Phone Change?

I am thinking of buying a new phone and selling my current one. I bought my current Samsung Galaxy J7 in February of last year and I am thinking of getting either a Moto G 4 plus or 5 plus or getting the OnePlus 2. Either of these three phones will be fine. There is also the LETV Le 1s X507, Honor 6X Lenovo K6 Note or LG K10.

Any of these phones will be awesome and I am leaning towards the Moto G 4Plus but I dunno, things could change. I won’t spend more than 13-15 thousand on a smartphone. My phone cost should not be equal to more than the cost of my laptop. Since I can do a whole lot more things on my laptop the cost of Rs.20-25k is ok for a laptop but not for a smartphone.

I know some people will disagree but that’s how I see it. I also feel that this way of keeping the cost down enables me to change phones every 1.5 years with less guilt. Let’s see, I will decide in the next few days.


One More Time

If you were able to relive one day from the last 12 months, which day would it be — and why?

I can’t say a particular day in the last 12 months. Maybe one day in June of last year around this time. I have not felt so much love all of a sudden. An instantaneous rush of feeling loved on opening my door and getting the post from the postman. In the post was two large greeting cards and it was filled with lots of love and wishes from three dear people and it brought me to tears that they thought enough of me to buy these ginormous cards and stick stickers and a photo in it for me.

I have not forgotten the way I felt that day. As soon as I recovered, I got into an Uber and went to the big mall in Edapally, Lulu Mall, to watch Star Trek Beyond. Great feelings of being loved and a Star Trek film on the same day? I felt great. I loved the movie and I had a late lunch and bought some supplies for home and came back by 6pm and I was still feeling great.

That could be the day.

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ISP Issues….Again!

I’m getting really tired of my ISP, Asianet Broadband. For almost three years (it will be three years by the end of July) I was happy with them but nowadays, they are sucking really badly. Once in a while Asianet’s service would go down but they usually fixed it within 3-4 hours and since it’s only once in a while, that was pretty much ok. I mean, these kind of things go down right? It’s not flawless and I don’t expect any such service to be flawless. But I do expect solutions for the issues.

Lately though it’s been bad. For a few weeks now I have noticed that the connection goes down atleast once in a week and then it started going out almost on a daily basis. An outage like yesterday, which was city wide I believe, is understandable and they fixed it in 4-5 hours. But then again today it goes down. I have had so many days of outages that it’s crazy. And their customer care is so robotic. The people who attend to your calls in their call center, have been given nothing to work with. It’s mostly girls who can check your status and then raise a complaint with a generic statement.

Seriously it’s so funny and yet not funny when I call them. Most of the girls who pick up (it’s mostly girls for some reason) try to speak rather fast when they know there is an outage, promising that the issue has been raised and that it will be fixed as soon as possible and seem in a hurry to just close the call. I get the same answer each time. Finally today I asked for a supervisor and she said the same thing. I was also promised a call back by 6pm which never happened. Shows you what kind of customer care they are running right now. It’s pathetic!


Worst Saturday In A Long Time

I hate my life. I am such a loser. I am in a situation that is of my own doing because I am too lazy. And I don’t know how I am going to get through it. I am stuck with no knowing what to do for the next few days and come Monday I have no idea how I am going to face things. And it’s all my fault. I just hope I can fast forward the days until this is sorted out but I am still not sure as to when it will get sorted out.

And today was an awful day as well. I was at home as I have to be at home and not only do I have be bothered about this, I couldn’t really enjoy myself or relax. I keep fidgeting and fussing and worrying about this problem which isn’t going to go away. Before I knew it, it was already 5pm. I showered and I got coffee and…..the internet went out. A quick check revealed that my ISP had a city wide outage which means it would only come back on by 8:15 pm or so. And then the power went out! But it was back on in less than 45 minutes.

So I plan to relax with a drink – vodka with apple juice if you are interested – and I ordered in some fried rice with chicken tikka and butter chicken for dinner with the parents. Later I will watch a movie or maybe some episode of my fav shows. I hope Sunday is better.


Kerala to Re-open 3 & 4 Star Bars!!!

In a major move, the Kerala government on Thursday approved the new liquor policy under which all closed down bars in three and four -star hotels would be allowed to reopen. The timing of the bars has been changed from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., while in tourist places it will get an hour’s extension, from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. The minimum age to drink liquor has also been raised from 21 years to 23. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, announcing the new policy, said he has full regard for the anti-liquor campaigners but “this is not a feasible and practical solution” and hence they were forced to come out with the new policy. He said toddy will be allowed to be served in star hotels, which was not allowed earlier.

These bars were closed two years ago during the previous Congress-led government, which sought to make Kerala a “dry” state with total prohibition on alcoholic drinks by 2023. Only five-star hotels were permitted to serve liquor. Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said prohibition has been ineffective around the world because the record shows people go to any extent to get high, even narcotics. His government would rather give priority to abstinence than a blanket ban. “The previous government’s liquor policy was a flop, statistics show. There was no let-up in consumption. Besides, we have to consider the plight of 40,000 employees working in the sector,” he said.

The Congress, which is in the opposition now, rejected the chief minister’s remarks. “Our government closed the outlets in view of the alarming consumption rate. This government removed all restrictions. It is suicidal,” party leader Ramesh Chennithala said. Church organisations too criticised the government’s move, saying it is chasing money at the expense of people’s health. Liquor revenue accounts for around 25% of the Rs 40,000 crore the state earns from various taxes and services.


Never Again

Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.

I’m never going to be fooled again. I’m tired of being open and inviting hurt and pain and that part is just so over. I’m tired, jaded and I am too old for such drama and bullshit and I am just not going to let it happen. I don’t want to end up hurt and feeling like I’m the one left in the dirt.

I give up on feeling bad and empty and I feel better when I did that. I do not want to be the one sitting in the dark and wondering where everything went wrong and worry and brood. Not that guy anymore, I have better things to do. And the whole point is that you just do not trust too much. Be it with friends, relationships, family and your work. The number one thing should be you and everything else should be secondary.

Cynical? Jaded? Resentful? Talking wounded? Vindictive? Maybe but it’s better than being sad and sorry for yourself. At the end of the day you can laugh and move on.

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Make Me Smile

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?

There are a few things that never fail. My fav sit-coms are a sure way of making me smile no matter what. Frasier, Friends, Corner Gas, Everybody Loves Raymond, Will & Grace, The Big Bang Theory & Little Mosque On The Prairie. The Simpsons too. These shows will never fail to make me smile and laugh out loud.

How about some movies? Off the top of my head Abbott & Costello films, Wayne’s World, School Of Rock, etc etc. Those films will always make me smile. Some of my fav non-comedy films will also work. I just have to think of them much less put them and they bring a smile to my face.

Reading my old blog posts and thinking about the good, fun times also tend to do that. That’s kind of what I still maintain a blog for.

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Uniform. I think the person who submitted the one word prompt probably meant it for another reason but when I think of the word uniform, I think of the school uniforms I wore in my 3 schools.

I was born in Kuwait and I went to two schools during my 11 years there. My first school was called Carmel School, run by nuns mostly from India (a lot of the schools in Kuwait were owned and run by Indians) and our school uniforms were dark blue pants and lighter blue shirts with dark blue ties (blouses and skirts for the girls). And during the winters we had dark blue sweaters. I went to this school until the 4th grade.

My second school, New Indian School, was only for grade 5 as I left Kuwait in 1987. So for 1986-87 I went for the afternoon classes for boy (they had segregation for boys and girls past the 4th grade, a rule in Kuwait not by Indians) and we had white shirts, blue ties and dark blue pants for boys. In the winter, dark blue sweaters. And then I moved to India.

For the next 5 years I went to Hill Valley High School (until grade 10 after which I went to a pre-degree 2 year course in a college, instead of 11 & 12 grades in a school, which were the norm back then). Our uniform was bottle green pants, a light cream colour shirt with green spots and a dark green tie with the school logo in yellow! People could spot us coming from a mile away!

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Busy, Busy Day

So like I said yesterday, today I was a little busy but I am glad that I could come back home by 5pm so I can relax on this lazy feeling, dull but nice & cool rainy day. It didn’t rain too much but the weather is so cool nowadays that I need to switch on my water heater before I take a shower otherwise my balls will be cold. The agenda like I mentioned earlier is buying cloth for new pants and find a tailor to stitch them for me, watch Wonder Woman, lunch and shopping for groceries. I added buying medicines in there too.

Thank the internet and software gods for Uber because I did save some money in the travel. Had I taken autorikshaws today I would have been charged much more but because of the discounts I get, I was charged 30% less for each ride. And I took 6 of them today. That was the most I have every taken. Anyways, I left home without eating breakfast and went to buy some medicine near Medical Trust. Then it was off to Center Mall and to Cinepolis where I watched Wonder Woman at the 11:15 am show. Once the movie was over, at around 1:45 or so I went to Cocoa Tree in Avenue Regent for lunch, which was fish n chips and a smoothie.

Then I went to Seemati and to the Men’s Studio section to buy some black pant material for me. I walked over to a tailor store a few minutes away and after measurements and giving them my order, I took another Uber to Panampilly Nagar as I wanted to buy groceries from Farm Gold supermarket. After my shopping, I came  back home. Tired and wanting some coffee and snacks. It’s been a busy day.


Busy Day Schedule Coming Up

I have a busy day tomorrow. The hope is to finish everything by 5pm or so and come by home for a relaxing evening and then spend Sunday in bed or online. The agenda – buy cloth for new pants, give them to a tailor for stitching, watch Wonder Woman and go shopping. The order is not important.

So I had a check at the movie timings and see that I can either make the WW movie at the 11:15 am show or the 5 pm show. Which is weird that they don’t have anything in between. I would have liked a 1:30 pm or 2:30 pm show which would have been perfect, giving me enough time for the shopping and then giving the cloth for stitching before the movie. And lunch ofcourse. But Cinepolis has these weird timings. So I booked a ticket for the 11:15 am show and after that I will either have lunch and then go to buy the cloth and then go shopping or buy the cloth, give it for stitching and then lunch and shopping.

I hope I can be back home by 5pm or atleast 6. I wanna relax.


Like A Rolling Stone?

If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?

I have seen and know of some people who kind of live the nomadic life in that they do have a home, usually a family home where their parents live, but they themselves travel a lot. This one guy I know is home only 20 weeks out of a year and the rest he has to travel to various cities in India where the company he works for has offices. He spends about 2 weeks or more in each center / city and hence lives out of a couple of suitcases.

Now the company being a really big one, he gets to stay in nice hotels with free wifi and large screen tvs and laundry done for him so he doesn’t mind it so much. Plus he travels in planes so no sitting in a train overnight. I am not sure that I could live that kind of life but he doesn’t mind it too much and has been doing it for over 5 years now. His posts on Facebook and on Whatsapp have been of scenic landscapes, large luxury hotel rooms, excellent looking menu from the best eateries and beers from all over. Now that he too is turning 40, I guess it will start to become a bit more tedious. Being a bachelor helps though.

I used to think that being in a rock band where you travel in a big bus with some comforts of home and travel to many cities and playing in arenas was the best kind of life. At one time. But then I feel, especially during the monsoon, I wanna lie in my cozy bed and watch a few movies on Sunday and I couldn’t do that if I was a rolling stone. No sir, I could not do that.

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I Was Here First

You are the first astronaut to arrive on a new, uncharted planet. Write the note that you leave to those who come after you.

Aha, the perfect dream. I have always wanted to be the first to land on an alien planet and claim it in the name of all mankind. A planet where there is no life…or wait, atleast no sentient life. We can have animals and birds and even insects there. Some delicious animals for the barbecue. Hmmmm, alien barbecue!

I digress! So yeah as I land on this lush and beautiful planet with hills, valleys, snow capped mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans with abundant plant and animal/fish life, and pristine, greenery and beautiful landscapes, as I take my first steps on this uncharted planet I will say and note down “One small step for Roshan, one giant leap for Roshankind!”

What? I can’t say that. Neil who? Ok, all I shall leave for others who come after me is this “I have hidden treasure here and you who have found it can keep it.”

(P.S. – there is no treasure)

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TV Show Watching & Rewatching

That was a busy fall season of tv watching. I watch a bunch of shows each year and ofcourse there is rewatching of older and beloved shows as well. The fall season has just concluded with many of the shows that I usually watch having aired their season finale episodes in the last couple of weeks. The current shows that I watch on a regular basis (meaning each week’s episode watched something in the same week) are The Walking Dead, Supergirl, The Flash, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds – Beyond Borders (which just got cancelled), Bones (which just ended after 12 years), Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, Designated Survivor (which is a new show), Agents of SHIELD, Supernatural, The Blacklist, Homeland, The Big Bang Theory, Saving Hope (which ends this year) & Timeless.

I also have reality tv cooking shows like Masterchef Canada & Top Chef Canada (which came back after a 2 year gap). There are shows that I tried to watch but stopped in between like Wayward Pines season 2, WestWorld (after 7 episodes), American Horror Story (I didn’t like seasons 5 or 6 and stopped after 2 episodes each). Then there are shows from the summer like 19-2, Fear The Walking Dead, Dark Matter & Killjoys which are about to start their latest seasons. Plus there are shows that I have watched a couple of seasons and which I like to marathon like Broadchurch and Orphan Black (done with 2 seasons). I’ve also rewatched Star Trek Enterprise, the original Battlestar Galactica & Stargate Atlantis recently this year. That’s a lot of tv shows in a year eh?

Now that the fall season of tv shows that I watch is over, I’m trying to rewatch as many older shows as can. I’ve already watched a few episodes / seasons of show. Right now I’m in season 5 of Deep Space Nine, finished the first two seasons of Stargate SG1 and started season 1 of Battlestar Galactica (mini-series done & 7 episodes in) and Babylon 5 (first movie and 7 episode of season 1). I am planning to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel and Firefly soon. And for comic relief I finished 5 seasons of Frasier. That’s a lot of tv eh? But I love rewatching shows that I love with Scifi being at the top and a couple of comedy shows too.


Foot Sprain

Yesterday I woke up with a foot pain. I tend to hurt myself on either foot while I sleep. I think it’s the way that I sleep when I lie on my stomach – I seem to have forgotten how to place my feet when I sleep in that position. It feels uncomfortable. I prefer sleeping on my side anyway. I limped during the morning at home but didn’t think it was too bad as I couldn’t see or feel much in the way of swelling and it wasn’t on my ankle.

I put shoes on and went to work but the pain got worse. While I was at my desk at the office, I would take the left shoe off so I can give my foot some relief. We ended up walking the 5 minutes to a cafe at 10 pm for dinner and it hurt all the way there and all the way back. By 1:30 am I left for home and removed my shoes as soon as I reached my front door. I took off my socks and washed both feet but I struggled to sleep at night as my foot hurt.

I woke up early this morning – well early for a Saturday – at 7:30 am and found some Volini spray for my foot. I spray a lot of it in the morning as it hurt to even sit at my desk and use the laptop. Hence I lay in bed and watched 2 movies, took a nap for 2 hours as well and now at 7pm I feel much better. I sprayed some more of the Volini in the afternoon and it looks like my foot might be just fine by tomorrow morning.


On This Day..

On this day, May 22nd


My Dream Media Room

If I had a lot of money, like a Rs.80,00,000 or so then I would get my family to sell this small apartment we live in and buy us a house. Not that big but a new house with a little land at the side of front or back. With a lawn and a small garden. A two storey house with a living room / dining room, a nice kitchen, a bedroom with an attached bathroom in the ground floor and 2-3 bedrooms with attached in the first floor.

I would want to design a media room as well. A nice comfortable one with big recliners seats for 5-8 people. Display cases for dvds and blurays. Popcorn machine in one corner. A huge tv screen as well as a projector screen for watching movies, sports and tv shows. Surround sound speakers. A little bar at the back.

I can dream can’t I?


Moving Regret

One of my regrets is not having moved away from home to a place like Bangalore for example when I was younger. I had the chance and the opportunity to get placed in a good company in Bangalore when I was 24-25 but I hesitated and I think I shouldn’t have. The price that I have paid is opportunity options, growth career wise and money wise. I could have more growth and made a whole lot more money if I had taken the chance and made the move.

Back then I was broke and things at home weren’t very good either. I went for an interview for a company and got through the first 3 rounds. Then I was asked to stay back and they told me that they liked me and wanted me to travel to Bangalore for the final round. I just didn’t have the money to go to Bangalore by bus or train and stay there for a night or two to finalize the process and see if I got hired. I wish I could have and the HR guys really wanted me to come but I just didn’t want to take the risk.

I’ve since not had that great opportunities to go and which have been great offers with really good salary packages. If I had I might have taken then 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. Now I feel it’s too late to make the move. But I wish I could have. I would have much more fun as well with all the pubs and entertainment options available for me.


Just Another Day

Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

It may seem silly and even a bit sad but my favourite daily ritual is the one that I do immediately after I wake up, put my clothes on (as I sleep in the nude) and go to the bathroom to wash my face and then brush my teeth. All this will take about 15-20 minutes to get done and oh yeah there is also the morning peeing involved as well. Once I brush my teeth and wash my face, I come back to the inside of my bedroom and take a towel and wipe my face and hands dry.

Then I switch on my laptop and modem and then go to the kitchen to put the kettle on for my first cup of coffee as the laptop boots. As the kettle of water boils I go online on Firefox/Chrome and open my choice of websites – usually Facebook and Youtube. I look for updated on new videos by the various vloggers and channels I frequent and setup a couple of videos to load and then go make my coffee. Cup in hand, I sit back on my chair and open Facebook and go back to the videos I have setup, take my first sip of coffee and enjoy the vids.

I do it everyday in that same order and look forward to starting my day in this manner. It can’t be beat.

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