Lulu Mall, Sundaes, Movie, Pizza & Cramps

So for yesterday I had booked tickets for my cousin and I at Lulu PVR’s 7:30 pm showing of Deadpool 2. We agreed to meet at around 6:30 pm. I reached about 20 minutes before that and went to the top floor food court to see if I could get a drink. In a few minutes he reached and called me saying that he wanted some ice cream before the movie. So I said sure and we went to the Merriboy stall and ordered some Death by Chocolate sundaes. We had to go an ATM counter to get some money out as their machine was down.


We still had 30 minutes before the movie started after we finished our sundaes so we quickly visited the loo and then went to the PVR lounge. We ordered cokes and popcorn and then settled into our recline seats and waited through the trailers and ads and the National anthem. The hilarity then ensued.


After that we went to the Dominos stall to split a pizza with a couple of chicken wings each but I got severe cramps on my right thigh that hurt like hell. I tried walking it off but it took about 10 minutes to get it back to normal. We ate dinner quickly and then went to get our rides back to our homes.

Change Needed

Write about something you’ve been avoiding.

I’ve been avoiding finding a different job to work in. I need to find a new place and make a move within the next few months if not in the next month. It would be better for my health and I could also use with a good hike in my salary. I am not talking about 2-5k more but way, way more.

I am not ready to blog about other stuff that has been happening. Let’s just say that I am done with being so frustrated at work. I could use a change of pace and it’s now a good enough time that I have spent in my current place of employment that I can move without there being much question about any lack of stability.

I also need to get out of these night shifts if I can. I don’t mind it so much but I get so tired and jaded that I cannot wait for the weekend to begin so I can rest.

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Pigeon Daddy On The Lookout

And now the dad pigeon seems to be hanging out on the upper ledge of my balcony! He has been sitting there all day (it’s almost 3pm now) and seems to be trying to protect his mate who is sitting on the plant pot with the eggs. And he is staring me down!

It’s like he is saying to me “Dude, that’s my honey over there and we have these two babies that she is trying to hatch. Do not, I repeat, go near her and disturb her again!” Because that’s just what I did – as I was making some coffee, I went to the balcony to check on mamma pigeon and the eggs and the pigeon flew away as I approached. I checked in on the eggs, still intact, and then came in.

And then I noticed the daddy pigeon. And he has been eyeballing me with a dirty look on his face. “I see you buddy”! I gotta be careful I guess!

Pigeon’s A Nesting

So this Sunday morning while I was having coffee, I went to the dining table and my mother was talking about this pigeon who she found in one of the plant pots. Apparently the pigeon did not move so my mother assumed that the pigeon was sitting on top of her egg. I went to check and she was right!


Mamma pigeon was indeed with child…..or with egg! She had laid an egg and was nesting (is that what we call it) and looked a little frightened as I approached.


She moved away when I came close so I could snap a photo of the egg. Then I went away.


Yesterday I went to check on her in the afternoon. There she was sitting in the same pot and taking care of her baby in the egg. Once again, I went close and thought I could pet her but she moved away after a small touch. Okay, pigeon don’t freak out on me.


And now I see ——she has two eggs! Two more pigeons in this world. Am I gonna have to start a nursery in her? Is my balcony now the maternity ward? Am I the pigeon’s male equivalent of a doula?

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

I has this lovely dream early this morning. It was so sweet and I can remember feeling so happy both in the dream and just as I woke up. And ofcourse I was sad and disappointed as soon as I realized that it was just a dream. What kind of dream was it? Well ofcourse it was of the matters of the heart.

In this dream I was at work and was talking with this woman, a beautiful woman from the North East and who had just joined the organization 2 months ago. I had been talking with her for many days, almost everyday of her in the office, and we had struck a very nice friendship. I was attracted to her and thought there was no chance for me but apparently, against all odds, she was reciprocating that attraction back. This one day I asked her where she was headed to and she said she was bored and wanted to see a bit of the city. So I offered to be her guide and off we went.

We booked an Uber and rode in the back and pretty soon we were holding hands. It felt comfortable and familiar and nice. Lovely indeed. My heart was bursting with joy. In this dream I dunno how many days passed but the relationship must have blossomed. I also remember that we kissed and I asked her about her living situation. She lived in a house with 10 other women, all from outta town and who were working in companies in Kochi. At one point I remember feeling a bit scared and asking her how old she was to which she said she was 36 almost 37 which was good.

The next thing I remember is heading to work and she looking up and seeing me settling down at my station. She came up with a big smile on her face and sat next to me and said she had some chocolate for me. We went to have coffee and eat some of the chocolate and it just felt so good holding her hand. I was sad to wake up and realize that it was all just a dream. I do remember her name, which was Sarah.

Plans For The Weekend?

Working for the weekend! It amazes me that I just had a 4 day weekend that ended on the 1st of May and coming back to work on the 2nd but I cannot wait for this day to end and I can start my weekend. Last week, despite the long weekend we had 4 days of work and then only Sunday to relax and since I slept through most of morning and was in bed till about 5pm watching tv.

This weekend I want to go out. Spending too many days at home. I think I will check and see if I want to go out on Saturday, depending on what time I wake up and my mood and if not then I will go out on Sunday, get a pizza and maybe a beer or go to the mall and buy a few things for home. Nothing fancy or anything – though I do want to buy some pants. I might do that. I want some shirts too but it can wait till the end of the month or next month.

Whatever else I do, for sure I will watch a movie or too at home. And finish the football season with Arsenal’s final game of the season against Huddersfield away.

Day Missed

So yesterday we had no blog posts because after I woke up in the morning at 11 am I noticed that the broadband was down. I called up Asianet as soon as I made myself a cup of coffee and they raised a complaint. It came back up only by 4:30 pm and I was getting ready to take a shave and a shower by then.

My day at work is kinda good these days. I have less work and I leave early or rather on time Except for this Monday as I was asked to stay back for an hour to complete some stuff. Yesterday I reached the office by 6:15pm and had a coffee and a snack before starting my training sessions for the day with my batch of new joinees. I send them for dinner by either 8:30 pm or 9:30 pm. We work till 3:20 am when I give them 10 minutes to sign off and fill a daily survey and send them on their merry little way.

And it was great early this morning – I got an Uber right near the entrance of my office premises and reached home in under 20 minutes! That was a record but it was also because the driver was a little speedy but not too speedy that I was scared for my life.

Saturday Working

Yo homies, how are you doing? Happy Cinco de Mayo and Revenge of the Fifth! This is one rare Saturday that I am working. So therefore that also means that yesterday was a rare Friday that I could never exclaim “Thank Godzilla or The God Particle It’s Friday” since I am working today.

Good thing I have a lighter schedule today. I have covered a lot of my topics during the last 10 days and hence I can even relax a little bit today. And as I am still recovering from that cold and cough (cough is almost all gone) I feel a lot better. Hey, maybe I might even have that beer in the fridge that’s left over from the haul a couple of weeks ago.

Since I only have one day off this weekend, and I am working till 3:30 am and so I will only wake up by 11 am or 12 pm. That usually means I won’t feel like going out that day and will stay in and see if my folks want to order in and I will order some good food and watch a movie, some football and relax.

Worst Houseguest

Write about the worst houseguest you’ve ever had.

Certainly we have had that but we never talked about it when the fucker was alive. My parents just accepted it and tolerated it. It was a relative of ours, the man who was married to one of my aunts.

And here is the thing, he was a lousy relative. He went to prostitutes, he drank at times like a fish and said the shittiest things about some other people. He was petty and he was a saddistic son of a bitch. But he was tolerated. At times he was fun so when we were kids we liked him. As I grew up, I realized what a bastard he was.

He stole – he fucking stole from us. He even stole a chain that was my young nephew’s and his wife had to get it back to my mom. What a loser! I am glad he is dead.

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Back In The Night Shift

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The first day back in the evening shift after a gap (a little bit more than 2 weeks in this case) is always the worst. Not mention that I have a slight cold and a cough which is making it worse. I am so tired that I could go back to sleep for another 5 hours but I gotta go take a shave and shower and get ready for work in an hour’s time.

That hour’s time I have left is at this laptop and with a cup of strong black coffee to try and wake me up further. I play some music and watch a video of a debate or discussion or something in the background. Oh look, a puppy video!

Yesterday I had a tough time getting a ride back home. Some days it is just very bad. Some days it’s fine. I dunno why Uber is giving us a hard time. They run their operations in Kochi very badly.

When You Were Nine Years Old….

When I were nine years old….

Hmm let’s see. I am 41 years old now, so 1985-86 is when I was years old (born in August). What was I upto?

Watching a lot of cartoons – Tom & Jerry, Loony Tunes, Droopy, Flintsones, etc etc the good stuff – and playing a lot of games with my friends. Most of my close friends lived in the same building as me. I had a few friends from school who I met outside of school and we played football in a small ground near my building.

I went to Carmel School, Kuwait which was predominantly girls (each class I was in, I was one of 10-12 boys and there would be 30 girls). My family had weekend nights planned out in a simple manner – KFC or Shawarma with kuboos and hummus and a movie or two. Simple life!

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4 Day Weekend

After that long week – 5 days but many hours at the office – I deserve a beer and that’s exactly what I did this evening at 7pm. It is now 8pm. I had a Touborg with some popcorn. So, we have a four day weekend! Whoo hoo! Well it’s actually the weekend of today and Sunday and Tuesday is May 1st and a holiday at work. Since I am part of the support functions at the large BPO that I work for and hence we get a holiday on May 1st. The service delivery team have to work but they get a comp off.

We have several batches of new hires in training and most of them are from outside of Cochin. My batch of 21 new recruits have 17 from out of town. So after a small discussion we arranged to give the batches in training, plus us from the training team, Monday off as well and have a four day weekend. This is to avoid the large group of trainees who are from outside the city to have to come back on Monday and then stay in Cochin with nothing to do on Tuesday. This avoid some of these kids (mostly 21-22 years old) from calling in “sick” on Monday and stuff.

So I am enjoying a long weekend. I just stayed in today and watched The Conjuring 2 and the latest episodes of Masterchef Canada season 5, Arrow and Supernatural. Tomorrow I am going for Avengers : Infitini War. It will be awesome.

Next Week Work As Usual

So my little morning or day shift sojourn is going to come to an end. I like doing a morning shift but the only problem is that I do not get to go home on time. Even if I am working a 9:30 am to 6:30 pm shift I usually end up going home at 8:30 pm or 9pm or 9:30 pm and even 10pm. Not that I want to but I am forced to because of various reasons.

Coming home at that time and finding time to balance spending some time at home with the folks, being online on the internet and catching up on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and this blog and watch a couple of tv show episodes is near impossible. If I left at 6:30 pm or atleast 7pm then yes I can do it. Not otherwise.

Anyways, I am moving back to the 6:30 pm to 3:30 am shift and I hope that this extra hours can stop.

Cannot Wait For Friday Evening

Argghhhhhhhh! I am tired and frustrated. I have been working morning shifts and reaching home late. 12 or 13 hours a day. Waking up at 6:30 am or 7 am and leaving home by 8:30 am and reaching home by 10 pm. That is not what I want. I hope this stops soon.

I am so tired. I barely have time to go online for a little while and chill down for a while. Then I watch an episode of one my shows and fall asleep. And I wake up tired and needing a huge pot of coffee to be intravenously fed to me. Ok, two pots! Strong, black coffee.

So I am glad that tomorrow is Friday so I can then sleep easily and sleep late. Friday evening cannot come quickly enough. Ah, I gotta go to bed. Good night.

Home Of My Dreams

Describe your dream home.

what I would like in a dream home is a nice, big spacious 2 storey home, double car attached garage, that starts off with a living / dining room in the front off the foyer / entrance. It is very important that the living / dining room for guests is away from the kitchen and family room. That is for guests and entertaining, the latter is for you and your family. One half bathroom / powder room for guests and for emergencies when you are at home too. At the back of the house I would like a large kitchen with center island, large freezer /fridge, beer fridge, double wall ovens.

One nice room as a den / office where I have my computer, dvd/bluray collections and various Star Trek and other Scifi models on display. A pantry area and a butler’s pantry too. A nice deck out back with a large green yard confined by picket fences on the left and right sides and a grill at the back – which overlooks a small lake. 2 dogs and 2 kitties that play in that yard. One smoking hot wife who is totally in love & lust with me and vice versa. Above a master bedroom with 5 piece attached bathroom and 2 large walk in closets. 2 additional bedrooms with bath attached and a single room which will be converted into a library.

The basement will have a large tv room, pool table, Foosball table, a small wine cellar, one half bathroom, an additional bedroom with batch attached and a storage room next to the facilities room. And it has to be a walkout basement leading to the backyard. That’s all I ask for!

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR MAY at The SitsGirls

Home Alone

Well, it’s the weekend. Saturday. I was alone at home for the past 4 days and my folks just came back from a trip to Bangalore with my sister and my niece. My 2 nephews study in colleges in Bangalore and we also have cousin Shalini and her husband who live there (they moved from Bombay to Bangalore about a year ago) as well as another older cousin from my dad’s side who lives there with his wife and 2 kids and 2 yellow labs.

So on me own, though the maid came in Wednesday to Friday, I slept in a lot and I did my business as per usual. I ordered a pizza on Wednesday and had a burger on Friday with a couple of wings. Uber Eats is an awesome app and service that I can utilize so much – I just love it. Today though, even if I was initially planning on going out and maybe even taking in a movie, I decided to stay in as I got very little sleep.

I woke up by 10:45 am and just had coffee before deciding to go and buy some beer. I booked an Uber and went to Bevco Self Service and bought a few beers. Came home very quickly and then got a pizza from 360 Degree via Uber Eats. Watched a movie in the afternoon and went to sleep. There’s been some thunder and lightning but no rain today, so it is a bit humid.

Quick Day At Work Then Back Home

So I had a very short day at work yesterday. I took permission to come in by 7:30 pm instead of 6:30 pm like usual as I was feeling rather tired and it was so hot and sweaty. A nice big lunch of a pizza was also probably not the best way to go. So I was tired and needing more sleep than usual and so post lunch I took a nap. By 6 I was showering and shaving and left for work however I got delayed due to a traffic block.

I went in and started on work but knew that most probably I would be leaving early. I’ll tell you why in a bit. I went with my team members who were working in the night shift for dinner and then went to write an assessment for work as part of this project that I am doing. Me and a colleague. Once that was done I went up to do some reports and stuff and by 10:30 pm it was decided that he and I would leave by 12 or 12:30 pm as we are to join the trainings being conducted in the day shift.

We could have gotten this stuff all sorted out last week and knowing my superiors at the office, they didn’t think about it. I should have and blamed myself for not thinking about it sooner. Anyways I was home by 12:45 am and I watched some tv for a while before falling asleep at 3 am. Today I am going in by 1:30 pm as I need to attend a meeting at 6:30 pm which will take till almost 9 pm to be over. I am just chilling till 11:45 pm when I go take a shower and a shave and then eat a quick lunch before I go to work.

To Beard Or Not To Beard

Thinking of growing my beard. How do you all like salt n pepper beards? More salt than pepper! I haven’t grown a full beard (for me a full beard is a month’s growth atleast) since I was 21 and that was 20 years ago! In the meanwhile, I have grown stubble worth a week and maybe 10 days worth once and a French beard that was there for 2 months when I was 35.

When I was 21 I grew my beard for 3 weeks as I was ill in between and then I just thought it would be fun to keep it on. At the end of that month, I went in for a circumcision which meant that I would be away from going out and attending classes (at NIIT) for about 5 weeks. So I had the procedure and then rested for 5 weeks during which time I did not shave at all. Anyways by the end of 1 month my beard was so thick that I couldn’t shave it with my measly 2 blade razor anyways.

So once I healed completely and could wear underwear again, I went with a cousin of mine to the city and the first place we went to was the barbershop for a long over-due shave and a haircut. By popular demand I must add. I had a full shave and a chopping of my longish hair and it made me look like myself again. Since then I haven’t grown a full beard. Maybe it is time!