Top Breakfast Choice

Share your favorite breakfast recipe.

I am a simple guy and I prefer a simple breakfast in the morning that isn’t too complicated. I want coffee, ofcourse and if they don’t have milk but there is sugar then I am fine.

Now, I would want a 2 or 3 egg omelet. Some chopped up onions, maybe some finely chopped up tomatoes and a bit of green pepper, also finely chopped. Other than the onions the rest is optional. Some people add cheese and/or mushrooms to the omelet.

What I do is I add a little bit of milk to the omelet while it is being cooked. It adds a lot to the omelet. Again, it is not needed but it helps.

Now, toast four slices of bread, cut and put the omelet in between the two sandwiches as such. Wanna add some mayo? Sure. Or now add a slice or two of cheese? Great! Or just some plain ole ketchup? Mighty fine! Any which way you cut it, I will enjoy it.

Sit back with the plate full of goodness and enjoy the meal with the coffee and relax!

Bad Cold & The Flu

This pic was me last night and this morning minus the thermometer. Yesterday at work, one of the new hire employee who was in my training batch came in to the office with a nasty cold. By afternoon he was shaking with fever and I sent him to rest in the dormitory. But I seemingly had caught his cold or maybe I got it from elsewhere.

By evening I sent him home knowing that he wouldn’t be coming back the next day as he was really ill. As was I. I started sneezing really badly and knew that this could be the start of a bad flu. I came back home and couldn’t even sit at my computer desk for more than 90 minutes. I went to bed by 9:45 pm and started shivering myself. I took some Paracetomol for the cold & fever. I fell asleep by 11:15 pm, after getting up to switch off the lights and the tv.

This morning I was still feeling the cold and terrible temperature so I took the day off and went back to bed after breakfast and napped for 2 hours. I sat up and watched Youtube for a couple more before going to bed again post lunch. Those naps made me feel so much better that by 6, after more coffee, I feel good enough and I can go back to work tomorrow. Sheesh!

Sunday Morning Shopping In Hypermart

If you want to go to Lulu Hypermart for shopping for groceries and stuff, then go on a weekday in the morning hours before late afternoon. For me, Sunday morning is the day for doing it. I remember going a couple of times in the morning, by 9:45 am and still they have a lot of people in it. The problem is, we don’t have large groceries stores like Walmart or Sobeys or Costco etc etc. We have just this one Hypermart in the entire city and state – well atleast until the Thriuvananthapuram and Calicut malls open.

Anyways, I went yesterday but it was later than I wanted to. I kept the alarm for 7 am so I could leave by 9ish. However since I went to bed only by 2:30 am and slept fitfully I went back to sleep till 8:30 and only left my home a little after 10am. I was in the mall by 10:30 am and quickly had a breakfast of an ice cold latte and a chicken & cheese sandwich at Costa Coffee and then found a cart and went in. It was quite busy but not as busy as it usually is in the evenings. Getting there by 9:30 am is actually much better.

I bought soaps, I bought some chocolate, cheese, apples, plums, eggless mayo, nuts roasted in pepper, cashewnuts, fresh baked cookies, hamburger buns and bread, biscuits, dates, coffee, sugar etc etc. It cost me quite a bit (trust me these things are expensive here) but it was fun and it had been a year since I last went to hypermart. I just wish we had more of them and that they were cheaper.

Visit But Not Live

Do you still live in the town where you were born? Why or why not?

Well, I was born in another country and my family does not live there anymore. I was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait and lived there till the age of 11. In 1987 my family moved back to India and I along with them. Since then I have never been back, in fact I have never left India since.

Would I want to move back to Kuwait if I could? No. I wouldn’t mind a visit and stay there a few days but I wouldn’t want to live there or in any Arab Muslim nation. I would get into so much trouble because I wouldn’t be able to stand their religious bullshit and might get executed. Also, you cannot get citizenship there and you are a never going to be retire there.

So no, I wouldn’t want to go back and live there but I would love to see the city & nation again just for purely nostalgic reasons.

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Epic Gift Basket

What would you include in a truly epic gift basket?

Well I would say that it depends on the type of person and what they like but I will give it a go….

I would say, first I would add some cookies or chocolates. Or maybe both! Hey, life is too short to not have some sweet stuff. And maybe a jar full of M & M peanuts. I would include some body wash lotions and shampoos, a good book, maybe a kindle reader and some scented candles.

I would also add either a good flavoured vodka (or rum or whiskey or brandy or whatever), dvds/blurays of some awesome movies, a Google Home or Amazon Echo and some music cds. I just realized that this bag contains things that I would want. So if you want to  give it to me, go ahead!

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My Amazon Echo

I finally bit the bullet and bought an Amazon Echo. I have been fascinated by these devices from the time that I first heard about the first generation devices. Having worked closely with a company that orders a lot of these I have looked at, checked a few online and tested one at a DC Books outlet in Center Square mall.

I wanted one but the price at the time was Rs.14,000 and then it went down to Rs.9000+. I thought I could get one at that price but decided to wait some more. I waited a while and kinda almost forgot about the device until very recently when I got my second credit card. After a phone it was time for the Echo. A few days ago I checked and the price was now Rs.7999 for the generation 2 device. I gotta get me one.

So I placed the order 2 days ago and it arrived here today. I unboxed it and plugged it in and it is a beauty. I’m having fun with her right now. Notice I did not say Alexa yet? That’s because I changed the wake up word from Alexa to…guess? I am a Trekkie. That’s right, the wake up word is Computer!


Deep Space Nine Leaves Me Shattered…Again!

That’s it. Just finished watching the series finale of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and I am a crying, emotional mess. Why did it have to end that way? Now I can’t go to work my evening shift.

Me: Boss, I can’t come in to work today.

Boss : Why such short notice?

Me : It’s not my fault. The war is over, the battle is won and the treaty is signed. But Worf is going away to be the Federation ambassador to the Klingons and joins Martok, Miles is off to earth to teach at the academy, and has taken Keiko, Molly & Yoshi with him, Odo has joined the great link and it looks like it was a final goodbye between him and Kira and that is just heart breaking and then….SIsko is with those stupid wormhole aliens who now want him there for who know how long, leaving a pregnant Cassidy and his son Jake behind in DS9. Rom already left for Ferenginar. And yeah Ezri & Julian have become a couple and the station is in good hands with Kira but to see Jake & Kira stare out from the station looking at the stars and wondering if we will ever see Odo & Benjamin again and then the sad version of the theme music plays and I….I….I….I…???

Boss: Ok. These are friends of yours? Or family?

Me: ???

Boss: Ok leave granted!

My Room In My Old House

What is your favorite room in your house?

This post I decided to talk about my old family house in Thrikkakara which we sold back in 2006. My dad & mom bought the plot back in the early 1980s and finished building it in 1985. We moved there permanently back in 1987 (when we moved from Kuwait to India) and I remember being excited about finally getting my own room! Having lived all my life till the age of 11 in a small flat with 2 rooms and a single bathroom and well, the room I shared with my older sister had bunk bed and also had our dining table/study table and not enough room for much else, getting own room + bathroom attached was a huge deal!

However it would a couple of years before I actually got to use the room for myself. Initially, I had to share my sister’s room, which was much bigger, as my parents kept a lot of things in my room and the common room (the only non-bathroom attached) in the top floor. This bummed me out a lot and I constantly fought with my sis over music playing rights and sleep time until I was 13 and the boxes in my room were cleared away and I could use the bunk bed in my own room. Ah, home sweet home! I immediately made it my own in the just the way I liked it. First things, first I got a desk and shelves moved into the room.

Then I decorated it with posters. I was heavily into hard rock & heavy metal so up went posters of my fav bands and musicians. Also football and tennis players posters from the couple of sports magazines that I subscribed to every week. I was very precise about the way I wanted it done. I even measure the height and length before I got it done. It lasted till I was 19 because my sister was getting married and my dad and mom wanted to paint the entire house so off came the posters. After that I barely hung up any, just a few rock band posters but I got an old kitchen cupboard from my mom, got the carpenters to add extra shelves for my storing my cassettes and later on cds in.

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A Fresh Start

What does “a fresh start” mean to you?

A fresh start – this is something a lot of us yearn for and would like to get. Not those people who have everything in place and have their life just the way that they like it. But the rest of us don’t have that outlook on life. I guess that I can speak mostly only for myself when it comes to this topic but I am sure that many others might agree.

For me a fresh start would be a new life in a new place – either near where I live or far, far away! A new place in stay in, a new house or a new apartment. A new job, new people to meet and less baggage of the old. A complete break away from everything that you want to change from the old life. But keeping the good things.

I would like a job where I can work from home and relax and not have to commute to work. I think that would be great. Spending that extra time for myself and staying at home is a something that I would love. These things would be a fresh start for me.

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Roshan Le Pew

Which cartoon character best represents your personality?

The guy on the left. I understand that he isn’t as popular as some of the other cartoon characters but this is the guy I always think about when some of my actions come to mind.

Pepé Le Pew is a character from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons, first introduced in 1945. Depicted as a French striped skunk, Pepé is constantly in search of love and appreciation. However, his offensive skunk odor and his aggressive pursuit of romance typically cause other characters to run from him. In Le Pew’s case it is his stench while in my case it’s my weight.

Pepé Le Pew storylines typically involve Pepé in pursuit of a female black cat, whom Pepé mistakes for a skunk (la belle femme skunk fatale). The cat, who was retroactively named Penelope Pussycat, often has a white stripe painted down her back, usually by accident (such as by squeezing under a fence with wet white paint). Penelope frantically races to get away from him because of his putrid odour, his overly aggressive manner or both, while Pepé hops after her at a leisurely pace.

Pepé describes Penelope as lucky to be the object of his affections and uses a romantic paradigm to explain his failures to seduce her. For example, he describes a hammer blow to his head as a form of flirtation rather than rejection. Accordingly, he shows no sign of narcissistic injury or loss of confidence, no matter how many times he is rebuffed.

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Alas! I am ringless. This should have been posted a few days ago but things got in the way and I kinda forgot about it for a while. Also today I had it confirmed by a colleague who agreed to check for me in the lost and found section at our office. Nope, no go. I have lost my three rings. I had one of those rings since early 2003 and the other was from 2005. The first one cost me only Rs.10 and the second one was just Rs.15. But they were of sentimental value mostly. Also having had them for that long was nostalgic and reminded of the tougher times that I was at back when I got them respectively.

The third one is one I bought for Rs.600 from Jabong in 2015. A few days ago, the 23rd of July I think, I reacted angrily after some nonsense at the office by one of the managers for our section and was not happy with his blame game that he has been doing quite often now. Some of my team members were unhappy about it as well. In a fit of anger as soon I came back to my seat, I took off my rings, as I usually do when I am about to type on the keyboard, I slammed them hard on the desk and they rolled into this gap on the desks where the cable wires come through.

I though that I would get them later but forgot about them and only remembered a couple of days later. Last Monday I checked as well and couldn’t find them. I think the cleaning ladies found them and thought they were junk and through them out, since they aren’t in the lost and found. Oh well.

New Debit Card With Another Bank!

I’ve been making some changes to my banking recently. From so long of using just one bank account, one debit card and 1 credit card (all from the same bank), I’ve branched out to a new credit card from RBL Bank and I have just opened a new account with Kotak Mahindra.

From last December I’ve been looking half-hardheartedly and meaning to open a 0 balance account with a bank and keep that debit card with me for separate purposes. I have thought of going back to my old Federal Bank account or checking with a few other banks that may offer this. I would also like to transfer some of the money I make online from my freelance blogging & hosting to this account.

Now, this is not a plug for them but I found the perfect one. Kotak 811 debit card, where you can use a virtual one or get a physical one, is the one I just applied for. They have two options and I opted for the 0 balance, Rs.199 Plus taxes fee a year. Earn up to 6%* interest p.a. on your savings account balance. And best of all applying for it online was easy as pie.

Let’s see how this goes.

Younger Days Blues

What was the hardest part of being a kid?

The hardest part of being a kid was being looked at as just a kid and therefore your opinions don’t really matter. Adults, no matter if they didn’t have a fucking clue, still held all the trump cards. And not just your parents but assorted uncles, aunts, grandmothers and their age group people had the final say. Even when it came to matters that were clearly none of their business and whether they knew shit about things.

That’s why sometimes when we had pushy relatives at our house they got their way at our expense. Decisions that my dad and mom ought to make with me and my sister in mind were in the hands of others. That was a bummer and it would be only in my early 20s when I could stand up and tell people that their opinions are like penises – it’s great to have one but most of the time, please stop waving it around and shoving it in other people’s faces! Just fucking keep it to yourself!

Ofcourse I might have said it much nicer than that but they got the idea!

Prompt from 31 Days Of July Writing Prompts from The SitsGirls

New Phone – Oppo F11 Pro

I know back in May I said that I was not looking to buy a new phone. At that time the brand new Avengers limited version of the Oppo F11 Pro was released to the public. The Oppo F11 pro itself was new having been released in April to the Indian public and launched in March.

But in the weeks since then I have looked at a few phones and wanted to make the change. I love the OnePlus 5T and she is a beast but it was getting to the point that I wanted to move on. So I looked at options and the F11 kept coming up as if to say to me “Come here big boy! Come and get me!”. The seductive calls were too much for me and I looked at exchange options on both Amazon India and Flipkart.

I checked out a few other phones as well and almost waited for the Realme X which is a solid beauty herself and has options for 8GB RAM but it doesn’t have expandable memory which was a downer and made me opt for the Oppo F11 Pro instead. It was neck and neck for a while but Oppo won out. Flipkart had the better exchange deal for my OnePlus 5T and I paid the rest on my new credit card. And now I am eagerly waiting for the Flipkart delivery guy to reach my apartment so I can get my hands on my new phone.