Dearly Departed

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote about this girl from my school, Maryam, 2 years younger than me. I would like to share another incident from that time. During my 9th grade (or 9th standard as we call it) I was selected to be in a play for the school’s annual day celebrations. The play was called Dearly Departed about a grandfather whose two granddaughters think he has passed away (he is in reality only just in a deep sleep) and they and their husbands start fighting over his belongings and property. There is also a small girl in the character list, daughter of of the granddaughters.

So I was to play the role of the grandfather and hence for most of the play I was in the sidelines, which suited me fine. I am only in for the last 1/3rd of the play when I finally wake up from my sleep and the little girl sees this and goes to tell her mother, father, aunt and uncle but they don’t pay attention to her or see him until he comes down the stairs. I see the family fighting over my stuff and blast them for it. I then go on to announce that I have met an elderly widow who I have fallen in love with and I am getting married to her and my estate will be going to her in case I die first.

The play is mostly funny but there is a scene in which one of the grandaughters, played by Maryam is supposed to check on me while I speak and hold my wrist, to check my pulse. During rehearsals it was supposed to be just a metaphoric holding of my wrist but she came and actually held my hand and I yelled out in jest “Let go of my hand woman!” to which everyone else in the play including the teachers started laughing but Maryam was embarrassed and ran away crying. My teachers admonished me (though not sternly as they were still laughing) and made me go and apologize and bring her back.

Battling Sleep & Tiredness With Black Gold

If I had to choose between drinking either of only beer or coffee for the rest of my life I guess I would have to reluctantly pick coffee. You can’t drink beer in the mornings and besides, Captain Janeway beat the Borg with it. Good morning!

Nothing can beat the taste of a nice big mug of strong coffee just after you wake up. I like my coffee strong, with or without milk and sweet. I need the sweetness but I also like a bite of coffee bitterness so I make it strong.

Mornings like today are perfect examples : I woke up early, by 5 am, as I had fallen asleep quite early for me. By 11:30 pm or so my eyelids were getting droopy so I switched off the lights and went to sleep. The two beers I had last night were the culprit. Anyways I woke up by 5 am as it was kinda hot.

I still lay in bed in the dark and checked my phone. I went online to Facebook and also played a few games but then tried to go back to sleep. Still groggy at 7 am I finally gave up and woke up. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and went to make my first cup of coffee for the day. Ah! Much better.

No Internet Again

It’s been two days since I had internet at home. Well it came for an hour here and there. Early Friday morning at around 2 am as I am trying to watch football on live streaming the broadband goes down. After 10 minutes I call up Asianet for what is like the 30th time this year to complain and tell them to fix it. All of Friday morning and afternoon I don’t have internet and call them again.

It comes back on sometime at night I guess but I am at work and only see it at 4:30 am this morning after I reach home. This morning after I have slept it’s on for an hour but goes out again. I called them again and asked them what is going on. I spoke to a supervisor and ask her why the problem can’t be fixed and told her if the internet isn’t fixed by time that I would cancel. She said that the issue would be escalated.

I waited till 5pm and checked and see that it’s working but only for a few minutes so I call them again as they closed my complaint as HAVING BEEN FIXED! What the fuck?!! I told the customer care representative to reopen the complaint and said the same thing. I will cancel if they don’t fix it by Sunday morning. And I mean it. I have called Airtel and if Asianet cannot care enough to fix the problem for me, I am changing ISPs.

Sniff, Sniff

Since yesterday I have had this terrible cold. I know I catch cold easily and I had a bad cough, cold and breathing issues due to a slight phlegm infection three weeks or so ago. This week dad is ill and has a bad bout with the flu and now both mum and I are feeling ill.

But I do not have the luxury of taking a leave for today as I have a presentation today at 5:30 pm and I need to be there by 4:30 pm atleast to prepare and ensure that everything is in order.

I hope to come home early and get straight to bed but it will be atleast 2 am when that happens. Ah shucks, I hope it goes away by Friday otherwise my weekend will be shot!

When I Worked In Sales

Have you ever worked in sales? Tell us your best story about that job!

When I started my career in the BPO industry and worked in the call center at Aspin Wall, it was all pure sales. We mostly did cold calling and it was all lower end sales like credit cards and online supermarket credit cards. The credit cards, which I did a lot during my 7 months working there, was mostly of a lower amount and it was usually to people who had been rejected for a higher value credit card.

Therefore it was quite disheartening to get rejections for sales but then it was mostly cold calls. We’d get abused, called racist terms but some were good calls. I used the name Jeff Steven but stopped after a month as twice I ran into funny calls : one women asked “isn’t that a girl’s name?” because she heard Jess and another lady heard it as Cat Stevens. We bought laughed at that one.

I then changed it to Jeremy Stevens which was much better. My favourite sales was when we did sales for Sprint PCS and I called this single mother, African-American, and she kept calling me “sir” and was desperate for three phones (all Nokia) and the plan we offered. I made that sale and was toasted as it was 3 phones in one sale.

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Rainy Day Roshan

What do you do on rainy days?

Rainy days tend to make me lazy. I used to love to spend rainy days inside at home with large amounts of hot, black coffee and a good book. Ofcourse, since the late 2000s the internet has ruled roost and I tend to want to be online and watching Youtube instead of reading a novel.

I could use some really nice good food. Like hot fried chicken a la southern style. Something from KFC or Chick King or SFC Plus or MarryBrown will do just fine. Or a large pizza. Some vodka and Sprite on ice will go a long way to please my palate. And after that watch a couple of movies from my favourite genres.

What else could a guy want? I hope for some nice afternoon rains that last late into the night. Those are rather lovely.

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What does home mean to you?

Home means a few things. It’s comfort and familiarity and it’s a sanctuary. It doesn’t matter how big or small, how posh or lackluster it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big ole house in the suburbs surrounded by flowers, trees and plants with a nice yard and big rooms inside. It doesn’t matter if it’s luxurious or just practical.

The comfort of sleeping in your own bed every night is rarely achieved elsewhere. Ofcourse a nice hotel with big beds and soft pillows can be lovely but it will never truly be yours. Unless you are filthy rich. The feeling of the bed that has adjusted to your body over time is a like nothing else. Having your things around you is comforting.

If it’s specific to me and my place, it’s where I know all my things are and I can easily choose what I want. I like my regular home delivery/take outs. Home means broadband internet and lots of movies or tv shows to choose from to watch. It means cold beer chilling in the fridge. It means going to sleep and dreaming about my fantasy & scifi adventures.

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Three Days

So after three days of working a regular kinda of shift with regular working hours, I will be back to the late evening shifts from tomorrow. It was nice while it lasted. Though today I was asked to stay back till 9 because of something that could easily have been done tomorrow. But NO!

I feel so good when I work in the day hours. The work gets done much faster, I feel like I am more productive. I get more things done. There are less distractions as we have majority of the work staff coming in from 6pm to 11:30 am and hence I don’t feel crowded and I can work in peace.

So, back to the grind once again. I am not too happy about it. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

Urban Platter’s Roasted Potato Chips

I love potato chips as an evening snack with coffee. I like it with beer or vodka. I like to eat it while watching a football match or a movie. It’s a favourite thing for me to munch on as it is for millions of others. My favourite brands would be Lays and Pringles. There are a few others and even locally made, no-name brand chips is great as well.

I’d like to try newer brands and give everything a fair shake. One brand I will never buy again is Urban Platter. I saw this brand on and thought I’d give it a try. Hey, I love chips! It’s more expensive than Lays or Pringles but less expensive than some others I have seen. So I order this one, Tangy Tomato and a cheese & herbs one. How bad can they be? Turns out that they are really bad. The taste and texture is like flavoured cardboard!

It doesn’t even have the feel of potato chips. It actually tastes more like “kadachakka” or breadfruit! But it doesn’t have that taste. It’s vile. I will never buy them again. Yuck!

Three Snacks At The Movies

What three snacks do you always get at the movie theater?

Since I started going to movie again (after a gap of 11 years) in February of 2016 I usually only get two things. A soft drink and popcorn. I am struggling to think as to what third item I could possibly get so let’s just go with this.

I love popcorn at the movies. Flavoured popcorn and my choices are usually cheese or caramel flavoured. I love both equally well. For a drink it’s usually Coke or Pepsi but at times I also get 7up but not if it is caramel popcorn that I am eating. 7up or Sprite is way better than cola.

So for the third item, I’d have to say an item that I haven’t had in a theatre since 2005 and that’s candy. Chocolate bars to be precise. It’s great as long as it’s not melted.

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What does financial freedom look like to you?

It’s simple – financial freedom will be a number with several 0s at the end of my bank account…or accounts! Credit cards up the wazoo with huge credit limits and never ever having to worry about working another fucking day of my life.

I would quit. Man, would I quit and never look back. Never having to worry about paying my bills and worrying about whether or not to have a nice spending spree and if that means staying in the next two weekends because of it. I would not worry about money coming in and sleep in. It would also mean a better place to stay and more luxuries to enjoy.

Maybe a few days on holiday and staying in some of the nicest hotels and enjoying some pampering. That’s what financial freedom means to me and that’s what

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR MARCH from The SitsGirls

Maryam From My Childhood

Nostalgic musings and thoughts meandering to my teenage years and all the things I have done and been part of. And also the feelings I had around those times. I recently posted about my very first crush for a girl, two years my senior. Well let me tell you about this girl who had a sort of crush on me and who I also kinda liked.

She was in the 7th grade when I was in the 9th grade. Her name was Maryam and she was from a Muslim family. Her parents were ultra strict with her but not with regards to religion or religious upbringing. Infact, in hindsight, her family must seem quite modern to most now. They were very strict with her studies and things like that. So they had no television and no games and no radio! This is the 1990! Her family were well off enough to afford a couple of tvs and a few radios and walkman but she and her younger sister were forbidden to have them at home.

Nothing to interfere with the wholehearted & steadfast approach to gaining the best marks in school (and I suppose college after that). If she didn’t finish 1st or 2nd in the monthly tests that we had in school, you could be sure that she would be on leave the next day. Why? Because her parents would beat her with a cane and she would fall sick and cry a lot.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Weird Little Afternoon Dream

I had this weird but vivid dream this afternoon. Yes, in the afternoon! I was watching a movie and was falling asleep as I have been ill since late Wednesday night and so took an almost 2 hour nap. Plus it is hot as well. So in this dream, I was traveling in a van driven by my cousin and I was in the passenger seat. There were two other cousins in the back seat. I was sleepy and loopy and almost falling unconscious. We were headed to a wedding in town.

As we neared the wedding hall, I realized that I was shirtless and my dhoti was untied and almost falling out of my seat. I tried in van to tie it back my hands just couldn’t get the co-ordination needed for it. We reached the hall and there were so many people there outside. Yet as the door opened, magically a white shirt appeared on my back and I managed to do the buttons on. I also magically had black pants on under my dhoti and I grabbed the ends of the dhoti to cover it from falling down. I staggered my way to a seat and sat there for a while, holding my head in my hands. My cousins called me as they were eating lunch and I sat with them but couldn’t even manage to look at the food.

I went on inside the hall and found a bathroom. I found a stall and closed the door as I felt like pooping and puking at the same time and my head was woozy. I lowered my pants and my underwear to do my business but still managed to get dirty as I puked at the same time. I  managed to wash it off and now had to wear the wet pants under my dhoti and walk around. I went to a kitchen and met two of my aunts who wanted to give me lemonade to make me feel me better but I walked away still feeling the effects and wanting to get home and to sleep. I managed to get to a car and my grandmother’s sister – who in real life has never driven ever – drove me half way to my home!

She stopped on the way to get me some medicine but it did not clear my wooziness and I was barely able to walk straights. Soon the rest of my family caught up with us and I walked back into the van and they took me to a hospital. Turns out I had a tumor in my brain and that was what was causing my wooziness and lack of coordination. The doctors started talking about what we could do when I woke up from my sleep! Weird, huh?

Might Stay In This Weekend

Man, I am tired. I worked Monday 10:30pm to 6:30 am – I had to leave the office at that time since I had to come in by 8:30 pm for a session. So Tuesday that’s the shift that I worked and yesterday I worked a 7:30 pm to 4:30 am shift. This morning I reached home by 5:10 am and then ate a quick breakfast that I had packed from the office cafeteria and slept by 6:15 am.

Woke up at 1:30 pm feeling tired and exhausted and all that stuff. Post a late lunch I watched a movie while lying on my bed feeling still half like a zombie. And I still have two more work days to go for this week. Oh man, at this rate I guess that I will be as dead as a zombie by early Saturday morning. Still 2 days to go to the weekend.

I guess I will stay in this weekend if this is how I feel. I had planned to go and buy some beers from the self service Bevco in Gandhinagar and then come home quickly on Saturday evening and then order in some food for the folks and me. I might still do that but right now, even going to shower and shave seems like a big task.

Internet Outage Again!

Well, I’ve had another long outage in terms of internet at home this afternoon. With me getting home by 6:30 am and sleeping till 2 pm not having internet till just a couple of minutes ago is just not done. My current ISP provider, Asianet Broadband, though having a few good plans is having a lot of issues lately with providing me service. I keep having to call them very frequently and raising complaints.

Today what happened was, according to the technician who I just spoke to, a vehicle (most probably a stupid truck that delivers to one of the businesses nearby or the construction crew vehicles, hit the post that has the Asianet device that gets me internet to my apartment and thereby the cable got broken. This happens atleast once every 3 months. Added to frequent little outages that last a few hours and a server going down in the area every month or so, it has started to really bug me.

So I am happy with the plans and speeds but to be honest it’s not that great anymore. Plus their customer support sucks – most of the outsourced associates have no clue as to what to tell you and they even go out of their way to let you know (not outright but it’s the way that they say it) that they are outsourced and they will let the “OFFICE” know about it. I dunno but I may have to look out for another ISP.

Is Valentine’s Day Special?

Valentine’s Day. Is it a big deal in your world?

I meant to blog this prompt on the 14th or perhaps a or two day before it but I guess it skipped my mind. Valentine’s Day is a good day to celebrate your love for someone and I have no issues with it. In fact I support it wholeheartedly. I am not one of those morons who keep saying that Valentine’s day is a made up holiday or event – so is every other day including you holy days! There is no need to get all high and mighty with this stupid claim. I agree that Hallmark and other such companies capitalize on the sentiments of this day but then so do they and others on other events or holidays or celebrations. So don’t just get your knickers in a twist on this one day because it has no religious twist added to it or no one died or sacrificed themselves on the day for it’s origins.

It’s a day for you to celebrate the love and relationship you have with your loved one. Spend it on a nice evening meal with whatever – music, candles, romantic setting, quick getaway, hotel room booking, expensive meals – that will please the one you want to show your love & appreciation for. Your husband or your wife or significant other. Show them that today is just a special way of showing how much you appreciate them being there for you. And that should be great. Do not feel compelled to do it only on this day because of international pressure. But do it because you want to do it.

I guess anyday can be made special. So you know what – throw your lover offguard by doing something similar on a random given day? That makes it even more special.

Prompt is from 28 Days of Writing Prompts at The SitsGirls

Shopping For Shirts

Well it’s was long overdue. I finally went to Men’s Studio in Seemati and bought two shirts for myself. I am down to just a handful of shirts and one of the ones I like as it is very comfortable to wear tore when I caught a part of it on a sharp edge of a metal thing sticking out of a staircase at work. It’s not a big hole but I notices rips around the collar and well I needed to buy new shirts anyway. I always only keep 7-8 shirts with me which is crazy I know but being a big fat guy means less choice in the ready made shirt department.

Anyways, I always leave buying new clothes till the last moment and so I just needed to go and buy a couple of shirts. I had a coffee and a sandwich for a late breakfast and then headed to Men’s Studio and checked out some shirts. I selected the only three that I liked outta the small selection for my size but there was a plain blue one which once I wore it looked rather tacky. So I selected these two and paid for them and then headed back home.


I was in the clothing store for just 15 minutes. 15 minutes to select three shirts, try them on and then pay for them and leave! Hahaha try that one out ladies! Seriously I have spent hours waiting for my sister and girl cousins while they shopping for clothes. Watch a 3 hour movie, eat lunch and get a few beers in that time.

That First Pull Of The Heart Strings

Write About Your First Crush

In 1989 I met this girl named Sofia who had just moved to my school. She was a class ahead of me but about 2 years older. She had fair skin, curly brown hair and she was tall. Taller than me too! But I had this magnificent crush on her. Probably my first real crush. I remember all those feelings I had for this girl. And it was love at first sight for me. I remember I had just turned 12 and I met her as she was one of the new girls in the school where boys to girls ratio was around 5:1.

I was in the 8th grade and she was in the 9th, so I was 13 and she was 15 at the time. She never talked to many folks at the school which made it hard for me to muster up the courage to go and talk to her but I got a chance when I was picked to be part of this choir / group singing thing for our school’s annual day celebrations and so for 2 months I was with her during the practice hour each day. I even managed to ask her for her number and spoke to her a few times.

Ofcourse nothing came of it and she told me that I was younger than her and so it wasn’t something she would be interested in. I wasn’t very heartbroken or anything really as she soon left the school (no idea why) and I lost touch. About 5 years later I saw her while I was waiting for the bus and shouted her name and she smiled in recognition and that was the only other time I have ever seen her. I used to have the song Street of Dreams by Rainbow as “our” song and I would play this song and imagine it was me singing to her, while she danced around me in a white sweater and a grey skirt! I remember it so well even it was almost 30 years ago!!!

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