. Then they switched to the bedroom downstairs since for some reason the bedroom upstairs seemed to be warmed especially during the summer months.

But even before that I would sometimes use their bathroom for taking an occasional bath in the tub, since they never used it. When my cousins would be over, even some of them liked to soak in it for a while. The best part of having that bathtub was after a long day of being out in the sun and being all sweaty and grimy, filling that tub with cool water and sinking in was a good feeling. Add the soap and stuff and I would play some music on a portable player and would even sneak in a freshly blended fruit juice or a soft drink up with me. Then I would just relax and let the water clean me up as I sat in the tub and chilled – in more ways than one.

For some reason I stopped using the tub around my early to mid 20s. I am not sure why and can’t remember any reason – probably there was a problem with the plumbing or something. But by the time I was 29 we were looking at selling the house and we did in September of 2006, which was a month after I turned 30. One of the things I miss about the house is how much of a retreat and relaxing place it was. So many memories.

Friends New Year Episodes

Season 1, Episode 10 “The One With The Monkey” : The first Friends New Year’s episode, “The One with the Monkey,” aired in December 1994, during the show’s very first season. The episode rang in 1995 for the New York City clan. The pals decide to host a New Year’s party, but no one is allowed to bring any dates. It goes exactly how you think it does. And it turns out Ross is the one with the monkey — his new pet monkey named Marcel, and naturally, hijinks ensue.

Season 5, Episode 11 “ The One With All The Resolutions” : The next time that Friends celebrates New Year’s is 1999. In the episode, the group is winding down after partying like it’s, well, 1999. They think about how they want to spend the last year before the new millennium. Rachel resolves to quit gossiping, Monica takes up photography as a hobby, and Ross wants to undertake new daily experiences. The episode ends with the revelation that Monica and Chandler are secretly dating.

Season 6, Episode 10 “The One With The Routine” : Finally, Friends rings in the year 2000 with all the silliness, low-rise jeans, and one-liner quips that can fit into 30 minutes. In “The One with the Routine,” the group is invited to a taping of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, which devolves into hilarious dance routines. Monica and Ross slay the dance floor, but the joke’s on them when it’s aired on the blooper reel.

Season 5 Episode 10 “The One With The Inappropriate Sister” : Bringing a little incest in the festive mood, this Friends New year episode could be called an Sorry..!! But that is the main plot of the episode, as Danny, Rachel’s boyfriend has a ‘unique sibling bond’ with his sister Krista…Ahem ahemm… But you know, what we laugh the hardest, it was Joey’s delayed realization about knowing they are siblings, but again he is also the one who patches up Ross and Chandler with a play, “Could I be any more sorry?” ( I love that idiotic guy..!!) In the New year’s festive spirit, Phoebe decides to volunteer for Salvation Army by collecting donations, even though if it includes shouting at old ladies..!! Trust me; nothing is ever predictable with Phoebe.

Shawarma – The Food Of My Childhood Memories

One of the foods that I associate with my childhood and good times with family is shawarma. Kuboos, hummus, KFC as well but shawarama is up front and center in those memories. That with Coke or Pepsi and French fries. When I was growing up in Kuwait, my older sister, dad, mom would have family meals in front of the tv. Most weekends, my mom’s brother & his wife, and when my cousin was born, she too, would join us.

The exception was my aunt who has always been vegetarian. So she would have kuboos or buns with fallafel and French fries. We either sat around the table in our living room or at my uncle’s place. Meals times were special. We would usually watch a movie or some tv show that was fun at the time and enjoyed these special moments.

I remember when the shawarma craze first came to Cochin & Kerala. This was way back in the early 1990s and there was just that one place that served them – Kentucky Inn on the second floor of GCDA shopping complex on Marine Drive. They cost just Rs.10 and the portions were bigger. Pretty soon they were Rs.12 but the portions stayed the same. Then it was Rs.15, then Rs.20 and 3 or 4 years ago, when I started having them again, they were Rs.25. Smaller portions have been the norm since then but the price kept going up and now you can see them at Rs.120 to 190 depending on the place.

But they have never tasted any better than since my childhood.


Ah, 1991. Yours truly was still a 14 year old and would only turn 15 in August of that year. I honestly believe that 1991-1993 were the best years for rock music in general, maybe because I got really into a lot of great bands and we got a lot of great music during that time. How much I played the songs in these albums you see above (the exception being Soundgarden) and enjoyed the music videos as well. Although the year 1991 is the year that grunge music made its popular breakthrough, heavy metal was still the dominant form of rock music for the year.

So, Nirvana’s Nevermind, led by the surprise hit single “Smells Like Teen Spirit“, was not the most popular U.S. album of the year. That award goes to heavy metal band Metallica and their self-titled ‘Black‘ album. Runner up would be Guns N’ Roses double album Use Your Illusion I & II. Nirvana’s success was eventually followed by other grunge bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and grunge would rule the roost for a few years. Pearl Jam’s debut Ten is one of the best albums ever, while Soundgarden’s 3rd album Badmotorfinger further established them as a top rock act. Red Hot Chili Peppers’s 5th album Bloodsugarsexmagik was their big breakthrough, making them a household name.

Along with these greats you also had a debut from Ugly Kid Joe, Rush Street by Richard Marx, the awesome We Can’t Dance by Genesis, Dangerous by Michael Jackson, the breakthrough album for Mr. Big in Lean Into It, Slave To The Grind from Skid Row, my fav Van Halen album in For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, a return to more guitar driven songs and my introduction to Rush in Roll The Bones, Dire Strait’s last album On Every Street, Psychotic Supper by Tesla, No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne, Hey Stoopid by Alice Cooper, Stars by Simple Red, the massive Waking Up The Neighbours by Bryan Adams, Luck Of The Draw by Bonnie Raitt, Solace by Sarah McLachlan, Pocket Full of Kryptonite by Spin Doctors – did I miss any others?

My Top 5 Thanksgiving Episodes From FRIENDS

Since the American Thanksgiving holiday is just 10 days away (as always on the fourth Thursday of the month), it brings me visions of warm cozy dinners with a huge turkey on the table as seen in tv shows and movies. Being a non-American (and non-Canadian, as they celebrated their Thanksgiving in October) I have never been able to partake in such a feast but it has always been a big desire of mine. I can almost taste the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and warm pumpkin pie with cream.

Friends is the show that I always think of when it comes to Thanksgiving as the American show has had a Thanksgiving episode in 9 of their 10 seasons (I think). Here are my top 5 Thanksgiving episodes from the famous sitcom, in no particular order.

Season 5, Episode 8: “The One With All the Thanksgiving Flashbacks:

The gang looks back on all their terrible Thanksgivings through the years. Chandler (Matthew Perry) remembers his parents telling him they’re getting divorced over dinner. Joey (Matt LeBlanc) recalls getting his head stuck in Monica’s (Courtney Cox) turkey. Classic. Monica relives the horror of meeting Chandler for the first time when he called her fat and the following year when she accidentally cut off his toe. Monica puts a turkey on her head to cheer Chandler up and he ends up accidentally telling her he loves her.

Season 7, Episode : “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”
Rachel’s incredibly cute assistant-slash-boyfriend, Tag, is featured heavily in this episode, and while their romance may not hold up in the #MeToo era, the chemistry between them is undeniable. This is also the episode where we learned the 50 States Game.Oh and Chandler hates dogs as well as Thanksgiving, apparently. Dogs rule and Clunkers is so cute.

Season 8, Episode 9: “The One With the Rumor”

This episode higher is ranked very high among fans due solely to the fact that Brad Pitt appears in it, but (1) his eventual split with Jennifer Aniston leads the viewer to experience kind of a bummer vibe upon rewatching and (2) this half hour of television is considered transphobic now (like a lot of things). Yes, the word transphobic was barely even used in the mainstream culture back then, but the episode in which Ross & Brad Pitts character reveaed that the they started a rumour about Rachel having both male & female genitalia was very funny.

Season 9, Episode 8: “The One With Rachel’s Other Sister”

Two words: Christina Applegate. While Reese Witherspoon shone brightly as Rachel’s spoiled, self-involved sister, Applegate came on the scene and stole the crown as Rachel’s other, even more spoiled and self-involved sister, who sort of (sort of) learns a lesson at the end. Honestly, Rachel and Applegate’s character, Amy, trash-talking Witherspoon’s Jill in her absence is as naturalistic a depiction of sisterly bonding as I’ve ever seen onscreen. While I find people like her character annoying in real life, Christina was a lot of fun.

Season 3, Episode 9: “The One With the Football”

This episode has everything: touch American football, sibling rivalry, roommate conflict over a cute girl (from the Netherlands), a Troll doll (remember those?) of inexplicable import, and, most importantly, Phoebe Buffay in a ridiculously cute That Girl T-shirt. Joey has no idea that there is a country called the Netherlands! Pure hilarity!

A Life Threatening Moment You’ve Faced With Your Pet

This was around 1997 when I was 21. I was watching tv at around 1 am and my Golden Retriever, Shawny was sleeping on the front porch/veranda. The rest of the family were sleeping. I was sleepy and about to get up and switch the tv off and go to bed when I hear my dog barking like she was scared and angry at the same time. I thought nothing of it at first (must have been a cat passing outside our gate) but she kept at it. That woke up my dad and brother in law (my older sister had just given birth to her first son a few days ago).

I was the first to step out and check and heard the noise first before I saw the snake – it was a venomous small snake that was rare in this area and it was hissing at Shawny, who was scared. My dad, bro in law and I got whatever we could find – a field hockey stick, a cricket bat and some other sticks we had – and went towards the snake trying to get at it. Shawny had slinked away, towards the house at this point. At some point the snake hissed and made its way towards me and I back up a couple of steps – all of a sudden I hear this ferocious growl and barking as Shawny ran and placed herself between me and the snake. The snake must have been startled (truthfully we all were as I had never heard her barking this loudly before) and my brother in law and dad took this opportunity to hit the snake on its head.

All 3 of us hit it and the snake died and we used my hockey stick to pick the snake carcass and toss it outside the house. All of our hearts were beating so fast and we were still reeling from the experience. I turned towards my best friend only to see that she has brought her favourite ball to me and had that look in her eyes “Since we are all awake now, can we play fetch?”

As my dad and brother-in-law went to comfort my mother and sister, I played ball with Shawny until I was tired and sleepy. I will never forget that dog. She was my best friend and unfortunately, dogs don’t live long enough. She passed away in 2005 but not a day goes by without me thinking of her and wishing she were still with me.

Beach Times With The Cousins

I am not a good swimmer even if I have taken classes for while when I was 18. That was in a pool at the rooftop of the Abad Plaza hotel. I had booked a 2 month excercise, steaming, swimming and sauna for 3-4 months at the insistence of my parents and since there was a great deal of teens, I took it up. I enjoyed the steam room (it was a small room so you went in alone) and the sauna but I loved the swimming a lot.

Before that all my swimming was done in the Periyar River and the Fort Kochi beach. Well not so much swimming at the beach, more like walking in and getting wet and enjoying splashing water around. Also a few times we have been to the beach in Trivandrum as well. But in the Periyar river we would go swimming as lot. It has been ages ofcourse but I still remember the fun we had. Ofcourse it was us boys swimming but the girls would get knee deep and have their own fun as well.

I remember a couple of incidents we had at the Trivandrum beach. During one summer vacation (or was it Christmas) we were all at Trivandrum and staying at my mum’s eldest brother’s rented home. My cousins and I went to the beach almost every day and we also played frisbee at the beach. This one afternoon one of my cousins swung the frisbee hard and straight at the head of some man who was out with his family. We went over to apologize and he took it well. That was probably in 1991.

Second time was at Periyar river and I had borrowed my older cousin’s sports shorts which were too big for me, so I had to use a belt. A bunch of us went to the river to play and throw a beach ball. There were a bunch of young college girls from some other state in town for a trip. They were standing at the edge of the banks and us boys (I was 15 at the time) went closer to the banks to *ahem* pose for them. While we were standing around, I suddenly saw something floating near us and it looked familiar.

Yes! To my embarrassment it was my shorts! The girls didn’t notice but I did. I made my cousins stand in front of me so no one would see me put on the shorts and tighten the belt again. Travesty averted, we played some more and then went home.

I Used To Want To Change My Name As A Kid

When I was a tween, I wanted to change my name to Jessica because it was my “perfect” name. Did you love your name growing up? How has that changed as you’ve gotten older?

I didn’t like my name when I was growing up. I was born and raised for the first 11 years of my life in Kuwait. I grew watching a lot of American & some British tv shows and I never heard the name Roshan for anyone else. I didn’t know of anyone else who had the same name as me. And didn’t like my name growing up. I distinctly remember wanting to change my name. I wanted to change my name to Michael. Because of Knight Rider. Michael Knight! Hey, be glad I didn’t want to change my name to Knight Industries Two Thousand aka K.I.T.T.! I was 9!

He was cool and I wanted to have the same name as him. When I was 10 I met an actual Michael, who had just moved to the same school as I was in and I was so jealous. Anyways, fast forward a few years and I am now 14-15 and I love my name. I had no idea what the fuzz was about the name Michael. That was so passe! So last decade and no no no – that wasn’t me. I now loved my name and I was damned proud of it. I started thinking in my teenage years that my name was even quite sexy!

So yeah I once wanted to change my name but for the past 31 years or so I have not even thought about changing my first name. I have thought of changing my last name though or adding in a proper surname like Menon or something.


That First Time A Girl Says She Likes You

Your first love/kiss, and don’t skip the awkward details

I’ve already blogged about my first kiss, as innocent as could be, but now it’s time for me to blog about my first love. The first girl who said she likes me and I said I like her back. And interestingly enough, her name too was Michelle. Michelle joined my school in the 9th standard and I was in grade 10 at the time. When she came in, a lot of guys liked the way she looked and I too was kind of mesmerized. 

Well in same class as her was my cousin, Sandhya, and she became good friends with Michelle from day 1. Sandhya had a small group of girl friends who always hung out together during breaks. I always tried to act cool, the cool older cousin, in front of them. Sandhya kinda acted like a go-between us and I soon started a conversation with Michelle. At that time in my life, I was also going through some kind of strange feeling of being a loner and different from the rest of the kids in school and my cousins. 

Well, Michelle and I started talking a lot on the phone and soon I told her that I liked her. She said she did too and I was elated. Alas, it only lasted for 2 weeks or so. For 2 weeks or so, I was her boyfriend. The Onam celebrations came and we left school for a vacation and when I came back she had cooled her feelings about me. Apparently, she told about me to her cousins and they said that it wasn’t a good idea to have a boyfriend outside their community. She was an Anglo-Indian Christian and my family was Hindu.

She became even a bit bitter towards me so after a couple of months of trying to win her back, I gave up. That was my first experience and it was bitter-sweet. But I look back on it very fondly.

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The Family Nickname That Is My Cross To Bear

Do you have a nickname? How did you get it and who gave it to you?

My family has always been into giving nicknames to each other. I was no exception in that I have had a couple that has stuck around for a while. When I was 11 years old, my family including uncles, aunts and cousins took a month long trip through parts of South India on a sight seeing trip. When we made it to Kanyakumari, right at the end of India, we had to take a ferry to see the island on which there is a statue of Swami Vivekananda. Now everyone needed help to climb aboard the ferry and there were two men who were assisting people to get on board. But little roly poly, 11 year old me jumped on board and when we came back I did the same. So one of the guys said “Master chaddiyello!” meaning master – as in a young boy – has jumped!

My eldest cousin brother heard that and he started calling me “Master” and the name stuck. Pretty soon all my cousins were calling me that with a few “Masterjis” from the younger ones for added pleasure. Most of my aunts & uncles also acknowledged the nickname. As I became a teenager the guys would joke that “Master” was short for “Master of Masturbation” and the teasing would continue for ages. Till this day, 27 years later the name has not died and I am still Master for a few of my cousins. I doubt if it will ever get die out and I’m pretty sure that when I am like 90 years old I will still hear plenty of calls of “Master”. That will find itself into my obituary as well; lucky I won’t have a headstone!

I also was called “Sunny” for sometime but that never lasted for too long. I like Sunny as a nickname as it’s bright, airy and sunshiny(?). But it is way too late for me to change my cousins’ preferred nickname from me from “Master” to “Sunny”. Sigh! If only.

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The Worst Christmas/Birthday You Ever Had 

The worst Christmas/Birthday you ever had {make it funny!}

So I am picking worst birthday because we don’t really celebrate Christmas, not being from a Christian family, and it is just another holiday for me. Also this is my birthday week since I just turned 45 last Monday. So I have had a couple of really bad birthdays that I can remember. Most of them have been good but these two were bad. I’m only going to mention one for now.

When I was maybe 8 or 9 – I can’t remember which – I was at my maternal grandmother’s house for the summer, my family having come from Kuwait to India for the vacations. Just 2 nights before my birthday, which I was really looking forward to, I was having an early dinner of dosa with sambhar when someone gave me some ladoos for desert. Now until that day I was ok with ladoos and took one and ate it. They offered me one more and so I happily ate that as well. And then I would regret it.

The next couple of days I was sick really bad. I had the runs, really terrible loose motion and that left me tired and dehydrated for most of the waking hours. I had to wait for three days, including August 2nd which is my birthday, before I could eat proper solid food and the stomach illness subsided. It wasn’t all bad though because a day later I had a postponed birthday party with gifts, some of my favourite food & cake so it was all good at the end. 

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Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man

Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man is a 1951 American science fiction comedy film directed by Charles Lamont and starring the team of Abbott and Costello alongside Nancy Guild. The film depicts the misadventures of Lou Francis and Bud Alexander, two private detectives investigating the murder of a boxing promoter. The film was part of a series in which the duo meet classic characters from Universal’s stable, including Frankenstein, the Mummy and the Keystone Kops.

Ghost Sightings

So I don’t believe in ghosts but when I was a kid I did get scared easily. As a kid horror movies that my family watched (Evil Dead, Basketcase, The Omen, Friday The 13th etc) scared the crap outta my pre-teen self. Heck, the first two movies I watched (I say watched but it was more like hiding behind the sofa and peeking at the screen) was at age 4 or 5! By the time I was 10 I had watched the other two as well. And it was common among us kids to try and scare each other using the characters in the movies.

So one of my cousins had this habit of trying to scare the rest of us. He would say that some boogey man would come and kill us and he would try to get us going by just saying “Friday! Friday! Friday” in as dramatic as way as possible on Friday nights. Well one Friday night he kept saying this while he was at my home and scaring me – and would you believe it, the power went out and he got scared too and we ran and locked ourselves in the bathroom! There was thunder and lightning and the power got knocked off!

Another time in my house and another cousin and I had watched The Omen a few days ago. We were discussing the movie and about how we didn’t believe that it was possible to happen in reality. I was about 8 or 9 years old and my cousin is 2.5 years older than me. Once again we lost power and it was very late in the night and so we finally fell asleep. At around 4 am my cousin woke up and saw 4 small flames of fire moving on the street. He couldn’t see anything else or anyone else. He got scared and woke me up. Sleepy me looked out the windows and I saw the same thing.

We got very, very scared and pulled the covers over us and tried to go back to sleep. When we woke up and told this to the adults in the house, they informed us that it was a temple procession for a festival that was being done in the temple near my house. In the dark only the fire from the wick of the small lamps that they (it was a few women) carried by hand was visible which made it look like just four flames moving in the distance. Boy did we feel silly.

Treats We Enjoyed As Kids

Share your kid’s favourite summer treats.

Since I don’t have any kids of my own, I’m gonna share the summer treats that I enjoyed as a kid along with my sister and our cousins and what I am sure my cousins’ kids also do. One that is a rarity and I think is only really available in parts of India is the ice cream soda. Not the one that you are thinking of, but this is actually vanilla ice cream flavoured soda that you get in bottles. After a day of playing football or cricket with my cousins and sweating up a storm, going and get a few cold ice cream sodas to quench our thirsts was great.

We had these things called sip-ups – semi-frozen flavoured drink or cola in these plastic tubes that you buy from a street vendor or store and then proceed to suck up the juicy cold deliciousness. It was so popular at one time that they even sold it at my school’s cafeteria. Oh man, it’s so funny but I haven’t though about them in ages and this prompt suddenly brought back memories.

Ice cream floats. There was this one cafe at a hotel in Chullikal (near Mattancherry) that served them and I can’t think of any other place that’ve had it. It was basically a large scoop of vanilla ice cream placed inside a glass of Pepsi or Coca-Cola. I think mostly Pepsi as we had a problem with Coke until the late 90s. Those were the bomb and it was a huge treat for us.

Also near my grandmother’s house we had this small little joint called Cool Of Cools. It was an ice cream shop that specialized in these awesome sundaes and faloodas. Faloodas are basically a South Asian ice cream sundae or dish a South Asian with vermicelli noodles at the bottom along with rose syrup and sweet basil seeds with milk. When served cold ofcourse it is amazingly delicious, if you don’t mind the chewing of the basil seeds and vermicelli. Sure to cool you down.

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The Boys & Girls Of Summer

My favorite childhood summer-time past-time was…

Just hanging out with my cousins in general. We used to spend our summers together at our grandmother’s place, which was pretty big. We played football & cricket during the day time in the front yard and, post showers and outfit changes, in the evening we would get snacks and cold drinks from nearby shops and spend our evenings listening to music. 80s & 90s pop and hard rock music.

We also watched a lot of music videos on tv and selected a couple of movies each night to watch as a group. We read books and played quizzes, Monopoly, Scrabble and card games. At night the boys all slept in sleeping bags on the floor and a couple of beds in one big room on the upper floor. The girls, who were lesser in number, slept in a smaller room on a couple of big beds.

That is what summer was all about and I miss those days.