4 & A Half Decades On This Planet

Hello 45! I cannot believe that I am now 45 years old. A reminder of the deadly passing of time that you are unable to do anything about – stop, reverse or even slow down! A reminder to party like there’s no tomorrow because you are slowly dying!

At times I feel like someone or something has cheated me and I lost the best years of my life. I did not get to do the things that I see other people enjoying in their 20s and 30s. I think I got left behind. Where did the time go? I want to be young again. Have a bright future ahead of me and go back to being 22-23. And make a lot of changes in my decisions that could have affected my life in more positive ways. If only I could go back in time and make those changes rather than play with these cards that I am dealt with.

Or I can be grateful for another 365 years of live on this planet and give a toast to the previous years that have gone by. The highs & the lows, the good & the bad, the achievements, the failures, the disappointments, the pleasant & no so pleasant surprises and the loves and losses and even the hates! This is a day for reflection and inner search for those few strands of positive things that have made a difference in your life and hopefully, the things that you did that meant something to others.


This is the cake that I bought from Pandhal cake shop for my birthday. My sister and niece also went and bought a cake from another place. Mine was this delicious Rich Chocolate that was so awesome and my sister bought a VanCho cake that was really good too. I had some candled and we enjoyed them just after coffee. I asked my mother to give some to our neighbours who always cook something for us.

By 8 I was sipping rum & Pepsis and we ate the dinner I had bought. Which was veg fried rice, dal makhni (since my sister is a vegetarian), naan, tandoori chicken and butter chicken. Post dinner I had another rum & cola and listening to music online.

Afternoon @ Blue Rock Bar

Finally! After over a year I went to a bar and enjoyed a few drinks and some food. Even though the bars opened in late December, I wanted to wait for a few weeks before going in as Covid isn’t going anywhere. But after my cousin went to Couchyn & Blue Rock bars last month I was really wanting to go to one myself.


So I planned to go in last weekend but I was feeling a bit tired and wanted to stay in all weekend and catch up on my sleep. This weekend my cousin was headed to Trivandrum to meet some friends and other relatives. Even on my own I thought I still want to go just because it’s been so long. I wanted a change of pace and it having been over a year, I was ready to go. So I went to Blue Rock yesterdat at 12 pm.


I went in and there is plenty of social distancing in the tables and I love the layout. I ordered 4 Smirnoff Vanilla vodkas and 7up. This is the first time that I am trying the vanilla flavoured ones and boy is it delicious. I love their espresso one, which tastes just like a light cold coffee and this one is like a vanilla flavoured 7up! Hmmmm.


And now let’s talk about food. Blue Rock & Olive Downtown (which the hotel that this bar is in) has excellent food. I first ordered me some golden batter fried prawns which are really delicious. They had this thick sweet chilli sauce to dip the prawns. I could drink that sauce everyday. It was that good. And I love prawns.


After that, and while I started my 3rd drink, I ordered some honey glazed pepper pork. I was thinking of sticking with seafood but this place has a lot of pork items on their menu. It was good and well cooked but a bit too oily and spicy for my taste. If they had gotten down that under control it would have been the perfect dish. I needed to cool my tongue down and I kept sipping 7up for that.

I ended the afternoon with a slice of cake as a dessert. I then went to buy some groceries and some medicines before coming back home and watching part of a movie.

Got A Star Trek Tattoo

I first got a tattoo back in 2015 (August 14 to be exact). While I was in Chennai, sent there from the office, and shopping on a Friday I spotted the store owner had a couple of big tattoos. I casually asked him where he got his, how much they were and if there were any tattoo parlours in the mall or nearby. When he gave me directions to the same one where he got his, very near the next stop I was headed too, which was a pub, I just had to get a tattoo done. Just like that, on the spur of the moment from me asking some guy I just met about his tattoos and asking for recommendations to me getting my first tattoo done at the ripe old age of 39.


Today, after a bit more planning for the past few days, I decided to contact a few tattoo parlous and check out their Instagram pages. I selected one which is not too far from me. I arranged for my appointment (as they are only doing it this way since Covid) at 12 pm today and I left by 11:30 am. I reached 10 minutes early but it took me 4 minutes to locate the building. I walked the steps to the first floor and rang the bell. I met the two artists who run the place and showed them the design I had finalized on. They took a print out and then a stencil of it which was stuck onto my hand.


I sat in a nice chair, relaxed (as much as you can when that needle is hitting you) as the artist (on seeing my ACDC inspired mask) and asked me what other bands I listened to. On hearing my tastes, he changed the music from the New Age stuff to more classic rock. I chilled to Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses,Ozzy Osbourne etc and we talked music and tattoos as he did the work on me. It does hurt but I can take it. I wasn’t expecting it to take almost 2 hours to finish. By the time he was done, I was close to wanting a break. I needed a cold drink.


I didn’t get on at that time though. I went to a grocery store and bought some supplies, then to an ATM to take out some cash and later on also buy some medicines. I then came home and wasn’t in the mood to eat a full lunch as it was almost 3pm, so I ate a meat samosa and am egg puff with a Coke and then logged in to my work computer as they needed me to check on some data. I was checking on it till about 5pm and then messaged the details. I was ready for some coffee and music blasting on my laptop, so I shut down my work pc and chilled till just about now.

I’ve got grilled chicken alfahm coming my way and I am drinking a beer. Things are good.

Christmas In Covid-19

Not being big on Christmas it has always been just another day. If you are in a school, college or office environment then leading up to the 25th you will see lots of programs, carol singing and being dressed as Santa (with the scary. creepy Indian masks; I dunno why India can’t get better looking masks for Santa) and some stupid contest or the other. They usually have a Secret Santa thing going on which I like.

With this year working from home, I have not had any of that ofcourse. And as usual Christmas is just another day for an atheist. It is a holiday for my department however this year they had wanted one of us to work on Christmas and New Year as a backup / emergency / just in case. I volunteered for the 25th as I knew it would be an easy day at work and I would also get Monday off. On Monday I will be going back to the hospital and when I come back I will be tired and hence will want to take a nap in the afternoon which will be difficult as my shift starts at 3:30 pm.


So today I was working from 3:30 pm till 12:30 am but I would have to say that I was available for work during that time but I hardly got a peep. I even contact some of the service delivery managers informing them that I am here and ready to help out if any issues do come their way and was almost begging them for something to work on. Instead I watched Youtube videos, listened to music and chilled. By 7:15 pm I ordered food for me and the parents. We had butter naan, butter chicken, bbq chicken wings and fish fingers from BBQ Nation. Delicious.

By 11:30 pm I realized that nothing is gonna come up and watched the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery and by 12:30 am I logged off and shut down my work station. I will watch a bit more tv before falling asleep.

Another Rare Day Out

After almost 3 weeks I finally went out. Since I get most of my groceries and other stuff delivered to my apartment building, I rarely do need to go out. But yeah twice a month I do try to go out, get some money out of an ATM, do some other errands if needed, buy some beer and other liquor, check if there any parcels waiting for me at the post office, maybe get some lunch outside and anything else I need to do.

I have a cab driver, who uses Ola & Uber but since he is a nice older guy I call him up and ask him if he can come for my errands twice a month. I enjoy his company and he waits and is fair when he charges me; even giving back some money that I wanted to give him extra because he felt that the total ride wasn’t that long. So I call him up the previous night and then arrange for him to meet me the next afternoon at around 12 or so. Yesterday it was at 1:15pm since I woke up so late.


At 11:40 pm I had a mayo sandwich for breakfast with coffee and then shaved and had a shower. By 12:45 I was ready to get dressed and iron my shirt. By 1:15 pm I got into the cab and before I went out to Palarivattom I needed to check something. An Amazon order from Amazon.com was left along with my packages last Wednesday and it turns out it was for an A Gopalakrishnan in an office nearby. However try as I might I couldn’t find the office and decided to let the post office know. I then went to Palarivattom to drop off some documents.

Then I went to buy some beer and unfortunately Couchyn/Grand Hotel had run out of beer. You see you can buy beer and liquour from bars at the regular price but they had run out. So I bought a bottle of Ceasar brandy for my dad and then went to Lotus Club so I could buy some beer. I bought 3 Beck’s Ice and 4 Budweiser Magnum. Then I went to buy some groceries, get some money outta an ATM and then took a quick lunch of a beef mince burrito at Cafe 17 with a Peace Ice Team and then headed home.

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated it almost the same way that I celebrate most of my birthdays. Initially the plan was that my sister and her kids would come over for dinner but that changed. Instead, since my niece has online school classes starting at 6:30 pm, my sis and niece along with my oldest nephew came over for lunch. My sister decided to make some simple chicken curry with a few potatoes in it to accompany the rice and veggies that my mom had made.


As usual my sister brought along a cake. She has my niece to order one online as long as it isn’t chocolate since my dad doesn’t like chocolate. Funny enough he will eat it if it is ice cream! Anyway, my niece choose red velvet, which to be sure isn’t my fav flavour. Infact I do not like it much but this one was good especially since it had a lot of cream on it. But I can’t more than a thin slice as it still feels quite heavy. My niece managed two!


After that I tried to watch a movie but I fell asleep half way through and took a nice nap. My sister and her kids went back to their apartment and I said that I would be ordering food and called them up in the evening. By then I had managed to get a hot shower (it was a cold day) and shaved. As I toweled my head I got some coffee and snacks and ofcourse more music on Youtube and stuff. By 7 I ordered naan and butter chicken for my sister and her family (2 sons, 1 daughter and her husband) and some Baskin n Robbins. I ordered chicken fried rice, with golden fried prawns and dragon chicken (pictured above) for me and my parents.

By 12 after the good food, a couple of vodkas and the ice cream I was content and watching another movie before sleep caught up with me.

My New Phone Is Here

It’s here. My new phone, the Realme X2 Pro, which I bought online on Saturday via Flipkart arrived this late afternoon. I was excited, as always on getting a new toy, but waited for 30 minutes while I got things done.


I unboxed it at around 4:15 pm I think and then setup the phone. There is no sim that I have put inside it. I will wait to get a new connection and insert that sim into my Oppo and then use my current sim in this phone. I do think it looks amazing.


She is gorgeous.

First Dine In At A Cafe Since The LockDown

Finally, after so many weeks since the lockdown started, I went to a cafe. My cousin Sujith and I met for lunch today after I had to get two other things done. I gave my laptop to HP World so I could get the RAM increased. My laptop came with only 4GB of RAM and that is not really enough for Windows 10. Well it is enough but when you open too many tabs on browsers and run some applications, things start to get stuck.


After I left my laptop with them, I then went to get my glasses from Lawrence & Mayo which I had ordered last week. They were ready by Wednesday but I couldn’t get to them until today. Then I went to meet Sujith at Cafe 17. We started with some shakes and then chose our started which was a plate of buffalo wings. Delicious.


For the lunch item, Sujith picked a roast beef sandwich and I had an On The Highway burger. We hung out for a while just happy to be out and having lunch after such a long long time. Man, this was so enjoyable.


Once lunch was over I booked another cab and went to get my laptop and then headed home as I was tired and sleepy. I watched tv for a bit and then took a nap for an hour.

Celebrating My Baby Cousin’s Final Single Days

So it’s my baby cousin Roshni’s wedding this Sunday. Tonight we had a family gettogether at her parents house. I was the last to arrive since I wanted to buy her a gift and had left it till the last moment. So I went to Oberon mall and bought her a nice watch. I then quickly hightailed it out of there as my cousins were calling me.


I gave Roshni the watch and hugged and kissed her and joined my cousins, her dad and other uncles plus my dad in eating some beef and drinking. I had some vodka and we tried to all sit in the small bedroom with an ac that was the “bar” for the night.


After a couple of hours of this we were getting hungry for dinner and we ate some fried rice, porota, fried cauliflaur and chilly chicken. Then we had a lot of ice cream. By 11 am I booked an Ola for my dad, mom and me to come home.


My Hotel Stay Concluded

So I am now back in the apartment that I call home, safely sitting in my bedroom, listening to Eric Clapton songs on Youtube. I’ve had 4 days and 4 nights of relaxation and chilling out. No going out during those 4 days and only showering and shaving on two of those days. I wanted to room service, a few beers and to sleep in as much as my heart desires. I am surprised at how much I have slept during these 4 days. I usually get in 5-6 hours on a work day and maybe 7 on a weekend or a holiday at home. I might sleep more on a sick day. But these 4 days I got in 10-12 hours sleep easily.

My meals – they were priced highly. Ok, let me tell you that I was staying in at the Mercy Hotel in Ravipuram. The room wasn’t great but still good. They hadn’t cleaned it properly. The floor lamp is prominently placed next to the small table, which may have been meant as a dining table but which I was using for my laptop, but their shade is ripped and dirty. There was a dirt stain on the floor near the door and the sheets were of a cheap quality. Atleast the shades were awesome and light cancelling. I also had some problem with their bathroom as water would take it’s own sweet time flowing down the drain. Poor room planning while building.


I had a few beers. I didn’t watch any tv but was online quite a many hours and watched Youtube videos throughout and blogged a little as you can see. The food was good, not amazing. Among the highlights were a mixed grill (not photographed) and which I could not finish. Not even close. Just way too much food for one person. I ought to get my cousin down there someday and tackle that with some vodkas. Their American chopsuey, pic in a previous post, was pretty good as well. Yesterday afternoon I was in the mood for a chicken biryani and the one they served was pretty good.

Lowlights of the food – their breakfast is a joke. I ordered their Continental breakfast twice but was charged the price 3 times. Their continental breakfast is supposed to be toast, butter, jam, croissant, fruit, coffee/tea, seasonal fruit drink and a Danish pastry with preservatives. Look what I got when I ordered that this morning! Do you see any Danish? How about the croissant? Pineapple chunks, a brownie (what?? For breakfast???), cornflakes, toast with butter and jam. One morning I asked for just an omelet and toast and they charges me the same as this breakfast! Coffee was extra. The first morning I ordered the same breakfast I got eggs, in an omelet, instead of the cornflakes, brownie, juice and pineapple. Coffee was extra! It seems that this below menu is supposed to be for the Mercy Special Breakfast but then again, not complete.


Otherwise it was a good stay. Due to a cold I couldn’t go and try out their bar even though I badly wanted to. So I switched off the ac and didn’t drink any more beer on the last two days.

Pork Chops, Prawns, Chicken & Beer

The previous weekend I was back with Alza at the Blue Rock Restobar in Olive Downtown. This has become my favourite place to hang out for a few drinks and some good food, as mentioned in my previous post about this place. Probably it is the company :)


We ordered shrimp, fried in a tempura batter.


And some chicken satay with that lovely peanut sauce.


My fav is the grilled pork chops in bbq sauce. Though they were kinda huge.



All in all a great afternoon spending it drinking beer and enjoying the good food and company.

Food & Beer At Olive Downtown’s Bar

Once again, we were at Olive Downtown’s restobar The Blue Note. This is quickly becoming my favourite place to drink deer and hang out with a beautiful girl. The we being me and Alza. Fried cheeseballs, fried chicken, French fries (it’s kinda her favourite snack) and some beer. We ended the afternoon with some pastries as we both have a sweet tooth.






Escape The Room

What can I say? It was a great experience. Escape The Room has three escapes rooms – a prison/jail cell, an ancient Egypt/archeological setting and a Sherlock Holmes themed who dunno it theme. I reached there only by 7:30 pm as there was a huge traffic block in Kaloor and Palrivattom. We separated into teams and I was in the prison cell challenge.


We were the only ones who completed our challenge in 1 hour while the others ran out of time. It was a lot of fun. Once we were done, we took some pics and then headed to Zataar restaurant nearby for a team dinner.


The food was excellent as always. We had alfam chicken and chicken mandhi and some beef platter. FOr the three vegetarians – one permanent and the other two temporary veggies – there was panner two types and veg fried rice. One person had a veg grill.


We ended up with some sweet lemonade and then left. Some of them had to go back to the office but since I had an earlier shift I hailed an Uber and came home. I rested for a while before watching a movie and then fell asleep.


A Wednesday Afternoon @ The Ava Lounge

This is from a couple of weeks ago. On a Wednesday in NOvember, I had taken a personal day to chill out at home. However, I also wanted to get some beer and Alza was also free. She asked me if I could meet her in the evening but I prefer to meet up during the afternoon hours so we decided to meet up at 1 pm at Radisson so we could chill at the Ava Lounge.


We had beer – she moved to Coke after one beer, while I had three. We ordered some seekh kebab (not that good) lots of French Fries, some chicken and salad. And ofcourse we took a bunch of pictures.


By 5pm I was tired and wanted to get home. BY 5:30 pm we left and I dropped her off at her place before going on home.


Party At Mezzo

So as it my friend & now ex-colleague Yashila’s last day at work on Friday, she invited some of us for drinks and snacks at Mezzo, a lounge bar on MG Road. I had never been there before as I knew it was expensive and usually very crowded and they don’t have much room and tables. We met by 8:30 pm and has beers, cocktails, some spicy potato wedges and cornflakes fried chicken with a delicious spicy mayo.







After the party ended at around midnite, 3 of us wanted more food so we went to the cafe in the same building and had chicken wings which were good.


At The Blue Rock RestoCafe With Alza

Once again, this time unexpectedly, I had a lunch outing with Alza. She was still in town and we planned on Friday night to meet up this afternoon. We went to The Blue Rock RestoCafe which is the lounge bar for Olive Downtown. I like this place and we had some good food – honey chilli potato, dragon chicken and a pizza. We ordered 3 beers, of which she had one and then switched to Coke.


Honey chilli potato


Dragon chicken


There is me with the lovely lass


Chicken pepperoni pizza


And Alza with the plates of food.

At The Ava Lounge With Alza

So I went to The Ava Lounge again after a gap of 8 months or so. The Ava Lounge is the lounge bar at the 5 star Radisson Blu. I love this place as it is cool, has plush carpeting and it is quiet and has lots of privacy. The food is really good.


This time I went on a sort of date with the young lady you see here in the pics. Alza is an ex-trainee of mine and an ex-colleague. Yes, she is gorgeous and she is pretty. She also has the most amazing dimples I have ever seen and everytime she flashes a smile at me and I get to see the dimples, I swoon. She left the company I work for back in February.


We’ve reconnected in September and have been chatting on a regular basis and last week did a lot of video chatting as well. Last night as I was leaving the office we planned to meet up today. Two Mondays ago she thought I would be available to meet up but we had some flooding in the city and I wasn’t able to catch up with her. So since she was in town for a couple of days, we made a quick plan to meet up for some beer.


I booked an Ola and went to pick her up near the place she was staying at. She came and got into the cab for the very short ride to Radisson. We started chatting and rode the elevator to the 11th floor and then took a table near the window and sat down. We got some Kingfisher Blue and I ordered an Afghani chicken and some French Fries. She started taking selfies.


We talked and we took a few photos and we talked some more. She grabbed my phone and took a few selfies and we even did a couple of videos.


I had a great time talking and laughing with her. We were silly and we joked around. I love being with her as she is a lot of fun and she is weird & strange but mostly because it felt good for this lonely ole bachelor to be with a beautiful young woman for an afternoon. As we left I kissed her hand and thanked her a lovely time.


I dropped her off on my way to a supermarket and then I bought some groceries and came home to take a nap and enjoy a nice evening at home with my parents. I hope I see her again.

Family Lunch @ Mercy Estate

Today I took the family out for a nice lunch at Mercy Estate. It had been a long time, Dec 31st last year, when I had actually joined for a meal with dad, mom, sis & her kids outside of the apartment.


With my new nephews coming home for a few days from Bangalore, it seemed like the perfect time. I spoke to my sister a couple of days ago and we actually wanted to have a dinner at the club on Saturday night but I had to work due to an emergency.


We then thought we’d have a big lunch at the club but it was crowded due to a function happening there and it would be hard to find some peace. Instead we went to Mercy Estate by 1:30 pm for a late lunch.


Dad, mom and I reached first and we found their rather nice dining hall. Plush carpeting in the lobby and a nice elevator. I have never been to this part of the hotel but I have been to their roof top garden many times.


A few minutes later sis and her kids came in and we ordered some starters and I had an ice tea.


Honey flavoured crispy pork  was good as was the fish fingers and we also had some salads.


For the main course I had a double roasted pork – delightfully juicy and soft pork with cabbage – and a naan. Butter naan was so good.


We ended the afternoon with ice cream double scoops. So good. And then I came home.