The World On My Coffee Cup

I have this obsession with coffee cups. I like coffee… wait, that is not right….I have a sexual relationship with coffee on a regular basis. It should come as no surprise then that I also have a thing for coffee cups. Coffee cups are something that I like collecting and at the moment I have a few, not too many, just a few that I like and I hope to add more to the last as the months go by.

Yesterday while at the mall, I picked up this one. I really liked the look of it “Genius at work” is so perfect for me that I just had to buy it. So I picked it up for the terribly high price that it had and bought it at the shop.


I picked up it and paid for it but it was only after I came back home that I realized that those cool looking almost 70s hippie colourful images on the mug was actually the continents of our world!!! Isn’t that great? I picked up something (the lighting in the store wasn’t all that great so no wonder I missed seeing what it was) thinking it was nice and it turned out to be even more cooler than I first imagined!


Life can be awesome like that somedays. Silly me, it’s only a coffee mug. But yeah, I like it. Cheers!

Stages Of The Barfster

Barfi the pug tends to sleep a lot. He is more like a cat in that way. He sleeps maybe like 12-14 hours a day. His favourite spot is near the front door.

And then I wake him up. And he’s all like “dude, why did you have to break my sleep? I was dreaming of lady pugs and chasing them in lush green fields”

Even when he is sleepy he looks so adorable. Look at that face. Just look at that face.

And when is wide awake and wants a treat he knows just how to get it. By posing and looking really cute for the camera. Like this!

When you got it, flaunt it!

Cyber Mall & Soi7 Brewery Pub, Gurgaon

The second of the two pubs that I hit while I was in Gurgaon was the Soi7 Brewery pub in Cyber Mall. This mall is huge and it has a lot of eateries and other fun stuff to do. After coffee and breakfast and a long walk through, I finally went to Soi7 brew pup. Take a look at the photos the large outdoor mall and the pub








I had some awesome beer while I was there. They have their own brews with boxing related names. Enjoy the pics!

It’s Been One Week Away From Home

So it’s been a week at my sister’s place. My folks and I moved in here and luckily there is another apartment as well with a 3 bedroom-bathroom in the same building where her mother in law stays. Since she lives alone, my two nephews stay and sleep there in the two empty rooms. I have one room and my parents use the second of the two big rooms. Ofcourse there is Burfi the pug who sleeps….well anywhere he damn well chooses to.

I spend most of my time in the room, at my laptop and online using the USB dongle. If not I a watching tv shows or movies on it and feeling sleepy a lot more than usual. I don’t listen to as much music as I do at home for some reason. Yesterday I spend the whole day inside, took rest, drank lots of coffee and watch a bunch of stuff and overshot my data limit (the bill cycle starts midnight tonight). I am used to unlimited data and not 15 GB a month. Anyways, I also took a small nap in the afternoon and pretty much was online from evening till about 10 when I started watching tv shows again.

Today I will go out for a long lunch and some long overdue beers. Gosh has it been almost a month since I have had beer? Well that just won’t do. Perhaps a cousin will join me and then maybe in the late afternoon I will go for a movie. We’ll see.

Food Review #82

Finally I got to visit a Dunkin Donuts as well while I was in Gurgaon. In some outlets in India, Dunkin is paired with a franchise called Too Much Burger. At the large Cyber Mall there are a bunch of eateries and pubs and I started off my day with a late, late breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. I had a smallish smoked chicken burger with an Mocha chip Dunkaccino and a Boston Cream donut. Delicious!



Now that you have seen the pics, enjoy the videos.Food Revie

The Manhattan Brewery & Pub, Gurgaon

Although it has been a few weeks, I would like to now introduced you, my dear viewers/readers, to the excellent Manhattan Brewery & Pub in Gurgaon, Haryana. During my 2 week stay in that city I took the time off on a Saturday and went to the Global Foyer Mall on the outskirts of the city to drink some craft beer and try some awesome food.




They have a dark yet inviting and welcoming lightning and the decor is awesome with some tv screens showing the current live sports and a larger screen that displays music videos.







The beer was cold and delightful and the food was amazing too. The video reviews will follow up soon.

Food Review #79

I finally get to try out another iconic fast food franchise. Wendy’s does not have an outlet in Kochi or anywhere else in Kerala and that is why I had to try one while I was in Gurgaon.


I love the decor and the tables and the chairs. It’s a really nice place.


Ofcourse they do not serve any beef in their outlets in India. Just like every other national/international food franchises. Most of their menu is either chicken or paneer based patties.


But they do have bacon and pork bacon at that. I ordered a Chicken Baconator and french fries with an iced tea.


It was an awesome meal with that delicious bun, great chicken patty and bacon. Lip smacking and their fries are really good too. Iced tea was just ok. Enjoy the video.

A Closer At The USS Dauntless

The “USS Dauntless” was an alien starship disguised as a Federation Dauntless-class starship that was in service to Starfleet in the late 24th century. Allegedly, the Dauntless was the prototype for its class of starship. In mid-2374, while still stranded in the Delta Quadrant, the USS Voyager received a transmission from Starfleet Command via the ancient Hirogen communications network. Although the message contained a number of unencoded personal messages, there was also an encrypted file that the Voyager crew was unable to open.


On Stardate 51978, Voyager encountered an alien named Arturis who had a gift for translating languages, both verbal and visual. He easily decrypted the mysterious message, which gave a set of coordinates near their current location. Upon arrival, the Voyager crew discovered the Dauntless, which activated its quantum slipstream drive when the away team of Chakotay, Tom Paris and Tuvok boarded it to travel fifteen light-years in a few minutes. Although intrigued at the drive’s possibilities and its promise of a faster trip home, the Dauntless was relatively minimalist by other Starfleet standards, possessing only one transporter and no replicators, holodecks or shuttlecraft. While investigating the Dauntless, it soon proved to be an elaborate trap set by Arturis to arrange for the Voyager crew’s assimilation by the Borg, with its resemblance to Starfleet technology the result of Particle synthesis, an advanced form of replicator technology. Arturis’s race had been recently assimilated by the Borg, and Arturis blamed that event on Kathryn Janeway’s short-lived alliance with the Borg against Species 8472.


He had assumed that the crew’s desire to get home would prompt them to immediately take the ship and use the slipstream to try and get back to Earth, only learning after activating it that it was programmed to take them to Borg space, but past experience and an unwillingness to abandon Voyager prompted the crew to carry out various tests first. After Seven of Nine decoded enough of the original message to reveal that Dauntless was a trap, Arturis attempted to simply take Janeway and Seven back to Borg space, but Voyager was able to duplicate the slipstream and rescue them, leaving Arturis stranded aboard the Dauntless as it entered Borg space, where he was presumably assimilated. (VOY: “Hope and Fear”


In 2375, Voyager used the slipstream technology examined aboard the Dauntless to construct their own makeshift slipstream drive. (VOY: “Timeless” The registry number seen on the hull was NX-01-A, while internal LCARS displays used the registry number NX-01A. Since both were seen on screen, both are valid.


The Dauntless model is a little problematic that it doesn’t sit that well on the stand and I’ve had it pressed in quite tightly and it sprung out on more than one occasion. That way I have broken one of the nacelles and that is an issue. Otherwise it is a good model. Hope you like the pics and here is the video.

What A Day @ Lulu Mall

It’s been a long day. After work yesterday I reached home at 2:30 am – well actually it was today early morning at 2:30 am – and went to sleep quickly as I wanted to wake up by 7. I did wake up around 7 ish and went on my morning routine of brushing my teeth, coffee, internet, checking Youtube. By 9 am I took a shave and a shower and got ready. I booked an Uber and within 5 minutes the car was at my building’s entrance. I had booked a ticket at the PVR in Lulu Mall and wanted to get there early, so I didn’t even bother with breakfast.


Due to a traffic block as caused by a section of the road being blocked in Kaloor, I got there only by 10:40 am and went in straight to Costa and got a coffee and a chocolate twister. After that I walked around for a while and still being hungry I went to Bloomsbury and had a lovely sandwich and cold coffee. I waited a bit more and walked around a bit more until it was almost 1 pm and time to get into the theatre. I took my seat in one of the premium seats and settled in the seat (not very comfortable, I prefer the ones in Cinepolis) and put on my 3D glasses. I liked the movie and enjoyed it.


By 3pm a friend named Ranjith met me just after the movie ended and we went for a late lunch at a place called Galitos at 3:30pm. It was a good lunch and we enjoyed it a lot. Then we went to Lulu Connect where he looked for a phone while I bought an iron for my home (as I had broken the old one a couple of nights ago). That done we parted ways and I went to Lulu Hypermart and bought a few things and then booked an Uber and made my way back home. We had to take the off beaten path due to the traffic jam and it took longer than usual.

Beer Review – Stella Artois Lager

Stella Artois is a pilsner beer of between 4.8 and 5.2% ABV which has been brewed in Leuven, Belgium, since 1926. A 4% ABV version is sold in Britain, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. Stella Artois is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer.

Although Belgium is best known internationally for its ales, the so-called “table beers,” the bottom-fermented pilsner lagers such as Stella Artois head the list for domestic consumption, making up almost 75% of Belgian beer production. Stella Artois is available on draught and in several packaged sizes, including a 275 ml bottle, 284 ml bottle, a 330 ml bottle, a 440 ml can, a 50cl can, a pint size can known as “La Grande Biere” (568 ml), 66 cl bottle, 70 cl bottle and a 1 liter bottle.

Stella Artois has been associated with film in the UK since 1994, organizing events, sponsoring television, and hosting a website. Stella Artois has been or is a primary sponsor of the Cannes, Melbourne, and Sundance film festivals, the Independent Spirit Awards, and the Little Rock Film Festival. For many years previously The Queen’s Club Championships, an annual tournament for male tennis players, held on grass courts at the Queen’s Club in West Kensington, London and part of the ATP World Tour 500 series on the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Tour, was known as the Stella Artois Championships.

Beer Review – Erdinger Weissbier (Hefe-Weizen)

Brewed by:
Erdinger Weissbräu
Germany |

Style: Hefeweizen

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.60%

Availability: Year-round

Erdinger has been brewing their Bavarian wheat beers for over 100 years. Beers like this classic Hefe Weissbier have attributed to their international success. This hefeweizen pours a hazy gold colour with a foamy white head. A lively carbonation brings delicate aromas of bananas and cloves to the nose. Classic flavours of banana and clove are accompanied by a biscuity maltiness and perhaps even a bit of lemongrass. A medium body and crisp dry finish make this a very refreshing drink, pure and simple.

I was lucky to get this imported beer from the Discovery Wines & Liquor, a store that was walking distance from my hotel where I stayed at while in Gurgaon. I only went in there once during my stay in Gurgaon and got 3 imported beers that I had never tried before.

Food Review #78 (Snack Review)


Crispy Tortilla Chips

Made from Stone Ground Non-GMO Corn
Baked / Cooked in Healthier Corn Oil
0g Trans Fat
Gluten Free

Corn (70%)
Corn Oil
Milk Solids
Spices & Condiments
Shortening Powder
Acidity Regulator (E270)
Stabilizer (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein)
Flavor Enhancer (E635)
Anti-caking Agent (E551)

While staying in Gurgaon, I picked up a pack of Cornitos Nacho Crisps Cheese & Herbs flavour. I had never had them before but loved it. It is a great coffee time or beer time snack and the cheddar taste is strong on this one.

.And here is video review

My Second Hotel Room @ The Sigature Leaf, Gurgaon

I changed rooms at The Signature Leaf four days into my stay there. I did this because they asked me if I wouldn’t mind moving as they had a frequent guest who wanted the large window room (which is where I was). I didn’t mind and switched rooms; this one was better and it had a larger tv! I win.

Doors to the cupboard and the bathroom!


Nice large and more firmer bed that the previous one. Lots of pillows!


Chair and built in tables!


A larger tv than the previous room which suited me perfectly!


My First Room At The Signature Leaf Hotel @ Gurgaon

So in pics and in video form, here is a look at my hotel room in Gurgaon at the Signature Leaf. It was a small hotel, mostly like a lather large house style but constructed to be a hotel. It has 3 floors and construction was going on for the 4th floor. Which left my two colleagues a bit peeved as there was a lot of noise in their rooms on the 2nd floor. I was on the ground floor and hence heard very little of it.


Rather large bed on which I only would sleep on one side. The bed was not comfortable for me as it was rather soft and you can’t lie on your side without sinking feelings. I am glad that I moved in a few days.


It had a small desk which could open up and you could use it as a work table. I rarely used it as I couldn’t get the wifi connected on my laptop. Another smaller desk just below the tv served as my dinner table. It also had the bottles of water and glasses.


Bathroom was fine. Clean and they had a nice shower but the glass partition was so close to the shower head. Made it difficult to stretch the arms wide when soaping. They had the hot water geezer hidden in this room so the first morning I freezed in ice cold water as I couldn’t see the tiny spots of red and green for the hot and cold water as I can’t that well without my glasses.


That’s the first meal I had there, an omelet with tava roti, as I had only had half a sandwich and water at lunch. Here is a room tour video.

So Glad To Be Home

Wow, it feels so good to be back home and to sleep in my own bed again. That was one thing I missed at the hotel in Gurgaon. I am used to a harder or more firmer bed and to have to sleep in beds that sink in wasn’t the best for my sleep. Probably one reason why I woke up from my sleep quite so often during the course of the nights.


Yesterday too I woke up early and went back to smaller bouts of sleep until 7:30 am when I finally woke up and brushed my teeth and went to the loo. I ordered a black coffee and toast with the minimal butter that the cheapskates at the hotel I stayed it would put on it. Funny thing is, in the first room that I stayed in, the room service menu says “bread toast with butter and jam” but they don’t have any jam. The room I moved in too a couple of days later had the recent version of the menu which says only butter. Yet these guys use so little of it. I bet they get buy on a stick of butter for a 100 orders of toast which is 4 slices of bread each.

After that I had to use the bathroom in the next room, the one I was previously in, as I wasn’t getting much water in my room’s bathroom. I took a shave and a quick shower and finished the last of my packing, which was mainly my toiletries, a bath towel and the shirt, lungi and underwear I was wearing and then changed into my clothes to wear for the plane trip back to Cochin. My colleague came down and had her breakfast and then went to finish her packing. The taxi cab that our company had booked for us arrived at 10:30 am and having already paid off our bills the previous evening, we gave a little money to the cook and the guy at the front desk (it’s not a big hotel) and then took the cab to the Delhi airport.


Due to it being a holiday for Holi the streets were almost empty and we had a quick ride to the airport. It was nice to see the city in this light. Such big streets and large buildings with open spaces here and there. We arrived early and checked our luggage and then went to find seats in the lounge area. After a quick coffee and a visit to the loo we waited till 12:45 pm and then went to stand in que for the coach that took us to our plane. We flew back in an IndiGo fligh and although I like the airlines, and the hot Punjabi stewardesses, I feel that SpiceJet has better seating and leg room which makes for a comfortable ride. We reached by 4:45 pm and by 5:15 pm, after getting my colleague into her cab, I took a cab to my apartment.

Cochin is so hot and humid now and with forecasts of thunderstorms and rain. It was a sweaty night back home and in this regard I will miss the Gurgaon weather. I hope to be able to visit the place again some time in the near future.


So I went for a little shopping this weekend. I am going to Gurgaon this coming Sunday and I will be there for 12 days or 13. This trip is completely work related and it’s for a training being conducted by our clients. They have a few BPOs that they have outsourced their work to in India, Canada and the Philippines and several of us from India will be meeting Gurgaon in one of the centers (our company does not have an office there in that city).


So I bought a couple of shirts for the stay in Gurgaon. I needed to buy a couple anyway and selected these two from Men’s Studio in Seemati on MG Road.


From Big Bazaar in Center Mall on MG Road I went in and got me some essentials. My shopping carts has shaving cream, a shaving brush, shampoo, a couple of pairs of socks, toothpaste, a tooth brush and Axe body spray.


I also bought a new pair of laceless shoes and a belt (pic not available). Daddy’s gonna look & smell real good for the ladies in Gurgaon.