Change Of Professions For Just 7 Days

If you could have any job in the world, for just one week, what would it be and why?

I dunno; if it just for one week how about the King of a wealthy nation? Like UAE or Saudi Arabia and then I pass a law banning Sharia, Islam & all mosques and the Koran! Give women equal rights. And remove all funding to any of the Islamic terrorists groups. What if I were Prime Minister of India? Ban the sanghis and all such stuff. Kind of the world? For just 1 week – Yes Please!

On a serious note, I would like to manage a 5 star hotel for 1 week. One of the biggest ones. So I too can go and stay there in one of their best suites and enjoy their services. I just saw one of the best ones in India and I couldn’t afford to go and stay there for a day so a free stay in their hotel for a week would be nice, since I am also running it.

Maybe I would like to also run a luxury resort for a week. It just seems like a nice place to stay in and therefore a great job to try out for just a week or so.

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What If All The Streets Were Rivers?

What if all the streets were rivers? What would be different?

Have you seen the movie Waterworld? I guess live would become a lot like that. Unless you mean only the streets were rivers and the rest of the land is intact and above sea level. Well, we would have vehicles that are more like boats. What are the water scooters called? See doos? Those will be all the range as well as motor boats. I guess you will also have foot pedal boats as well.

We’d have to be a lot more careful with the traffic as these boats are much bigger. But guess in this alternate world we would have smaller boats more like cars that can go on water. That would be nice. So imagine if your car can ride on water! I guess we’d have to be really careful not to splash all that water onto pedestrians that go on the pavements and to other vehicles and stores.

How will pedestrians cross the street? That one is a mystery but I guess we will have a section of the pavement that you stand on and press a button and it will float on the water and take you across the street. Maybe! Sounds interesting.

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How To Focus On Things In Your Life For More Happiness

Things to focus on in your life for more happiness

One of my favourites quotes is actually also the title of a great album by Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace. The title is “Happiness……is not a fish that you can catch” and that is a awesome quote to go by. You have to really work at it and it can be a real elusive thing. But here are some things that you can focus on, in my view, to gain more happiness.

Step one is to surround yourself with people and things that you love. Cut out those relationships that are hostile and causing you a lot of stress and pain. If you do that you will feel a lot more at peace and with peace that leads to more happiness. Keep more positive minded people with your best interest at heart near you and interact with them a lot more. Also spend more time with your friends if you can. Call them, text them and laugh over silly jokes that you like.

Have some time for you. Everyday! Even if it just 30 minutes or so, some me time is essential for a saner existence. Do things that you like. Make yourself a nice big cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy listening to music that you like. Watch clips of comedy shows that you adore. Personal time is very important to all of us as it helps to keep us sane. Also, keep some aside to day dream if you are like me and love to do that. It is very soothing and essential for me as I go to sleep.

Love is very important to us to make us happy. Loving someone who loves you back is always very rewarding. Making them happy and seeing the joy that you have created in them will always make you swell with joy yourself. Being loved is awesome. That is the same if it is either humans or pets alike. Knowing that the person or animal opposite you loves you a lot does a lot of things to your well being. Sit with your loved ones and do things together you all enjoy doing.

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What Would You Like To Invent?

What would you like to invent?

I still come back to the replicator as shown in Star Trek shows. Think about it; we could wipe out poverty, hunger, homelessness in one giant swoop. We would no longer have anyone hungry if I could come up with one replicator that can then conjure up replicators for all. So you can replicate parts for big homes for everyone. No more poor, no homelessness! Food and drink – and most importantly, all kinds of food and drink so you have all the choice in the world – without having to cook will be available, so no one goes hungry. Build that house, get some luxury in your life and sleep in peace after a nice meal.

That would also be for everything you need like clothes, utensils, books, cosmetics, toiletries – anything that you can think of. So we will have no need for money as everyone’s needs are met. No one will have to suffer for want or need for anything. And you also get access to medicine easily. No more going to a store or waiting for it to get delivered to you. Press a button, name your item and boom it is now there with you. Medicine and food for your pets. Want to host a impromptu party for your friends or relatives coming over? No more slaving in the kitchen. Create your own menu or a buffet or let the individual folks decide what they want to chow down on that day. Drinks party! Pizza party! Beer party! It would be so much fun.

That will also mean that you can travel easily. Why carry things with you when you move towns as you can easily set thing up in the new place within a couple of hours of replicating the things that you need. New bed, new couch, table, etc etc. Bowl and food for the cat and dog – easily done! So I wish I could really do that and help humanity (kittykind & dogkind as well) in this major way.

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People On Other Planets & Moons

Do you think people will ever live on another planet?

As in humans, yeah. Someday down the line we will colonize other planets an have people staying on them, perhaps settling down and build homes, cities and towns there. We will start cultivating crops there as well, maybe not as we do it on Earth, and find resources that we can use for our benefits. We will have vehicles that we can use to travel on the surface, ships and boats for the waters there. And we will bring our animals there, like our pets. And someday we will have babies born there.

There are some planets that astronomers have identified as very similar to earth or earth like. Some around the size of our planet and some bigger than ours. Perhaps we will find some moons that can be habitable as well. I would love to see some of those planets in person and I wish I lived in an age where we can travel easily on large spaceships and land via shuttles or perhaps the whole ship itself on the planets and walk around. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate high to walk on a new planet, be part of the first humans or even living beings that have set foot on the surface of a planet? I would so want to see that happen.

So yes I do think humans will one day travel to the various planets and moons and walk around, make a settlement, set the foundations of a new city on there, build houses and buildings, roads and live on these planets. I can almost imagine it in my mind and see it happening.

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What I Would Do If I had $182 Billion

You wake up and realise that in a Metamorphosis-style twist of fate, you’ve turned into Jeff Bezos. You’ve got £136b ($182b) to splash- how do you spend it?

Whoa! That is an amount of money that I just cannot fathom. $182 billion is Rs. 1,35,38,34,30,00,000.00. That’s a few more zeros than I can keep a track off. I cannot imagine having that kind of wealth but I would like to be so filthy rich that I never have to worry about anything when it comes to spending money again. I can dream of it and have dreamed about it and wish I could get this money. Now, what would I do with it?

Well, quit my job for one. Then I would ensure than my entire extended family is taken care of. Pay to get everyone the best medical care and then buy large luxury homes for everyone with an extensive staff to cater to their whims and fancies. Either large homes for all my relatives with expensive & comfortable furniture, biggest tvs and expensive laptops, tabs and desktops, mobiles, other stuff they like. 5 star chefs to do the cooking. Have all the ones who are still working quit their jobs and fill their bank accounts. Or buy a huge expensive apartment building complex and have all of the stay in there, so I can easily take care of everyone.

Hire a private jet so we can all go to places we want to go. Monaco, Las Vegas – here we come. Live live to the max and in between just relax and chill with the family and enjoy each other’s company.

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Take Away Your Pain

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

At this moment in time it would be to have the superpower to eradicate all illness and pain. Especially when I see people, not just people who I love, in pain and falling sick. As well as my own pain and illness. With a touch, a snap of a finger, a wave of my hand – I want to be able to be get rid of pain and illness. Your cancer, liver cirrhosis, brain tumor, fracture, fever and any blood related maladies will be wiped out from the moment I look at you and wave my hand over you.

Broken leg, limb needing to be amputates, in an accident, hand or leg cut off in an accident? Yes bring them to me. Or better yet, I will patrol the hospitals and fix them all in a jiffy. At your death bed and hoping for the end to stop the pain? Nah man, I am there. I will fix the pain and make you feel better in a few seconds so not only will you be pain free but you will also live.

Good superpower to have. But I can’t do it all and be everywhere I am needed. So I want a huge battalion of similarly powered superheroes to go around the world and get rid of pain and suffering and illness.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for January at A Grande Life

In Charge Of The World For One Year

You’re in total control of the world for a year and can decide what to do, irrespective of the cost or any political woes that may arise. What things are you going to implement? Why?

Ok, this is what I have been waiting for. ***cracks knuckles*** Listen up people this is the agenda for you and everyone else. I am in charge and you will all have to do as I say. First things first – I’m banning all religious institutions – the mosques, temples, churches, synagogues and all that stuff. All disbanded and I am banning religion too. Out with your Allah, Yeshuah, Krishna and Shiva. All the money that the Vatican, churches, Mecca and other mosques and temples in India have – is confiscated. No more hoarding of gold, jewels, money ya filthy animals!

That money plus all the extra cash we are getting from taxing the ridiculously wealthy is going to feed, clothe and house the poor. In this way I will ensure that every human on the planet has a safe, comfortable home to go to every night. The medical and scientific community gets full backing to make these things possible and we look at various methods to make our lives even better. I would ensure that the government structures of the world are changed and politicians cannot get rich off the public. Armies will be defunded and I will make it one world army as now, nations are just for jurisdictions and taking care of. Politics as you knew it, is now dead.

Laws are gonna be fair but very strict. No hurting anyone. Oh and also I will make it so that all cats and dogs get adopted or atleast taken care of by a set of humans. It will be difficult for you to see strays. No forced marriages and we make education something easily available for everyone. And I will make Friday part of the weekend and give every new baby chocolate eclair.

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Having A Ton Of Money Vs Being Very Famous

Would you rather have a lot of money or be very famous?

Easy, I would pick the money. I would rather have lots and lots of money rather than be very famous. I do not know what I would do with that kind of fame. I am a bit of a homebody and not really an introvert but I hate crowds and avoid them as much as I can. So instead I would want to get all that money. They say that money can’t buy you happiness. Or love (thanks Ringo, John, George & Paul) for that. But it’s not as simple as that, not so cut and dry. Money can lead you to get the things that you wanted and thus help you towards getting highly satisfied in life. You would need money to buy you a lot of things that are essential in life and goes a long way to making your life secure & comfortable. Without which you cannot be happy.

I don’t want just comfortable but I want luxury. I want money, so much money, that it will make Jeff Bezos blush. I want to be able to have homes in many cities so I can visit and live out wherever I want to. Best homes, excellent furniture, beds, tables, chairs, interior decor, kitchen, bathrooms etc. The best food cooked for me and my family by gourmet chefs, catered events and drinks galore. Buy comfort, the best house or accommodation, the best in medicine & medical care, the best in entertainment, food and drink! That is something that everyone cannot do for their loved ones. But imagine you had so much money that spending it for doing this all even for 45-50 people will just be a drop in the bucket for you and your wealth!

That’s how much money I want – I want big houses for all my family. I want them to be able to quit their jobs and enjoy the rest of their lives. Go on vacations, have fun, party hard and travel the world. Go to Las Vegas with my cousins and gamble and not worry about the cost. Go to Monaco and party with royalty. Go to Dubai, Milan, London for shopping trips a few times a year. Watch Wimbledon in the plush, luxury boxes. Watch a few football matches a year. Go to attend rock concerts with my cousins. That’s the kind of money I want.

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In The Future People Will Travel By…

In the future people will travel by…

Spaceships. I have written about this before and I honestly belief that we will conquer leaving our planet and colonize other planets and moons and have huge settlements of humanity (plus our pets) living on these planets and moons. Also the spaceships in question would evolve so much thanks to technological advancements that they will resemble luxury 5 star hotels like the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D that you see in Star Trek TNG. And we would have smaller ships, the size of large mansions for families or smaller groups of people.

You will find that people will find it easy to travel between the planets and moons in various systems. In the futuristic world that I have created in my mind – and tried to put on paper with little success – humanity leave the earth behind and settle on 10 large planets and 7 moons in a distant star system in about 500-700 years from now. By the next couple of 1000 years all is peaceful and happy for us, as we have conquered hunger, thirst, homelessness long before we left the earth, crimes and fighting is a thing of the past and we have also no needed to work for money to pay for the things that we need, since replicators are common and easily available in every house and home. A very powerful forcefield also protects us from the elements outside our homes.

Self driving cars with in built protection means no accidents on the large roads we have built on these planets and moon. We have transported most of the wild life from the earth to a couple of the moons and the animals are able to live in large wild areas with human beings monitoring them from a distance and only interfering when the health or safety of an animal is in question. Just like how we have moved onto replicated meats and other food (we can still easily grow vegetables, fruits and grain enough for all our needs as well the needs for all animals) replicated meat is how we feed the animals.

Since humans are curious creatures, we also love to travel the galaxy and see other life and planets out there. As bigger ships are mainly used by the military-esque section of humanity and for larger groups, smaller ships can also be used for travel mainly between to and fro the nearer star systems where there are more human settlements, albeit in smaller groups. So you can be like visiting those star systems, planets and moons to see the sights, animals and visit the people who are living there temporarily or on assignment for scientific purposes of observation and study. When you want to travel further away, you have to book a suite on a larger ship that is headed to that area, enjoy your trip whether you are on your own, with family or just a few friends, and come back home.

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My Hope For Futuristic Couples Who Have A Baby

Someday in the future, all babies will be born in this way! They will come up with a way to remove the fetus and incubate it outside of the womb, keeping the baby safe from everything and the mother doesn’t have to go through pregnancy at all. Once the baby matures to 9 months or so, out it comes from the artificial chamber and waah waah waah!

And the baby won’t cry as much as all it’s needs can be understood and fixed with a monitor that is attached to the crib. Babies will wake up hungry and its feeding happens. Then baby will go to sleep. Night waking won’t be needed as the baby will sleep through the night. So you parents will get a good night’s sleep every night!

You will also have a robot/android nanny who is assigned to you to help with the raising of the baby. The android nanny would feel soft and smooth to the baby’s skin and will be skilled to feed, walk around with the baby to make it fall asleep and protect the baby. Isn’t that cool?

A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

If you had an actual get out of jail free card, what would you do with it?

Hmmm, I would have to really think about this. Would I commit a crime and then get arrested only to pull out this get out of jail free card? Do a little voyeurism at the all women’s college dormitory? Steal a few crore rupees from the big banks?

I think the very best thing I could do is go and slap – I mean literally slap – and kick some sense into some of these bloody politicians and religious leaders and you know, make their lives a living hell as I have not only slapped them but also kicked them in the groin and they have to get treatment to get the pain out.

And that time I am sure that I will be arrested and before the manhandling and jail sentencing can even begin – whoosh, I pull out my get out of jail card and the cops will have to let me go. I will smile and laugh my way back home.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for September @ A Grande Life

Three Things That I Feel Can Contribute To World Peace & Harmony

Think about world peace and harmony. Write down at least 3 ideas that can bring peace to the world.

1. An end to religious institutions. While I don’t want to force people to stop worshiping these so called gods, I honestly believe that humans will be better off when we leave these ridiculous beliefs behind us. It has to be a gradual progress and I know that this will not happen in my lifetime. However I wish I could see this come to pass. People not worrying about religious differences, not forcing anyone to follow their beliefs and treating everyone with equal respect and love.

2. Money is a challenge. There are billionaires and do we really need that many of them? I think with everything that we have, the resources and the skills and the technology, we can find a way that no human needs to beg or struggle to earn money for food and medicine. Spread that wealth and resources around. If everyone could afford the food, drinks and medicine that they needed, it would be a safer & better world. Not to mention happier. Imagine you could now afford to have a proper home and not worry about getting evicted. Make it safe for everyone, the homeless and the poor should not be out on the streets.

3. Investing in technology for making life easier for us. Automating things at the home like cleaning, cooking, outdoor maintenance. It should be easy for anyone to get what they need and want at the touch of a button or a few touches of a button. The streets and common places too should be advanced and safe. Make the streets safer for everyone – walking the streets at 2 am with your dogs and kids should become common. Car & other vehicle accidents should be a thing of the past. Travel should be made easier. These things will make people more satisfied and content and happy.

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What If Memories Were Money? Would You Be Rich?

Yes. I would be a billionaire several time over and give people like Jeff Bezos serious competition for being richer beyond your comprehension. Infact several Arab countries would come to borrow money from me as they would see me as being richer than all of them combined. Why? Because my brain is nothing if not a reservoir of great memories, good memories, some not so good memories and some really bad memories. Ah, the life I have lived. It’s not for the faint of heart.

I would say that the good memories are ofcourse so sweet and precious that it brings a smile to my face. And maybe even a tear when I think back to these wonderful moments that will never come back again. The sad ones and not so good ones are different – it hurts to think about them but at times you can’t just not think about them because something that happened in the present just reminded you of what had happened 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 years ago.

So like I said, I would be rich though not very happy because there are a lot of bad memories or really sad memories in my 45 years. However I try and smile and not get too upset over these ones since I cannot control it or take a time machine and go back to fix things. I wish I could. Maybe if I did become a billionaire many times over, I could invest into getting a time machine and then I can go back in time and fix those wrongs.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for September @ A Grande Life

If I Won The Lottery

If you won a lottery, what would you spend it on?

I think I pretty much have answered this question a couple of times on my blog but let’s go with this one. It also depends on how much I win on the lottery. On checking online I am finding different amounts but one of the biggest I could find in India is Rs.1,00,00,000 (which is the equivalent of USD 1,36,218.20) that the winner wins. So ok, let’s say that I win that lottery, minus the 30.90% tax cut, I will receive Rs. 69,10,000.

A new luxury apartment is what I would buy first. I have mentioned it a few times here that I wish I could sell this apartment and move to a new one. One of the biggest reasons I haven’t is that, well we don’t have much money. Either I have to sell first and then use that money to buy the new place. Finding a place to live in the meanwhile is a problem. I, dad & mum could stay at my sister’s place but I wouldn’t want to impose too much. So winning a lottery would be great.

I would buy a nice, big apartment in the city and move our belongings to it. A nice and spacious 3 bedroom place. Then I would sell this place and keep that money in the bank or spend it to buy a few furniture and decor for the apartment. The rest will ofcourse go into my bank account or as investment.

Prompt from 30 September Blog Post Ideas at The Frangipani Initiative

Lake Side Cozy Cabin Next To A Snow Capped Mountain

What’s your favorite activity to do at the beach or lake?

I would love to find a nice cozy cabin or home next to a lake next to a snow capped mountains. I don’t want to have too much snow on the ground level where the cabin is but there mountains can be heavily snow capped and it can be chili and a bit cold where the cabin is but ofcourse there will be a large fireplace and also electric heater to keep things warm and toasty.

Now I don’t want just a log cabin – I want the modern amenities inside the log cabin. Proper nice bedrooms with a big comfy bed. Bathroom with proper running water, shower, toilet and bidet, sink and mirror. High speed internet and a big screen tv. Proper kitchen, stocked to the brim with all sorts of meat & veggies, drinks and goodies. Nice living room with big sofas, lush carpet and yes that big ole fireplace. Some entertainment stuff like a pool table, darts etc.

I can imagine myself just sitting there on a big chair next to the lake, drinking my morning coffee. Enjoying the waters and the view of the snow capped mountains. Drinking coffee and fishing at the lake. Or taking the boat and cruising on the lake. Come the evenings and it’s family time in the living room, burning logs on the fire place keeping the rooms cozy and warm. Golden retriever, 2 cats and a black lab/Dalmatian dog all settling themselves on big pet beds in front of the fireplace, half asleep with the cold breeze outside but us feeling warm and safe inside.

Me cooking up some big old pork chops with grilled veggies while my female partner opens up a bottle of wine. She places a glass for me, while she takes a sip from her glass and goes to pet the fur babies who shower her with love. Food ready, we first serve the pets and the settle down for a nice meal and conversation. Dinner all done, the pets with their bellies full are back on the beds next to the fireplace while she and I cuddle with a blanket on the sofa facing the fireplace before picking a movie to watch.

Nice! I love that kind of life.

Prompt from SEPTEMBER BLOG AND JOURNAL PROMPTS From Living A Sunshine Life

If I Could Change The World & All Of Humanity

If you could change the world in one way, what would you do?

Hmmm this is a very interesting question and I guess the most obvious one, for me as I am an atheist, is to make everyone who is religious realize that they believe in one of the biggest lies ever created by man and that they stop falling for this farce. However, that alone will not help to change the current situation. Instead I would make a different wish and that is that every human falls in love with humanity and that they won’t be able to bear any fellow human to ever be in pain or suffering or live in poverty, hunger & illness.

This way I think everyone will work towards the betterment of humanity. The really rich people will donate most of their excess money in millions to the poor. Everyone will be able to live in a nice, safe and cozy house. People will all have enough money to feed themselves and to get medicines and enough to live on. Their kids will never be hungry. Their pets will be safe and happy and cozy inside the homes of their humans too. Because pets are family and they make us humans happy and loved. So yeah they took are safe and sound and humans only love them, feed them and play with them and never hurt them.

So we also won’t have wars or murders or fights or rapes because every human will want to keep other humans safe & happy. With this one wish I think I can help all of humanity and some cats, dogs and other pets.

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If Someone Just Gave Me A Million Dollars

What would you do if someone gave you one million dollars?

Well 1 million dollars US would be Rs.7,30,65,000.00. If someone gave me one million dollars, I am retiring! I would have enough money in the bank and invest a lot of it and yet life out a comfortable life as long as I don’t go crazy and spend it all. Heck, yeah I am retiring.

I would definitely host a party. The decorations will be something resembling this pic above. I would just have a nice big party and call all my relatives and close friends and make sure that it is a party they will never forget. There will be food and drinks galore. Ot will be a blast.

Then I will settle into a quiet life of living in peace. No excel sheets or Powerpoint presentations or dumb emails to reply to. No meetings or unnecessary conference calls. No having to listen and bear the egos of assholes in corporate offices. And I will enjoy my days with movies & tv shows and music and maybe get a new place to stay. Perhaps get a dog and go for long walks.

Prompt from SEPTEMBER BLOG AND JOURNAL PROMPTS From Living A Sunshine Life