Life Is Not Giving Me Enough Time To Relax

Does Your Life Leave You Enough Time to Relax?

Well not so much at the moment. Weekends yes, plenty of it but they are also doing some heinous things at work. Due to the fact that they can’t arrange things properly so that we can work with the new hired folks in a 9 hour shift and instead it is an 8 hour shift, we have to work 2 Saturdays extra in a month. And not only that we also put in a couple of hours extra almost every day.

That leaves very little time to relax during the week. On weeks that we work on the Saturday, it leaves only Sunday in which to relax and sleep in and watch a movie or something. If we get the two full day weekend then there is more time to relax. And I should say, recover. At the moment, I can’t say that live or should I say work is giving me enough time to relax.

Then you make due with what you get. And wait for it to blow over.

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Do Your Television Viewing Habits Include ‘Binge-Watching’?

At times. Usually it is a kind of show that is either very new or one that I haven’t watched yet, even though it’s been a few years since they last aired/were released. I kinda like a bit of variety in my tv watching and hence I like watching episodes of 2 to 4 shows every week. But sometimes I really get into a show, even if I have watched it before, and stick to that one show for several days. Like Stargate Atlantis or Star Trek Enterprise – these are two shows that I enjoy binge watching several episodes at a time but I have already watched it a few times before.

Some shows like CSI or CSI Miami I have binged several episodes days on end. And I think during the times that I have watched them, I wasn’t really watching any other shows. Supernatural is another one as was Flashpoint. When I was laid up due to illness I did binge sitcoms like either Friends or Corner Gas and I remember back in 2019 when I tore my ankle muscles on one foot as well as fractured the big toe on another, I binged Full House as it was a show that I hadn’t watched since it’s first airing on cable tv many, many years ago.

But other than those, I would only binge shorted season series like on Disney Plus, Amazon Prime that is all the rage these days because it’s more serialized rather than episodic. It makes it easier to binge watch as you need to get to the end to feel like you have watched something.

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So Tiring And Hectic These Past Few Days

I am so tired. The last week has been tiring and so has this week. It’s just a lot of stress at work and me moving about quite a lot. It doesn’t help that the section that I am now sitting in with a set of 48 frontliners on this massive floor is a lot warmer given that the air-conditioning seems to be very low here. It is terrible to sit there at times when they switch it off. Also checking and fixing things which is par for the course means I am on my feet and running around.

Monday I left the office on time since I had told a friend that I would meet her for coffee. Yesterday I stayed back for a while and reached home after 8 pm and I was dead tired on my feet. I started to feel aches all over. I just wanted to lie down immediately but I had to wait till after dinner. I ordered some channa masala for my folks and I which we ate with chapathi made at home. After dinner I was online for a while before I ate my usual apple and an orange before taking my medicines.

By 10:30 pm or so I would be ready for bed – not sleep but lying down in my bed. I would shut off the latop, switch the tv on to watch whatever it is that I am trying to watch. This time it is Ms. Marvel but I am struggling to stay awake. I switch the ac on for an hour and lie in bed to cool off as it is still very warm. I soon fall drowsy and then get up and switch the tv off and then the ac and the lights and go to sleep.

What Are Your Earliest Memories Of Music?

I can’t remember what were the first songs I heard as a small kid. I do remember liking ABBA and Boney M – the former in particular. My older sister used to play their songs for me a lot and I think I loved them a lot. Other than that it as usually kid songs, usually with the artists not really well known or at times eve credited.

I remember this one cassette of all kid songs that I absolutely loved and I would play it over and over again. I can’t remember the titles or the songs now but I do remember the feeling of playing it in the afternoon or evenings (before my cartoons or tv shows came on) and being so absorbed in the songs. I would ofcourse sing along.

Since then as I started listening to more and more of what my sister bought. Wham!, Culture Club, Stevie Wonder and Madonna was what she listened to and I sat along with her. At the of of 8 I got into Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 music and I developed my own taste since then.

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With Whom Would You Share Your Passwords With?

No one. Well, I can amend that to almost no one. Let’s add even pincodes of credit & debit bank cards as well to it. Share it with no one.  Your exceptions would ofcourse be your spouse and perhaps close family members. I wouldn’t share my passwords and pins with anyone else.

My pincode to my cards are shared with my mother and my sister for emergencies and when I have wanted my mother to buy something using my account. And a couple of times when I was in the hospital, I gave my cards to my sister and shared the pincode for my treatment etc. That’s why I share mine. And I have also shared my Amazon Prime password with her so she and her daughter and occasionally my bro-in-law can watch movies. And I in return have their Netflix password so I can watch what’s on that streaming app.

Otherwise, do not share your passwords to anyone. Not to my computer or anything else. It’s just safer that way.

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Do You Use Twitter?

I used to be a lot more involved in Twitter back in the day. And when I say back in the day from the years of 2009-till 2017. I was quite active with many fellow Indian Twitter users in the state and especially the ones from Cochin. We used to have a few Tweetups in cafes around the city and I used to join them for a latte and a chat. Those were the days man. I made quite a few friends in and around the state and I still have quite a few friends from those days.

Since then I usually go on Twitter only when there are football games that I am watching and I look for comments and reactions and I give my own as well. I’ve bee doing that since the 2014 World Cup. And for so long, all I did on Twitter were the automatic Tweets from my blog posts – every time I posted on my blog, my connected Twitter app would tweet the link along with the title of the post and every week I would also share a few Youtube videos that I felt just had to share. But I wasn’t even checking Tweets by the people I follow for the longest time.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of porn stars and online nude models who send you a lot of stuff and well I do take a gander here and there. My old Tweeps and the newer ones, mostly who follow me for the football related tweets, are fun but the overall Twitter thing is a shit show. It’s terrible out there so I stick to my small circles.

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What I Thought I Would Be Doing Vs What I Actually Do Now

What did you want to be when you were a kid? And what do you do now?
I can’t remember what I want to seriously be when I was younger than 14. Pilot, astronaut, tennis professional, rock star – champion air guitarist here – actor! All the kind of stuff that a young kid thinks about and is silly and ridiculous but those are real dreams.

I think I was about 14 or so when I thought that the only thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a computer programmer. Or in Networking. It didn’t matter, I wanted to work in computers and something around it. It never happened. I took some programming courses for over 3 years but in then end I discovered that I did not have the knack for it and that I would never have a career in programming. Or pure IT.

What do I do now? Well ever since 2004 I have been in customer care either on phones, email or chat. I have handled calls, drafted emails and chat support for a few big companies and some much smaller ones. I have been training batches of new hired people into the processes since 2006 and continue to do that. I create content and I audit contacts. I also maintain the client’s major tool ids for our office.

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Evening Shift For A Week Done

One more week goes on by. What I thought would be did not happen – that is me starting a new training batch of newly hired employees at the office did not materialize as the set of 20 that was supposed to be aligned to me was not approved and it looks like that could be pushed back a few weeks. So instead I thought that I would have a few days of light work, finish my reports and work on some minor content etc. That lasted 1 day.

It ended up being a tough week and the last couple of days in particular have been a bit hectic. I couldn’t get all this things that I wanted to do done but the major stuff is all done. Dumb reports and online stuff is all over for the while and it’s now onto new stuff. We also had a farewell for one of the members of the team.

Now to relax for two days.

What I Wouldn’t Give For A New Place To Live In

If you had unlimited resources to solve a given problem, what would you do?

My problem – I wouldn’t say that it is a big problem actually – is that I would like to move apartments. Sell my current apartment and move to a new one. It doesn’t have to be actually a new one, as in a newly built building, but an older one that has more amenities and options for us and most importantly more space.

Our apartment is a very old one and it’s smaller than most 3 bedroom apartments. It’s downright drab next to better looking apartments. We only have 1 elevator and if it is down, it’s a 7 stairs cases climb for us. Which we avoid. That and some other issues. It would be good to move out and sell this one. I hope we can do that someday.

But if I had the resources and not have to worry, I would buy the new one, move my parents and myself in and then sell this one. Without having to take a loan or anything!

What Lesson Have I Learned From My First Job

What are some lessons you learned from your first job that are still relevant now?

My first – I actually can’t say it was a real job as it was freelance sales and I only stayed with it for a few weeks. Someone informed my sister that this business that dealt with computer accessories and, at then new to us, dial-up modems for connecting to the internet. This was way back in 1997 and I was all of just turning 21.

So I took a small training from them – this place was also where I first went online – and then got some cards from them and some brochures and went to some businesses in the main part of the city and pitched the idea for them to buy our modems. Most of these businesses didn’t have an internet connection and at that time they did not use the internet. I found myself getting roadblocked at most places, mainly because I was green and didn’t have a modem with me to give them a demo. However I did get myself being welcomes nicely at this one place where a friend of mine had a relative working.

So I got a go ahead that they would take one provided they get a demo. This was good, so I called the business and arranged for a demo to be done. A couple of days later, when I went to their office, the lady who ran the business said “Oh we had already met them earlier and so this one doesn’t count as one of your sales”. Because otherwise, she would need to pay me Rs. 1000. I was disappointed, and I was about to tell her about the relative of my friend who invited me to go there, but I avoid confrontation, especially at that age, and bit my tongue. I never went back to them again.

The lesson I learned is that people are willing to do and say anything to screw you over. And that is very true at every level and in every business and it holds true today.

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Cutting Out Coke, Pepsi, 7Up, Sprite & The Like

Challenge yourself to do something for a set period of time (ex: avoid TV, cut out soda), then write about your experience.

When it comes to soda – 7up, Coke, Pepsi & Sprite and maybe the occasional Mountain Dew if there is nothing else – I love them all. I used to drink a lot of them – when I went outside, if I was thirsty I would pick a Pepsi or a 7up. When I went out for lunch or dinner, me and even people I was with at the time would pick a Pepsi or Coke or something to drink while we ate.

Pepsi / Coke especially go well with most fast food. Burgers, hot dogs, pizza or fried chicken just are aching for them drinks to wash down the food in your throat and also quench your thirst at well. Anytime I was thirsty, I wished I had one of these at home. So as I grew older, I did order some to keep in the fridge. Like the 1 or 2 litres Coke or Pepsi or 7up bottles. I even went to Sugarless Coke for a while. But I have been staying away from them for quite a while.

Since October of 2021 I have only had a handful of “sodas”. I gave them up for the most part but will indulge once in a while. I prefer to drink juices instead. A couple of times at the office during lunch I have picked a 600ml bottle of 7up or Pepsi since I couldn’t find any juice that I liked. Or if I was in a hurry. I don’t miss them that much at all. And if I do then I will get 1 but it will rare that I do.

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Share What’s On Your Desk Right Now

So this is about my desk at home, my little crowded desk that needs to be replaced soon. I have ofcourse my laptop, now mounted on a a stand so it is elevated. I have a USB mouse on the right side along with 3 earpods in their cases, 2 USB charger cable and my Amazon Echo. Lying next to it is a USB dongle with some movies on it.

Now, let’s get to the left side. I always keep a coaster next to my laptop, for my water glass or tea or coffee. Behind that I have another USB dongle, a Bluetooth speaker that is connected to my laptop. Behind that I have my glass case and a Vicks inhaler as well a small tripod.

That’s about it! I wish I had a bigger desk but this is all I can keep in my smallish room. If I had a bigger room, I would get a bigger desk and have a few more items – I would even get a large monitor and keep it on the desk. I would also get a big keyboard as well and a couple of other items.

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Movies I Wasn’t Supposed To Watch As A Kid But Did

What’s a movie you weren’t supposed to watch as a kid but you saw it anyway?

I was 5 years old hen I watched the original Evil Dead, and a few days later, Basket Case. I was scared shitless by them both and was hiding behind the sofa while my parents and my older sister watched it. Scared me for days. My parents told me to go and sit in my room but I defied them as I wanted to see the movies. Evil Dead has since become one of my favourite horror movies of all time and a beloved icon of my childhood. Basket Case is a stupid movie in comparison but remains a big part of nostalgic memories.

And then there is one which I am teased about even to this day, 36 years later. You see I was a big fan of this cartoon series called Thundercats. I watched it over and over again and was obsessed with it. When we came back to India in the summer of 1987, I was saddened to know that they show was not being shown on Indian television. However we did have a couple of video lending libraries (think lower quality versions of Blockbuster) and my family would go every weekend and get some movies to watch for Saturday and Sunday.

And one holiday I picked up a movie called Cat People thinking that it would be just like Thundercats – but man was I wrong. A few of my cousins and I sat in the living room and I put the movie on and there were some naked women scenes and sex scenes and the adults got wild and made us switch it off. I had no idea what the heck was happening, I was not yet 12 and had no clue about sex. I didn’t understand what the big deal was but I couldn’t watch it. And I still haven’t watched the full movie to this day! Maybe I should change that someday.

My Biggest & Most Bitter Regret

What is your biggest regret?
My biggest regret is the fact that I am alone and a single guy at the age of 46. I never ever expected that to happen when I was younger. Never in a million years. I have had my crushes and a couple of relationships but I have been mostly single since the age of 22. When I was a teenager I used to think that I would meet an awesome girl my age and we’d fall in love and begin our relationship and date and eventually get married by the time I was 27-28 and move in together. And that it would be me, my woman and my dog Shawny living in a nice small house and we’d have such a loving relationship. I have always dreamed about it.

Even after I my long time relationship for over 6 years broke, I still had some hope in me. For the next 3 years I didn’t think it would happen, even though I met a few girls I liked, but by the age of 26 I as very hopeful. I kept wishing that I would find a wonderful young lady, who would ease the pain and heartbreak I had suffered from my very first long term relationship and make me forget the negative side and let me fall in love again. Once again, I did have a couple of crushes but nothing ever materialized from any of it – and all of a sudden I hit 30! Oh no, I as supposed to haven been married by now.

I remember just after I turned 30, we were having lunch one day and my parents asked me if they should look for a match for me. Like an arranged marriage. And I said no, if I find someone I would tell them. And that’s because arranged marriage is not the way for me. I don’t hate it but its’ not something that I would want to do. And then years passed on by. At 31 I fell in love but no luck. At 33 I found out that a woman actually had feelings for me. Again no luck. I began to think that nothing as gonna happen. The ages of 35 to 38 the thought of finding a woman was further from my mind as I was struggling financially and job wise.

And then I was happier but I thought ok, I am 39 now, time is running out soon. Still no luck. I have had a couple of crushes but nothing serious. And then Covid hit and since late 2021 I have been in bad health. I can’t imagine finding a woman now as it’s easier to be in a relationship and then have these issues. I am now 46 and will turn 47 in August. The big 50 is just a little over 3 years away. The dream is fading away to just wisps of smoke and then into nothingness. I guess I will end up alone. No…..I know I will end up alone.

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Hanging Out Drinking In A Grande Life

What’s your favorite hideout or hangout spot, and why do you like it?

I haven’t had a hangout in a long, long time. Covid being the biggest reason ever plus my illness. Now I have a hangout that I enjoy being at even though, it’s expensive as heck. I am talking about Starbucks. Specifically the one at Vennala.

I have been aching to have some frappucino or ice cappucino or cold brews. And last week I walked in twice to enjoy a little bite in the evening and a grande. After such a long time I as in a cafe. And it was the first time I was in a Starbucks since 2015! Yes I have ordered a few cups via Swiggy or Zomato but it’s a different experience to go in and order it yourself and get the fresh frappe set on your table and to enjoy the ambience and sip slowly.

Sitting there the two time last week, munching on a croissant and sipping my coffee, I did feel good and relaxed after my work had ended. It is a nice feeling. Ofcourse it’s not light on the wallet and therefore I cannot do it often but once in a month or so, I can enjoy myself in a cafe.

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Terrible Traffic Block In Cochin

Whooo! What a terrible day! Well guy today was the king of traffic blocks. And if I had actually left the office on time I would have been able to avoid it. Today I left the office at 5:30 pm and looked to book a cab to come back home. It was getting really windy and I wanted to leave before it started raining. I had some trouble in getting one as an idiot driver canceled the trip half the way to my office and he had also waited for a while before starting. Asshole!

Anyways I booked another cab and waited for him to reach me. It started to thunder and lightning quite a bit and I started to get worried. The cab came and I got in but half the way through we were caught in a huge traffic jam. It was so bad that were were barely moving. We took a different route but using a service road we found that the side of the road and the gutter were filled with water. It was tough going and we saw a couple of accidents on the way. This was why the block was so bad. Somehow he managed to get us out and we took a less used and less crowded route, which added 5 kilometers to the journey, but I guess it had to be done.

I got down at the pharmacy near my apartment building and bought my inhaler and a spare. I then came up to my apartment and got some tea and a couple of biscuits. It was 8:20 pm by then and I was tired as hell. By 9:30 I had a quick dinner of tuna curry and chapati and in a while I will get an apple and eat that. And then I’m gonna try to get some sleep.

I Hate Smoking & Cigarettes But Cigars Fascinate Me

I can’t stand cigarettes anymore. The smell of it is so off-putting that I will gag and also get a breathing issue (due to my asthma). But I did smoke a long time ago. When I was a teenager a couple of my older cousins smoked and also at the age of 16 to 18 some of my friends also smoked. Hence I picked it up though I rarely did smoke; it as mostly something I did when hanging with smokers. I in particularly liked to smoke at night with the lights all off and lying on my bed.

The one year I lived in Bangalore, at the age of 19, I did smoke a lot more but that was mainly due to the colder weather. However I quit smoking by the age of 23 and I have never been tempted to smoke again. I can’t stand it or smokers and can’t stand near the stench for more than a few seconds. But I do miss cigars! Yeah, you heard me. I didn’t smoke it much. To be honest I can only remember buying cigars twice in my life. Once when I was 21 or 22 and some of my cousins and I were roaming the shops in Fort Cochin. I saw a sign on one store that state they had some cigars so I went and bought a few and smoke them for the next few nights. They were the thinner kind but I did like the flavour.

My first time though was back in Bangalore when I was 19. Funny enough how I smoked a cigar and marijuana both for the first time at the age of 19. One afternoon a couple of my friends decided that they wanted to drink wine and I joined them. We got 3 big bottles of delicious local wine and some food and spent a nice evening drinking the wine, chatting and then eating the food we bought. Towards the end one of the other guys brought out these big cigars as a surprise and offered 1 to each of us. I took it and it as so awesome to smell it and smoke it. I had to smoke it over 2 days as it as so big. But I do miss them.