How Do You Relax After A Long Day?

How do you relax after a long day?

The usual stuff that people do; nothing too fancy. It depends on what time I can reach home. I would like to wind down with a coffee and a some chips and cool down under the ceiling fan and listen to some music for an hour or so. If it is kinda late in the evening, like after 8pm or so, then I would skip the coffee and go straight for a beer.

While I drink the beer or beers I would like to watch a football match or watch a movie and then order in some good food. Pizza or burgers or fried chicken or some grilled chicken. Indian food or Chinese. Oh some pork! Anyways, I would slowly eat my food, sip my beer and watch the football match or the movie or the tv series and then move on to my bed once the food and beer is done and then chill for the rest of the night.

As sleep slowly starts calling my name in a seductive manner I will take off my glasses and my clothes, as I sleep in the nude, and the switch off the tv, the laptop and the lights and go to sleep.

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How many of you still use a physical journal, especially for work? You would think that with all these computers, laptops and tabs, we would have seen the death of the physical journal many years ago. But no!

Apparently a lot of people still prefer the hard cover and paper variety to making notes on your computer. It’s easier to carry around and make notes on the book rather than carrying laptops around. Hell, not everyone gets a laptop and mostly you are restricted to desktop computers and there is no way you are lugging those around.

So I buy these journals and I keep a pen handy ……a lot of areas I work in are a “no pen and no paper zone”. But I persist and I try to maintain one for work. If I had a proper desk drawer I could keep it safe and sound. I try.

Head Cold Gets Me Down

I have been working the general shift for 2 and a half weeks now; this will be my 3rd week in a row. I am conducting sessions, 5 days per set of employees who are moving from one section to another. So this would be my 3rd set of people (9 in each batch).

However, today I am unwell. I woke up with a really bad cold – where I caught it I do not know. I was sneezing uncomfortably throughout the morning while drinking coffee and getting ready to go to work. I managed to stay ok during the ride to the office but pretty soon I was sneezing really badly. I managed to get through the morning section and left the team for a long lunch at 1pm. Post lunch, I had to send them to the production floor to observe and buddy up with tenured folk in the section that they are going to move to.

That gave me a couple of hours where I could rest. I tried to get some lozenges (as my throat was kinda sore) and tried to work on a couple of reports. But I wanted to rest and so went to the dormitory in the office and lay down on one of the beds for a while. But by 4:30 pm I was too tired and I just wanted to go home. I made arrangements for the batch and came back home. I will go to bed early.

3 Must Haves

Three things you can’t go without.

At the moment they are:

  • My phone, which is a OnePlus 5T. I have all my apps that I use on a daily basis or regular basis. I use Uber and Ola to commute to and from work and get a lot of my payments done on GooglePay or PayTM and occasionally on PayPal. I also get paid for some freelance work using PayPal.
  • My inhaler. I am an asthma patient and at times it is really bad. I have one in my pocket at all times and I also keep a spare one in my bag that I take with me to work every work day.
  • My laptop – one one stop entertainment box. Yes I have the smart tv and I watch all my tv shows and movies on it now but I still need my laptop for everyday usage. If I had to give up one, it would be the tv. But luckily I don’t have to.

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In Search Of A Chair

I am on the lookout for a new computer chair. I haven’t had a proper one in ages. I currently use a metal chair which is good but it’s a little short for this desk that I am using for my laptop. Plus sitting on it for hours at a time hurts the bum area.

I want a nice comfy chair built for sitting at a desktop or a laptop that is kept on a desk. I also do not want to spend a fortune on it. I want one that will cost me around 4k or so and not break my bank account balance or tax my credit card. I want to be comfortable while I watch hardcore porn Youtube and go through Facebook and various other websites.

I am a little wary of buying them online although they do have some good offers and discounts at times, being a big fat guy, I wouldn’t want to order one online and then find out that it is a little too tight. Also I am not the handiest man around and assembling something is a little tedious act for me. So I hope to find a store or business in Cochin that sell good chairs at the kind of prices that I see online on Amazon.

Its In Your Jeans

Denim showcase – how many pairs of jeans do you have in your closet? Try on and style every single last pair and put it all up as a fun collage, listing interesting fit details about each.

I do not own a pair of jeans! Yes, I do not *sad face*. And that is because I am so big and fat. I could probably find a pair that will fit me but it just isn’t like before. So I haven’t worn jeans since ….. 2009! Holy shit that is a decade!

When I used to wear jeans I had atleast 2 blue jeans, 1 faded blue, 1 black and 1 grey. Oh I loved that grey one, it was so cool. I also had a lighter brown one which was awesome too. That was in my late 20s or almost 30 I think. Fuck, I even had a green one! Yes, dark green. And it only went with one shirt that I had so I always wore those two together. I remember, the first time I wore that after I bought them was for my oldest cousin’s wedding and it matched and was fine. I even had a denim shirt when I was 17 or 18.

I guess I miss wearing them. Not in the heat though. But yeah, jeans are cool and I wanna loose weight so I can wear them again. If I suddenly lost a lot of weight (maybe like a genie came and offered me wishes) then I would go and buy 3-4 pairs like right now! Well, not right now as it’s almost 10:45pm and the stores are all closed but first thing in the morning, I would go. 2 blue, 1 fades blue, 1 light brown, 1 black and 1 grey! Just like the old days.

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Shopping On A Saturday

I have wanted to go to buy some shirts and decided that this 3 day weekend I should go in to Men’s Studio and see what shirts they have in my size. But first I wanted to have lunch since all I had in the morning was a half bowl of cornflakes. So I was thinking of which place I would choose to go and the craving for a real beef burger hit me hard so I picked The Burger Junction.


I was there by 12:30 pm and ordered a nice juicy burger with a fried egg and I added bacon as an optional topping. I picked a peanut butter & mocha smoothie and for an appetizer I had these wonderful fried calamari rings with jalapenos and a tartar sauce on the side. They were great. And the burger was awesome. I stayed there for a while and then went to Men’s Studio.


I tried out several shirts before picking these four that you see above in the pic. Its’ a shame that for big fat guys like me they seem to have a dearth of darker coloured shirts. It’s always white, or white with stripes or lighter shades of blue or ash/gray. Anyways, I do like these ones that I selected today. One, the white on the extreme left is a casual one and the others are more formal or semi-formal shirts. After that I went to Milanos for a quick gelato and came back home.

What Are Your TV Habits?

What Are Your TV Habits?

I do not watch tv in the traditional sense anyway. No channels or cable tv. And that has been the case since 2010. Cable tv in general has been a big letdown for a long time. Plus with the way it is now, you really have to hunt for your favourite shows and which channels they are on now. I also didn’t watch anything on a tv for a long time and only bought my own tv back in October end of last year. I used to watch everything on my laptop.

So, now I have HotStar an app from Star Tv which lets you stream sports, movies and tv shows. No ads in between the show. I have Amazon Prime, for the past two years. I have also taken Netflix on occasion plus a couple of services that I get free for a while as part of the offer / deal when I bought my tv. Which I only watch intermittently. For most of the rest of my movies and tv shows I am dependent on torrents and my dvds. The newest realeses are through torrent unless I can find it on a streaming service but usually I do not get it. Then it’s dvd.

On a day that I am off from work I usually end up watching 1-3 movies unless there are good football matches live on tv for which I use HotStar. And I try to catch up on my tv shows as much as I can.

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Pizza, Cranberry Juice, Ice Water & GOT

Final day of the first 3 day weekend of April. I love it when we have these kinda weeks. Anyways, I go back to work on Tuesday at 7:30 pm and then I work for 3 days and get the next Friday to Sunday off. I do not know what shift I will be working the next week but I hope it’s 6:30 or 7:30. It’s so hot outside. Anyways, I had planned to go out today and do some shopping but I woke up with a slightly runny nose and combined with not having had a good sleep at night and the heat + humidity, it made me very tired and cranky. I kept putting it off for an hour but by 12 I knew I was staying in.


I decided to order in lunch as my parents were going out for lunch with my sister, nephews and niece. I waited till almost 1:45 pm by which time I was starving since I had only had a little bowl of cornflakes and a coffee. I needed food. So I ordered a pizza from Chai Kofi via Uber Eats and it only took 25 minutes to get here. It was a grilled chicken pizza with peppers and some odd tasting sauce. It’s not bad just a little weird.


Why the cold? That’s because of the heat I have been drinking a lot of water with ice and ofcourse had a couple of vodka+crankberry juice with ice and then just cranberry juice with ice. But I think the late night drinking of ice water is what has given me this cold. It’s not too bad though I feel asleep after watching the season premier of Game Of Thrones this afternoon.

3 Day Offs….Twice!!

That’s right! You read the title correctly. As this coming Monday is Vishu (the Malayalam new year) and the next Friday is Good Friday and therefore, we have two three day weekends this month. And I have started the first one.

And if you look at it, next week is only a 3 day work week. Wow! Wish all weeks could be like this. A bit of relaxation from all the shit in the work. How am I planning on spending it? Mostly like the guy in the pic here. I plan to put my feet up, watch a few movies from my bed and munch on some of my favourite food and drink. Today I woke up at 11:30 am and it has been a hot and humid day. Lunch was simple and I watched 3 episodes of tv shows that I missed during the week. I then had a shower and now I have drunk my coffee and had some biscuits.

Tonight I plan to get some KFC or ChicKing pieces, pour myself some vodka & cranberry juice and relax. A movie or two before sleep.

SitCom Idea

Idea for a movie or a tv show? A sitcom maybe? Here is mine : It’s about a guy who lives alone in a small cozy house at the end of a small road that ends with a river next to it. He lives in this house with just his dog as his loving and faithful companion who he got as a puppy once he started working from home.

He lives his life with barely any friends that he can meet and that’s because unlike him, his friends are married and have kids and they rarely get chances to have dinner or drinks. But that’s ok since he has a very active online social life that counterbalances his lack of a social life. He wakes up, makes his coffee and takes a shower and shave and then makes breakfast while he feeds the dog. Then he works from 9 am till 1pm, makes lunch and then it’s back to work. In the evening it’s music and coffee and maybe he orders in a pizza or something else while he drinks a beer.

He catches up on his tv shows and watches a movie at night before he and the dog fall asleep. The next day he continues this routine. During the weekends he takes the dog for long walks to the dog park or the beach and buys his groceries and maybe goes for a movie. However he prefers to stay in and buy his dvds / blurays and watch his tv series and movies in the comfort of his home so he still can be with his dog. And one day his life gets turned upside down when a beautiful woman who he has never met before comes to his home. Classic!

Partying In Hotel Hill Palace

Yesterday was the quarterly get-to-ether of our department at the office I work at. This is a team of about 25 folks and some, not me, look forward to this dinner and gathering in a nice hotel where we book a hall or conference room and there are speeches, presentations and awards given for the performance during that quarter and then play some funny games and play music while we have dinner from the buffet.

Me, I am not a big office party kinda guy. Anways, I was working the morning shift and hence I wanted to go home as soon as possible yet I had to stay back. I waited in the office till almost 7 pm when me and a colleague of mine booked an Uber and went to Hotel Hill Palace which is about 6 kms away. It is a 5 star hotel and on the 3rd floor we had a conference haul booked for us. The function started and it was all fun and games until dinner time. I had a little soup, naan and rice with butter chicken and fish tikka masala and skipped desert as I wanted to leave by 9:30 pm.

I said my goodbyes and then booked an Ola ride from there to my home and reached by 10pm. And as the elevator was on the fritz for the past 4 days I made my long and tiring 7 floor walk up to my apartment and then washed away my sweat and dirt from the day and relaxed in front of the laptop.

Features Of A Dream House

What features are you looking for in a dream house?

I would like a nice backyard for my dogs to play and run around in. Lots of green grass. By the way, I don’t mean my dogs as in dogs I have currently. I just mean that if I lived in a house I would get a couple of dogs as pets and companions. So big green yard in the back.

I would like a nice large room for my den. Lots of dvds/blurays and my scifi figurines and spaceships models to be displaced in shelves in this room. Lots of rock music blasting from my speakers. I want a big for that and for a nice big desk for my computer. This will be a nerd zone so enter at your own peril.

I want 3 to 4 bedrooms each with their own walk in closets and attached bathrooms. I want my guests to also have that comfort if they are staying over. Nice big kitchen, big living room and dining room ad tv watching room. Not much else. Oh yeah, a beautiful woman to love me and be with me as my wife & partner in everything.

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Getting My Hair Cut Short As It’s Summer

I was overdue for a haircut. My hair was long and curling at the end and falling all over my head especially my balding top of the head. And plus it’s been hot & muggy since the beginning of February (yep, that’s what you get for living in a tropical climate like the one that Kerala has) and it’s become steadily worse since then. And April, the hottest month usually, is only beginning tomorrow! Then we got May and I hope the rains start early.


Anyways, balding on the top or not I hadn’t cut my hair in months and I needed a chop chop really badly. But first, after a day of rest on Saturday, I wanted to go out for some coffee. I went to Cafe Coffee Day for some cold coffee but found that they had a newish item called the Belgian Cold Chocolate with whipped cream and ice cream and I was all for it. I ordered me one of them and a tandoori chicken sandwich on multigrain bread and relaxed for an hour. Then I went to get my hair cut.


And how good it feels once the cutting started. I only had to wait 5 minutes before the barber was free. And he cut my hair, so much of it that if I could have taken all the hair that fell and stuck it to my face, I could audition for ZZ Top! That done I went to Ravipuram and found an ATM and then went to Center Mall. Before I shopped for groceries and toiletries in Big Bazaar I first went into a bathroom stall to cool down and washed my face and neck. Freshened up a bit I bough the stuff I needed and then went to get some wings at Pizza Hut.

After that I came back home tired and covered in sweat and crashed on the bed after another quick wash. It was about 3:30 pm and I spent some of the later afternoon watching Seinfeld from my bed.

Now The Working Week Is Done

So I have just spent the past 5 days working extra hours and I am feeling pretty tired and spent. Other than my usual 9 hours from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm I have been putting in a couple of hours daily and even 3 on Wednesday and today. Waking up at 6 am is hard for someone who has been used to late evening or night shifts for the past 4 years.

So not only do I feel tired and a bit sleepy throughout the day, I am then making it worse by extending just to ensure that I am seen as getting some things done. And for some reason sleeping has been tough as it is hot and humid and also the time difference and I end up waking up a couple of times in the middle of the night.  This makes me even more tired. Yet when I work late evening or night shifts I end up sleeping more soundly so even 6 hours gets me a lot of rest.

Now the work week is done and even if I do  have to work in the morning shift next week, I will not be stretching so much for extra hours. I just wanna relax at home and chill. Have some good food and drink and put my feet up and watch a couple of movies. And catch up on some sleep.

Movie In Lulu Mall & Taco Bell Lunch

After 10 months I finally went to Lulu Mall again. I just haven’t wanted to go there in a long while and the main reason is the crowds. I hate crowds, I hate too many people walking around for no reason and blocking your way as they walk in a horizontal row and you can’t pass by. I hate the endless posing around for selfies and stupid, silly smiles and pouts (ugh, get a life). I hate the kids running around unsupervised and making a ruckus. But, I wanted to watch Captain Marvel and since my preferred theater is Lulu Gold PVR (since Cinepolis had to close down due to violating the local fire & safety laws) which is in the mall.


I woke up by 7 am and got ready by 9 am and waited to catch an Uber which would take me to Edapally. I got there and started getting a bad coughing fit because of some phlegm that was caught in my chest. I cleared my throat and coughed a few times and then looked for a cafe. They have Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Coffee and McDonalds and as Costa Coffee was kinda crowded I went into McDonalds. I had only a little cornflakes for breakfast and a coffee but I was hungry and definitely needed a coffee after all that coughing. So I ordered a Sausage (chicken as there are no beef or pork products in Indian McDonalds) and Egg McMuffin and a medium cappuccino. Ok, McDonald’s now I get the hype. I really liked both.


After that I went to the washroom and then walked around a bit before it was just 10:20 am and I went to the PVR section, showed them my e-ticket and went to wait for a few minutes. I then got an ice tea (at the counter I was in there had some problem with the soft drinks fountain and only the Lipton ice tea was available. Now, I actually like ice tea and so I got that and a bottle of water and went to sit in my seat. As usual I had the next seat empty (even though it was booked) and there were were a few seats empty. I watched the movie and it finished at 1:15 pm, perfect time for lunch.


I had wanted to go to Taco Bell ever since I heard about the inauguration of the very first TB outlet in Kerala. I finally got my chance. I went through the menu, not knowing what to get so I finally selected a chicken fajita burrito with Mexican fries and a Pepsi. The burrito and fries were really good and now I have another fast food done. I can’t wait for more from them. I walked a bit in the mall and left by 2:30 pm and was home by 3pm!

Another Head Cold & Sick Day

I was on a sick yesterday as I left the office at the end of my work shift Thursday (or rather early Friday morning) with the mother of all head colds and sneezing badly throughout the work shift. I dunno what happened; I was alright when I left my home for work though I sneezed a few times. I though it was just dust and didn’t think that I would fall ill.

But ill I was. I struggled throughout the hours at work and just couldn’t wait to get out. I came home and watched a couple of episodes of Friends (always end the day with some sitcom) and then went to sleep. I woke up by 8 in the morning struggling to breath through my nose as it was blocked in tight and I was having a bit of wheezing. I struggled through the morning and by 10 am I was ready to go back to bed. I watched some more Friends but fell asleep about an hour in and woke up only by 2:30 pm. I first called in sick and then had lunch and watched Underworld from my bed. In the evening I was ok enough to sit up at my desk for a couple of hours before wanting to lie down again.

After a light dinner I then watched this week’s episodes of Supernatural & Star Trek Discovery before watching Bridge of Spies for the second time and then went to bed. This morning I feel better but not enough to venture out. I will stay in and rest.

Morning Shift Ends

So it’s the end of the 3 day morning shift or regular shift for me. This is it for now. I am not sure about the next week though. I will go to work in the evening shift for tomorrow and the day after. I love being able to sign off from work at 5:30 pm and be home by 6:20 pm or so in order to enjoy a nice evening drinking coffee and chilling by the laptop and waiting for dinner time.

What I do not like is waking up at 6 am and getting ready in such a manner as to reach the office by 8:30 am. Which is difficult to do when you are so used to sleeping by 5am on most of the days. That was the only terrible thing of these past three days. But I did enjoy being at the office in the morning as it is never crowded and there are less folks in the building. I prefer that to large crowds of folks in the evening hours.

This evening I was planning on going to get a pizza or something on my way back and enjoying an evening out. For some reason I changed my mind and decided to come straight home and enjoy some coffee in my apartment and then maybe ordering some food for the dinner. I will watch a movie later.