Younger Days Blues

What was the hardest part of being a kid?

The hardest part of being a kid was being looked at as just a kid and therefore your opinions don’t really matter. Adults, no matter if they didn’t have a fucking clue, still held all the trump cards. And not just your parents but assorted uncles, aunts, grandmothers and their age group people had the final say. Even when it came to matters that were clearly none of their business and whether they knew shit about things.

That’s why sometimes when we had pushy relatives at our house they got their way at our expense. Decisions that my dad and mom ought to make with me and my sister in mind were in the hands of others. That was a bummer and it would be only in my early 20s when I could stand up and tell people that their opinions are like penises – it’s great to have one but most of the time, please stop waving it around and shoving it in other people’s faces! Just fucking keep it to yourself!

Ofcourse I might have said it much nicer than that but they got the idea!

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New Phone – Oppo F11 Pro

I know back in May I said that I was not looking to buy a new phone. At that time the brand new Avengers limited version of the Oppo F11 Pro was released to the public. The Oppo F11 pro itself was new having been released in April to the Indian public and launched in March.

But in the weeks since then I have looked at a few phones and wanted to make the change. I love the OnePlus 5T and she is a beast but it was getting to the point that I wanted to move on. So I looked at options and the F11 kept coming up as if to say to me “Come here big boy! Come and get me!”. The seductive calls were too much for me and I looked at exchange options on both Amazon India and Flipkart.

I checked out a few other phones as well and almost waited for the Realme X which is a solid beauty herself and has options for 8GB RAM but it doesn’t have expandable memory which was a downer and made me opt for the Oppo F11 Pro instead. It was neck and neck for a while but Oppo won out. Flipkart had the better exchange deal for my OnePlus 5T and I paid the rest on my new credit card. And now I am eagerly waiting for the Flipkart delivery guy to reach my apartment so I can get my hands on my new phone.

Down Time At Home

So my foot was getting better but then it got worse. On Wednesday morning I was feeling much more at ease and thought that the swelling on my right foot was going down. It didn’t help that I was wearing shoes to go to work and the swollen foot feels very tight when I have to stuff it inside my shoe. Mom came home on Wednesday morning along with my sister and basically ordered me to partially fill a small bucket with hot, salted water and dip my foot inside it.

So I did but the bucket’s bottom was smaller and my foot was lodged in it so tightly. When I finally took my foot out it was swollen bigger and it looked and felt much worse than before! And it hurt like a motherfucker. I was so pissed off. When it was 5 pm and time to go to work, I had to basically stuff my foot into my shoe and it was painful to walk and even just stand or sit. I struggled through until 3:30 am and then hobbled my way over to get an Uber and come home. It felt so good just to take my shoes and socks off. I applied a lot of pain relief spray on my foot but sleep was hard to come by.

The next day I had to go to the hospital. I waited till my sister and father came home as I needed a pair of slippers and they bought one for me on their way over. Finally by 5pm I went to the hospital and got my foot looked at. I had medicines for 3 days and took leave for Thursday and today. I have kept my foot up most of the time since then, over a large pillow and I am watching movies to pass the time. I should be ok by Sunday or Monday at the most.

Ouch! Again!

I always seem to be careless around the house with my feet. From an ankle sprain every year, to injuring my foot and getting diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis and dropping hard objects onto my foot and this time it’s getting the sole of my foot injured badly due to stepping hard on a tiny object in the middle of the night that the workers who are hear left behind (or it could be the Asianet internet guy who came to install the optic fibre connection for me as an upgrade).

I yelled out loudly as I stepped on it but didn’t think much of it for a while. It was Tuesday night that I felt it hurting and I had taken Wednesday off due to a bad cold & breathing issues. But it hurts me really badly now that I am using a pain relief spray on the sole of my foot to help me. I hope that the pain goes away in a day or so because it’s no fun at all. And I hope it’s not a fracture. Anything but a fracture.

I have my fingers crossed that it heals soon.

July 12: On This Day…

On this day, July 12 :

Building Wardrobes

Well it’s happening. We had termites and the kitchen cabinets as well as the wardrobe in my parents bedroom as well as mine. The kitchen cabinets were the worst affected and second was my parents bedroom and mine is the least affected.

Well the kitchen is done. That is the biggest ofcourse with all the cabinets that we need. The bottom sections on one side were the worst affects and ripped off earlier. Which is when we realized that we had a termite problem. So that is done although it’s not as nice as I would have liked it. But that’s because we went with a mix of glazed aluminum for the edges and the rest is made of the kind of material you find on switches. Termites be damned.

So this evening they will break my cupboard/built in wardrobe and take the inside measurements and hopefully by this weekend, it will all complete. I am tired of this already.

My Second Credit Card

After many years of not wanting to get a credit card until the age of 31, when I wanted a cc, and also trying to help an ex-colleague who had moved to Axis bank, I find out that my salary, at the time, was just shy of the minimum required amount (Rs.15,000) to be eligible for a credit card. So even if I did get a big & overdue salary hike for a promotion that was well over the minimum criteria, I didn’t apply for one. I am also the son of a former bank manager (not in India though; he worked for a bank in Kuwait) I was also told horror stories of people being in huge debts due to overspending and recklessness.

Finally when I was 36, and really wanted one, I applied for one and I was eligible but the bank, ICICI, told me that my application was rejected due to the fact that my then current employee being new hadn’t applied for PF license and that negated my application. I was pissed off as this was something I had mentioned earlier to the manager of the credit card section and she had told me that it wasn’t a problem. So then I waited and when I joined my current company, in 2015, while filling out the bank information for HDFC I also applied for a credit card. I got one a month later.

Now I have applied for my second credit card and it’s on it’s way to me. I have tried to be responsible and sensible and use my card wisely but I could use another card. Most people at work have 3-4 cards but I have been hesitant. The good thing about this RBL Cookies card, pictured on this post and the one on it’s way to me, has some discounts for Uber, movie bookings and Zomato (an Indian food ordering app) and you also get a Rs. 500 Amazon India gift card. So I think this is good.

Summer Plans?

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Well summer over here, June to the end of August is actually the monsoon season for us which ends in September. It’s heavy rainfall as we are in a tropical climate area over here. But I like it as when it rains as it is gets very cool and well it’s perfect for what I like to do.

Stay in, drink and order in some good food and watch tv. Most of my currrent fav tv shows are done and will be back only by mid to late October. Which gives me a few months to binge watch my fav shows that are done. Like any of the 5 Star Trek shows or Stargate or Farscape, The X-Files, Battlestar Galactica. So many others! I love rewatching my fav shows over and over again. Sitcoms are relatively easier to rewatch as it’s less than 30 mins per episode and when I come home from work at 2:30 am or 3:30 or 4:30 am I like to relax with 2-3 episodes of Friends or Corner Gas or Little Mosque or Seinfeld or Frasier. I love having a few laughs before I go off to sleep in those shifts.

So that’s the plan for this summer. I enjoy that the most. Some chips or pizza or chicken wings and some beer while I watch them will go down really well. I think I will start this weekend.

My Solitude

Where do you go when you need solitude?

Usually to my room. I live in a small 3 bedroom apartment with my folks therefore it’s not a big gap like how we had it when we lived in my parents big house in Thrikkakara. My parents mostly stayed on the ground floor and I had the top floor all to myself for many years after my sister got married and moved out. There were 4 rooms there, 3 bedrooms with bathrooms attached and 1 common room/library/computer room.

That’s a lot of room and here it’s just a single room. But it’s still a place of solitude and if my folks are not at home – either they are staying over at my sister’s place or in Chalakudy or visiting relatives in Bangalore or Trivandrum – it becomes the equivalent of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. When I cannot get that from time to time I have to find alternative sources.

But that is expensive. I would like to book a hotel room and other than room service, I don’t have to meet anyone for the 2 or 3 days that I can afford to stay in there. That gives me some peace and quite and I hope I can do again soon. Because I need it.

Prompt from 30 Days Of Writing Prompts For June at The SitsGirls

Evening Out, Met A Friend

It has been a couple of weeks since I had gone out for an afternoon or an evening and this weekend I had planned to go out to Lulu on Sunday morning. But I slept very late and hence work up only by 11 am. So I though let’s chuck that and relax at home till the evening. I watched a movie and a half in the afternoon after lunch and then showered and shaved I had coffee and sat watching Youtube till 6:45 pm. I booked an Uber and went to Cocoa Tree for a nice snicker shake and some fries while I played bowling on my phone.


After an hour I went to Center Mall and I had to visit the loo. Then I washed up as I was sweating a lot and went to buy some groceries at Big Bazaar. That done I went to have some chicken wings and a mini pizza at Pizza Hut. As I was leaving I saw a friend of mine walking past the Pizza Hut and going down the escalator. I quickly left and caught up with her; she was there to take her son to Burger King. We caught up for a bit as I hadn’t seen her since she left my current place of employment. I had to say bye quickly as she had booked her Uber to take her and her son back home.

After she left, I booked my cab and then went home. It’s a humid evening and I am sweating in my room. I guess I will watch a movie and then go to sleep.

Unexpected 3 Day Weekend

So I am going back to work this evening after a long 3 day weekend. This was an unexpected three day weekend as I was unwell and took a sick leave on Friday. I’ve been nursing a bad cold, cough and phlegm infection since last Monday night. This started after I drank a lot of water on ice on Sunday night and then started getting the sniffles on Monday. At work they had cranked up the ac and it was very cold and by 10pm I had a bad cold.

Tuesday was the same and Wednesday it was a holiday on account of being Eid. Thursday was ok for the most part but I reached home only by 6 am and couldn’t get to sleep until 7 am and the power kept going off and coming back on and lots of construction work in the area next to me kept me awake for the most part. By 1pm I realized that not only was I really tired and ill I needed sleep. So I took a day off and went to sleep. Late in the evening I watched a movie then relaxed at my laptop desk and then watched another movie before I slept again.

Saturday I spent mostly in bed watching some movies and a few tv episodes. Yesterday I felt much better and I am taking a cough syrup that helps with my phlegm which is slowly dying down. I didn’t go out although I was planning to on Sunday but I just didn’t feel up to it and my Achilles tendon was flaring up again. So back to work I go.

Netflix Binging

Netflix is not good for me man! It’s so fucking addictive that I feel exactly like a junkie now. It’s so easy when you have a complete show uploaded on there and you can stream it so easily and just chill out on your couch, or as in my case, the bed and watch episode after episode.

Now it wouldn’t be the same for a show that I have already seen once or more than once. Since I already know what happens I would not have the same urge, no matter how much I love the show. But when it is a new show or a show / season that I have never seen before and I like it, then I want to watch the whole thing as quickly as I can. When it is a serial type show in which each episode just continues from where the previous one left off and it has a mystery or “who dun it” style storyline, fuck I just want to binge watch it and stay in bed until I finish it.

That is not good for me or anyone. I need to be careful or I will just let the day or days go by. I understand that this is appeal of Netflix but still I need some space. I just binged watched an 8 episode show, 4 episodes last night at 1:30am and then 4 today. Yikes! I need to go to work and back to the land of the living.

How Do You Relax After A Long Day?

How do you relax after a long day?

The usual stuff that people do; nothing too fancy. It depends on what time I can reach home. I would like to wind down with a coffee and a some chips and cool down under the ceiling fan and listen to some music for an hour or so. If it is kinda late in the evening, like after 8pm or so, then I would skip the coffee and go straight for a beer.

While I drink the beer or beers I would like to watch a football match or watch a movie and then order in some good food. Pizza or burgers or fried chicken or some grilled chicken. Indian food or Chinese. Oh some pork! Anyways, I would slowly eat my food, sip my beer and watch the football match or the movie or the tv series and then move on to my bed once the food and beer is done and then chill for the rest of the night.

As sleep slowly starts calling my name in a seductive manner I will take off my glasses and my clothes, as I sleep in the nude, and the switch off the tv, the laptop and the lights and go to sleep.

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How many of you still use a physical journal, especially for work? You would think that with all these computers, laptops and tabs, we would have seen the death of the physical journal many years ago. But no!

Apparently a lot of people still prefer the hard cover and paper variety to making notes on your computer. It’s easier to carry around and make notes on the book rather than carrying laptops around. Hell, not everyone gets a laptop and mostly you are restricted to desktop computers and there is no way you are lugging those around.

So I buy these journals and I keep a pen handy ……a lot of areas I work in are a “no pen and no paper zone”. But I persist and I try to maintain one for work. If I had a proper desk drawer I could keep it safe and sound. I try.

Head Cold Gets Me Down

I have been working the general shift for 2 and a half weeks now; this will be my 3rd week in a row. I am conducting sessions, 5 days per set of employees who are moving from one section to another. So this would be my 3rd set of people (9 in each batch).

However, today I am unwell. I woke up with a really bad cold – where I caught it I do not know. I was sneezing uncomfortably throughout the morning while drinking coffee and getting ready to go to work. I managed to stay ok during the ride to the office but pretty soon I was sneezing really badly. I managed to get through the morning section and left the team for a long lunch at 1pm. Post lunch, I had to send them to the production floor to observe and buddy up with tenured folk in the section that they are going to move to.

That gave me a couple of hours where I could rest. I tried to get some lozenges (as my throat was kinda sore) and tried to work on a couple of reports. But I wanted to rest and so went to the dormitory in the office and lay down on one of the beds for a while. But by 4:30 pm I was too tired and I just wanted to go home. I made arrangements for the batch and came back home. I will go to bed early.

3 Must Haves

Three things you can’t go without.

At the moment they are:

  • My phone, which is a OnePlus 5T. I have all my apps that I use on a daily basis or regular basis. I use Uber and Ola to commute to and from work and get a lot of my payments done on GooglePay or PayTM and occasionally on PayPal. I also get paid for some freelance work using PayPal.
  • My inhaler. I am an asthma patient and at times it is really bad. I have one in my pocket at all times and I also keep a spare one in my bag that I take with me to work every work day.
  • My laptop – one one stop entertainment box. Yes I have the smart tv and I watch all my tv shows and movies on it now but I still need my laptop for everyday usage. If I had to give up one, it would be the tv. But luckily I don’t have to.

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In Search Of A Chair

I am on the lookout for a new computer chair. I haven’t had a proper one in ages. I currently use a metal chair which is good but it’s a little short for this desk that I am using for my laptop. Plus sitting on it for hours at a time hurts the bum area.

I want a nice comfy chair built for sitting at a desktop or a laptop that is kept on a desk. I also do not want to spend a fortune on it. I want one that will cost me around 4k or so and not break my bank account balance or tax my credit card. I want to be comfortable while I watch hardcore porn Youtube and go through Facebook and various other websites.

I am a little wary of buying them online although they do have some good offers and discounts at times, being a big fat guy, I wouldn’t want to order one online and then find out that it is a little too tight. Also I am not the handiest man around and assembling something is a little tedious act for me. So I hope to find a store or business in Cochin that sell good chairs at the kind of prices that I see online on Amazon.