What Are Your Beliefs About Marriage?

This from a 42 year old bachelor who does not see things changing any time in the future due to various reasons. I love the idea of getting married and being married. I have no issues with commitments. I wish I had found the right woman for me, I wish my circumstances were different and I wish I could have gotten married by age 29-32. I just wish my situation was different.

I miss having someone to love and to love me. I miss having that companionship, a warm body to hold and to lay in bed with. I miss having a woman who loves me. I don’t think I will ever get that feeling again, it just doesn’t seem to work out for me. I am all for marriage. Get married by the age of 30, between the ages of 25-30 and stay married. Try to make the correct choice and work hard to make it work.

Compromise, adjustments, working together, partnership, companionship and the feeling of never ever being lonely as long as both of you are alive. Isn’t that what marriage should be? So yeah I am all for it.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

S W Dvogon Wallet

I love shopping online mainly because I am lazy to go to more than one store in person and I like the flexibility that online stores like, Snapdeal, Flipkart, eBay and now the new for me Club Factory provides.

Club Factory does not have the range of Amazon but they do have a nice collection nonetheless and their app is pretty darn good. It was a sponsored post on Facebook recently that led me to them and that was the first time I had ever heard about them though, on checking, some friends/colleagues have bought from them in the past and continue to do so.

I hadn’t and hence I was a little apprehensive when placing my two orders but I have got them both and am happy with the packaging and how the product looks. The packaging, though minimalist, is good enough but they could do better on the shipping time (which is 10-12 days and that is crazy for India). I bought two wallets and am loving them both. Why 2? Well one is a back up and a simple one but the other is this gorgeous beast you see in the upper left pic.

This wallet is from S W Dvogan (designer name I guess) and it’s a beautiful short paragraph wallet for men. It’s damn fine and looks and feels luxurious.

Superhero Stuff

Is anyone fed up or getting superhero movie fatigue? Not me. I hope the MCU carries on and on for a long, long time. As well as the DCEU grows and makes more movies and becomes as successful as the MCU. I do not see myself ever getting tired of it, though I do think more than 3-4 superhero films a year can be tedious.

I am excited about the upcoming films like Auquaman, Captain Marvel & the as of yet unnamed 4th Avengers film. I hope there will be a Ben Affleck Batman movie (or 2 or 3) and we are going to get Shazam, Wonder Woman 2, Cyborg & The Flash as well a new reboot Green Lantern film as well  by the time 2020 is done and dusted. That is good pacing.

Unlike a lot of fans I never was a big comics fan. I read some Superman, Batman, a bit of the Avengers, some Iron man, Thor, a bit of Green Arrow & Green Lantern and The Flash as a kid. Spiderman on tv as the cartoon but never read many comics and watched Batman & Superman movies and Wonder Woman on tv. I had never heard of Black Panther, Dr. Strange,  Deadpool, The X-Men, Captain Marvel etc until the movies were announced. My superhero was the Phantom, whose comics were very popular in India and which I read after moving here back in 1987.

6.5 Hours And Yet….

So this is an odd feeling. I, as mentioned a few days ago, am working the regular day shift at work, which is 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. This is because I am currently conducting a training batch, the first of 3 that I will taken in the next 40-50 days. We usually start the training batches in the day shift and slowly move them into the late evening or 6:30 pm to 3:30 am slots.

But having been spending so many months in the late evening shift, it seems I feel so tired when I am working the morning shifts now. I get more sleep this way – I sleep from 12 am to 6 or 6: 30 am and yet I feel more tired than when I do the late evening shifts, where I usually get 5 or 5 1/2 hours of sleep only! Yet I feel more refreshed during the evening shifts!

This is weird. Anyways I will move back to evening shift for the next week and will move again to morning the following week. Let’s see how it goes.

The Advantages Of Doing A Day Shift

Ok, let me tell you the worst part of working a regular day shift, from my point of view. I have to get up early to go to work! I kept my alarm for 6 am this morning but then changed the alarm of 6:30 am as I knew it would be difficult for me to get straight outta bed at that time. So for 30 minutes I just lay in bed with my eyes closed and rested. Then I got up and got a coffee, then went to the loo and watched Youtube videos till 7:30 am. I shaves, showered and got ready and left by 8:40 am to reach work by 9:30 am.

I worked till almost 11 and then got a coffee. At 1:30 pm I joined a couple of colleagues for a quick little lunch and then went back to work till almost 6:20 pm, except for a bathroom break at 5pm. I took my water bottle and filled it up again and then put it in my bag and then went for a coffee and a snack. I spoke to a couple of colleagues for a bit and then came on home. I reached here by 7:45 pm meaning I took an hours to reach home.

So that is the advantage – I reach home in the evening and I get to chillax in my bedroom for a couple of hours before I get ready for a movie or tv show episodes and then go to sleep by midnight. The regular stuff that people do.

Couchyn Visit After Over A Year

I haven’t been into Couchyn lounge bar, attached to the famous Grand Hotel, in over a year. July of 2017 was the last time I went to a bar, that was Couchyn itself, as the prices for beer and alcohol drinks went up to way beyond what i would want to pay after the ban on alcohol in non-5 star bars was lifted. The bars in the state tried to compensate or over-compensate by charging premium prices for beer (a Rs.100-120 bottle of beer from a BevCo is served for Rs.250-300 or so in bars like these.


Hence I prefer to buy my beer and vodka, and the odd rum, from BevCo, come home and order some food and drink from the comfort of my home. It’s way cheaper and way convenient. The bars/restaurants are awesome since you can order and enjoy some really great hot meals.


However with apps like UberEats, Swiggy and Zomato coming in to cities like mine, going to bars has become unnecessary. I can chill my beers to a nice cold degree in my fridge or freezer and I can mix drinks in my home. I can also order pizza or any of my favourite foods from any of the best restaurants in the city and have them bring it to my home within 30 minutes and enjoy both in the comfort of casualness.


Today was the day I went to Coucyn with my cousin Sujith and we had Tandoori chicken, French fries, grilled beef, shared a club sandwich and had two beers plus two vodkas – one with Red Bull and one with Pepsi. Food was great and the drinks were awesome.


It was an awesome few hours. I miss going to bars like Couchyn and would like to go more often if only the prices were more decent.

Royal Night Out

Yesterday was a good day. I was asked to go and be the final interview panel for the recruitment drive at our Marine Drive office. The HR Recruitment team had lined up several candidates that they had screened and usually someone from Service Delivery goes in to finalize on which ones fit the bill for our process. As they needed more people and they were running short on panelists, my manager asked me – at 4:15 am and after I had reached home post shift – if I could go and do the selecting at 2:30 pm.

I haven’t been part of conducting interviews since 2011 so I was game. I woke up by 11 am and went to Marine Drive by 2:30 pm. One of the guys there gave me the lowdown for about 20 minutes. Then I started and continued till almost 6:30pm. No breaks. I then took an Uber and went to Royal Residency as we had a function there as an R&R for the CLS team in Kochi. I was among the last to arrive and then the fun started.

After some fun & silly games and some awards given out, we started dinner and it was good. Dessert follower and we took photos and then left. I dropped one of my colleagues enroute to my home and I then proceeded to relax in my lungi and enjoy the rest of the late night before sleep hit me.

The Perfect Cheeseburger?

How do you make the perfect cheeseburger?

I am a firm believer in the fact that there are several great burgers out there but having said that, here is what I would think makes the perfect cheeseburger. This is based on several burgers that I have had over the last few years.

Big, soft bun with a light smattering of sesame seeds which is toasted and hot. Bacon jam, mayo, one piece of lettuce, on the bottom and on top of that comes the first beef patty. Boom! One slice of cheese – mild cheddar if you please on top of that. Second beef patty on top – BOOM! One more slice of mild cheddar please! Caramelized onions, bacon and a fried egg on top. More mayo or bacon jam on the bottom of the top bun.

Damn! That’s a fine burger right there.


September 13: On This Day…

On this day, September 13th :

Hometown Blues

Do you still live in the town where you were born? Why or why not?

No I do not. I was born in an area of Kuwait City, Kuwait called Darwaza back in 1976. That would make me old as fuck but I digress. So I’m Indian and do not get Kuwaiti citizenship just because I was born and raised there till the age of 11. I got Indian citizenship by default because my mother is Indian and that’s how I got an Indian passport.

The Arabian countries are or rather were for the most part great places for Indians, and especially Malayalaees from the state of Kerala, to temporarily migrate to, get good jobs with good salaries and then come back to India and convert that dinar or whatever in their bank accounts to Indian Rupees. Which makes a big chunk of change. At one time the Kuwaiti Dinar was Rs.140-150! Yep!

Anyway, we don’t get citizenship and my parents ofcourse wanted to move back after all those years and in 1987 we moved back to Cochin, which is my mother’s hometown and here I am.


World’s End

If the World were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on earth?

So let’s take it as the world is ending in 24 hours from now (or the end of this post) and we are all going to be wiped out the face of the planet at the end of that 24 hours due to some large scale disaster of the natural kind or a large meteor or asteroid hurling towards earth that will hit and cause the end of all life as we know it.

I’d travel to all the place nearby that I like, place that mean something to me. I’d spend some time at the beach as that’s one of my favourite place to be. I’d go and say a big fuck you motherfuckers to all the shitty people and institutions.

I would order my favourite pizza, burgers, fried chicken, some pork, Pepsi, Coke, vodka and a few beers for the final dinner of my life. I would eat that final dinner with my dad, mom, sister and her family. During the night I’d try to watch a few of my favourite films for the final time. The next morning I’d shower, shave and dress in my last outfit forever and try to go see my friends and say my final goodbyes. I’d come back home by afternoon and stay with my family until the end.

Goodbye life!

Jealous Movie & TV Fan

I often have wished that I lived in another country, one in the West. This is due to many reasons. I know the saying that the grass is often greener on the other side but yeah it can’t be worse off than what I have now. Let me give you a few things that I am jealous of when I watch and compare with what I have versus what they have. I spend most of my free time on YouTube and I check out a lot of things like for example people’s collections of DVDs and Blu-rays. CDs are dead but these two physical media is still a great one to have.

I keep checking out various collection and overview videos, various new releases and boxsets and see the awesome displays, I get jealous. Not only are our choices here limited but it’s also too fucking expensive. A person can get a certain sci-fi shownboxset for around $100 or say even $80. The same set when I checked for Indian online prices they show up for 1/3rd to 1/2 or even more of my monthly salary! And I make a very good salary or let’s say a quite decent salary.

This divide is why people in India and other developing nation’s choose to go the Torrent route. It’s not even comparable. Same for collectibles and stuff – it’s just so much more better in the UK, Canada, the US, Germany and rest of the continental Europe. I wish this could change as I hate having to stoop to that level or go for cheap knockoffs or bootlegs.

My Friday To Saturday

Yesterday I was still feeling a bit sick early in the morning. I woke up at around 5 am and had to visit the loo and started feeling very tired once I came out. I went back to sleep and stayed in bed till 10:30 am after which I got a coffee and then took an Imodium. That seemed to have done the work, as it always does and though I was tired atleast I wasn’t hitting the toilet every 2 hours.

I managed a little lunch and then got ready for work. I reached the office by 4:45 pm as I had to be in early. We had a light dinner at 8:15 pm and had some fun for a few hours as it was Friday, the end of the month and most of things we needed to get done for the week was already done. We laughed and joked for a while, a girl at the office even danced to a song as part of a Friday fun activity (get your head out of the gutters, it was an Indian dance to a Bollywood song) and we talked about plans for the next month.

By 1:30 am as it usually happens someone or the other ruins the moments and we ended up staying back for a couple of more hours than expected. I could leave the office only by 4 am and I reached home by 4:30 am. I was kinda upset about that as this seems to happen all the time on Fridays. Anyways, today has been mostly spent in bed as I got little sleep and I made some instant noodles for lunch. I have ordered a pizza and chicken tenders for dinner. I watched a movie in the afternoon and will watch another before I go to sleep.

Rewatching Binge Time Needed

What can one do when you have way too many tv shows that you have on dvd and want to watch them over and over again? I am currently rewatching a bunch of shows – ok let’s go with comedy first, it’s Little Mosque On The Praiser which is a sitcom and I’m midway through 5th season and it has one more season to go. This is my second watch of this Canadian show. I am also on season 7 of Star Trek Voyager and season 6 of Star Trek Deep Space Nine – it’s the 8th and 2nd time for the shows respectively. Yeah I got into DS9 fairly late.

I am also on season 4 (my least favourite season) of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and season 1 of Angel. I have watched Buffy twice before (on cable and then on dvd) and Angel 5 times. I recently finished all 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1 and have started the two movies. I still have to start watching shows that I have been meaning to watch and have the first seasons of Altered Carbon, Marvel’s The Defenders, Jessica Jones and the two seasons of Daredevil to start on. And then there is shows that I have already watched and want to start a rewatch on like Babylon 5, The X-Files and Farscape.

I also have non-scifi shows like The Listener, Cold Squad and Flashpoint that I want to rewatch. There is just way too much of tv shows that I want to rewatch. And not to forget that the new seasons of current shows will start in October. Oh my!


Ugh! Yesterday was torture. My upset tummy was killing me. After I left here and reached the office about 45 minutes later I had to rush straight to the loo. And I went another 3 more times before I took an early end of the day at 12:30 am and came home to fall on my bed, tired as a …..I dunno what!

And to top it all off my team wanted to eat food delivered from a nice restaurant. They ordered naan, butter chicken masala, chicken tikka, allo parata and another chicken curry from Aangan restaurant while I was having a little soup with two slices of bread to dip it in and soak up all that soup. It was Knorr’s sweet corn chicken soup that you get in small packets. I was so tired after the 4th time in the loo at the office. My anus was crying out “please no more”!

I left by 12:30 am and Ubered on home and tried to watch a movie but I fell asleep midway through and woke up to no power. In between I had to go to the loo again but I’ve been awake for over 90 minutes and I feel somewhat better.

Stomach Bug Attack

Ohhh, I have the runs! I am sick and it’s probably the chicken – just one single piece – I ate with my biryani at dinner last night. This is from the cafeteria in our office by the way. I think that is the cause of the problem.

I woke up at 10 am and I visited the loo but I was ok at that time. I had a light breakfast of just two slices of toast and coffee. I wasn’t hungry at lunch time so I skipped it and at 3 I got two chappathis and put eggless mayo on it. I was feeling sick at that time and I’ve been to the loo a couple of times since then.

I feel bad but I gotta go to work in a bit. I will have to visit the loo again before I do so. Shit! I just want to go back to bed.

Child Abuse By A Parent Is Still Child Abuse

I feel sorry for some of the well-meaning but misguided and clueless relatives and other assorted people who say things like “If and when I did it (the thing they do not approve of you as a child doing) as a child, my father would beat me up royally. With a stick/slipper/belt/boot whatever he could find at the time”.

Now this is meant to discourage you, a child, to not do things that the elders / society doesn’t want you to do. Or even say or think.

The problem is what they are telling me is that they are celebrating the fact that their fathers were child abusers! To the point of having to be locked up. You father/fathers/uncles/grandfathers were “big men” who felt so good upon beating a small defenseless child. Of like 4 years old? 5? Uptil 10 or 12?

Wow, I bet your father felt so sexually charged up after beating a child. They felt like a man! A big man! A macho & manly man. “Now wife, go make me some tea while I masturbate!”