What’s A Perfect Getaway?

Describe your perfect weekend getaway

Having just had a really nice three day stay in a 4 star hotel (though I struggled to think it is a 4 star but that’s what it was rated) and did a total relaxation and slept a lot and did not stress a little bit. That is not my idea of a perfect weekend getaway.

With the weather that we have – the heat & humidity – an air conditioned enclosed environment is what I love to have. I would like to have a nice breezy place near the ocean if I could but when it gets hot, I would retire into the room and crank up the ac. The thing that could have made it even more awesome was if they had better cable channels so I could watch stuff that I want. Better yet, if they had had a smart tv (if you think that is asking too much, let me tell you this; the 32 in regular flat tv from a big brand company was more expensive than the 32 in smart tv I have from a rising brand that offers more).

Other than that, this is the kind of getaway I want at the moment. Peace and quite and only leaving the room for the breakfast buffet. Drink a few and chill.


Working “9 To 5″…Sorta

Not really 9 to 5 but the song lyrics would have to be changed to “working 8:30 to 5:30” just have the same feel to it as the 1980 Dolly Parton hit ditty. So for the next three days I will be working the elusive morning shift and which means that I can enjoy an evening out if I want to and go for some coffee or something on my way back from work. Even drop in for a beer before I come home.

But this will mean that I need to go to sleep earlier than usual and, more importantly, wake up early! Which is more difficult that it seems for someone who is so used to waking up at 12pm and going to be after 5am. That is the life of an employee working in the ITES section in India. I am watching the Arsenal vs Manchester United match right now but after that I am going to bed. Usually I would pop in a movie and watch tv till 3am or so. But no, not tonight or Monday & Tuesday night. It’s gonna be “early to bed for me.

Hot & Humid March

It’s that time of the year again. March to May just before the monsoon season and the heat and humidity is up. It’s late evening, almost 8pm and it’s 31 degrees F! Whoa!

I went out today, stepping out at 12:30 pm (wrong time to step out) and just the 2 minute wait for my Uber was taxing. It was so hot outside that I started melting. The ac in the car being cranked up helped. At the restaurant I was in the ac wasn’t at the highest but it was quite pleasant after a few minutes and so I couldn’t complain. I had a shake and some fries and this beautiful tenderloin, bacon, fried egg and caramaliized onion sandwich that has mayo and bbq sauce.


After that I had to go to Center Square mall and shopping in Big Bazaar and that’s where it got sweaty and humid. I stopped by the washroom to give my face a thorough face washing and wet my neck as well. I really need to get a hair cut soon. It’s too hot for my length & thickness of hair and it’s not trimmed at all. Also it is curling up at the collar and I get lots of stray hairs at my sideburns. Anyways, I went to buy the things that I had on my list plus a few things that are usual things I get like M&Ms and biscuits and half-cooked chapattis.

After the 60 minutes that I needed to get all the things and check out, I then needed some cold liquid. So I got a nice, large Lipton Ice Tea and then hailed another Uber to come back home. By then I was drenched in sweat and I needed another good wash and I even thought of taking another shower. But I drank a cold Monster and watched some tv and took a nap.

Hotel Room Tour

Here is my quick little tour of my hotel room which is where I will be staying for the next 3 days. Due to a few reasons I decided to pamper myself and book a room in a nice hotel for a few days. Get away from work & home. I checked in by 12:30 pm on Thursday and will check out on Sunday by 11 am.

Back At Home

All good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, that old saying rings true. My little holiday of 3 days in a nice hotel with absolutely nothing to do and enjoying it came to and end. I woke up by 5 am for some reason and went back to sleep till almost 7 am. I got outta bed and brushed my teeth and washed my face. I then went down by 7:50 am for my final breakfast at the hotel buffet. Today’s breakfast was really good.


I had small pieces of pineapple & banana, my usual two slices of toast with butter & jam, 2 mini vadas and 1 mini muffin and an omelette (which was better than the other two mornings) with onions, tomatoes and chilies and washed it down with a cold strawberry flavoured milk. I then went back to my room and relaxed for a bit before I had to visit the loo and then take a shower. By 9 am I was ready and called down to the reception for them to get my bill ready. I checked out by 9:30 am, payed the bill (which was mostly the food, coffee, bottles of water and beverages I had) and booked an Uber to come back home.

At home it’s as usual a Sunday as it can be. I listened to music videos for a long time, had lunch, watched the two episodes from the weekend that I had missed – one from The Orville & Star Trek Discovery each – and then watched a movie. I then took a nap for an hour as I was feeling sleepy and the afternoon was hot & humid. This evening is more relaxing until later in the night when I plan to watch another movie. Tomorrow it’s back to work.

Day 3 : Hotel Abaam Stay

This is my third and final full day at the hotel and I am gonna miss this little holiday. Today I woke up after a long 7.5 hours of sleep and feeling like I could sleep for another 3 or 4 if I just shut my eyes. However, I got up and brushed my teeth. I went down to the buffet to have breakfast and had tiny french toast, toast with butter & jam, an omelette and a grape juice to wash that down. Back in my room I had a coffee before I took a shower and shaved.


By 11:30 am my cousin Sujith dropped by as we planned to have a few drinks in the afternoon. We sat and talked for almost 90 minutes and then went down to the bar and had a couple of vodkas and a beer each. We munched on deep fried beef, French Fries, egg burgi and fish fingers as we sipped our drinks. The bar was a bit of a let down in that it was very basic and bland.


After that we went back to my room to relax and chill. We talked some more and I suggested that he too remove his shoes and relax on the large bed. We chatted until both of us were falling asleep so Sujith left as he wanted to go home. I said goodbye and took a nap. By 6 pm I woke up and plugged the laptop back in to watch the draw between Tottenham and Arsenal. Very disappointing in the end as we could have sealed a win had the penalty not been saved. 


Well there end my little sojourn away from work and home. I still have all of Sunday to rest and enjoy at home and I will be working on a 6:30 pm to 3:30 am shift for the next week. I will be online for the rest of the evening and then go to bed. I don’t think I will want any dinner but I would love some more ice cream as dessert. Ordering room service has been fun. I also slept a lot during these three days, with my cousin implicating that it must be a combination of sleep deprivation and tiredness rather than just a nice, comfy bed that is making me sleep a lot more. I have been averaging 8 hours plus 1 or 2 hours of naps during my stay here. Maybe that is what I needed and I will try and do this more often. Cheers!

Day 2 : Hotel Abaam Stay

Well, I am still in the hotel and trying to enjoy my stay. The only drawback of my stay is the tv. In that they have cable but only the shitty channels. None of the ones that I want to watch. It’s a nice enough Samsung tv and 32 inches which is lovely. But they have all the stupid Hindi channels, some Tamil and some Malayalam and a bunch of dumb religious channels, the odd English channel like Discovery and stuff and a few sports channels. But when I checked yesterday and today, only one seems to have football and the others are all showing the same stupid cricket match live! And some of them are all part of the same network!!


And so I haven’t been able to binge watch on movies like I wanted to. I could watch some movies on my laptop but I just checked and all the movies that I have lined up, I would prefer to watch them on my own 32 smart tv and that can wait until Sunday afternoon and I am back home. Last night I ordered two beers and watched some Youtube as I ate my dinner (sorry no pic of the dinner but I will have a video up later) and then watched a few episodes of Friends (season 8 ). Before I went to bed I had a banana split and then went to sleep by midnight.


This morning I was awake up 7 am but couldn’t get outta bed until 8 am for some reason. I was a little hung over from the 3 beers I had yesterday (1 in the afternoon) I guess. I waited till 9 and got some coffee and then went down to their buffet for breakfast. I had two slices of toast with butter & jam, some potato stuff, an omelette (which was almost tasteless with hardly any salt or pepper) & cold milk. Then I went back to my room and got a little depressed. For some reason I couldn’t do anything and I left my laptop and went back to bed till noon. I forced myself to get back to watching Youtube and listening to some songs.


Post lunch, which was the crumb fried chicken breasts you see in this post, with boiled veggies and French Fries, I took a long nap, interrupted by housekeeping asking if I wanted the room cleaned. I was pretty neat so I said, no thank you, but asked them if they had a comb in their complementary toiletries and one of them ran to get me one. I went back to napping and then woke up sweating as I had forgotten to increase the temperature of the ac. It was 4:45 pm by then and I walked into the bathroom and took a dump and then a long shower, which made me feel so great. I love that huge rain shower head. I had coffee and feel so much better now and by 7 pm I want to go to check out their bar.

Day 1 : Hotel Abaam Stay

So, as mentioned before, I am now on Day 1 of my 3 day and 3 night stay in a hotel. The hotel that I choose is a 4 star boutique hotel. It’s not very big but then that’s how I like it. Anyways, I needed a break; a break away from work and from home. So I have 5 days off including my weekend but I have booked myself a room in Abaam for 3 days and 3 nights. I could use the time to just relax and chill in a hotel and enjoy myself.


The only thing I don’t like about the place is the actual bed. It’s not the kind that I like. It seems to dip in the wrong places and the edges are much harder. As I hadn’t slept all night I took a nap after a lunch of chicken biryani and a beer.


Everything else seems to be good. Food is good. Beer is priced heavily which is something that I don’t like but that is the case for all mid to high end bars & hotels. So far I have only ordered in room service. Tomorrow I want to check out their bar and coffee shop and maybe on Saturday I will visit their main restaurant.


Enjoy the pics as I enjoy my beer and my dinner, which is chicken noodles and garlic chicken.

Bed : Where I Lay My Head

I will be sleeping in a different bed for the next three days, including today. Since October 2006 I have always slept in the same bed with the exception of three occasions. I spent 1 week in Chennai in August of 2015 and I slept in the bed in the room given to me at the service apartment. Then in March of 2016 I was in Gurgaon for 12 days and I was put up in a hotel for that duration. I changed rooms in between so I guess that is 2 bed there.

That same April due to the only elevator being replaced in our building, my folks and I stayed in my sister & brother-in-law’s apartment for 5 weeks. I stayed in one of the bedrooms and slept in the bed in there for that duration. But other than that I haven’t slept in another bed than my own in about 12 & a half years! I like my bed; it  might not be the best or the softest but it’s what I sleep in and I find it comfortable. In Gurgaon, the second room that I was had a really nice soft bed with just the right amount of firmness to make it almost perfect.

I hope I get a really nice bed for the next three days. I will be spending almost all of my time in the room so I will be on the bed a lot. I need it to be comfy.

Change Of Hotel Room & Venue

Since my update 3 days ago, I have since cancelled my hotel room booking! Fear not dear reader, I am not cancelling my staycation. I am just changing the hotel. So my first choice for which I couldn’t get a room, has since had vacancies and I cancelled the room I had booked with another hotel and then booked this one.

This one is more expensive and a better hotel but with the deal I got with GoIbibo, I saved some money and hence it turned out to be cheaper! Plus this hotel is better because, they serve beer! Yippe! Guests staying there can avail -breakfast (Indian & Continental), 2 bottled mineral water (500ml),Tea or Coffee maker, WIFI, soap, Dental kit, comb, shampoo, moisturizer, shoeshine strip, all-purpose kit, free internet access, daily choice of complimentary newspaper, shoe shine machine, valet parking, health club, guest stationary, shaving Kit, Shower Cap, Hair Dryer, Iron & Iron Board, Safe Deposit lockers, luggage room and Wheel chair.

They have a cafe where I can take my book and go and enjoy a few coffees. Beer and wine are available throughout. It doesn’t look like they have a license to serve hard liqour but yeah beer will be fine. I cannot wait for Thursday noon!

Leave Applied

Well I have applied for my leave for 3 days and I have received the ok. So next week Wednesday to Friday I am on leave and then combined with my weekend, I will have 5 days of relaxation.

I have been looking at nice hotels to book a room in and I had settled on one but when I checked earlier today they are all booked for the days I want a room. So I found another one, equally nice looking and they have great ratings, and the room is cheaper. I will have free Wifi, complimentary breakfast and a 32 inch tv. Plus tea & coffee maker  in the room, etc.

I plan to put my feet up, kick back with a book or two, watch lots of tv, enjoy the air-conditioned room and chill. I will not do anything major, no traveling or sight seeing. I will order in room service and listen to music. No headaches or thinking about work or home. It will be nice to get away and forget about everything and everyone else.

Packing For A Trip

How do you pack for a trip?
How do I pack for a trip? Well I go on so few of them (3 times in the last few years) that I am not used to it. But hey, how hard can it be right?

I usually get my bag or suitcase, whichever it may be, open on my bed. Then I start putting things in it. Pants go right to the bottom. Then shirts, undershirts and underwear. Socks, handkerchiefs on top of that. I usually keep my lungis (coloured dhotis) on top of them. I usually have bags or suitcases that have a separate section on the top side / lid. That’s where I would keep things like medicines, toiletries, shaving set and stuff.

I usually will have a carry on or laptop bag where my laptop, phone charger and anything else can be stuffed into. Some additional cash to be used in an emergency. Maybe a novel or two.

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Where Do You Want To Be In 10 Years?

Where do you want to be in ten years?

Retired. With lots of money. In a nice apartment or house. With no need to worry about another day of working, having won a large amount in a lottery.

With a hot babe 20 years younger than me in my arms. With a dog or two that I keep as a pet. With all the luxuries that come with this lifestyle. With all the things that I have wanted to buy till now and enough money to buy what I need in the future. And going on holidays and staying in the finest hotels and seeing the sights and sceneries that every place has to offer.

Sounds like a nice dream. I would love that.


Another Vampire Shift Week

Well, it back to work today after a weekend. And it’s back to the 9:30 pm to 6:30 am shift again this week. Not that I mind so much. For one it seems, I know it only seems that way, that I have more time at home for some reason. I think in reality it’s because in this shift I do not extend my hours. I am loving that!

The downside is that I am usually very tired on Saturdays to do anything. This Saturday I reached home by 8:30 am and then watched Friends for a bit before falling asleep and I woke up at 2:30 pm. Then I just had a coffee and waited till 4 for some biscuits and more coffee and then watched Youtube videos until nightime and had a quick dinner of chappatis and homemade chicken curry that mom made. After that I watched more tv and a movie. I went to bed and then on Sunday I woke up by 9 am and went out by 12. I went to Kahawa for a small burger and a shake.

I read a book for a while at the cafe and then went shopping. I had to buy some talcum powder, deodorant, sugar, coffee powder, popcorn, biscuits, chips (both Pringle & Lays), my Sunday night double movie snack of M&Ms (peanuts), a 1L juice and peanuts. That done, I had some wings & onions rings from Burger King and then came on home. At home it was more Friends, a light nap and then coffee much later with some Lays. I skipped dinner but watched two movies with those M&Ms and went to sleep much late at night.

And now it’s off to work after I shave & shower.

Lonely For Valentine’s Day

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day, Rosh?

Well I am working from 9:30 pm till 6:30 am the next day but most of the day is wide open to do….absolutely nothing!

I will probably just watch a movie after I wake up and have had coffee. No lunch as I have been doing for these kinda shifts where I wake up late in the afternoon. A snack with my coffee, probably biscuits or something light like that as I watch the movie. Then onto the internet for Facebook browsing, watching Youtube etc. Dinner at home before hailing an Uber to get to the office.

Nothing else. I will not have things in red scattered around. I would love to be able to have someone to buy those Valentine’s day special chocolates and cards and gifts for. Have a nice dinner for two in a romantic setting, candles, soft music, blah blah blah. It’s been so long since I’ve made a woman feel special or being felt special myself.

Graveyard aka Vampire Shift

So I am back to doing a late night or overnight shift. You also call it a graveyard shift or as I love to call it the vampire shift!

This week I will be doing the 9:30 pm to 6:30 am shift. I also did it for last Thursday & Friday. The last two hours of which I will be the only one from my team and it can get lonely. But I have set it up so that I get some of my work done for 90 of those minutes and that is usually the work that I like to do without much of a bother in between. That works out for me that none of the others will be there at that time.

The last 30 minutes of the shift will be when I take the second 30 minute break of the day. I have not been taking my full 60 minutes break the last week but I guess I can do that this way. That 30 minutes, which will be from 6 am onwards will be when I go to the cafeteria and get my breakfast and coffee. Works out fine.


Who Is The One Person That You Definitely Couldn’t Live Without? And Why?

None. I do not believe in this sentiment that you cannot live without someone or some people in your life. You may not want to live without that someone or some people, but you can. You do not need anyone else but yourself to live and survive, as long as mentally & physically you aren’t dependent on anyone for your sustenance & daily activities.

That’s a far cry from what I used to believe many years ago. But that’s the truth as far as I can make it out to be. I could go on until my time is up without anyone in my life. As long as my needs are met – like food, drink, entertainment, clothing, shelter and the other basic needs that most people need – I do not need to be dependent on anyone else. I could go on until the day that I die.

It might not sound very romantic or sweet or feel goody but it’s the truth.

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