The Search For Star Trek DVDs

I have been looking but failing to find all the first 10 Star Trek movies on dvd in India. Unless it’s for some crazy money. This is crazy. It’s Star Trek! STAR TREK! I have the last 3 ones which are from the reboot/alternate universe or Kelvinverse movies from 2009 to 2016 onwards but I want the first 10. The ones that are near and dear to me.

Ofcourse I could get them on but the price in dollars vs rupees is also crazy. I’m gonna wait and see if I get some freelance online work that I was contacted for and if so, some of the payment is pretty good. Like $100 for one job and if I can get a couple of those or more (like I was told) then I can buy these sets that I really like and have them displayed in my collection and watch the movies on dvd finally.

But it’s crazy being a movie fan in India and finding it so difficult to get proper dvd releases at decent prices. Why do you think Indians pirate movies via download a lot? The crazy prices when we want to buy legally would kill us.

Netflix Off For A While

I had signed up for Netflix a month ago and got the first month for free as a trial period. At first I didn’t know what I would go and watch on it. I just clicked on the first episode of Star Trek Discovery, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD so I could check and see how it plays. I am using the data on my cell phone to stream movies, live sports and stuff. I get 200GB of data on my plan from Vodafone and that’s a lot and therefore I put it to good use when I finally got this new tv a month ago.

But, I have a lot of movies and tv shows that I want to watch and still have yet to watch that is not on Netflix but elsewhere. So after a couple of weeks that went by, I still hadn’t watched anything on Netflix after signing up. A few days ago I thought that I should atleast try and watch the 10 episode first season of Lost In Space, a show that I really wanted to watch ever since it first came out. So I finally did that and enjoyed the show and the way Netflix is.

But I haven’t continued and signed up for the next month and won’t do so until maybe January or February. I love what they have up on Netflix but if I pay Rs.500 now and not watch more than 10 films atleast or a couple of seasons of a tv show or two, then it’s a waste. So I guess I will wait for a bit and see; once I finish this big pile of movies and tv shows that I have with me, then I will continue with Netflix.

Looking Forward To December?

What are you looking forward to in December?

Not much really. As a general thing I kind of like the month of December because there is a holiday vibe. If you are lucky you get a few days off to relax and enjoy with your family and friends. And if you are in the west then you also get presents. I live in a place and in an industry where we get a day or two off – the 25th & the 1st (technically January but yeah it’s at the end of December).

Other than that, I like that there are decorations and cake (though some of the cake isn’t that good when it’s that dry fruit cake that is difficult to swallow) and the fact that people will start calling you for some silly celebrations. Whether I join in or not is a different thing. I like that end of a year feeling which is something I like a lot. I like looking back at the year that was and seeing what changes I can bring about or do differently to improve my life situation.

My favourite day of the year other than my own birthday is December 31st to 1st. I love New Year’s eve and closing out the year with a drink in my hand and having had a nice meal.

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My New DVD/Book Shelf

IMG_20181125_123124I am surprised that I didn’t post about this sooner. But I did get my new dvd shelf. I guess you can call it a dvd shelf, though most people would call it a bookshelf. There are a couple of things that the carpenter go wrong though. This was custom made but…the shelves are taller than I had asked for. The gap in between was supposed to be shorter so I don’t have waste of space.

Secondly, I had asked for a dark rosewood finish, like some of the shelves that he had shown me at the shop. But two days before they were scheduled to deliver it to me, he called me and said that they ran out of rosewood finish (which I had really liked and thought would look more awesome) but they had black and would that do.

Now, black is the usual default colour for dvd shelves and when I first thought about getting a shelf I had black in mind. But having gone to the furniture store and seen the finished products of the rosewood finish, I was really looking forward to that. But if I had said no and waited for them to get the rosewood finish then it would have been a long wait.

As it was they were late by a couple of days. Initially he had said that week Tuesday (13 Nov) and I said even Wednesday morning would be fine but that was when he called me and said that they didn’t have any rosewood finish remaining. So we settled for Thursday evening but then the carpenter’s mom was taken to the hospital so we decided it would be Friday evening.

Friday the 16th was that major storm we had in Cochin and the rest of the state and he called me to say that they were trying to get it delivered but the storm was so bad. I told him to wait till 5:30 pm and see if the storm eases and if not to abandon it. Saturday was a sudden harthal called so I ended up getting the shelf delivered to me on Monday the 19th of November.


Here is my small but growing collection of dvd movies that I have started collecting. My main options to buy dvds from are Amazon India and Flipart. I hope to get a nice collection going.

Bedtime Routine

What is your bedtime routine?

Nothing too elaborate. Usually after dinner, which is usually anything between 8 pm and 10 pm, I usually am found at my laptop and browsing Youtube. When it’s finally time for me to lie down, not sleep, but lie down, then I usually go first to the kitchen and fill my bottle of water and bring it back to my bedroom. Maybe I add some ice in the water as well, if it’s a been a little hot n humid.

I usually then check and see what movie I can watch from my collection, digital download or live stream options (of which I have several now). Having selected a movie or perhaps tv series episode, I then take off all my clothes (oh yeah, we’re getting saucy here) and lock my door and then settle in bed before playing the movie on my tv. Usually my phone is with me so I even check a few things online, usually about the movie or actors I am watching. Sometimes I get notifications from Facebook or Whatsapp and check them out.

A couple of hours or so after I get to bed it will then be actual sleep time. I switch off the tv, switch off the laptop (if it is still on), take off my glasses and keep them on the laptop desk, switch the lights off and get back in bed and between the covers and drift off to la la land.

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What’s In My Bag?

What is in your bag?

Let me say first that it’s a laptop bag. And it’s one I need to replace sometime soon. I have a couple of notebooks, a diary (all for work) in the bag. I have a foldable umbrella that I keep for emergencies when it rains and since I live in Kerala, it does rain a lot.

I also keep a couple of small plastic bags that I keep for emergencies when it rains and I need to keep a wet umbrella inside my bag without getting the rest of my stuff wet. I also have bags for sandwiches, which I take on days that are busy and I haven’t had a proper meal during my work shift, which is usually in the evening to night.

I also have a flask for water and spare Asthalin inhaler for the asthma sufferer that I am.

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To Live Boldly

What does it mean to live boldly?

I think for me it means living your life the way that you want no matter what anyone else thinks of it or you. Doing what you want, going where you want and eating what you want and screw other people’s unsolicited advice and opinions.

Get the things that you want or stay away from things that you don’t need. Wear what you chose and not what others chose for you. Make & keep friends because they are people that you like ad who like you and do not let others in society, including family, make you stay away from them just because they do not agree with certain lifestyle choices of your friends.

Not having to curb your interests, changing your lifestyle or anything because of others. Having enough money that it doesn’t matter that even your employers have an issue with you. That is what I would call living boldly.

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Corn Crunk In My Sundae

Today’s breakfast is cornflakes. Just regular ole cornflakes with a little milk in the bowl and a dash of sugar. Nothing fancy like nuts or berries or other fruit in it. Plain ole, plain ole! I like this for breakfast 2-3 times in a week.

But what is this obsession that Malayalees have in adding cornflakes in ice cream sundaes? I dunno, I haven’t seen it anywhere else in India (not that I travel much) but in Kerala, they tend to add cornflakes at the bottom of the sundaes, along with nuts and dried raisins. While I understand nuts,  berries, fruits and dried raisins, what the hell is cornflakes doing in the bowl or glass? It does not belong there.

Did it start so to economize the amount of ice cream that they have put in the bowl so fill it partly with cheap stuff like cornflakes to make the bowl seem more filled when in reality you are being stingy with the ice cream. I guess so. Or do some people just really like crunchy stuff in their ice cream? But why not give it as an option rather than putting it in all the sundaes?

Sick Day Today

Well, this crazy weather has people falling ill at the wrong times. November usually has some showers and a bit of thunder but not at the scale that we have had this year. We’ve had severe thunder storms and plenty of days with rain this month and we still have 10 more days to go before the end of the month.

With the storm we had last Friday and then it being gloomy and cloudy & humid on Saturday, my sinuses were in havoc from Sunday onwards. I caught a bad cold and my nose was running and I started getting a slight cough due to the phlegm. I didn’t go out on Sunday like I was thinking of and stayed in. Monday I was still suffering from the effects and yeah yesterday too. So I took today off from work, knowing that if I probably go to work today and sit in the usual section I normally will sit, then the ac will cause even more problems for me and I will need more than day or two off.

So I am on leave today, and it’s perfect as my training batch ended yesterday, and I came home last evening and was so tired that I feel asleep rather early (10:30 pm I think) and woke up only after 8am. More rest today and maybe a movie or two.

Early Day In From Work

One more day of working in the morning shift and then I’ll be done and it will be back to business as usual. Back to late evening shifts I guess though I don’t know if I will be going back straight to the 6:30 pm shifts. Maybe I will do a few 4:30 or 5:30 shifts for a while. I like 5:30 pm I guess and even 6:30 is fine too.

Though I do not like waking up early to go for the 8:30 am shifts the nicest thing about that shift is when you get to leave on time and be home for evening coffee and the sun is still out. Like today! I was home by 5:30 pm, bought a few snacks and made coffee as soon as I was in the apartment. While the kettle was boiling, I changed clothes and checked the package I got from Amazon with a couple of dvds in them and then settled down in front of the laptop.

Coffee drunk, masala peanut and biscuits eaten, I setup my small stack of dvds in the new book shelf that I had bought and which was just delivered to my apartment this afternoon while I was at work. It does look nice.

How Full Is Your Glass?

How Full Is Your Glass?

I guess for the most part, I’m a the glass is half empty kinda guy! I think a lot of us really do not feel that we have most of what we want or need. And for many, many reasons (far too many to get through in just one blog post) I am far away fro what I want & need. I will always bee a my glass is half empty kinda guy.

Taking into account what I have, what I need and what I feel I should have and where I should be by now, I am off the point. I can use more water in that glass. Pour it, please. Universe, Roshan needs that glass to be more filled, atleast towards the three quarter point. Maybe a little bit more. C’mon, there are less deserving people and downright assholes who get so much more. I am thirsty.

And yet sometimes I feel I had a lot more than many others. Their glass is only a quarter filled. Or maybe just a few drops. Not enough to quench their thirst at all. My glass suddenly seems a lot more full. Sometimes!

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I Am Not A 6 AM Boy!

The day shift or morning shift. This is actually more tiring than a night shift, for some reason. I think it’s because I have gotten so used to late evening shifts in the past 4 years or so that I just can’t wake up at 6 am and be thankful and good about it. This week I am working from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm for my training batch. I can leave by 4:30 pm if I want to but it looks like we have some clients visiting our center the next three days so I have to stretch.

I wake up at 6am and go the washroom, brush my teeth and then go make some coffee. I sit at my desk till 7:20 am and then go take a shower and shave and a dump and then get ready for work. I reach the office by 8:30 am and work till 9:30 am when I give my training batch and myself a little break. I get coffee or a snack and back to work till 12:30 pm when it’s a long lunch break till 1:15 pm. Lunch was terrible yesterday and today by the way excet for the huge fried fish they are serving.

Then it’s work till 3:30 and I give the trainees a coffee break before they wind up at 4:30 pm. I had coffee my self at 4:30 pm and then worked till 5:30 when I attended a meeting for 30 minutes. Then again I worked till 7:30 pm before going down and hailing a cab and coming back home. I am so tired.

Dream About Canines

I have this recurring dream – well, I’ve had it atleast 3 times in various formats. Long time readers of my blog should know that I love dogs and I’ve had a dog named Shawny, a golden retriever, for 11 years before she passed away in 2005. I loved that dog a lot as she was my best friend ever and I miss her every day. This dream therefore creates alarms in my mind.

In this dream I’m coming home from work or something and going to my old family house in Thrikkakara (another nostalgic hold, as I can’t seem to shake the images of my old house in my dreams even though it hasn’t been home since we sold it back in 2006) and as I pass the gate that leads into our front car porch / driveway I hear a bark. A bark? I don’t have a ….and suddenly I remember that I have not just a dog (a Labrador retriever) but also a puppy (a black dog, unsure of the breed) in large kennels at the back of my house.

And I realize that I haven’t fed them in ages and in horror I run and get some food and water and place the bowls in front of them and let them outta their cages. After they eat hungrily and gulp a lot of water, the two dogs gratefully start licking my hands as I cry in front of them.

In all the cases, I wake up soon after and wonder what this means.

My Wish

I wish for many things most of which are not feasible and mostly flights of fancy. But this one wish is more practical and well, lots of people have similar dreams of such kind. Here is a simple wish; to win the big lottery!

Lots of money, lots of cash. Enough that I never have to go to work another day in my life. I just want the money, honey. So I want to win a few crores in the lottery and after the taxes – ka ching – I still should have a huge amount of money with me. More money that I would know what to do with.

I would instantly resign/retire from work and go and buy a new luxurious apartment. Two or three actually and make sure that my family is comfortable and have every thing that they need. I would get myself one of those large apartments and settle down with my new furniture. I’d adopt a couple of dogs and maybe a couple of kitteh’s as well. And I would enjoy a quiet life, doing whatever I want or nothing at all. Travel a bit. Stay in nice places.

Sounds good?

A Regular Work Day Look Into My World

What does a regular work day look like in your world?

I’m gonna give you the current way that it goes like at work since I am in the midst of training batches of new hired employees. This is my 4th such batch in a row and I think I might have 2 or 3 more before the year ends.

I arrive at the office by 4:15 pm and I head to the area where we keep our bags and stuff (you cannot carry your belongings inside the production floors or training rooms) and then I head to the cafeteria for my evening cup of coffee and a snack. At 4:30 pm I head to the training room assigned to me and the batch that I am training and then log in to the system, while the trainees log in to theirs. After greetings, I make them start their online course for an hour before starting the training sessions for the day.

I give them a break at 6:30 and after that we continue till 9pm when we break for dinner. Post dinner, more online courses while I work on reports and then I continue to take training sessions until 12 midnight. We wind up by 12:30 am and then I continue to work on reports till I can knock off for the night and hail an Uber/Ola and then head home.

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Shopping For A Bookshelf

Well after two weeks I was out again today. Finally got two days off together again so I could go out and enjoy myself.

First up I went to The Burger Junction and got myself a real burger. There’s a few places in Cochin if you want a nice juicy beef based burger and TBJ is the best of the best. I had a double patty with fries and a shake and it wasn’t even that heavy. I stayed there a while and then went to Marine Drive near the High Court junction and went to find the small furniture place where I had bought my bookshelf, slightly altered, to house my Star Trek starship models. I wanted a new one as I am starting a small but decent dvd collection.

So I went there, and it was a hot day, and sweated until I gave the rough measurements that I was looking at and they showed me a couple of shelves  that they already had. Finally it was decided that they would make me one from scratch as I wanted something smaller and less wide. As they were taking more time, I said that I would called later in the day and get the final price (which turns out to be Rs.4,600). I then went to Center Mall and shopped for groceries and essentials in Big Bazaar. By then I was quite thirsty and bit hungry again so I went to Subway in the mall and had a sub and a large ice tea.

By 5pm I came back home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Have You Ever Changed Your Name?

Have you ever changed your name?

No but I had thought about it many years ago. When I was a kid I didn’t like my name. I wanted to change my name to Michael. Because of Knight Rider. Michael Knight! Hey, be glad I didn’t want to change my name to Knight Industries Two Thousand aka K.I.T.T.! I was 9!

But since then, no I like my name. Infact I love my name. Roshan – sounds so beautiful and sexy! I love the name to be honest with you. But I have wanted to change my surname as it’s my dad and grandad’s name that is added to my first name. It doesn’t make sense to me. I would have preferred to have the name Menon as my last name and a few years back I was almost about to get it changed officially.

But I didn’t and now, I guess it’s too late and so I don’t care.

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