Busy Week With A Cold

So it has been a really busy week for me at the office. It’s really been a tiring and long week and it’s only been 4 days!! I still have to get to work today! Long days at the office starting from 8am. Oh man.

So we are starting a new business process at the office and we have some clients down here to help setup the new process. So from Monday it’s been long hours and going around the office from room to room and getting things done. This means moving from the 5th to the 6th to the 7th floor. This is really tiring and we also need to learn the new process while also helping out in the already established processes.

Tuesday I came down with a really bad cold that could have become a fever. I was sneezing so much and it was really bad. So I excused myself at 4:30 am and went straight home. I had some coffee and sat at my computer for a while till 7 pm and then watched a bit of tv before sleeping for many hours. I was well enough to come to work the next day. Both Wednesday and Thursday have been long work days – 13 hours each and it is taking a toll on me. I am so glad that it’s Friday.

A Quiet Weekend

So this weekend has been mostly one of quiet downtime. The last few weekends since late September I have gone out atleast on one of the two weekend days and gone for either beer, pizza or burgers or whatever food that it is I crave on that day. I even went for a couple of movies and went to Lulu Mall. The other day I spent at home. The last two weekends have been beer drinking and good food and I even went out this Wednesday.

This weekend however I knew that I wanted to just chill and relax at home. Mainly as I would be working 8:30 am for the next few days. Tomorrow infact I have to wake up at 5 am so I can get to the office by 7:30 am or 7:45 am. This is because we have some of the clients in the office at that time and they will be conducting a training for some of us. They are giving us new business and this means growth for our company and process. I too will be attending the training and then the next week I think I have to train some of our employees on the new process.

So yesterday I slept in and had a light lunch and watched Prometheus in the afternoon. I spent the evening drinking coffee and watching Youtube videos. At night it was a Mutton Whopper with fries, two hash browns and a Pepsi. I watched some tv. Today again, light breakfast and light lunch but we are having shawarma plates for dinner and I will watch Alien : Covenant before I sleep early. I have been drinking a lot of juice this weekend as well.

Late Evening Cola

Last two weekends, Saturday to be specific, I have gone to have some beers and good food. And both Saturdays I have come back home with a couple of 7Ups and a Pepsi. In fact the weekend before that, even if I didn’t go for beers, I also did the same thing but instead of the Pepsi it was a Coke.

No matter what I find that relaxing at home in the late evening on Sundays with a large pint glass and some ice (or none) and just watch Youtube videos, listen to a podcast or shoot my own videos about movies and tv shows. No matter how much I love vodka and beer, enjoying the evening with a cola is pretty cool and relaxing as well.

No matter that I usually add vodka to my cola or Sprite/7Up. No problem if I don’t have alcohol. I find it quite satisfying and calming.

At The Blue Rock RestoCafe With Alza

Once again, this time unexpectedly, I had a lunch outing with Alza. She was still in town and we planned on Friday night to meet up this afternoon. We went to The Blue Rock RestoCafe which is the lounge bar for Olive Downtown. I like this place and we had some good food – honey chilli potato, dragon chicken and a pizza. We ordered 3 beers, of which she had one and then switched to Coke.


Honey chilli potato


Dragon chicken


There is me with the lovely lass


Chicken pepperoni pizza


And Alza with the plates of food.

Some Days Off, Maybe?

What are you looking forward to in December?

Well we have a busy schedule coming up in November. Not that from mid-September to now hasn’t been busy. But with a new business deal being signed up between our company and our biggest clients, it looks like some very busy weeks ago. I guess I am going to be really tied up till mid December atleast and there may be some long days & nights at work.

Hopefully that will also mean that deserving we will also get some time off. Now the last time I had a few days off was at the beginning of March of this year when I took 3 days off and combined with my weekend I had 5 days of relaxation, of which I spent 3 days in a nice and comfortable hotel room. I want to do that again and see if I can afford it. At the moment probably not so I will see what I can save up from my part time thing I do on the side.

If so then I will take some of that cash and book myself in another place again and relax and chill out for 3-4 days and not answer any calls and leave my worries behind. I would love that a lot. I hope I can get that done without breaking the bank.

Prompt from 30 Days Of November Writing Prompts at The SitsGirls

At The Ava Lounge With Alza

So I went to The Ava Lounge again after a gap of 8 months or so. The Ava Lounge is the lounge bar at the 5 star Radisson Blu. I love this place as it is cool, has plush carpeting and it is quiet and has lots of privacy. The food is really good.


This time I went on a sort of date with the young lady you see here in the pics. Alza is an ex-trainee of mine and an ex-colleague. Yes, she is gorgeous and she is pretty. She also has the most amazing dimples I have ever seen and everytime she flashes a smile at me and I get to see the dimples, I swoon. She left the company I work for back in February.


We’ve reconnected in September and have been chatting on a regular basis and last week did a lot of video chatting as well. Last night as I was leaving the office we planned to meet up today. Two Mondays ago she thought I would be available to meet up but we had some flooding in the city and I wasn’t able to catch up with her. So since she was in town for a couple of days, we made a quick plan to meet up for some beer.


I booked an Ola and went to pick her up near the place she was staying at. She came and got into the cab for the very short ride to Radisson. We started chatting and rode the elevator to the 11th floor and then took a table near the window and sat down. We got some Kingfisher Blue and I ordered an Afghani chicken and some French Fries. She started taking selfies.


We talked and we took a few photos and we talked some more. She grabbed my phone and took a few selfies and we even did a couple of videos.


I had a great time talking and laughing with her. We were silly and we joked around. I love being with her as she is a lot of fun and she is weird & strange but mostly because it felt good for this lonely ole bachelor to be with a beautiful young woman for an afternoon. As we left I kissed her hand and thanked her a lovely time.


I dropped her off on my way to a supermarket and then I bought some groceries and came home to take a nap and enjoy a nice evening at home with my parents. I hope I see her again.

Clothing For The Big Guy & Gal

The big guy also needs new clothes. Big a big fat guy (obese) I have struggled with getting shirts that I like the design off and that fit me. Especially since the last 5-7 years. I usually go to Men’s Studio which is a section of Seemati on MG Road and buy 2 shirts or more from their selections every year or so. And usually I pick those shirts that are usually lighter in shade and mostly blue or grey and plain.

I pick them because atleast they fit me but sometimes it just about fits me and can be a bit tight. I seem to have found a solution for that. John Pride is an Indian company in New Delhi (and they have a few stores in Delhi, Patna, Punjab & Karnataka) that focuses on clothes that have plus sizes. Infact they focus on the larger sizes clothing, even if they do have regular sizes as well. And the models they select are on the shall we say heavier side. Hmm, maybe sexy ole me could apply as well?

They also are available on Amazon India, Flipart and other sites. Anyways, I saw a lot of cotton shirts with check design and I am going for it. I love darker coloured shirts and after years of only getting lighter shades (for some reason the shirts I get in Seemati are 99% lighter colours of blue or grey) I finally have some choices. I went a little crazy and bought 5 shirts of which the 5th is yet to reach me as I bought them in different orders from Amazon India. I also found a couple on Flipkart as well. I am liking these new shirts (one of which is pictured here from their website).

Thanks John Pride!

Scifi Dreams About Family Trips

Many of you would know about my fascination with science fiction and futuristic worlds & universe in which space travel is so easy, it’s the equivalent of travelling in cars or buses or large ships on the sea. I want to live in that era and quench my thirst of exploring the universe, safe in a luxury setting with cushions, sofas, big beds, plenty of food via replicators, plush carpeting, robots to cater to our needs and help us, dogs and cats and other pets able to easy live along with us in the ships. I would like to see families able to just easily move around the planets and solar systems across the galaxy in large family themed spaceship that are more like large homes with 3-4 storeys and vehicles that we drive on an alien planet.

This morning I was dreaming, while half asleep about another situation. I, in this futuristic universe, work for a Starfleet like operation and go on this smaller spaceship with the team/crew under me on assignments. On a long 3 month vacation back home, I am asked if I would mind taking up a 3 week quick assignment that is kinda secretive. So it’s just me and my main robot and my dog Shawny that I place to take on this trip but when I tell my parents about it, they ask if they can come along since they only get to see me on my shore leave.

I tell them that if they want to join me it would be good so I can see them on the trip and I can take them across the galaxy. Then I ask if my mom would ask my sister if she and my bro-in-law would also want to join along with their kids. They too want to join as do 2 of my maternal uncles, their wives and daughters (my cousins). So now it’s a huge family trip, in the guise of a family holiday trip as well. Since all of them understand that I can’t allow them to disembark certain areas and planets due to the fact that they aren’t military and therefore not qualifies, I can let them visit some planets on my route as long as it is safe.

Now in this fictional universe I created (like Star Trek with even more technological advances) we have this forcefield that protects us from any harm like biological or any weapons that any aliens can throw at us making us invincible. So my family will be free from harm as long as they wear the suits encased with the forcefield but I also commission 10 military robots that carry weapons for my family’s protection and also to ensure that they don’t accidentally wander off while I am on my mission.

So in my dream I came up with this spaceship that resembles a large, comfy, luxury house with one floor that has living rooms, entertainment rooms and a large dining room, another floor with bedroom suites for everyone and even some work stations & library to keep everyone busy and occupied on the trip. The small bridge is off limits for everyone except me – ofcourse, my main robot and the two robot pilots and Shawny. The bottom section of the spaceship houses the vehicles that we can use on another planet. So on the night that I am to leave on the trip, my dad, mom, sis, bil, 2 nephews and niece, 2 uncles, 2 aunts and my 2 cousin sisters arrive and I assign them their bedrooms.

We leave in the ship and while just out of the Milky Way, we start dinner but I also give them the rules they have to abide by on the trip. They all readily agree but they are excited to see and experience what I do and want to be with me. Post a large dinner and family time talks, they retire to their respective bedroom suites (bedroom, bathroom and a small siting area) and get ready for bed, I go back to the bridge with Shawny and check with the robots on our course heading and when we will get to our first destination. While everyone is already asleep I finally do all the checklist activities, yawn and stretch and head to my bedroom which is separate from the others and close to the bridge and Shawny the dog trots along my side as we sign off for the night.

Exciting times ahead! Pure science fiction dream.

We Ended Up At The Grand Hotel

Saturday evening and looking for a place to get some beers and good food. Unfortunately due to the elections on Monday, from 5pm it is as dry as a desert. So, to quote veteran rock band Deep Purple “we ended up at the Grand Hotel” and settled for just a nice dinner.


The welcome poppadoms that they serve as complimentary munchies kept us entertained until the starters of spicy chicken wings came out.


Being thirsty we also ordered a couple of cold coffee with ice cream, which was good and delicious though a little too sweet.


Our spicy chicken wings came after a few more minutes. It’s not really wings but we were hungry by then and couldn’t be bothered. We also had tempura prawns (not pictured) along with the wings.


We spent some time deciding what our main courses would be. I was leaning towards pasta or some steak while Sujith was thinking biryani or fried rice with some chicken or beef. We finally settled for American Chopsuey which lacked in flavour. It needed more seasoning.


Finally before the cheques arrived, we asked for New York Cheesecakes. It was a bit too hard but it was quite cheesy and sweet. A very crowded restaurant and a nice ambience with some good food still didn’t uplift our spirits on a “dry” day.

An Unexpected 3 Day Weekend

So I am enjoying an unexpected 3 day weekend at the moment. After a week of 6:30 pm to 3:30 am work shift I got to know yesterday at around 5 pm that we will be given the day off on Monday the 21st of October due to the by elections happening in the state. This means we get a 3 day weekend! Now this was only decided at around 5pm so the announcement was a big surprise.

That means we have a fun time ahead. I must say that I do feel very tired and after I woke up at 11 am I decided not to do anything major other than have a cup of coffee and have a light lunch and then a nap at 2pm. I tried watching some tv but I guess sleep caught up with me. The nap is a good thing. I was planning on meeting my cousin for drinks and some Chinese food this evening but yesterday I asked him to check with Golden Dragon to see if they will serve alcohol on Sunday (since the next day is the election).

By this morning we got to know that both Golden Dragon and our other watering hole, Couchyn, will not be serving drinks tomorrow so we are meeting at 7pm tonight. I would have preferred to have rested again the rest of the day and gone tomorrow afternoon but this is still ok. Sunday and Monday is open for me to do anything and I think I might go on Monday to get a haircut and see about enhancing my laptop’s RAM.

King Of Candy

M&M peanut – oh man, how things have changed for me and my choice of candy. Snickers was king for such a long time but it hasn’t been the reigning king for a while now. Unofficially M&M Peanuts has taken over as the reigning champion and overall king in my life as far as candy is concerned and overall movie watching snack.

Take a bow M&M peanuts and here is your crown. The kind is dead, Long live the new king. Snickers you too should take a bow and enjoy the applause and the adoration and admiration. But yes, long live the new king.

I now cannot even imagine a weekend at home watching movies without a couple of packets of the awesome chocolate covered peanuts that M&M to enjoy as I watch the film or films. Now that it is Thursday, I need to see if I can buy a couple of packets of the joy giving peanuts by Friday night or Saturday morning.

King Of Indian Roads

Do you remember your first car? Did you give it a name? Tell us about your first car or what it was like when you learned how to drive.

I never bought a car of my own. I don’t even drive. For my personal purposes now I mostly use Uber or Ola or one of other local options. I use that for traveling to and from work and also for going around town, as do a lot of people here as well. With the traffic situation and the lack of proper parking spaces throughout the city, it is the best option unless you have a bike/scooter.

However my family’s first car was an Ambassdor car made from Hindustan Motors, like most families in India at the time. This was the only option for most of India at the time that didn’t break the bank. I think for a while this was the only car for India. The model was in production from 1958 to 2014 with few improvements and changes over its production lifetime. Despite its British origins, the Ambassador is considered as a definitive Indian car and is fondly called the “king of Indian roads”. My family’s car was white.

We didn’t give it a name. But a bunch of us would fit in the car and we went for a lot of rides.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF OCTOBER WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

Back To Night Shifts

So I am back to the evening shifts again. I was sort of getting the grove on the morning shifts, waking up at 6 am and getting to work by 8:30 am but most importantly getting off work by 5:30 pm which was awesome. Though in reality I was leaving the office by 6pm and getting home by 7 pm in the fucking traffic which has been killer these past couple of weeks.

Being able to drink a beer at home after work was also good. I did that twice; once on Wednesday night and then after the shitty day on Friday I just had to come back home and drown my woes in a couple of beers. I only got to leave the office by 8 pm and catch an Ola ride back home. I came in and asked dad and mom if they wanted some chilly chicken since I wanted to order some and drink my beers. Dad had already had dinner as he had gone out for the evening so mom and I ate the chicken and I drank my brewskis.

That is an awesome thing being able to enjoy a beer after you come back home from a tough day at work. I don’t want to drink at 4 am or 4:15 am so I don’t do that after coming home from work during the night shifts. Some people do but I don’t. Anyways, I have the weekend for beers and other drinks.

Giving Back & Contributing

Do you give back to your community by volunteering? Or maybe you have a favorite charity you support in other ways. Tell us what causes are important to you, and why.

No I haven’t. Other than a few blood donations and some charity money funding I haven’t really done anything at all. However I might be doing some pretty soon through the company that I work for. So they have this drive that they are doing by having employees donate their time to conduct some sessions for learning a skill and taking a class on a certain topic for other people.

Like maybe an 8 hour session on Excel skills by staff who are really good at Excel for beginners. Or Word or Powerpoint. Or how to draft and official email. Correcting grammar. General sessions that can help people who haven’t worked in a corporate environment. In a lot of cases the people who are attending these sessions are from below poverty level. In some cases people with disabilities as well.

I am not really comfortable to take sessions for general public but I usually take sessions for employees. This will be similar I suppose. So I hope it goes well and I can take several such sessions if it helps.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF OCTOBER WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

My Breakfast Condiment Of Choice

My breakfast is usually non-existent in that since I usually work from a 6:30 pm to 3:30 am shift and wake up past 11:30 am I usually skip breakfast and have lunch by around 12:30 pm after some coffee. But there are other days when I do get to work a regular morning to evening shift or on weekends and I do get to eat and enjoy a breakfast.

Or sometimes I just want a quick sandwich. And I usually just eat toasted bread or chappathis with mayonnaise. I don’t really bother with tomatoes or cucumbers or anything else. No meats. It’s just bread with mayo. Or just chappathi or porotta with mayo. Since I love mayo a lot and depend on it for my meals, and since I am already overweight, I go for eggless mayo. There are many brands that make mayo here and many of them have the eggless variety.

My brand of choice is Sangi’s Kitchen that makes a few ones along with their plain old regular eggless mayo which comes in bigger jars. They have some in tandoori and spicy mixes as well But the one I love is theor roasted garlic and jalapeno mayo which is so delicious. I love that one though I usually just get the regular eggless. There is another brand called FunFoods which I recently tried and they have one with a garlic mix and it’s pretty good too. They call it veg mayo.

Prank Calls

Did you make prank calls when you were a kid or teen?

Yes but not often. I used to sometime prank my own mom. I would call and change my voice as much as I could and ask for my dad or me and pretend it’s the electricity board or the school/college or the police and say that I or my dad is in trouble or needs to come to the phone now. And I have made my cousin change her voice and pretend to be a girl I was going out with and was asking for me on April 1st.

I remember once back in the late 1980s a couple of my cousins and I were bored one afternoon in Trivandrum and prank called a bunch of people using fake names and celebrity names and asking for other celebrities who we insisted lived in their homes. We were like 10-12 years old and giggling uncontrollably even before we could finish asking for the person we wanted to speak to.

But other than that I can’t remember ever making prank calls. Once in a while I have pranked my own mum because that is funny as hell.

Prompt from 31 Days Of October Writing Prompts at The SitsGirls

Stargate Atlantis DVD Box Set Misadventures

Such a big disappointment! My order for the big boxset of Stargate Atlantis & SG Universe was lost in transit and hence I called up Amazon UK and they sent me a replacement for both. That was slightly delayed but apparently a mixup here meant that it was sent back. I tried to go to the main post office yesterday morning and then to another office to see if I could go and collect it myself but it was already sent back!!

Ugh! I was so angry. Now, I had to wait a few more days before I could call up Amazon UK and see what else can be done. I thought that it would be best to ask for a refund and then place separate orders for each box set.

Ok so we do this again and maybe 3rd time is a charm. After my original order for the complete SGA box set and the SGU box set was lost in transit and the replacement got mixed up and was sent back, I decided to get Amazon UK to just get me the refund for the order. The price for the SGA box set was at a special £25 and now it is £51! I looked and I found a 3rd party seller on Amazon UK selling it for £40 and placed an order for that one.

I hope this one reaches me safely. Please, Ancient Ones interfere in this order & shipment for me!