Tired & Weak – This Life Is Getting Me Down

This past week I have been back working in the 6:30 pm to 3:30 am shift and man am I feeling very tired. I feel it especially in the morning after I wake up. In this shift I leave the office and reach home around 4 am and usually sleep around 5 am and wake up by 11:30 am and that is when I feel like my legs from the knees below are about to come. I am so tired that I just have coffee and skip breakfast. I usually eat lunch by 1:30 pm and lie in bed for 2 more hours to watch some tv.

At 4 pm I will get some tea and slowly go and iron my clothe for the day and then go to shave and take a shower. I sit in my room for a bit after that and then get ready, book mu Uber or Yathri and go down and ride the 45 minutes to the office.  Dinner is usually at 9pm and I will take a coffee break at around 1 or 1:30 am in between work for the day. Once again I usually get my cab ride back by 3:40 am and am just so happy to come back home.

Sometimes I eat a snack like maybe a quick sandwich but usually its biscuits and/or an apple and an orange and then lie down in bed watching tv – usually it;s a sitcom at this stage of the night to help me wind down. Then it’s off to sleep.

A Boy & His Loyal, Loving Dog Against The Universe

This is my current desktop wallpaper on my laptop, a wallpaper I downloaded from Smashing Website. It’s an astronaut with his dog, also an astronaut or dogstronaut, on what looks like an alien planet. This image resonates with me a whole lot. From the age 18 I have dreamed about exploring space in a spaceship and traveling the galaxy, visiting strange new worlds.  And always by my side is my faithful and loving companion my Golden Retriever Shawny. I got Shawny when she was a pup that same year back in 1994 and she was with me till 2005. I used to dream of being in a Star Trek like future with a lot more advancements, and I go to space to battle bad aliens and help the good ones.

The settings may have changed – at times it was just me, Shawny and 2 robots. Then it was me, a human female, Shawny and 2 robots. Sometimes it became me and a small team of 8 to 9 people or a larger crew in a much bigger spaceship. Sometimes it me and some others traveling together to get from one part of the galaxy to another. Whichever scenario I dream up about, one thing is the same – Shawny is there with me. Always at my side, sleeps in a comfy bed next to my bed. One large robot that I have with us, has this compartment that can house Shawny inside it, so she can safely lie as the robot carries her around, while I am in my spacesuit. Ofcourse we have protective shields around the robot and the humans so we are virtually invincible.

Whichever scenario I come up with or dream about or fall asleep to thinking about, one thing is for sure Shawny is always there with me, the loyal loving dog that she is. All these dreams and the image on the wallpaper is about is a boy and his faithful dog.

Changing Shifts In Between, Feeling Tired & Drained

Well it’s the middle of the week. I’ve changed my shift 3 times in the last 7 days and I am feeling the tiredness. Last week after working a regular shift of 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, this week I came in the 5:30 pm to 2:30 am shift. However yesterday at 2:00 am I was told that due to a lack of personnel, I was to come in at 1 pm and stay with a set of new hire employees while they get their training virtually.

I went to bed slightly earlier than usual – not falling asleep without watching atleast 2 episodes of Frasier – and watching clips on my phone. I slept till 11 am, waking up twice – 1 to take a leak and the second time as I needed to make a phone call. I left home late, being very tired. At the office after I made sure that the new employees were all good and that their systems had no issue, I went to have lunch with a colleague. I just had a quick cold coffee and 2 slices of bread with an omelet.

I worked till 7:30 pm before I went to have dinner and then worked from 8:05 till 10 pm. I then booked my Uber to come by home and reached home by 10:35 pm. And ofcourse since then I have been online and sitting in my air-conditioned room.

Tell Us About The Last Time You Slept On A Couch

Well it’s not the last time that I slept on a couch but it is, for some reason, something that I recently remember doing and it even came to me while I was half-asleep one night. This was perhaps when I was 14 or so, 1990-1991 and we were in Irinjalakuda which is where my father’s family home is. But I think this as not at his house but another relative;s house – maybe his older brother’s family’s house. I am not very close to that side of the family as I have always preferred to spend time with my mom’s family.

Anyways we were there for a wedding and there was a party, so this would have been the night before or two nights before. My family has to drive 90 minutes or so to reach this place and I think we were staying for the weekend. There was food & drinks being served and my dad was having a gala time with his relatives and my mom and sister were sitting with a bunch of the ladies in another room. I was bored very quickly and post a quick dinner, I wandered upstairs and settled in a big room. A male cousin, a few years older than me, asked me if I wanted some comics to read and I said yes.

So I spent the night, which would have been from 10 pm till almost the next morning lying on that couch with a table lamp next to me and read these Astrix comics. Most of the night I was alone but I do know that early in the morning two of my cousins came and lay on mattresses on the other side of the room. I spent the night listening to the sounds from the party downstairs and reading the books and fell asleep y around 2 am when the party stopped.

Prompt from 31 March Writing Prompts from Mama Kat’s Losin It

How You Will Travel In The Future – Different Star System

In the future how will we travel? I hope that we will emulate some of the science fiction shows & movies and we travel in a lot more comfort and luxury than what we do right now an with a whole more safety. When will this happen, I do not know, but it will happen. Let’s say that you are traveling from somewhere on earth and traveling to another planet which we have colonized. Like let’s say we have colonized multiple planets or that humankind now lives on the 10 planets & 7 moons like in the futuristic world that I have created up for my stories. And you have planned to travel to a different star system system as you are creating a paper on something – like maybe a report for university about the atmosphere of some star system or something.

So you sit at your desk at home post breakfast and then do a video call with a travel agent representative. She clicks on her screens and finds you a large spaceship that is traveling to that star system, and others, as part of a tourist / pleasure cruise. Once you give her a confirmation, you add your credentials and identification to the screen so she can access it so on her end and book the room for you. You are traveling with your Golden Retriever and a domestic robot. She books the room for the 3 of you, comments on the beauty of your dog and then tells you when you should arrive for the trip and then wish you a happy & fruitful trip. On the day of the journey, you are driven to the airport and you get into the line to check in. You, your dog & robot are then directed to this lounge area and there you wait for a while with a coffee and a sandwich for you, a bowl of water and chow for your pet.

When it is boarding time you are beamed into the large spaceship, along with the rests of the 1000+ passengers. The 20 staff and over 100 hospitality robots take care of guiding the passengers to the various single rooms or family suites, depending on who you are, and you find your gorgeous room – a large comfortable bed, a desk with a computer console inbuilt into it here you can also use your own personal device. Tv screens and a replicator wardrobe section built into the wall on one section and a food & drink replicator on another section. A dining table with chairs, plus a couple of sofas in the middle. You also have a large bathroom with a tub, sink/mirror, an enclosed shower and toilet with a separated enclosed shower and toilet section for your dog. You settle down for the evening an decide to take a shower and change after the spaceship takes off into space.

You have several days before you reach your destination star system. You can go around the ship and visit on of the several restaurants and bars that serve you food cooked and prepared to your specifications and you can have some food made for your pet too. Or you can sit in your room / suite and replicate some delicious food. As you are winding down for the night, your dinner done but you are just sipping that after dinner drink or ice cream you do a quick video call with your family back home and then change into your pjs, call for the lights to dim down and get into bed. Your robot connects to the charger in the room, while your dog after contemplating her luxurious dog bed, looks up at you with those puppy eyes, so you sigh and let her on the bed, carefully tucking the covers around her.

You scratch her ears and let her loving lick your face before you both lie down and drift off to sleep. As do most of the other passengers in the ship. The crew sign off after the final checks and then go to their quarters for their sleep, as the robots take over the running of the ship which travels through space heading towards your destination.

How I Plan To Spend The Next 3 Day Weekend

Write the perfect way to spend Easter.

My perfect way to celebrate this coming Easter weekend would be like celebrating like any other 3 day weekend. WOW! A three day weekend is something to treasure and cherish and ensure that you do something pleasurable and or productive. I am not sure what I will end up doing but I am making plans.

I badly need a haircut. I might go this weekend itself and get a haircut on Saturday or Sunday. If for some reason I am unable to go this weekend then I will plan it for next Saturday but I really do want to get it done this weekend. An anyways, next Saturday I plan to go to a nice sports bar and get a couple of beers and have some of their good food while I chill there.

Ok and I also will plan what movies I want to watch during the 3 days. I do this for every weekend but it is even more important to do so when it is a 3 day weekend. If I were not going out then the 3 day weekend would be perfect to watch a trilogy like Back To The Future or Lord Of The Rings etc. Whatever happens I want to have some fun.

Prompt from 20 Inspirational Journalling Prompts for March at Endpaper : The Paperblanks Blog

Back To The Regular Shift At Work

Well I am back to doing regular day shifts. Which is not for long and perhaps just for this week. But working 9:30 am to 6:30 pm feels so much better. Then only thing is that I hate waking up at 7pm. That is the only thing I hate about this timing. All because I can’t get to sleep at a decent time like 11 pm or 12 am because I am used to sleeping later in the night.

But yes, I wake up at 7am go to the loo and brush my teeth before going to get some coffee. I spend an hour to 90 minute at my desk before going to iron my shirt that I am gonna wear to work and get my pants ready. By 8:30 I shave and take a shower and then once I towel my hair I go get breakfast. After a quick breakfast I change, get my shoes, comb my hair, take my medicines and then fill my bottle of water before using some deo on myself. I then book my Uber/Yathri on my phone.

Lunch at the office is usually at 1pm and we take an hour break. Depending on my mood and hunger, I might have a light lunch and have a lemonade with a small snack at 5pm but I prefer to come home and have a cup of tea with a bun or some peanuts. At 6:30 pm I am all packed and come done to the lobby to book an Uber/Yathri. In the evening traffic it can take around 35 to 45 minutes to get home and then I get some tea and relax until dinner time. Post dinner I will try to watch some tv and then go to sleep.

If I Were Granted Three Wishes

What would you do if you were granted three wishes? If I were granted 3 wishes and if they were to come true, then you bet your asses that I am making these three wishes:

  1. Every human being is granted excellent health – all pain and illness is gone – and access to easy & heavily advanced medical care that can be kept in all homes and used as easily as say applying deodorant or using a razor and which enhances our bodies and those of our animal friends so much that we stop all illness and even aging so no one dies.
  2. Money is now obsolete and instead everyone is treated equally and has enough and more access to whatever they want & need. Everyone has beautiful homes so that every human being individual or families takes up dogs and cats as pets and can provide plentiful food and drink to everyone using food and drink dispensers that will installed in each house and the dispensers/replicators can also create clothing and other materials for you as well.
  3. So now that we have eradicate hunger, thirst, homelessness, illness and death the third wish is for easily accessible for all intra & inter galactic exploration so we can get down to increasing our knowledge of the universe. My wish is to make the Star Trek era you see in TNG/DS9/VOY and then enhance the technology by a few 1000 years and put all of us humans in that world. I’d like to travel the galaxy and I’m taking my family with me.

Prompt from 20 Inspirational Journalling Prompts for March at Endpaper : The Paperblanks Blog

Would You Rather Hire A Maid Or A Cook?

Would you rather hire a maid or a cook?

So we have always had maids in India, since we moved from an apartment in Kuwait to a house in India and then another apartment, then one in which we live in now. However what we call a maid here is someone you hire to both clean and cook. It might vary from cleaning every two days or so but cooking on a daily basis.

So, that is what I would want. A maid who cleans every two days or so but cooks daily. Does the laundry every couple of days – so that way we can alternate between the cleaning and laundry. Now this is when it is the 3 of us – my dad, mom and myself. If it were just me, I would have the maid come in only every alternate day, so 3 days a week.

On the days that she comes, she would clean and do the cooking. I’d ask her to cook enough for me for a 3 to 4 meal and the rest I can order in. That seems like the right balance for me.

Prompt from MARCH BLOGGING PROMPTS at food fun family

When An AI Pic Resonates With You

A picture and I think this is an AI generate pic of Snoopy at that so resonates with me. Especially of my younger years but even now. If this is representative of me, I am in my happy place. I am in a room, presumably mine, with a nice hot cup of coffee in my hand, listening to music with headphones, with some books kept next to me and a tablet pc.

Snoopy looks lost in the music and he has that smile on his face which is that of one who is in total enjoyment of what he or she is doing. That’s usually me when I am drinking a coffee, sitting in an air-conditioned room, surrounded by my favourite things and listening to music. I’d feel safe, cozy and happy. The joy of being to do the things that you love is unlike no other.

Oh yeah and great choice for and hoodie! Tomorrow is Sunday and I plan to send the day with coffee and music and maybe get a read in. Or if not then I will watch a movie or two.

Fear Of Running Out Of Battery Charge

The fear of my battery running out is a strong one, but one that I didn’t know was there for a long time. We all use our devices and rely on them for various things. I use my phone for my calls, messages on SMS & Whatsapp but also for social media. I order food on a couple of as on my phone, I do some of grocery shopping on my phone, I do online shopping on my phone. I used it for traveling to and fro work using either Ola, Uber or Yathri. I play games on it.

Yesterday I experienced it of that fear, the fear of my battery running out. I accidentally forgot to plug my charger in to my phone in the evening and just after I finished taking a shower I sat at my chair and then realized that my phone’s battery as at 15%! After a moment of real horror, I quickly plugged my phone in as I didn’t have much time before I had to leave. I towel dried my hair, changed into my clothes and went to put my shoes on. Then I filled my water bottle and put it in my bag, went to the next room to comb my hair and then put on my deodrant.

By this time the battery, which is helped by the fast charging charger, my phone was upto 92%. This is lowest that I have ever gone out with and I ended up switching my phone off for a few hours while at work. Which is crazy but had it not been 9 hours at work plus the 70 minutes or so travel back and forth and instead me just going out for 3 to 4 hours, I wouldn’t have blinked. But not for an over 10 hour stretch!

What A Mess Of A Day!

Today was a mess.

1. I was running late already and even though I managed to get a cab very quickly, there was a big traffic jam enroute from my home to the office. Hence we had to take a longer route to reach there. But because of the traffic block caused by construction, the smaller roads on the other routes were all very busy and we had minor jams on there as well, making me even more late.

2. Due to a new version or something being released, I and several others could not login to Webex, which is very important for multiple tasks at the office. I struggled the entire day until the last 2 hours when, after I sat with our tech team for more than an hour, it finally got fixed.

3. I had to postpone one 3 hour session I was to conduct after trying in vain to get things setup. The other was delayed a lot.

4. In the end I was about to leave when one of my colleagues said he had bought biryanis for our team in lieu of it being his daughter’s 4th birthday the last week. He wanted to treat us. So I stayed for dinner with the team and then left for home.

Where I Blog From & Where I Occasionally Work From


This my desk the way it usually looks like right now. So this is my small desk, right next to the foot of my bed and next to my door. And because it is a small desk, everything is kinda cramped up on it. I have my HP laptop, an Amazon Basics wireless mouse an a spare one behind the laptop. I also have my new Bluetooth speaker, my old one and my Alexa Echo.

I have 5 of my earpods on it (I have a 6th one still in it’s box on my bed) and 3 64GB thumb drives the left side of the desk I also have a spare battery on the right which is for my mouse. And yes ofcourse, gotta hydrate oneself, so I have my huge 1.2 L tumbler.

What Are Your Blog Goals for the Year

Well my goal for this year is he same as I had for last year. I want to make money from this blog and from ad placements and link placements. From November 2018 till mid 2021 I was making quite a bit of money from ad placements / link placements on my blogs in the form of content writing. Atleast Rs.20000 on a lean month an upto Rs.50,000 on a great month.

Since mid 2021 it has been only a scattered few cases that I get some of that work to do for money. You have to understand that this is extra from what I get from my full time job I used most of the money I got from this blogging to get luxuries and some electronic devices. I am not able to do that now. I could use a new tv and a new computer. And later on I will need a new phone and I wish I had the luxury of doing that with my salary but I can’t and I will need extra money for that.

So my goal this year to is to get back to making that extra money. If not as much as I was getting during the end of 2018 to mid 2021 then atleast around half of that.

Prompt from 30 Blog Post Ideas & Calendars | January at ElaineHowlinStudio

What Would You Do If On Monday You Know That You Will Die On Friday?

If You Were Told You Will Die On Friday, & Today Is Monday, What Would You Do?

March in to the office and quit on the spot and give a few people there a plethora of expletives before having a mic drop moment and leaving there like a boss. Say bye to the few people who I actually like. Party on Monday by myself and drink the night away.

Tuesday I will go out to a nice cafe and enjoy a quiet breakfast and while sitting there make calls to my friends to let them know about the end for me. By lunch time I will go and get drunk and have a nice lunch and then go back home. I will spend the evening at home doing nothing. Wednesday and Thursday I ill book a hotel room in one of the best hotels in the city and treat myself. Maybe even get a massage.

I will spend the next two days enjoying myself and relaxing but also I will write a few letters to some special people. Friday comes and I go home, meet the family say my goodbyes and then retire to bed at night time which is when I think I die. I will lie on my bed in comfortable clothes and go to sleep for the final time. That deep sleep from which there is no awakening.

Prompt from 218 Creative Blog Post Ideas That Will Delight Your Audience at CoSchedule Blog

The Book That Made Me Want To Blog About Books

The Book that Made You Want to Blog

I am thinking that this prompt means which book made you want to blog about books as my blog is not a predominantly book based blog. Also I have barely read a book in the last 10 years or so though I used to be a voracious reader. I had to go back in the annals of time – meaning check my old posts – to find out the answer to this prompt.

So back in 2007 I went out for some coffee an then went to cheap book store and bought Blood & Gold & Blackwood Farm, and writing about my day and buying those books as the beginning of me blogging about books and even about some of my favourite authors and the books of theirs that I have read. But however since then I slowly started reading less and less as the years went by. I remember I went to a bar nearby and ordered an American Chopsuey and a beer and relaxed and read most of the book in that bar.

I think I should go out one of these afternoons on a weekend, go to a book store and buy a book that I feel like I could read and enjoy, then go to a bar and order some beer and some food and relax in the booth and read the afternoon away. Just like the old days.

Prompt from 30 Blog Post Ideas & Calendars | January at ElaineHowlinStudio

My Ideal Way To Spend A Morning On A Day Off

01/12/24 – What does your ideal morning routine look like? Describe your perfect start to the day.

Well for a really good day at home – like a Saturday or Sunday – I would have to wake up by atleast 8 am. Nothing like stretching the morning hours as much as possible. I enjoy my mornings more than the average guy. So the more hours the better. After the toilet things – leak, wash, brush – ofcourse I need some coffee.

To make the morning great it should have a col breeze, as soon as I open the windows of my bedroom. Sitting with a piping hot coffee at my desk with a beautiful cold breeze blowing in while I switch on my laptop and open the browsers. I would spend some time on football channels while I drink the coffee and then move onto blogs. By 9 or 9:30 I would go and get some bread & eggs for breakfast and relax with it while playing some songs.

The rest of the morning would be spent playing music and vlogs interchangeably and also write a blog post or two. I wouldn’t want to do anything else until lunch time.

Prompt from Daily Writing Prompts January 2024 at EveryWriterReource.com

Three Things That I Cannot Do Without In 2024

Three things that I cannot do without in 2024

  • Online grocery delivery services. Although I could go and but them from one of the grocery stores, my shift timings and issues with my leg muscles means that I rarely do go out and buy stuff. Instead I use one one the 2 services that gives you online delivery. There is a 3rd one that I used to use but I did not like their service so I stopped using them many months ago.
  • Online medicine delivery services. There are 2 pharmacies that delivery medicines to homes nearby and we use them a lot. I do buy some medicines by stopping by a pharmacy but this option is very convenient.
  • Uber/Yatri car ride share services. I am dependent on them for getting around town and going to and from the office. So so dependent and I am eternally grateful for them. If only their rates were a bit more reasonable, especially Uber’s.