Tired With Lack Of Sleep and 14 Hours of Work

I am tired and sleepy. Yesterday I started working at 4:30 pm and was supposed to knock off from work at 1:30 am but I was informed that another person who was supposed to do a shift from 9:30 pm to 6:30 am was ill and had to go to the hospital and hence I had to take over the set of newly joined employees at the office. At 9:30 pm I was told that there was a replacement available so then I won’t have to do it. I went about my work and continued till almost 1am when I got to know that the replacement has a laptop issue and hence I had to deputize and I ended up working till 6:30 am.

I then went and made my breakfast – 2 sunny side eggs with some breakfast chicken sausages. That done I wasn’t really that sleepy, mostly very tired, and I thought I could watch some tv before I went to sleep but halfway through an episode of Star Trek Enterprise, I was nodding off so I went to bed. I haven’t got the best sleep today so if things go well I will knock off work early.

By 12:45 pm I was up and lazing in my bed. I ordered some chilli pork from a nearby restaurant – I had a little bit more than half of that for lunch. The rest of it with some sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce will be my dinner. I will start work by 8 and hopefully will be in bed early and I can get some proper sleep. Atleast 8 hours.

The X-Files & Me In Space

This is gonna sound weird to you but I have told you before that I always think about futuristic scifi scenarios and that I and most people I know are alive in that world which is set like a few 1000 years into the future. Think Star Trek with more advanced technology including a force field or personal shield that makes you invincible against any weapon, any natural or unnatural elements like diseases, viruses, harmful rays or anything. Basically invincible as long as we don’t fly into a sun!

So, in this same universe I am part of the X-Files team. Yes that X-Files! However in this dream and in this supreme futuristic universe, the team consists of Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, John Doggett & Reyez. Or rather, they are investigators who are part of the Human Federation and are sent on missions to alien planets and settlements in other parts of the galaxy to investigate murders & other crimes. And in this dream they are actually brought together to form a unit, even though they know of each other and have worked briefly together in the past, by Asst. Deputy Director Walter Skinner under orders to get an elite investigating team together under his jurisdiction as the demand for impartial investigators who are alien and have the advanced technology and skills that our team does.

So the setting is on this station in deep space, let’s just call it Deep Space 50 even though I do not remember a mention in my dream. Skinner has summoned all 4 seasoned agents – Agents Mulder, Doggett, Reyes and Agent/Dr. Dana Scully to for a team that will report to him and travel via a small starship and then report back to Deep Space 50 in between cases. So the meeting starts and ofcourse there is the problem with who will lead the team – Skinner decides that there will be no team leader but each agent is given priorities & roles to do during the missions like medical examinations by Scully! Then Skinner says he is adding on a new member to the team who will pilot the spacecraft and also is in charge of weapons and the militaristic android/robots who will be added to the team.

In comes …..me ofcourse. I am the pilot and investigator, and also from the more militaristic Starfleet section of the Federation, who specializes in weapons and using commands to a more advanced lead robot, I also command the android/robots who are there for helping us and added protection. I am introduced to the team and I professes my admiration for their body of work. We are dismissed and go to a conference room, where I introduce them to the lead roboto and my dog, Shawny, who is also traveling with us. After they all pet the dog I show them 3d images of the starship we will be traveling in for these missions and brief them about the various areas.

There are quarters for each of us, plus in case of emergencies rooms for an additional 6 more people. The rest of the ship consists of a meeting room/dinning room, a big lounge, a couple of labs, work out areas and ofcourse the small engineering section which my lead robot & I can manage. On the second deck is the weapons lockers and a couple of air/water/land vehicles we can use to travel on the planets we visit as well. Everything set, our first mission is to investigate a series of murders on a planet that has 5 alien races who are mining the rich minerals and materials on that planet. They have lived with relatively no problems – just minor skirmishes between the races – but this series of murders is from all 5 races and they are on the verge of an all out battle.

So the next morning we leave headed for the planet and that is just the beginning of our missions. In between we head back to the space station and report to Skinner and the hierarchy. We become really good friends and have fun during the downtime of the missions and even while on the missions. Also Reyes and I develop a romantic relationship, which we keep secret from the rest (though Dana seems to know about it) and have a lot of fun while we are alone.

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What If Memories Were Money? Would You Be Rich?

Yes. I would be a billionaire several time over and give people like Jeff Bezos serious competition for being richer beyond your comprehension. Infact several Arab countries would come to borrow money from me as they would see me as being richer than all of them combined. Why? Because my brain is nothing if not a reservoir of great memories, good memories, some not so good memories and some really bad memories. Ah, the life I have lived. It’s not for the faint of heart.

I would say that the good memories are ofcourse so sweet and precious that it brings a smile to my face. And maybe even a tear when I think back to these wonderful moments that will never come back again. The sad ones and not so good ones are different – it hurts to think about them but at times you can’t just not think about them because something that happened in the present just reminded you of what had happened 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 years ago.

So like I said, I would be rich though not very happy because there are a lot of bad memories or really sad memories in my 45 years. However I try and smile and not get too upset over these ones since I cannot control it or take a time machine and go back to fix things. I wish I could. Maybe if I did become a billionaire many times over, I could invest into getting a time machine and then I can go back in time and fix those wrongs.

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Little White Lies

Is it ever okay to tell a little white lie? Explain your opinion.

Short answer yes! It depends on the situation. As I grew older I found that I did not appreciate people lying to me and also I developed a hatred towards lying for anything. Call it maturity on my part (hey, it had to happen someday) or whatever but I just feel that when you lie it always creates issues for you later on. You have to then cover up the lie and back it up with possible 1 or more other lies and hope it all doesn’t tumble like a house of cards in a tornado.

But I do lie. Little white lies. I remember the main person I used to say this to. My former manager – do you know why? This guy had a problem with his team members leaving home on time. So when I was working the morning shift, which was like 8:30 am or 9am and 9 hours later it was the end of the shift, other people could leave but we had to go and check with him if there was any of his work that he wanted us to do because he was a lazy bum and liked to just talk to people. So I used to lie to him that I had things to buy for home and that my mother or father needed help and was waiting for me.

All this just so I could leave 1 or 2 days on time. Otherwise I would have to wait for 2-3 hours and not get paid overtime, because this guy was too lazy to enter data into a online portal that the corporate team looks into. And it was his job! Yet he couldn’t do it. Or some other shit like that. So I would lie.

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How To Find (& Keep) Your Work-Life Balance

It is hard to do, especially now since I work from home. Because you have access to the system at any time of the day, some people – I won’t say everyone – but some people think that you are available to just log on to the system and VPN and do whatever they want you to do even on your days off or well after your shift is over. That is not just annoying and irritating but it should be discouraged.

Striking out a work-life balance is important. Just because you are home and the work system is with you 24/7 doesn’t mean you have to work those extra hours or be expected to drop everything that you are doing just to get back to sending a file or an email. I also hate it when I am watching a movie or tv show, relaxing from my bed when I get a phone call on a day that I am off from someone who should know better and send out an email.

That is the other issue – I even put my status on my company Skype account as to what shift am I working in so that some people won’t call me. Yet they still do. I think a good message is needed and sometimes perhaps an auto-message is also required but that shouldn’t be the case. I wonder how other people adjust to this.

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How Would It Feel To Take A Break From Social Media?

Hmmm I dunno. I think the last time I took a break from social media was for a single day. And the reason was that I was suffering a really bad fever with a case of the shivers and joint aches. Therefore I don’t really count that as a real break from social media, since it wasn’t planned and the decision was actually made for me. But I think that actually gives me some idea of what it would be like.

I would find it hard to take a break of more than a day. I tend to check my phone several times a day. Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Messages from various apps and banks and delivery apps and offers from Flipkart and Amazon. Discounts from Ola & Uber. Sports updates. Sometimes it is crazy. Also I am obsessive in that I keep checking Google app’s recommended articles based on my preferences. It’s so addictive that I can’t stop – the first thing I do as soon as I wake up in the morning is to pick up my phone and check for anything important. Even before I wear my glasses.

When can I try out to see if I have the ability to stay away from all social media – I will continue to blog ofcourse – for a week. No Whatspp, no Facebook, no Messenger, no Instagram, no Twitter, no Uber, no shopping apps, no nothing. I think I can do it and it will help if I am really busy during that week so I won’t want to keep checking my phone or log on to the websites on my laptop.

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Three Things I Am Grateful For Right This Second

What three things are you grateful for right this second?

1. One of the things I am grateful for is that I have a job in an industry and company that allows me to work remotely from home. I am scared of the dangers of Covid-19 and just the fact that I have this awesome opportunity to have been working from my home since late March of last year means the whole world to me. Even if we didn’t have the pandemic going on, I was looking around to see if I could work from home and was hoping that there were jobs out there that I do so remotely. To not have the job situation change that much despite the pandemic was a real bonus for me and a lot of other people.

2. I am grateful for the internet that provides me with all my entertainment, my source of news as well as my work. See without high speed internet, I wouldn’t be able to work from home. So it keeps me busy with work and it also lets me have fun. Which is great. Also I do make some money over the internet in terms of being paid for sponsored posts.

3. For food delivery apps. This is such an amazing invention. Whether it’s the grocery delivery for my eggs, sausages and cheese or buying poultry and fish or satisfying my taste buds and cravings, I am dependent on these apps. Especially since the pandemic since I don’t really go out much anymore. I am so grateful for food apps.

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My Current Night Routine In The 8Am To 5Pm Work Week

Well since I recently blogged about my new & current morning routine, with me having been working in the morning shift for over a month now. 4 weeks of this shift, I have now gotten used to this new time line which will continue for another 20 days or more. So I have managed to form some sort of a routine. As mentioned in the previous post, I wake up at 6:30 am and start my work from 8 am till 5 pm. After I send my trainees on their merry way, I check to see if I have any other work to get to.

Once that is done I shut down my office pc, which is usually by 5:30 pm and go get a coffee. I look at what snack I can enjoy along with it, which since I am on Keto is limited to popcorn and peanuts. I also have Keto approved dark chocolate and I might break a couple of pieces to enjoy. I am now on Youtube and playing music videos and checking out Facebook and other stuff. Between 6:30 pm & 7 pm I usually go to take a hot shower (it’s not too hot but it is raining quite a bit and the water tends to be cold in the evening) and then settle down in front of the laptop again.

Unfortunately we tend to have team meetings at 8pm on a daily basis. And so I login to Webex on my phone and attend the meet which usually lasts for 30 minutes. By 9 pm I tend to have my dinner. I try to shutdown my laptop by 9:30 pm or 9:45 pm and watch some tv series shows on my tv. Usually By 11 or so I am sleepy so I will switch off the tv, go the washroom and then come back in to my bedroom and switch the lights off, take off my glasses and climb into bed between the sheets so I can dream about futuristic spaceships, me, a hot blonde, a Golden Retriever, 2 cats and a black Lab/Dalmation and some of our robots flying off to distance planets and fighting off evil aliens and have adventures as a family.

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Lake Side Cozy Cabin Next To A Snow Capped Mountain

What’s your favorite activity to do at the beach or lake?

I would love to find a nice cozy cabin or home next to a lake next to a snow capped mountains. I don’t want to have too much snow on the ground level where the cabin is but there mountains can be heavily snow capped and it can be chili and a bit cold where the cabin is but ofcourse there will be a large fireplace and also electric heater to keep things warm and toasty.

Now I don’t want just a log cabin – I want the modern amenities inside the log cabin. Proper nice bedrooms with a big comfy bed. Bathroom with proper running water, shower, toilet and bidet, sink and mirror. High speed internet and a big screen tv. Proper kitchen, stocked to the brim with all sorts of meat & veggies, drinks and goodies. Nice living room with big sofas, lush carpet and yes that big ole fireplace. Some entertainment stuff like a pool table, darts etc.

I can imagine myself just sitting there on a big chair next to the lake, drinking my morning coffee. Enjoying the waters and the view of the snow capped mountains. Drinking coffee and fishing at the lake. Or taking the boat and cruising on the lake. Come the evenings and it’s family time in the living room, burning logs on the fire place keeping the rooms cozy and warm. Golden retriever, 2 cats and a black lab/Dalmatian dog all settling themselves on big pet beds in front of the fireplace, half asleep with the cold breeze outside but us feeling warm and safe inside.

Me cooking up some big old pork chops with grilled veggies while my female partner opens up a bottle of wine. She places a glass for me, while she takes a sip from her glass and goes to pet the fur babies who shower her with love. Food ready, we first serve the pets and the settle down for a nice meal and conversation. Dinner all done, the pets with their bellies full are back on the beds next to the fireplace while she and I cuddle with a blanket on the sofa facing the fireplace before picking a movie to watch.

Nice! I love that kind of life.

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My Blog Writing Process & Preferences – Music, Videos Or Quiet?

Tell us about your writing process – do you like music or quiet, is there a special place

I wish I had more space to do things but for the moment I usually only use my bedroom as the place that I blog/write from. And although I have a desk (not much larger than a laptop plus mouse and a couple of speakers size, think minimum surface space) which I bought for keeping my pc and then, from 2010 onwards, my laptop on I currently have my work desktop on it. Since it is very large (21 inch screen) and clunky (separate CPU) I do not have much space for anything else other than a coffee mug or maybe a pint glass.

So I have this laptop table that I got as a gift from the office a couple of years ago and I keep it on my bed and I use it for my laptop. So I can type and browse and play music off. But I wish I didn’t have to use it this. If I had more space then I would have a bigger desk or another desk which I can use for this laptop as it isn’t the best thing for my back when I sit like this I tend to have to lean forward and that cause my back to be stiff after a while.

I don’t mind music or even a podcast playing on Youtube. Like perhaps an interview or something like one of the channels that read Reddit stories of Entitled People, Entitled Parents, Choosing Beggers or I Don’t Work Here Lady stories. Those don’t need me to watch the video so I just play them in the background and blog about things. Or I have atheist discussions on Youtube. I don’t like too much noise other than something like this or music so I can’t still easily concentrate on writing.

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Rainfall Or Snow: I Like Them Both

Talk about your favorite weather. Do you love rain or sun? Snow? Wind?

Well I do like the rains. I like when it becomes all cool and the weather isn’t hot and sweaty and muggy with a blazing hot sun boiling humanity in the city & state. Which is why I love the monsoon season and even now in September of this year we are still getting heavy rains every few days and it isn’t hot and sweaty. I love to fall asleep to the sound of heavy rainfall and I am still cozy between my sheets.

I have never experienced snow except for a brief period when I was 3 and in the UK. But I imagine I would love snow if I was protected by warm clothing and when I go inside I have the heater on. I like to imagine what it would like to live near a snow capped mountainside, live in a house with a big old fireplace as well as heaters. In my dreams I dream of a futuristic universe where humans live in these advanced homes & spaceships (which internally look a lot like a very comfortable home) that can withstand anything. And so I am on a spaceship that I have landed on this snowy planet in the night while on a mission.

And as it is sleepy time me and my crew have to go to bed. My crew is my wife (a hot nameless blonde) and our pets – my dog Shawny, my cats Chocolate & Lollipop and Junior a dog I took care of for a year. And we have about 4 robots who are there to help us. As night time approaches my wife & I get ready for bed and we call the pets in so they can sleep on this big bed we have kept for them. One by one Shawny, the cats and Junior come to the comfy, soft bed and lie on it, yawning and we make sure to cover them with a thick blanket and keep them warm and cozy.

And ofcourse it is now the turn of my wife & I to get in to our bed and cuddle under the blankets. Nice feeling!

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My Current Morning Routine In The 8Am To 5Pm Work Week

What is your morning routine?

So since it is my 3rd week of working this morning shift of 8 am to 5 pm, my schedule & routine has changed. I now get up at around 6:30 am. I was setting my alarm for 6 am but after a few days of snoozing the alarm for 30 minutes and then getting outta bed at 6:30, I thought that those 30 minutes of extra sleep is actually very important for me. So I changed the alarm for 6:30 instead.

Ofcourse the next steps are common and will never change. I lift my computer stand (the one you can put on a chair or your bed) and my laptop from the floor where I keep it at night and place it on my bed. Then I switch the laptop on and then go to washroom. I brush my teeth, wash my face and then come back into my bedroom. I wipe my face with a towel and then switch on the wifi router. I go to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee (now sans sugar) and once it is done I bring it to my bedroom.

I place the coffee on the coaster on my table and start checking my personal emails and go to find some Youtube channel & videos to watch. I finish my coffee and then by 7:30 am I switch on my work system and connect to the office VPN. I go to the bathroom if needed. By 8 am I get the trainees of my current batch join the Webex bridge so I can start the training. As per the schedule, I send them for their 30 minute break at 9 am and I go and make my breakfast. I quickly chow down my breakfast and get a second cup of coffee and then come back to my room.

I continue the training from 9:30 am to 1:15 pm and then give them a 45 min lunch break. I then go get my lunch and relax for a few minutes. At 2 pm I continue the training till 4:40 pm. I then make them check on a few things and send them on their merry way.

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Share One Goal You Want To Achieve This Month

I have started the Keto diet that I have been wanting to try for a long time. It’s only the 3rd day but I can feel some difference – as in not a weight loss – but I don’t feel stuffed as much.

I want to go 30 days without adding sugar or taking anything with sugar. It is hard and not eating fruits, which I love, is extremely difficult. Also, I love sweets & chocolate. I am avoiding them like the plague. I have also cut sugar from my coffee and this seemed to be near impossible as I usually add a lot of sugar to my 3-4 cups a day. It will slowly get better but I do miss the taste of sugar.

I also want to lose some weight. Ofcourse that is the whole reason for this. Since a low-calorie diet can produce up to a 2-pound weight loss per week, 10 pounds over 4 weeks seems like an achievable target. It’s important to keep in mind that when on a low-carb diet of any type, you will lose several pounds in the first few days. That’s because your body is dropping water weight.

I want to maintain this diet for the whole of September and see what difference it makes to my body. I hope to keep at it and occasionally I will give you updates. Now I want to try and buy an electronic weighing machine.

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I Don’t Want No Sugar In My Coffee

The lyrics to the Big Sugar song goes like this – “I don’t want no sugar in my coffee / makes me mean, makes me mean”. I don’t know about making me mean, I don’t think so but I am not taking any sugar in my coffee anymore. I just cut it out cold turkey. I did not slowly reduce my intake – from over 3 teaspoons in one cup of coffee – 3-4 cups a day – to none.

Just like that! I could not even imagine this before yesterday but this morning as I sit here with my first cup of the day, I am surprised at how quickly I have adjusted. Yesterday I had 4 cups of coffee and I slowly am getting adjusted to the lack of sugar. Slowly. My tongue is expecting the sweetness as is my brain and mouth but then the liquid hits. I will try to get some cream so I can add it to my coffee. Or maybe I will used to sugarless coffee. I have ordered some stevia but I won’t use it for now.

Funny thing is today, half asleep, I actually added coffee and sugar but I didn’t pour the boiling water yet. I was so used to doing these two steps – adding the instant coffee and then sugar – I stopped halfway through adding the sugar and kept that mug aside for my mother. I got another mug and used that without sugar. Old habits, as they say!

The Day After My First Covid-19 Vaccination

The night of Friday I was pretty much ok and didn’t have much of a problem as previous posted. I was feeling tired and a bit sleepy. I had my McDonald’s dinner and then promptly went to bed at 9:30 pm trying to watch a movie. I didn’t manage that but did watch episode 3 of Marvel’s What If…? and an episode of Star Trek Enterprise season 3 before I fell asleep.

I think I had a good solid 8 hour sleep and I woke up feeling ok. I had coffee and my breakfast but by 11am I started to feel the effects of the vaccination. I started getting a slight fever so I took a Paracetamol (I had taken one at lunch and before going to bed as well the previous night) and went to bed and watched both Angels & Demons as well as Alien 3. Evening came around and Arsenal didn’t help things at all by failing to show up in a 5-0 loss at Manchester City.

I still was feverish throughout the evening. I had two cups of coffee and a quick dinner and was in bed by 9:30 pm yet again. I watched The Polar Express for the first time and then went to sleep. I got another 7 hours of solid sleep and today I feel much better.

Cookbooks Versus Electronic Recipes Versus Print out Recipes

Cookbooks versus electronic recipes versus printing out recipes from the computer. Which do you prefer? Pros and cons?

I will be honest and say that I don’t really cook but I have used Youtube for a couple of recipes here and there. I prefer the electronic version of recipes instead of reading off from a cookbook or a printout because it takes up so little space when you see it on you tablet or your phone. Also paper tends to fly in the wind, get wet and rip/tear.

The best way is to take your tab or phone and keep it on a stand. Play the video and go along with them. It’s easy to rewind, pause and play back if you didn’t quite catch something and want to get the doubt erased from your mind. Oh also, you can see how it looks like when the chefs or homecooks do it and then when you are done, you can look at your dish and wonder what went wrong!

So I am glad to have a mobile on which I can do this. I don’t have a tab and if I did, I would fully make use of it for cooking using recipes from the internet.


After Getting My First Dose Of Covishield – Coronavirus Vaccination!

So I am now vaccinated with the first dose. I have finally gone to go and get it done. As mentioned before a couple of times that I planned it, it didn’t work out. First time that I planned it something came up in the way of work and I was thinking, if I get ill as a reaction then I won’t be able to do this work. So I waited. Another time I planned everything with my sister and a friend of hers, even got up and showered and shaved and all of a sudden I felt this cold and breathing issue so I stayed back in bed.

Today, no such thing happened though I was very nervous. On Monday I had gone online and booked my slot for 11 am to 1 pm today. As the day got closer I became more nervous. Mostly because I hate getting a bad fever if I get an allergic reaction. The last time I had a bad fever I had the shivers so bad that I was convinced, along with my family, that I had contracted the Coronavirus. It turned out to be a bad case of the flu but that fever is something I can’t forget. The kind where you can’t sit up for more than a couple of hours at a time.

So I went today by 11:30 am after booking an Ola rental. After I got in, I directed him to the HDFC bank in Ravipuram where I wanted to go. I withdrew some cash – this is the first time I have been out in almost 4 months. Then I went to the hospital and paid for the vaccine and went up to 3rd floor. I was able to get my dose done in less than 10 minutes after which they told me to wait for 15 minutes just in case. I then came home had lunch and tried to select a movie to watch but soon fell asleep. I did manage an episode of What If…?

At 5 pm I made coffee and had some popcorn that I had popped from last evening. As I type this up I am feeling a bit tired and might go to bed early. I plan to get some McDonalds with fries and then hit the bed by 9:30 pm. Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

Going To Get Vaccinated Tomorrow

It’s finally my turn. I am finally getting my first Covid vaccination tomorrow by noon. Third time is a charm. I had tried a few times on different on the official government website for my parents and then for myself and it was not showing any dates for the next few months. My parents had already had their first dose and were waiting for the second which is when we started seeing this problem. Then two weekends after that my sister’s neighbour arranged for his friends to get vaccinated through the corporate engagement camp that was being done.

The company I work for also has taken our details and was also trying to do this drive. Anyways, my sister had her first dose and then took our parents to get their second dose done. She then started to check for options for me. We were supposed to go but work issues crept up and on the Thursday I had to call her and abandon the plans. We rescheduled for a Saturday a couple of weeks later and I was supposed to go with my sister and a friend of hers and get the first dose done.I ended up not going as I woke up with a cold & breathing issues so I backed out.

I skipped another drive by my employers to get un-vaccinated people get their first dose. But now I have finally booked my first dose at a hospital nearby and I will be going there tomorrow by noon. I will let you my experience once I get back home and am able to blog about it. I am a little nervous about it as I don’t want to have fever as a side effect.