Quiet Weekend With Beer & Pizza

A nice quiet weekend spent mostly at home. I came back home a little later than my shift on Friday but couldn’t get to sleep for a long time for no reason. I kept waking up as it is. Anyways, I had some quiet time planned for myself as I was alone at home. Saturday morning I woke up at 7 am and drank the first of my two morning coffees and ate a simple sandwich of white bread and cucumbers before showering and getting dressed. I hailed an Uber to take me to Gandhinagar where the self-service BevCo is located.


I also wanted to try the SupplyCo first which is right next door but they seemed to have less stuff than BevCo and also they didn’t have any cans so I went to the BevCo. They didn’t have an beer cans either but I ended up buying 5 650ml bottles of beers – 2 Carslbergs, 2 British Empire (a beer I have never tried before) and a Miller. I also bought a 600ml of Smirnoff’s Apple vodka and went to the counter and paid. My Uber was still waiting for me and he dropped me back home. And it wasn’t a high charge at all so this is what I plan to do going forward once a month.


I was back in my apartment 10 minutes before noon as the drive is not far and I took all of what 10 minutes inside BevCo. I put my beers into the fridge (although I had to keep one on the counter as there wasn’t enough space) and my vodka in a cupboard and changed my clothes. I then ordered a large cheese & bbq chicken pizza from Dominos and had to wait a while as I was out of the guaranteed area for the 30 minutes delivery. The pizza took about an hour by which time I was hungry so I had already bought some snack from the local grocery store / tea shop as I was starving by then. By 1:45 pm I had half my pizza and a beer before watching part of a movie and then fell asleep for an hour.

Evening coffee was followed by EPL football and a beer with the rest of the pizza for dinner. Then I watched some tv show episodes and went to sleep by 1am. Sunday I basically had only buns and coffee.

Unboxing The 22nd Century Klingon Bird Of Prey

Right, onto one of my fav alien, one of my fav Klingon ships. The 22nd Century Bird of Prey – the predecessor to the later 24th century Bird of Prey which is more famous.


During the mid-22nd century, the Klingon Empire operated a type of small warship known as the Klingon Bird-of-Prey. his class is one of the earliest class of starships encountered by Earth Starfleet during the early 2150s. The first encounter occurred on the outer perimeter of the Sol system in early 2153. Starfleet, however, had known of the existence of these ships as early as late 2151. This Bird-of-Prey design was revamped over the next two centuries, and was used to represent several different variations of this class that were collectively known under the same name.


Comparable in design to its sister classes, the Raptor-class scout and D5-class battle cruiser, the exterior design of the Bird-of-Prey utilized the same basic avian design, including vaguely feather-like hull plating on its wings. The bulk of the ship’s overall mass was incorporated in the aft section of the ship. The bridge module was located on a bulbous forward section, which was separated from the aft section by a relatively thin ‘neck’ that attached to and flared into the aft portion which swept down below the main body, forming wings. Located on the caudal section of the ship were the ship’s shuttlebay, impulse engines and two warp nacelles. The port and starboard nacelles were directly connected to the extreme upper aft section of the ship, perpendicular to the impulse engine.


The offensive arsenal of the Bird-of-Prey was rather impressive, for the time, as the ship possessed at least eight forward disruptor banks, including a twin pair of neck-mounted disruptor cannons, a pair of wing-tip mounted disruptor cannons, and a 360º rotating turret containing twin belly-mounted disruptor cannons. The class was also equipped with dual photon torpedo launchers, positioned fore and aft, and defensive shields. This class, however, had minimal aft weapons. Prior to the refitting of Enterprise, one Bird-of-Prey was more than a match with the NX-class; however, it was unable to repel three older Earth vessels at one time. After Enterprise was upgraded, it was nearly an even match with the Bird-of-Prey. This class of Bird-of-Prey could outgun an Orion Interceptor, two to one.


This class of vessel was equipped with tractor beam technology. It had one emitter located on the underside of each wing that, when used in conjunction, could be used to manipulate a ship to its belly docking port. Unlike the Raptor class, this class of Bird-of-Prey was equipped with escape pods. The Bird-of-Prey’s escape pod hatch was also located on the belly of the ship. One major flaw of the Bird-of-Prey’s design was found at the nape of the ship’s neck and primary hull; a direct hit on the main plasma junction, located above the sensor array, could disable the entire power grid.


Like the Raptor-class scouts of this era, live food was kept aboard these Birds-of-Prey in the targ pits, presumably adjacent to the galley. Located in the “head” of the forward section of the vessel, the bridge, which was plated with dispersive armor, was one of the most protected sections of the ship. The configuration of the Bird-of-Prey’s main bridge shared with many features found in contemporary designs. In the front of the bridge, against the forward bulkhead, was the ship’s viewscreen. Directly behind the viewscreen, near the center of the bridge was the captain’s chair. Directly behind the captain’s chair, was the entryway to the bridge, with two manned consoles located on either side of the doorway. Along the perimeter of the bridge were several stations, each designated for a specific task.

I hope you like the pics I did of the model. It is smaller than I would have liked it to be but it is done very well. And ofcourse below us we have a video unboxing of the ship. Enjoy!

Unboxing The Nausicaan Raider

Now for an alien ship that has only been seen in an episode or two. I think it’s just been seen in Star Trek Enterprise. I present to you the Nausicaan Raider.


Nausicaan raiders were vessels employed by Nausicaan pirates during the mid-22nd century for raiding freighter routes. These vessels were armed with forward and aft plasma cannons and possessed primitive shields. Although their weapons were considered formidable to a Y class freighter, Nausicaan raiders were outmatched by NX-class starships, whose spatial torpedoes were capable of piercing Nausicaan shields. Three of these vessels, operating out of an asteroid base, attacked the ECS Fortunate and raided its cargo for a period of several months during 2151. Fortunately, the Starfleet vessel Enterprise NX-01 was able to offer assistance during that year. (ENT: “Fortunate Son”)


Not much is known about this raider. this type of vessel was described as “small” and “fast.” The bridge of a Nausicaan raider was scripted to be “dark,” although the final version of the room clearly features large, colorful wall panels. Also, the offensive and defensive specifications of a Nausicaan raider were scripted thus; “Medium yield plasma cannons. Simple (TECH) shielding,” where the word “tech” was later to be replaced by a more technical term. In the episode’s final version, this became, “Fore and aft plasma cannons,” and a less direct reference, immediately thereafter, to the craft having shields.


Even though Nausicaan starships had never before been portrayed, inspiration for the forthcoming design was taken from how Nausicaans themselves had been established as typically behaving; due to their thuggish nature as belligerent troublemakers, their vessels had to have a fittingly threatening and aggressive appearance. These initial sketches included a design concept for a Vulcan ship, which Eaves had drawn earlier. The same ship layout, with blade-like curves, gave Eaves a design direction, which he expanded upon in the other sketches. As he became increasingly more inspired, Eaves felt the look he was aiming for was somewhere “between the bottom of a shovel and a manta ray.” The producers approved one of the initial illustrations as the final version, a configuration Eaves likened to a manta ray.


At Eden FX, Lead CG Artist Pierre Drolet took Eaves’ illustration and digitally turned it into a three-dimensional model. Drolet incorporated some of his own ideas into the design, shading the Nausicaan ship with an earthy color scheme, and added detailing such as the forward plasma cannons. All these finishing touches helped give the ship its highly sought-after aggressive look. These vessels could presumably travel faster than warp 1.8, the maximum speed of the Fortunate, for them to be able to constantly locate, track, attack, and raid said vessel over an extended period of time. Issue 30 of Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection lists the Nausicaan fighters as having a maximum speed of warp 2 and a length of 90 meters.


So that’s it about this smaller vessel, though the model is of a decent size, and mostly unknown ship. It’s a nicely done model. I hope you like the pics and enjoy the unboxing video given below.

A Closer Look At The USS Prometheus

Alrighty then, let’s look a sleek and fabulous design for a class of starship. This one is a fan favourite and in my top 10 of ship designs and I absolutely loved it when I first saw it on the tv screen. I am taking about the awesome, the spectacular – USS Prometheus!


The USS Prometheus (NX-59650/NX-74913) was a 24th century Federation Prometheus-class starship operated by Starfleet. Prometheus was an experimental prototype designed for deep space tactical assignments and equipped with regenerative shields, ablative hull armor, and multi-vector assault mode. She was the fastest ship in Starfleet with a warp factor of 9.99 when she was launched from the Beta Antares Ship Yards on stardate 50749.5 in late 2373. The vessel was also equipped with holographic projectors on every deck, allowing its EMH Mark II free range of movement throughout the ship. The Prometheus was, at least, the second starship to bear the name.


Some time shortly after stardate 51462 in 2374, the Prometheus was hijacked by Romulans. During their escape aboard the ship, the Prometheus easily disabled the USS Bonchune when the Romulans decided to enable the multi-vector assault mode, for the first time, proving her potency as a combat vessel. Coincidentally, during the hijacking the Prometheus received a subspace transmission from the USS Voyager, which was stranded in the Delta Quadrant over 60,000 light years away. This transmission contained Voyager’s Emergency Medical Hologram, who initially escaped detection by claiming to be the Prometheus’ EMH, and also claiming that, as a doctor, he was neutral. Assisted by the Prometheus’ EMH, The Doctor was able to regain control of the ship by knocking the Romulans out using neurozine gas (that, naturally, didn’t affect the two holograms) and stop her from entering Romulan space. Despite their initial lack of understanding of the controls of the Prometheus, the two EMHs subsequently managed to destroy an opposing Romulan ship before the Prometheus was recovered by Starfleet. Following this, The Doctor spoke directly to Starfleet Headquarters about the fate of Voyager, before returning to his ship to assure them that they were no longer alone. (VOY: “Message in a Bottle”


The warp drive of the Prometheus-class made the ships of this class faster than any other starship in the fleet at the time in the mid 2370s. The warp drive was capable of maintaining speeds exceeding warp 9.9. The Prometheus-class was designed with an unprecedented level of automation, and, combined with its advanced tactical systems, was one of the most powerful combat ships in the Alpha Quadrant. The primary battle systems on board the Prometheus included regenerative shielding, ablative hull armor, phasers, and photon torpedoes. A unique feature included in the Prometheus design was the multi-vector assault mode, which allowed the ship to split into three semi-independent sections that could each deliver massive force against an enemy target. All three sections were warp-capable. In this mode, the Prometheus could easily disable a Nebula-class at warp, or a D’deridex-class on the field of battle. (VOY: “Message in a Bottle” While other starship classes had similar capabilities, such as the Galaxy-class with its saucer separation feature, generally the saucer section of such classes had no warp drive and limited weaponry. (TNG: “Encounter at Farpoint”, “The Arsenal of Freedom”, “The Best of Both Worlds, Part II”


In addition to standard automation systems, the Prometheus-class design also featured holoemitters on every deck, which allowed the ship’s Emergency Medical Hologram (Mark II) to access all areas of the ship (most EMHs were confined to sickbay only). Primary controls for the ventilation system were located in Jefferies tube 17, which was located five decks up from sickbay.


So I hope you like the photos that I put up of the gorgeous beast. I lost the unboxing video of the Prometheus so here is the closer look video of the model. Enjoy!

Unboxing The USS Honshu (Nebula Class Starship) From Eaglemoss

Howdy Trekkies, let’s gear up for another much loved starfleet starship design. This one has a lot of similarities with the Galaxy class vessel, like the USS Enterprise D. This in fact can be called the sister ship to the Galaxy class. I am talking about the Nebula class starship. In particular this is the USS Honshu, as seen in an episode of Deep Space Nine.


The Nebula-class was a type of Federation starship that was in service in Starfleet during the second half of the 24th century. Construction of the Nebula-class was spearheaded under the authority of the Yoyodyne Division, and ranged in construction dates from as early as 2363 to as late as 2367. Vessels including the USS Phoenix and USS Prometheus and the USS Sutherland were constructed at this time at both the 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards (the first two ships) and the San Francisco Fleet Yards, orbiting Earth. (TNG: “The Wounded”, “Redemption II”; DS9: “Second Sight” dedication plaques).


The mission profile of the Nebula-class varied from performing various scientific and exploratory roles to conducting patrol and transport duties. (DS9: “Second Sight”, “Explorers”; TNG: “Brothers” set artwork; TNG: “Sarek”, “The Game”. The Nebula-class was present in several major Federation engagements against the Borg, including the Battle of Wolf 359 and the Battle of Sector 001. (DS9: “Emissary”; Star Trek: First Contact) They were also present in numerous Dominion War battles, including the Second Battle of Chin’toka and Battle of Cardassia. (DS9: “The Changing Face of Evil”, “What You Leave Behind”. A Nebula-class starship, the USS Farragut was one of three ships sent to transport the crew of the USS Enterprise off Veridian III after the saucer section crash-landed due to a battle with a Klingon vessel. (Star Trek Generations).


The Nebula-class shared a similar design lineage with its larger Galaxy-class counterpart, notably its primary and secondary hulls and nacelles. The Nebula-class was composed of two hull sections; the saucer-shaped primary hull mounted atop the secondary hull, with two warp nacelles mounted on either side of the secondary hull, directly below the primary hull. Atop the primary hull was a superstructure which could support a variety of modules, such as the inclusion of a triangular platform, fitted with torpedo launchers, an oval platform, or additional warp nacelles. By 2375, the Nebula-class was reconfigured slightly to include more of a Galaxy-class style secondary hull and deflector dish.


The Nebula-class was equipped with “a huge arsenal”, which included multiple phaser banks and torpedo launchers. The Nebula-class had a maximum effective weapons range slightly below 300,000 kilometers. The typical offensive arsenal of the Nebula-class included a torpedo launcher located on the secondary hull above the deflector dish, and on some variants, a torpedo launcher located on the superstructure located above the primary hull. Phaser positions included the forward-most part of the primary hull, and on the secondary hull, below the deflector dish.


Nebula-class starships were equipped with a variety of auxiliary craft, including the Type 6 and Type 7 shuttlecraft, as well as the smaller Type 15 shuttlepod, and other large shuttlecraft. The USS Honshu (NCC-60205) was a 24th century Federation Nebula-class starship operated by Starfleet. In 2374, the Honshu was responsible for transporting former Cardassian leader Dukat to stand trial for war crimes at Starbase 621. Captain Benjamin Sisko was also aboard and was scheduled to testify at the trial. At approximately 1030 hours on the second day of the three day voyage, the ship was intercepted and destroyed by a wing of Cardassian destroyers. At least three of the starship’s escape pods and a shuttlecraft managed to escape. The USS Defiant and the USS Constellation were assigned to retrieve survivors. The Defiant recovered at least fifteen survivors, including Sisko.


So that’s some information about the Nebula and the Honshu. I hope you like the various pics I have shot of the model. And here is the unboxing video as well. Enjoy.

A Closer Look AT The And USS Dauntless Model

Howdy Trekkies. It’s been a while since I shared my ever growing collection of Star Trek starships, all of which are from the Official Star Trek Starship Collection from Eaglemoss for now atleast. So here’s another one.


The “USS Dauntless” was an alien starship disguised as a Federation Dauntless-class starship that was in service to Starfleet in the late 24th century. Allegedly, the Dauntless was the prototype for its class of starship. In mid-2374, while still stranded in the Delta Quadrant, the USS Voyager received a transmission from Starfleet Command via the ancient Hirogen communications network. Although the message contained a number of unencoded personal messages, there was also an encrypted file that the Voyager crew was unable to open.


On Stardate 51978, Voyager encountered an alien named Arturis who had a gift for translating languages, both verbal and visual. He easily decrypted the mysterious message, which gave a set of coordinates near their current location. Upon arrival, the Voyager crew discovered the Dauntless, which activated its quantum slipstream drive when the away team of Chakotay, Tom Paris and Tuvok boarded it to travel fifteen light-years in a few minutes. The Dauntless was relatively minimalist by other Starfleet standards, possessing only one transporter and no replicators, holodecks or shuttlecraft. While investigating the Dauntless, it soon proved to be an elaborate trap set by Arturis to arrange for the Voyager crew’s assimilation by the Borg, with its resemblance to Starfleet technology the result of Particle synthesis, an advanced form of replicator technology. Arturis’s race had been recently assimilated by the Borg, and Arturis blamed that event on Kathryn Janeway’s short-lived alliance with the Borg against Species 8472.


He had assumed that the crew’s desire to get home would prompt them to immediately take the ship and use the slipstream to try and get back to Earth, only learning after activating it that it was programmed to take them to Borg space, but past experience and an unwillingness to abandon Voyager prompted the crew to carry out various tests first. After Janeway decoded enough of the original message to reveal that Dauntless was a trap, Arturis attempted to simply take Janeway and Seven back to Borg space, but Voyager was able to duplicate the slipstream and rescue them, leaving Arturis stranded aboard the Dauntless as it entered Borg space, where he was presumably assimilated.


Luckily for Janeway non of her crew perished in the incident and the only casualty was Arturis. In 2375, Voyager used the slipstream technology examined aboard the Dauntless to construct their own makeshift slipstream drive. It did not succeed.


A beautiful and awesome looking design that an advanced alien came up with to capture the crew of the Voyager. Enjoy the video.

First Ever Burger King Visit

Finally, we have a Burger King in the city and state. I have waited so long for them to come to us. BK launched in India almost 2 years ago and I blogged about it at the time and ever since then I have been waiting eagerly.


A couple of months back, I was informed by a post on Facebook about the sign in Lulu Mall that Burger King was launching their first outlet in Kerala – and I wanted to go there as soon as I could. They opened up just a few days ago (less than a week) and I picked this Friday to go and get me a Whopper.


I like their decorations and their tables and chairs and the overall design. I just couldn’t get over the fact that yet another iconic American fast food chain is near me. I went in and looked at the menu and selected the Mutton Whopper (something BK India has done to get over the fact that national level restaurants in India will not be allowed to have beef on their menu).


So they have these paper crowns with the Burger King logo on their tables. No way was I gonna wear one and look like a dork! But yeah kids will love them, cause kids are dorks!


What I loved was the size of the Whopper, big enough that it needs that big box. As you can see I went for the meal combo. For sides I thought I should try a different type of fries and went for the Cheesy Fries. A big warm glop of cheddar cheese over these big fries (well bigger compared to McDonald’s fries. And for drinking I picked a pepsi.


Here is the verdict; I won’t ever go for the Cheesy Fries again! The warm melted thick cheese was too much for me on the fries, which I could not really enjoy. I think they also should have fried it a bit more. I initially rated it high, as high as an 8 but went down to a 5 afterwards. I could only eat half of it despite the fact that I wasn’t full as it was past noon and I hadn’t had breakfast yet. The mutton whopper was much better but I wish they could have used a little less bbq sauce to make the burger less sloppy.

Overall I like it a lot. Will go there often for more and try out the various burgers.

Awesome Day In Lulu Mall

I had a nice visit to Lulu again today. I have made up my mind; the best time to go to Lulu is during the morning and afternoon on a weekday. Never again on a weekend or a holiday. Especially if I want to go food shopping at the Lulu Hypermart, which is difficult to do. I love to go to Lulu Hypermart and planned to do it today after taking a leave from work. Going there on a Saturday or Sunday evening is a no-no for me. I hate crowds, especially gangs of women with screaming kids. If you know any couple who are thinking of having children, take them to Lulu Hypermart during the busy hours – they will change their mind.

Last time I went in there were two ladies next to me with 4 carts, hardly 5 to 6 items (of which one was onnaka chemmeen) and 4 screaming terrorists inside the carts! Crying because someone did not give them what they wanted! Plus this small little fella who grabbed my shoe and tried to climb up using my pants!


Main agenda #1 – go to the newly opened Burger King on the 3rd floor of Lulu Mall (which I shall review in another post). After that late breakfast / lunch or brunch, it was in for a movie – I watched The Legend of Tarzan in 3D. While I watched the movie, I had a medium Pepsi and a small popcorn, caramel flavoured! Hmmm it is so delicious but a little too sweet. Very light too, the cheese flavoured popcorn at Cinepolis feels heavy but this one is so light. But yeah a bit too sweet. Made my Pepsi taste a little less sweet.


The movie done, I went to the Hypermart and marveled at the huge collection of food, fruits, pre-cooked, wrapped, canned food, drinks, snacks, candy and what not! It is an enormous store and I love it. Love the fruit & sweet sections at Lulu’s Hypermart. I ended up buying some apples, mangoes, dates from the fruit section, big bell peppers, baby carrots (didn’t know carrots are born as babies), mushrooms, a french baguette, some large garlic cheese bread and kubhoos among other stuff. Great haul.

I ended the visit with a quick ice cream. Finally got me some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, another new outlet that opened a few weeks back. I opted for the Coffee Lovers only small in a waffle bowl. It is really good but expensive too. Also they need a bigger place; minimal seating and a family were hogging two tables even though they were done. I stood and had mine but couldn’t finish the waffle bowl once the ice cream was done. Lesson learned – break the cone and sprinkle it on the ice cream. 9.5 outta 10 for taste but at that price….. perhaps a 7!

The Bad Boy Burger

Ladies & gentleman, you a reading the post of a doomed and defeated man. Let me give you my review of the Bad Boy Burger at Cafe 17 on Kaloor-Kadavanthara road. This is my very first visit to this cozy and cool looking place that needs to expand and have quite a few more tables. So having seen and read a few posts from a lot of guys in two foodie groups on Facebook, little ole innocent me went to Cafe 17, braving a traffic jam, after work finished. I went by Uber and should have been taken out of the Cafe by a hearse by the end of my meal.

I went in and chose the table right in the front of the tv, as I wanted to see Spain vs Czech Rep playing in the Euros. I went through the menu quickly and chose a mocha frappe and ordered the Bad Boy burger from their burger fest menu, which the manager recommended (just the menu as it a special that they have at the moment). Now, half looking at the tv I placed my order as I liked the name The Bad Boy (being one myself ) and did not notice what it was. My frappe came, filled & overflowing with whipped cream and I sipped it and a few minutes later my burger came. Now, I am not a small guy. I am not tall but I am a big and fat guy. Yet even I was not prepared for what appeared before me.

Imagine this – you are a local wrestler in your town and the WWE is coming to hold a show in your area. You are called as an invite to go and perform a match against a WWE wrestler. “Don’t worry, we will get you a small, decent sized new wrestler. You will do well against him!” And you stupidly say “Ok, sure”. Cause you love wrestling and the WWE. So you get into the ring and you wave to the crowd, they cheer and you smile and pose and the ring announcer says “And his opponent…” and you hear….

“WELL, IT”S THE BIG SHOW!!! IT’S A BIG BAD SHOW TONIGHT” Yes, you see the BIG SHOW (all 7.1 feet and 220 kg of him) coming into the ring to beat the living hell outta you!!! That is what it felt when I came to face to face with The Bad Boy burger!!!

With a side of batter fried rings and a bit of coleslaw, this monster of a burger towered over me. Two big juicy beef patties, chicken salami, 2 large cheese slices, onions, large pieces of lettuce and tomato. Heart-attack on a bun! Juices dripping on the side, it’s a mess of a burger. I needed 20 tissues to wipe up the juice

I fought valiantly and I stood my ground even though I was out muscled by this Amazon of a burger. The Big Show / The Bad Boy burger pulverized me and lifted me high into the air and tossed me down onto the mat. He went for the count and the referee went on the side and did the count! 1…2….3! And the winner is THE BAD BOY BURGER!
I gave it my all, but I fought the Beef and the Beef won!!

More seriously, I rate it a 9 outta 10, point deducted for the sloppy burger that made the bun moist and it slipped and slides all over my rectangular plate. It made it difficult to eat. Might not ever have it again, unless I haven’t eaten for a day atleast.

And now, I will skip dinner, tomorrows breakfast and lunch as I will be in recovery!!

The World On My Coffee Cup

I have this obsession with coffee cups. I like coffee…..no wait, that is not right….I have a sexual relationship with coffee on a regular basis. It should come as no surprise then that I also have a thing for coffee cups. Coffee cups are something that I like collecting and at the moment I have a few, not too many, just a few that I like and I hope to add more to the last as the months go by.

Yesterday while at the mall, I picked up this one. I really liked the look of it “Genius at work” is so perfect for me that I just had to buy it. So I picked it up for the terribly high price that it had and bought it at the shop.


I picked up it and paid for it but it was only after I came back home that I realized that those cool looking almost 70s hippie colourful images on the mug was actually the continents of our world!!! Isn’t that great? I picked up something (the lighting in the store wasn’t all that great so no wonder I missed seeing what it was) thinking it was nice and it turned out to be even more cooler than I first imagined!


Life can be awesome like that somedays. Silly me, it’s only a coffee mug. But yeah, I like it. Cheers!

Stages Of The Barfster

Barfi the pug tends to sleep a lot. He is more like a cat in that way. He sleeps maybe like 12-14 hours a day. His favourite spot is near the front door.

And then I wake him up. And he’s all like “dude, why did you have to break my sleep? I was dreaming of lady pugs and chasing them in lush green fields”

Even when he is sleepy he looks so adorable. Look at that face. Just look at that face.

And when is wide awake and wants a treat he knows just how to get it. By posing and looking really cute for the camera. Like this!

When you got it, flaunt it!

Cyber Mall & Soi7 Brewery Pub, Gurgaon

The second of the two pubs that I hit while I was in Gurgaon was the Soi7 Brewery pub in Cyber Mall. This mall is huge and it has a lot of eateries and other fun stuff to do. After coffee and breakfast and a long walk through, I finally went to Soi7 brew pup. Take a look at the photos the large outdoor mall and the pub








I had some awesome beer while I was there. They have their own brews with boxing related names. Enjoy the pics!

It’s Been One Week Away From Home

So it’s been a week at my sister’s place. My folks and I moved in here and luckily there is another apartment as well with a 3 bedroom-bathroom in the same building where her mother in law stays. Since she lives alone, my two nephews stay and sleep there in the two empty rooms. I have one room and my parents use the second of the two big rooms. Ofcourse there is Burfi the pug who sleeps….well anywhere he damn well chooses to.

I spend most of my time in the room, at my laptop and online using the USB dongle. If not I a watching tv shows or movies on it and feeling sleepy a lot more than usual. I don’t listen to as much music as I do at home for some reason. Yesterday I spend the whole day inside, took rest, drank lots of coffee and watch a bunch of stuff and overshot my data limit (the bill cycle starts midnight tonight). I am used to unlimited data and not 15 GB a month. Anyways, I also took a small nap in the afternoon and pretty much was online from evening till about 10 when I started watching tv shows again.

Today I will go out for a long lunch and some long overdue beers. Gosh has it been almost a month since I have had beer? Well that just won’t do. Perhaps a cousin will join me and then maybe in the late afternoon I will go for a movie. We’ll see.

Food Review #82

Finally I got to visit a Dunkin Donuts as well while I was in Gurgaon. In some outlets in India, Dunkin is paired with a franchise called Too Much Burger. At the large Cyber Mall there are a bunch of eateries and pubs and I started off my day with a late, late breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. I had a smallish smoked chicken burger with an Mocha chip Dunkaccino and a Boston Cream donut. Delicious!



Now that you have seen the pics, enjoy the videos.Food Revie

The Manhattan Brewery & Pub, Gurgaon

Although it has been a few weeks, I would like to now introduced you, my dear viewers/readers, to the excellent Manhattan Brewery & Pub in Gurgaon, Haryana. During my 2 week stay in that city I took the time off on a Saturday and went to the Global Foyer Mall on the outskirts of the city to drink some craft beer and try some awesome food.




They have a dark yet inviting and welcoming lightning and the decor is awesome with some tv screens showing the current live sports and a larger screen that displays music videos.







The beer was cold and delightful and the food was amazing too. The video reviews will follow up soon.