What New Thing I Want To Try In 2023

What new thing do you want to try in the next year?

I’d like to try a new job next year. What I really want to achieve or accomplish is to find another job that pays a good deal more. Like Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000 more than what I am currently getting in hand. That leaves me with a bit more money to play with and save as well. With medicals bills (dad, mom & mine), groceries and eating out, it just feels like I have a lot less in hand at the end of the month.

The fear of changing jobs in the current setting and wanting a full time work at home option is a bit off putting when compared to the comfort zone of where I am working right now. However it is high time that I made a change and now that it will be 8 years for me at my current place in January, it seems like a really good time to make changes.

So I wouldn’t even mind changing my roles a little bit. Whatever it takes to do a good job and make a lot more money but also working from home. I hope to make that change by January and well, wish me well and a lot of luck, as I will need it.

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The First 15 Years Were The Best

What time in your life do you always want to remember?

I had a very nice childhood and that is the time that I always want to remember. Unlike my mid 20s onwards which is on various vlogs, the times before that is not recorded. I wish I could have some way of relieving those days of my childhood; as I grow older those days fade into the background.

Once my family moved back to India – I wish I could have had this blog back then. It would have been fun to record moments of my life and thoughts from those years and especially as I became a teen and started getting interested in girls, women and sex. That should be an interesting read. And my thoughts and feelings for the girls I had a crush on and yes ofcourse my girlfriend of 5 years.

But mainly though my childhood all the years uptil the age of 16. Those were some really awesome years and I want to be able to really recall them.

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What Was The Best Birthday You Ever Had?

You know what? I can’t tell. I can’t think of one birthday that stands out as the fondest or best birthday ever. I think my 15th and 17th birthdays were really good. After that I don’t think I have celebrated it much other than by myself or with my family. A couple maybe with friends, like 2 or 3 in number.

I’m trying my level best to remember birthdays of mine during my 20s. Other than my 29th birthday which for some reason I remember a lot and I celebrated it all alone at home. It was also just a few months after my dog Shawny had died and I was not really into celebrating the birthday. But I had a nice day at home and at the bar and I guess that’s why I remember it a lot.

Since then none have been very memorable. The last 6 years I have been either buying a cake or my sister/niece get me one. I order food and we eat as a family. Nothing else has been happening. I guess I need a special birthday some year soon.

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Where do you like to the listen to music? Why?

Where do you like to the listen to music? Why?

I have always enjoyed listening to music in my bedroom. Back in my family house in Thrikkakara I first had one bedroom, a smaller one facing the front of the house and I used that from 1987 till 1997 – ages 11 to 21. Since my sister had moved out post her wedding in 1995, I soon started storing my music albums in the cupboards of my sister’s now vacant room and soon that became my new bedroom. These two places is where I loved to play music the most. We also had a spare room which was our library and my computer room. I would take my stereo system from the bedroom and place them there for a while as while as I could listen to music while I played on my desktop.

I also used to play a lot of songs on my walkman. Every trip we took, every summer vacation stay in my grandmother’s house and spending time with my cousins, and sometimes even when I would spend the day in the city, my walkman was with me. I must have drained 1000s of batteries in the course of a decade or more listening to all that music on my walkman. When I lived in Bangalore for a year at the age of 19 I had these rechargeable batteries and I got a second pair just so I could listen to music as much as I could as it was my only source of happiness while living in a hostel.

Nowadays I listen to music in two ways – on my Smartphone with earphones or my new ear pods and playing the songs on my laptop and external speaker. I have my mp3s and I have Youtube for my laptop and I have Spotify & Prime Music for my phone. It’s all good and I can listen to music as much as I want.

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20 Years Of Blogging : From Sporadic Posts On Blogspot To Daily Blogs On WordPress

How did you get started blogging? Tell your readers about the day you decided to become a blogger.

Way back in time, in the wonderful year of 2001 I started going to internet cafes a lot and spending a few hours each week browsing the internet and I started reading a few blogs. The blogs I read kept me entertained and I was finding myself spending more and more time reading them. Having kept and maintained personal journals from the age of 15, which was way back in 1991, I wanted to create a blog of my own soon.

By October of 2002 I had decided to create one even if it was sporadically at first that I could enter posts. Moving to a new city back in July of that year also meant that I would have new experiences to share as I was living on my own in a lodge. And initially it was more like updates of what I did, how the work was going, how living on a very tiny budget was like and how I was basically getting along. I would come back home most weekends so that was usually the time that I would find time to enter a few lines of a post on my blog.

l like blogging as it brings out my creative side. It is an outlet and it is I also try to be as honest as I can on my blog. I don’t hold back – well maybe I might tone down the language a bit, even though I have thrown in a few choice words many times. Yet it is still very tame when I compare it with what I say when I get angry or think. I also try to post as much positive things as I can and keep it varied. It’s like a release from the day to day life and a way that I also let my frustration out.

If I didn’t blog and use it as a therapy for myself, I might actually go a bit angry and nuts at things that happen to and around me along the week. Even sometimes at home, when I get pissed off because of family, even if I may not blog about that exact incident, I do find that blogging keeps me from acting out.


About Blogging Full-time And Why I Can’t Do It For Now

Write about blogging full-time. If you aren’t already a full-time blogger, is it something you’d ever aspire to do?

I wish I could do that. Well I could but I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills. See during the time of November 2018 till August of 2020 I was getting a lot of money from sponsored posts that I was getting from mainly 2 agencies. They would send me content and images on various topics, with links to their clients’ business website and I could make some changes to the format and the images if I wanted to and then upload it within 48 hours. It was a good side business for that time and I got some nice chunk of cash for the little work that I did. It was very stable for a while and even during the first few months of the pandemic I was getting a steady flow of side income.

If only that had continued. To be honest I was hoping that there would be 1 or 2 more agencies who could give me steady work to do as I wanted to branch out but it didn’t happen. I did manage to get one more agency to give me some stuff to do but it isn’t paying much. If I had the same flow of posts and articles, and especially the money for doing so, that I had especially during the first 6 months of 2020, I would so quit my job as they pay would be more than what I am currently getting as my salary – almost double what I am getting paid.

So yeah I would so love to do that and get paid to blog full time. As in 2-3 posts per day and get a nice big fat cheque at the end of the month for it. Who gets cheques anymore – a nice load of money into my bank account via PayPal (which is how I have been getting paid) every month so I can afford to quit my regular job and live the comfortable life as GBP & USD into INR is always  very beneficial for us.


Rock Concerts Of The Years Gone By

During my teenage years I used to go to a bunch of rock concerts held in my hometown of Kochi. Most were by bands from Kerala who played solely covers of famous hard rock & metal bands. A couple of them were big names at the time in India – 13 AD from Cochin and Shiva from Calcutta – both long since disbanded.

There were many others for a while since I turned 15 a couple of my cousins and I went to almost all of them. Despite no internet or any promotion from radio or tv, we would get to know about the concerts atleast a few days in advance and ensure that we would go and see them on the Friday or Saturday nights that the event would happen in. Most were open air concerts in one of the small stadiums we had at the time but there were a few that were held in closed venues as well. We went for all of them and had a great time singing along with the songs that we knew and would usually head to the cold drink stalls during the ones that we didn’t know.

When I moved to Bangalore for a year back in 1995 I also went to two awesome concerts held there and one of them had two established bands from India. Those were really awesome but unfortunately I have never been able to see an international act in my life, despite several coming to India since then. Someday I hope to see one of my fav bands live.

Three Daily Practises I Just Can’t Do Without!

3 daily practices you can’t do without

1) My morning wash, bathroom stuff, getting my first coffee for the day and then firing up the laptop to get connected online and then checking Facebook, my Gmail inbox and Youtube. This is a must do every morning for me and in order for me to change from a zombie to human, I need this time and these things to happen in that order.

2) My shower which is a sacred time for me. I love to day dream as I take my shower and I love to drip with water for 20 minutes or so everyday. This is almost therapeutic to me and I suppose only a bubble bath will be more relaxing.

3) Same goes for just before I fall asleep. I go to lie down and I watch tv and as I start to drift off I dream about the futuristic world that I have created, of me with my late dog Shawny flying in space in either a starship with me as a young ensign or in a smaller ship with a team of about 8 to 9 other people and some robots and fighting aliens. Or 3rd scenario is me taking my entire family – dad, mom, sister & her family, uncles, aunts, cousins & their kids on a long, long family trip around the galaxy in a large starship for fun and bonding. 

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What Is The Best Part Of What You Do?

Well I am a trainer for my company. I train the front line associates of our process, which is customer care chat support for one of the world’s biggest companies. I have also trained employees who are 1 to 2 levels higher than the FLAs as well. Since Covid hit us, with the exception of a few days, I have worked from home and the trainings that I have conducted have been online.

The best part of what I do is when I conduct training and I have an eager and willing to learn set of trainees. The back & forth and the exchange of ideas and clarifying things – this is what excites me about what I do. When I get an interesting set of people and not the dull Nancy’s then I find that it doesn’t feel like a job. I enjoy myself so much that it doesn’t feel like I am working and I do not want the day to end unlike on other days when I just can’t wait for signing out time.

When the trainees connect well with me and when they respond positively, this is the best feeling regarding my work. I get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when that happens. When they want to stay connected to me after the training is over, that is a big plus too.

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More Training And W@H Though It May End Soon

Thus ends another work week, though it was 4 days of work instead of 5 as we had Thursday as a holiday due to it being Onam. I am handling a 10 day training for new hire employees – nothing new as we have been doing that quite a lot this year – via Webex and I have been doing it in the 12:30 pm to 9:30 pm shift. The week before I was doing the 4:30 pm to 1:30 am shift. I think I like the latter shift better as I get to relax a bit after lunch and even get to watch some tv show episodes.

While I do not mind the 12:30 pm shift, the problem is I usually rush through lunch and do not take time to enjoy it as I have to work. I usually take a break at 3:30 pm but that is for eating a fruit (apples, grapes or bananas) and or getting some juice to refresh myself. Once the trainees come back from their 30 minute break, I continue with the day’s session which is a combination of my sessions and the online training that they have to take.

I usually get some coffee & a snack by 5 pm since I am still working from home and continue work. By 7pm or 7:30 pm the trainees need a break and I send them for their second break which is time for me to check my emails for the second time in the day, the first is as soon as I login. At 8pm we usually have a meeting for 30 minutes and then I get back to my batch and then send them home by 9:30 pm and then wind down for the day. I get dinner, field requests that come in at that time and see if I need to do anything else. By 10:30 pm or 11 pm, the work system is shut down and I relax for a while and then watch tv till sleep hits me.

Books You Want To Read This Fall/Autumn

Oh boy! Where do I start? Atleast till my early 30s. I was the bookworm. I read a lot, mostly fiction with the off biography and I also read a lot about some history and things. As a youngster I loved comics and could spends hours with a bunch of them. As I turned 14-15 I turned to novels and read a lot each months. I liked to read as much as I could. People found it easy to give me gifts; they just needed to get me some books.

The last book I have read was in 2017 and I enjoyed that book a lot. Before that it was probably in 2010. Since then only 1 full novel in 12 years. Oh man! That would be unthinkable when I was younger. I had 3 libraries that I went to a couple of times a month just to go and get some books to read. Sometimes Archies or Tintin or Asterix comics or even Nancy Drew/Famous Five & Hardy Boys until my late teens and then most novels with the odd Archies throw in until my mid 20s.

Then onwards I only read novels and Stephen King, Michael Chrichton, Anne Rice, Sydney Sheldon and others being among my favourites. Not having read any novels in a long, long time I think I would like to start slow and get atleast one book in during the next 2-3 months. Hehehe, that is a big change from the years gone by but let’s try small for now. So I have just placed an order for this novel, Elevation by Stephen King, which I haven’t read yet. So I look forward to getting it this Saturday and perhaps reading it during the weekend.


Hoping To Make A Work Change Sometime Soon

What is the next big thing you want to accomplish (calling yourself out could create more of an accountability for you)

What I really want to achieve or accomplish is to find another job that pays a good deal more. Like Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000 more than what I am currently getting in hand. That leaves me with a bit more money to play with and save as well. With medicals bills (dad, mom & mine), groceries and eating out, it just feels like I have a lot less in hand at the end of the month.

Also, for the last couple of years this job has been weighing down on me. It’s a lot of unnecessary data in different formats for no reason that makes any sense. And it just keeps increasing every few months and it is not only tedious but also boring and mind numbing. I am tired and fedup and really want a change. So I need to start seriously looking around for a new job.

So other than the fact that I want a good hike in salary having been here for 7.5 years with only a slight increase in salary through the years, I also want permanent work from home option. I never want to ever go and work in an office building again, see everyone and have to engage in idle chitchat and stuff. The work can easily be done in the comfort of your home.

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Sharing 5 Of My Guilty Pleasures (What’s Life Without Some)

1. Chocolate & cream filled cookies/biscuits – so we call them cream biscuits or they can be cookies. Like Oreo or Dark Fantasy or Milk Bikis or Jim Jam. The last one has a bit of sugary strawberry jam in the middle. So good to relax at night after a tough day working and eating a bit of chocolate or cream cookies.

2. Singing along to music while in my bedroom. And playing air guitar and air drums. I am not ashamed to do so even at the age of 46. I even makes the faces and pretend I am playing in front of 10000+ people in a stadium.

3. Ordering takeout : Since we only started ordering takeout a few years ago – and at first it was only Pizza Hut & Dominos that offered it – I have made it a ritual a few times in a week. Usually Saturday night dinner is a given, then maybe some dosa in the middle of the week and a quick sandwich when we don’t know what to make

4. Trolling cringey vloggers : This is something I started doing recently and I’ve even created a separate account on Youtube just to do so. Especially football related or Punjabi & North Indians from Mumbai/Delhi/Haryana area when they think they get so high and mighty on their channels. Ugh!

5. Daydreaming : This blog isn’t called Awake & dreaming for nothing. My daydreaming consists of me being rich and famous – either a guitar god rockstar or a movie & tv star – or living in my dream destination of Canada and enjoying life there. Or and this is the big one, living in the future where mankind has moved onto colonize other planets and moons and travel the stars as easy as we now travel in ships, buses, cars and planes.


One Million Dollars Would Mean The Retired Life For Me

What would you do if someone gave you one million dollars?

I million US dollars is Rs. 797,12,400.00 or seventy-nine million seven hundred twelve thousand four rupees and I will be immensely wealthy. I would first of all quit my job, without notice period, and tell everyone that I am now officially retired. Then I will see what all needs to be paid off, like my credit cards.

Then I will buy two brand new luxury apartments – one for my parents and 1 for me. Oh yeah, one for my sister and her family. Then I will buy a couple of expensive cars. Latest gadgets and toys in electronics. Give a few new phones and laptops to my relatives as well.  Next order some clothes and upgrade my wardrobe, buy a few upgrades for the home in appliances – tv, fridge, coffee maker & other kitchen stuff and then invite everyone for some booze and great food.

After that it is easy living and peaceful. Get a couple of dogs and cats and live a quiet life with no more needs in terms of financial ways and just enjoy the rest of my life. And I will enjoy my days with movies & tv shows and music and lots of pretty girls.

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Write About The Biggest Mistake – Not Making The Move To Bangalore

The last couple of days I have been trying to speak to a friend of mine & my cousins who live in Bangalore and one cousin who just moved from Bangalore back to Kochi, for leads regarding getting an apartment for rent in an area of Bangalore. This isn’t for me but a colleague & friend from my current place of employment who has resigned and is currently serving his notice period. He has found a new job in Bangalore (Whitefield area) and is looking to find a small apartment to rent there.

I asked my contacts about a possible contact and to see if I could help him and last night I spent a couple of hours speaking to a long time friend who is from Bangalore & my 3 cousins as well about if they know anyone who has a place to rent or maybe some Facebook group or website that focuses on renting places in the city. As I was doing it I felt a real sharp feeling of envy and sadness. I wish I had moved to Bangalore and had a place of my own. I have always regretted that I never made the move when I should have and it would have been a very different life that I would have had if I had.

I remember back in 2010 when I last visited Bangalore, due to a training that our company was sending us to attend, for 3 days we stayed at a service apartment that was used by the company for any employees traveling to Bangalore for work. I was with 2 other guys from our Kochi office and after the first day we were joined by a guy who was from the Bombay office who had come to Bangalore for a presentation. The four of us shared the 3 rooms in the apartment. It was an old building, probably built during the early 80s with the elevator being added much later. As soon as you enter the apartment, there is a small hall and on the right is a bug bed room with an amazing semi-circle area that has a reading area and the big windows.

That was the room that I was in and although the attached bathroom could use an upgrade, the large bedroom was gorgeous. Next was a small dining cum siting area, which was pretty small considering that this was a 3BHK but still nice with similarly pretty windows. On the left of the living room was the 2nd bedroom with it’s own bathroom attached and a small kitchen separated from the rest of the apartment. Then there were the second floor which had a bedroom with attached bathroom and a large terrace or balcony. More like a terrace. My colleagues used that room and all the bedrooms had their own tvs.

I would love to have moved to Bangalore after finding a cushy job that pays really well and find a place like this to rent out. I think I would have enjoyed living there, with all their malls, restaurants & fast food choices plus big rock bands that have performer there throughout the years. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kochi and am most comfortable here but the choices I would get in Bangalore would be much better. Plus I would love to move out but I can’t do that now. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like. It was a mistake not to have taken the early opportunities and moved to Bangalore.

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This Is What I Wish I Had As A Superpower

If you could have any one superpower, what would it be and why.

Well I have been asked this before and blogged about a couple of times as well. But this time, let me pick a different superpower. I want the superpower of teleportation! Or let me just say that I want to be able travel to any place that I want within a blink on my eye. Say I want to be at the mall and I just got ready – blink and there I am instantly.

No waiting around, no waiting for an Uber or a bus or anything. No waiting through the traffic and not having to wait for coming back home in time. Or any place. And that includes across the state, country and the glob. I want to attend a concert in Seattle – boom I am there! How about attend a football match in London? 2 minutes before kickoff, I am there! Feel like eating poutine in Montreal – right there in a flash and let’s get some beer too!

I hate traveling and I even hate the 20 to 30 minutes commutes, forget about 1 to 2 or more hours. So being able to easily transport myself from point A to point B in the same amount of time that it takes for you to say “Huh?” is one superpower I wish I had.

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Another Week Done, More Of The Same Happening

So this past 5 days have been somewhat ok, not too hectic but at the same time I did have a ton of work to complete as well. It’s becoming highly monotonous and irritating to be honest with the kind of work that we are doing at the moment and I am slowly becoming tired of it. However I did complete the training batch that I was conducting remotely for a set of 7 employees of our Mumbai office and that was the least of my worries as things were very smooth with them.

I was doing a 1:30 pm to 10:30 pm shift but ofcourse I usually switch off after 11:30 or past midnight. On Tuesday I even had to stretch till 2:30 am because of the corporate nonsense stuff that they expect us to  get done for them. And for what? Simple nonsense. Sometimes I think that as you grow up the ladder in corporate India, you lose your brain cells and make the stupidest ideas and decisions that make you seem really moronic. And except for brown nosers and ass lickers, the rest of us can see it.

So I rest this weekend and spent today relaxing and watched a movie in the afternoon while also managing a 30 minute power nap. I had McDonald’s for dinner and listened to a lot of music today. Tomorrow will be a lot of the same and just chilling at home.

Hey, Hey I Wanna Be A Rockstar

What did you want to be when you were a kid? And what do you do now?

What do I do now? I work for a large BPO, a corporate company that does outsourced work for many big multinational companies and focuses on customer care, working their customer accounts, mortgage, insurance, healthcare and anti-virus etc. I working in the customer care section for one of the largest companies in the world, as a senior trainer for new hire folks and continuous training for tenured folks. I’ve been doing this job for 7 years.

What did I want to be when I was a kid? From the time I was 12-13 years old I wanted to be a rock star. A lead guitar solo playing singer fronting a fantastic band or solo. I wanted to be bigger than Michael Jackson and Elvis and have tons of fans coming to my concerts and have groupies galore. I wanted them to stalk my hotel but not harm me or anyone in my entourage. I wanted to win all the awards and sell millions and millions of records and have a 100,000 stadium singing my lyrics back to me.

And then a movie star! Not just an actor but a multiple Oscar and other awards winning star. Whose’ movies make a billion dollars at the box office and I have throngs of adoring fans who want to have their pics taken with me and I get interviewed by the best and have photo shoots in exotic locales. I get to stay in the biggest & most expensive hotels and dine at the finest restaurants. And bed the glamorous women in the movie, music & modelling industry and they all rave about how excellent I am in bed!

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