Nasty Cold & Fever

Well I guess I’ll live! I woke up this morning with a bit of a cold that soon escalated to a fever with a slight temperature and a nasty cold. Nose dripping, sneezing like crazy and unable to sit up for more than 30 minutes at a time. I was sick! by 12 pm I could no longer just be up and so I went to lie on my bed and watched some Buffy.

After lunch, and I was so hungry as I had skipped breakfast, I went back to bed again and watched some more tv shows before taking a 2 hour deep nap. I had also taken a pill for the cold which helped because by 6pm I was feeling better. Good enough to sit at my desk and watch Youtube aided ofcourse by two strong black coffees and I also had buns with them. Sweet buns not the other kind, you dirty mind!

I still have a bad cold and a sneezing all this much has given me a breathing issue as well. But I am on the road to recovery. I guess I will be good enough to go back to work tomorrow. I hope so, as I do not want to miss work for another day. I think I will watch a movie while lying in bed before I go to sleep.


Hello Roshan, My Old Friend

Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

Aha, let’s meet for coffee in a nice quite place where we can sit for a few hours and drinks cups after cups of mocha lattes. You and I love them, don’t we? Ok, sip sip ah! That’s good. Now, I bet you are surprised to see me aren’t you?

What advice I would tell 30 year old me? Be careful, your naivety and friendliness is not always reciprocated by everyone you meet and interact with. You have to realize that you are in the shitty side of doing work – a corporate enviornment. You will make a lot of friends and some people will really like you. Others are just waiting to drag you down at the drop of a hat. Watch out! Be prepared with adequate and accurate data.

The most rewarding thing – I dunno, the current pay off I guess. Though I feel the older I get and the more money I make, I feel that it is still less. I need more. So hold off on the most rewarding thing. I don’t see that much as having been very rewarding at all. I think I need more and I deserve more. And the most fun thing – is spending time with the people I care about. Going for movies (again after a gap of 11 years) and buying dinners for my folks. That is the best thing ever.

What to look forward to? Seriously nothing much. Hey, you start your own Star Trek ships collection. That is really something you will love.

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New Back Cover For My Phone

Although I was kinda disappointed when I got my phone that the store didn’t have the black version and I had to opt for the white colour, I knew ofcourse that I would soon get a back cover for my phone and hence it would not be an issue at all. I initially bought an almost plain, black rubberised grip semi-soft case which came cheap but knew I would look for a better design soon.

After going through multiple choices on Amazon India I narrowed my choices down to a few. Parallel Universe, a company in Bombay that makes cases and a lot of other stuff have some really good one among which I found 3 that were really awesome. Of those three I knew I had to get atleast one of two that were very similar in design but had different colour schemes.

I chose this one that you see here on the post. It’s the Parallel Universe Stitched Puzzle PU Leather Back cover for Moto G4 Plus – Brown Maroon colour scheme with a dark blue patch. The outside that you see is faux leather thought it looks like the cover for an expensive and classy large book. Or even leatheface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (LOL)! The inside of the back case is hard matte for protection. The other colour scheme is here. and it is blue, black and a brown patch. I think they look awesome and at first I couldn’t decide which one I would get as they are both great. I picked this one as I think it will look better with a white phone.


Ugh, Graveyard Shifts!

Well hello, how are you? Me, I am so tired and I don’t even know what day it is. I just went to the loo and for a second I wasn’t sure which day’s shift I was about to work. So after working 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on Monday and then 6:30 pm to 3:30 am on Tuesday, I changed shifts again. However Wednesday technically I only worked 2.5 hours as I was in the office at 11pm and my Thursday shift started at 1:30 am. My current training batch starts working at 1:30 am till 10:30 am hence this mess of a shift.

I am so confused – am I coming or going? LOL, I was so tired at 3:30 am that I needed a coffee badly. But after that till about 9 am I was ok but then I was almost nodding off. I left the office at 10 am, a half hour early as another training batch needs the room at that time. No problem, I just got my bag and bottle and booked an Uber and got in. I told the driver the location of my home and nodded off in spurts of fighting to stay awake. Before I knew it I was almost home. As soon as I came in, I undressed and got in between the sheets which have never looked more inviting or comfortable till date.

But then I found it hard to fall asleep ofcourse. The noises outside and the lighting streaming in from the gaps in the curtains did not help either but I managed a 5.5 hour sleep. I woke up a little after 4pm and not having had lunch (I had breakfast at the office cafeteria) I got coffee and some snacks. I have had another coffee but I am still tired as hell. Another two more days or rather nights of this shift.


No Excess

“Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber. Do you agree with this statement on excess?

I am not too sure of that. Too much of peace, love, happiness and prosperity is as bad as too little? Hmmm I don’t buy it. I could use more happiness and joy in my life and I would like everyone to be able to get a lot more of it to. I know Queen sang “Too much love will kill you / Just as sure as none at all” but really?

I guess an overdose of anything can cause you to take things for granted and not appreciate it as much. Or it can dilute the things that matter the most for you. And you can forget just what it is you actually sacrificed to get the things that you wanted. I dunno but I feel that if everyone had as much as they wanted, wouldn’t the world be a better place? I mean, if all that you want is achieved in terms of food, luxury, clothing and other stuff, can we not dig down deep and work towards a better future because money and gaining things we want is not really a priority anymore?

Maybe I’m just a dreamer and I dream my life away but this doesn’t seem too bad to me.

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Tough Week Up Ahead

I fully expect this coming week to be tough with very long hours and little rest. This week is a really busy one at the office and hence I may have to work 6 days a week – I was told 7 days initially but then since I can’t afford to take a leave during Monday-Friday the next week, then I would infact be working 12 days at a stretch. That is crazy and I see no need for it. So I may get next Sunday off and perhaps even Wednesday off. That wouldn’t be so bad.

The timings are also crazy. I am currently training new hire batches and because of a lack of free training rooms I find that I will have to work 1:30 am to 10:30 am. This is one of the worst timings for training possible. And I hate it but it apparently cannot be changed due to the logistical constraints. Struggling for several days and the graveyard shift would be even worse. But I think it will only be for 3 days at the most. That will be murder on me as I can’t get enough sleep during the day at home and I will be glad once it is over.

I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow after work and also perhaps go to an opticians store as the screw on one of nose rests on my spectacles is loose and I’m afraid it will roll off and get lost. It’s hard to wear glasses without a proper nose rest.


Teachable Moments

You have to learn a new skill. Do you prefer to read about it, watch someone else do it, hear someone describe it, or try it yourself?

As I have grown older I realize that for me, I need to see it being done and then I have to do it myself. If I get to see it and follow it, I am good. Or also telling me how to do it as I do it, step up step, is also golden. That I feel is the best way. Especially for software tools that we use for work.

It really is simple – show it on a big screen projector and have people follow you. Make sure that they are doing the right steps and you can check up on them. That really is the best way. Reading can also be good if there are screenshots so you can easily identify the options but best is to see it get done. In some cases, if you are familiar with the layout of the tool having someone tell you how to do it via the phone can also be successful but it’s not recommended for more complicated processes.

Trying it yourself – as long as it’s not too complicated and the instructions are simple to follow then no harm. If not then disaster.

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Sleepy Time

More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?

The one thing that always interrupts me from going to sleep at the right time is always the need to pee. Many times just as I am about to doze off and enter dream world my body tells me NO! There is an urgent need for you to relieve yourself and your bladder is full right now. So I gotta get up, reluctantly push the sheets away from me and walk to the bathroom and take a piss.

Otherwise it’s the usual things – I would be struggling to stay awake and my eyes are getting heavy but I am still watching a football match or a movie or tv series. I will fight off sleep as much as I can and stay awake until the game / movie or tv show episode is done. That is crazy but yeah that’s how we are. I dunno why.

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Selling Scifi

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

Wow, we are hitting futuristic science fiction territory here people. Let’s see now – time machine, anywhere doors and invisibility helmets! So like Back To the Future / Star Trek IV, The Librarians and The Invisible Man. Hmmm, tough choice.

Now I know I would love to be able to turn invisible and go and visit…..ahem…..err, political and big business decision making that goes on behind closed doors (yeah, right). Or just be able to blend in and not have people notice me. What about a door that can let you get to anywhere you want in the world. That would come in handy. No more commuting. No traffic blocks and you end up saving on the money it takes to get places. Hmmm! Interesting and very tempting.

And time machines? I have always been fascinated by time machines, ever since as a little boy I watched the 1960 film Time Machine based on the story by H G Wells. To see fascinating periods throughout history and go and see the dinosaurs and all those amazing stuff. And go and check out what the future will look like too. How much will we advance in 500 years or a 1000 or 5,000 years from now? I think I will pick the time machine.

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Turn, Turn, Turn

Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

I used to always love the rainy seasons. As long as I have a nice big umbrella, I don’t catch bad colds or fevers and the power doesn’t go out as often as it can, then I am all for rainy season. It’s so nice when it rains a lot over here. But lately, as in the last couple of years or so I have begun to prefer the months that immediately follow the rains. That being November, December & January.

The weather has been great during these months the last couple of years. November too although we have occasional showers during that month. It’s cool during these months, I don’t sweat when I am walking on the streets and it’s very very pleasant. I have loved those three months since 2015 onwards and long may it continue because we could use more of them.

What I hate the most is February, March, April, May & beginning of June until the rains start because boy is it hot and muggy and you need to be inside and with the ac cranked up. It is terribly hot and humid and we sweat buckets.

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Ring Of Fire

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

Well I like spicy foods but not overly spicy and crazy heat that burns you as it goes in and burns on the way it goes out through your anus. Milder heat is good and adds some flavour and pizzazz to your food. And it tastes good. LIke some people don’t like the pickles you get get with shawarma. I love those and don’t think they are really hot but it’s a delight. Beside I can always lick some hummus or mayo that comes along with the shawarmas to drown the heat.

Some people think jalapenos are spicy! Geeze Louise, peppa cheese!  And some think the pickled cucumbers or carrots are spicy! Aww babies! Suck on some candy. I do like some spiciness but when they blow it out of proportion and make it seem like they added gunpowder to the dish, then it’s crazy. One time I was in a bar and along with my beers I was eating some pepper pork and they added way too much pepper to suit my taste. It was like they added some pork to a bowl full of pepper and not the other way round.

And some Kerala dishes like chicken or beef they added chillies by the dozen or even fish curries. Green and red and all kinds of chillies. I do think that having some of them will cure your cold and blow out your sinuses but not at the cost of sitting in the toilet with a red anus as you blow out some of that heat. Moderation is key!

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Still Tired

Well day 1 of this night shift went ok. Not much stuff to do other than organizing things. A few laughs as well. Dinner sucked because not only did we go in late but the food ran out as we had new caterers at our office. I dunno why the previous vendor was changed but I saw in the office email flyers that we had a new caterer with a rather more limited menu for the next few day and the second counter, which was usually all vegetarian, would be closed till the 15th of July. They usually run two main vendors, one for meat – usually chicken and beef and perhaps fish – with choices like rice, plain or white, fried rice, porotta, chappathy, dosa or poori and biryani – and the other that serves mostly only vegetarian food.

Well this new vendor had run out of food but they had someone bring in more only we had to wait. Instead I went to tea/coffee and snacks counter as they can make some Maggi instant noodles with eggs and a masala mix. So I ate that and then went back to work. At 3:30 am I went down for some coffee and a snack and by 5:30 am I booked my Uber and came home by 6 am. No time for breakfast but I did have a couple of cookies and drink of water before I went straight to bed to sleep for 7 solid hours. But I am still sleepy. And tired. I had lunch as soon as I woke u and then lay back down to watch some Battlestar Galactica and the final episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 1. Then I came online.

I will go take a shower now (it’s 6pm) and slowly get ready. I just know that I will be really exhausted by the end of this work week.


Late Evening Shifts

Well back to late evening shifts again. Only it’s probably only for one week. Let’s hope!

For the next one week I will be working from 9:30 pm to 6:30 am or atleast that is what was scheduled. Due to some logistical issues with a new set of employees and getting cabs to get them to the office, they might be able to be scheduled for the 8:30 pm shift and if so I too will do the same shift.

I hate late evening shifts. Coming in after 4am, the problem is I do not sleep well during the day. The sunlight, no matter how tightly I wrap the curtains across, is an issue. Some construction still work going on nearby (I can hear them during some hours of the day). A doorbell and people talking can wake me. I usually end up feeling very tired and drink way too many cups of coffee. Also this shift means that Saturdays is going to be mostly a waste. Cause I will be tired and unable to go out on Saturday.

Atleast I hope this is only for one week. I hope! I don’t mind 6:30 am to 3:30 am shifts and I am used to it. 7:30 pm is harder and 8:30 pm or 9:30 pm is going to be even harder.


Going Out & Dodging The Rains

So yesterday was’t as fun a day as I wanted as things didn’t go as expected. I had initially planned on going to Edapally and try out this restaurant and grill that I had been dying to try for several months. They have some amazing looking burgers and steaks and I thought of going there first as people have raved about it. I had wanted to leave by 11:30 am to reach there by 12 but I left it late in the day. The plan was to go there, get a burger or something then come back to Marine Drive and check out the phones. But it was already noon when I left home, having been lazy due to the rains.


So instead I waited for the rains to quite down and then took a hot shower and went to Marine Drive. I got a new battery for mum’s phone and then went to a bigger store to find me a deal on the Moto G 4 plus or alternatively the Moto M. They didn’t have the Moto M but I was leaning towards the G 4 plus anyways. And sadly they didn’t have one in black but only in white and there was no way that I was going to get gold. It looks ugly. So anyway, I bought the phone with an exchange for my Samsung though in retrospect I should have just waited and gotten a black one off of Amazon and then gone back to them and sold my Samsung. It would have been cheaper too I guess.


Once that was done, I came out into the street and realized that I now had to download the app for Uber and since it was taking some time and I started to feel very hungry, what with not having had any breakfast, and since it was starting to drizzle again, I stepped into Tea O’Clock for some coffee. I did not have coffee but instead had a shake and some fries. I waited there for the rains to get stop and then went to Center Mall for some shopping for groceries and stuff. That took me a while and by the time I had paid for my things I was tired and hungry again. I got me a small pizza, personal sized with chicken tikka and chicken sausages in it, and a vanilla berry shake then went on home by which time it had really started to pour. I just about managed to avoid getting myself drenched as the Uber parked at my gate and I ran in.


One Lonely Scifi Loving Geek

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

Ok, so wipe my memory clean and I am entering my bedroom for the very first time. And here is what I think. I see a big bed pushed towards one side of the room, next to one set of the two windows. It’s a bed for two but only person sleeps in it. Probably a bachelor. Why? Because there is stuff on one side of the bed!

There’s an office diary, a novel, some mags of Star Trek ships, a small phone stand, a broken umbrella and an office lanyard. Definitely a bachelor. Ok, moving on we have a clothes pole with a man’s shirt and pants. Also hanging in it is an old belt and a USB cable. On a lower peg we find a dusty but still unopened plastic cover bag of a teddy bear – probably a gift. We have an old chair in one corner and on it are stacks of magazines and books, the box of a wallet, the box of an external hard disk and the box of a Samsung Galaxy phone. Clearly this person has problems with throwing away boxes. We also have a box and a model Star Trek starship that he hasn’t completed sticking the decals on.

We also have an inbuilt cupboard that has stacks of dvds, a few cds and empty covers of Star Trek starship models. Next to the chair we have a display case / bookshelf that has several Star Trek starships and a few other knickknacks. On the bottom shelf we have more empty boxes. Next to the bookshelf we have a small dustbin, the box of a Dell laptop and a plastic cover with what looks like old pc mouses and cables. Next to the door we have a small desk with a Dell laptop and speakers and a USB mouse. There are external hard drives, pens, spare batteries for the USB mouse, a modem and some old cds in cases.

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Phone Change?

I am thinking of buying a new phone and selling my current one. I bought my current Samsung Galaxy J7 in February of last year and I am thinking of getting either a Moto G 4 plus or 5 plus or getting the OnePlus 2. Either of these three phones will be fine. There is also the LETV Le 1s X507, Honor 6X Lenovo K6 Note or LG K10.

Any of these phones will be awesome and I am leaning towards the Moto G 4Plus but I dunno, things could change. I won’t spend more than 13-15 thousand on a smartphone. My phone cost should not be equal to more than the cost of my laptop. Since I can do a whole lot more things on my laptop the cost of Rs.20-25k is ok for a laptop but not for a smartphone.

I know some people will disagree but that’s how I see it. I also feel that this way of keeping the cost down enables me to change phones every 1.5 years with less guilt. Let’s see, I will decide in the next few days.


One More Time

If you were able to relive one day from the last 12 months, which day would it be — and why?

I can’t say a particular day in the last 12 months. Maybe one day in June of last year around this time. I have not felt so much love all of a sudden. An instantaneous rush of feeling loved on opening my door and getting the post from the postman. In the post was two large greeting cards and it was filled with lots of love and wishes from three dear people and it brought me to tears that they thought enough of me to buy these ginormous cards and stick stickers and a photo in it for me.

I have not forgotten the way I felt that day. As soon as I recovered, I got into an Uber and went to the big mall in Edapally, Lulu Mall, to watch Star Trek Beyond. Great feelings of being loved and a Star Trek film on the same day? I felt great. I loved the movie and I had a late lunch and bought some supplies for home and came back by 6pm and I was still feeling great.

That could be the day.

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ISP Issues….Again!

I’m getting really tired of my ISP, Asianet Broadband. For almost three years (it will be three years by the end of July) I was happy with them but nowadays, they are sucking really badly. Once in a while Asianet’s service would go down but they usually fixed it within 3-4 hours and since it’s only once in a while, that was pretty much ok. I mean, these kind of things go down right? It’s not flawless and I don’t expect any such service to be flawless. But I do expect solutions for the issues.

Lately though it’s been bad. For a few weeks now I have noticed that the connection goes down atleast once in a week and then it started going out almost on a daily basis. An outage like yesterday, which was city wide I believe, is understandable and they fixed it in 4-5 hours. But then again today it goes down. I have had so many days of outages that it’s crazy. And their customer care is so robotic. The people who attend to your calls in their call center, have been given nothing to work with. It’s mostly girls who can check your status and then raise a complaint with a generic statement.

Seriously it’s so funny and yet not funny when I call them. Most of the girls who pick up (it’s mostly girls for some reason) try to speak rather fast when they know there is an outage, promising that the issue has been raised and that it will be fixed as soon as possible and seem in a hurry to just close the call. I get the same answer each time. Finally today I asked for a supervisor and she said the same thing. I was also promised a call back by 6pm which never happened. Shows you what kind of customer care they are running right now. It’s pathetic!