Are You Spending Too Much Money On Video Games?

Forget about how much time you’re spending on video games – many of us are also guilty of spending too much money on video games. As the price of games continues to increase and the amount of DLC increases, gaming is progressively becoming a more expensive hobby. However, there are ways to spend less on games. Here are just a few tips for lowering your gaming expenses.

Resist the urge to buy games as soon as they’re released

When it comes to new releases, many gamers want to be able to play the game the day it comes out so that they can be a part of the initial buzz. This often means pre-ordering the game and buying it at its most expensive. If you have the patience to wait out the hype, you could see the price drop and save money on these new releases. Besides, waiting it out can have its advantages – you’ll be able to read reviews and justify whether it’s really worth the money, plus initial bugs will have been ironed out.

Don’t buy brand new

Used games are always significantly cheaper than brand new ones. Whilst you can always head down to your local second-hand games store, you may be able to find cheaper rates online on sites like Glyde. Always make sure that you’re given information on the condition so that you know what you’re getting – games that are scratched or don’t contain the manual are likely to be cheapest.

Hit the sales

You could wait until a sale period to buy new games – Black Friday and the January Sales are popular times for slashing prices on games. There may also be bundles available during these sale periods that allow you to buy multiple games for a cheap price.

Be wary of DLC, in-game purchases and other extras

A lot of people end up frittering away their money on small extras. This is particularly the case with mobile games, many of which are free to download but contain lots of in-game extras to purchase. Try to resist constantly buying these extras and avoid purely aesthetic content such as character clothing (it may look cool, but it’s just digital clothing at the end of the day!). When it comes to PC-based MMORPGs you may be able to shop around for these purchases such as OSRS gold for Runescape. Always buy content from trusted sellers to avoid being ripped off.

Swap and share games with friends

You may not even have to buy games. Swapping and sharing games with friends is a great way to enjoy gaming on a budget. It’s also a great way to test out games and decide if you really want to own them yourself. How many of us have ever bought a game that we played for three weeks and never picked up again? Borrowing from friends can stop you from wasting your money on games that you don’t enjoy by giving you a free taster first.

Turkey Shoot!

Turkey. Dressing. Cranberry Sauce. Pumpkin Pie. What does Thanksgiving dinner look like at your house?

Turkey dinner. Lots of turkey. A big huge platter on which a hot, just baked in the oven turkey bird sits. With cranberry sauce in a bowl and some dressing stuffed both inside as well as surrounding the  bird. Hmmm delicious!

Well I have never had that but it does sound like it would be a great dinner. I have only see in it American and Canadian movies and tv shows. Hmm, I could really go for some turkey legs right about now. I wish I could have some. Unfortunately the only few times I have had turkey are the turkey slices I get in Subway’s sandwiches. Damn, I wish turkey wasn’t so expensive here.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving America – when is it in November? Canadians had theirs in October and I drooled at some of the pics.

Prompt from 30 DAYS OF NOVEMBER WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

Earth’s Time Running Out

That is what I truly believe and that the damage that we, humans, have done to our home planet may be more than we can handle and there might be no going back. Whether we will come up with a planet wide cleaning technology to get rid of the dirt, garbage, filth and pollution remains for the time being atleast a figment of science fiction (or more like fantasy).

Perhaps in the coming 100 years or so things change and the governments of the world invest in technology that will eventually clean up our planet and we end up with a “paradise like” earth, as seen in Star Trek. But again – science fiction right – it does not look likely. Unless we get that done, the best option for humans and animals is that we find another planet/moon or planets/moons where it is either already suitable for earthlings or we can terraform it (if such a technology can exist) and we can start afresh. There is a reason I say planets or moons for us to find and settle on.

We are overpopulated. The earth’s resources will dwindle down and eventually run out. With the way that us greedy humans are consuming, polluting and not giving back enough we and the animal kingdom will suffer in the long run. Let’s hope it never comes to that but it will be good to find such planets and the race to colonize them will be critical.

DVD & Bluray – The Indian Debacle

Ok let me just say this out right – in India, when it comes to movies on Dvd & Bluray everyone, barring the really rich, goes to torrents or gets bootlegs. Though a lot of us have also turned to proper legal online streaming options like Amazon Prime, Sony LIV or Netflix, the vast majority of us illegally download our movies. Why is it so?

The price, which is ridiculous. Case in point a) this 6 film collection of the 4 Alien movies plus Prometheus & Alien : Covenant will cost me Rs. 3,399 in dvd format or Rs. 4,999 which are huge sums to spend on movies. Yes compared to direct currency conversions they may be on par or slightly below even perhaps but the differences in what a person has to spend from their salary for this versus what a person here has to spend. That just isn’t the same and it’s a huge difference in what it means to spend that kind of money for an Indian living and working in India.

I have decided to spend some money on getting dvds but for the most part creating a good sized collection is going to be a very costly affair for someone like me. And I earn a pretty good salary here. This is why I feel that they need to really look at the dvd & bluray prices in India for films from Hollywood, Canada & the UK.

Headline News!!

Write a headline you’d love to read in tomorrow’s newspaper.

Aliens exist and they are friendly and want to share their technology with us in reducing pollution, cleaning the air and waters, reducing heat and too much cold weather, obliterating poverty, hunger, famine, homeless and diseases and making everyone’s life a luxurious one! They want to do this and also share space travel with us so we can go out and explore the galaxies around us.

Religion is declared as false and people throw away their holy books and shun all gods!

Arsenal win the Champions League! The Ottawa Senators win the Stanley Cup! India wins the FIFA World Cup after Roshan scores 5 goals in the final!

Prompt from Cheryl Strayed’s writing prompts

World’s End

If the World were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on earth?

So let’s take it as the world is ending in 24 hours from now (or the end of this post) and we are all going to be wiped out the face of the planet at the end of that 24 hours due to some large scale disaster of the natural kind or a large meteor or asteroid hurling towards earth that will hit and cause the end of all life as we know it.

I’d travel to all the place nearby that I like, place that mean something to me. I’d spend some time at the beach as that’s one of my favourite place to be. I’d go and say a big fuck you motherfuckers to all the shitty people and institutions.

I would order my favourite pizza, burgers, fried chicken, some pork, Pepsi, Coke, vodka and a few beers for the final dinner of my life. I would eat that final dinner with my dad, mom, sister and her family. During the night I’d try to watch a few of my favourite films for the final time. The next morning I’d shower, shave and dress in my last outfit forever and try to go see my friends and say my final goodbyes. I’d come back home by afternoon and stay with my family until the end.

Goodbye life!

Celeb Swap

Would you trade places with a celebrity for a day? If so, who would you choose?

Well, I know he is dead but I would have so wanted to trade places with Hugh Hefner when he was alive and live it up in the Playboy Mansion with all those sexy Playmates. Isn’t that the life? Lots of money, fun, drink, food and sexy women by my side. Nothing could beat it.

If not, I guess I would want to trade places with a male porn star and see what it’s like at a porn shooting and make it with one of my favourite female porn stars. Is it fake or is it always all real? I am not talking about the sex, you know.

I dunno, which celebrity would I want to try out being? I can’t answer that.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR AUGUST at The SitsGirls

The First Thing

What is the first thing you see in the morning?

The ceiling fan or the wall on the side of my bed or sometimes the pillow itself depending on what position I find myself in when I wake up. I see the wall opposite me.

There is a belief among Indians, mostly Hindus, and I think some other cultures that how your day goes is based on the first thing that you see as soon as you wake up. So if you see something nice and pretty or something/someone you love, then your day goes well. But the opposite means that you will have an awful day.

Some older folks, like my dad, even cover up a mirror if it is large and near them because they don’t like to see their own reflection the first thing in the morning.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR MAY at the SitsGirls

Breaking News : Headlines

Write a headline you’d love to read in tomorrow’s newspaper.

I dunno, there’s more than one thing that I would love to see happen and in the newspaper.

“Aliens have landed and they want to help us with technological & scientific advancements!” or “We have found other planets with sentient life and we’re going for a visit.”

“Gods are not real and you can finally get rid of your religious books!”, “The world chucks out religious beliefs in favour of humanism and taking care of each other” “All religious buildings to be close and converted to libraries/pubs/theatres/animal shelters”.

I dunno maybe “Roshan wins the lottery – $100,000,000”!

Some of these will be fine.

Prompt from 52 Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Next Blog Post

Talking About My Generation

What generation do you wish you grew up in?

Can I pick up a generation that isn’t here yet? I would want to the future and wait for a generation that has gotten over stupid and petty differences about race, colour, religion, nationality and politics. That is the only way that humanity will progress and flourish. Take up these so called religious books and throw them away and forget about colour and race and borders.

That is the generation that I want to live in and grow up and die in. I want a peaceful and safe existence. Where everyone is looking out for the others. Where people can get along and debate all day long. Where women, men and kids can walk safely at night, go to a movie, have food and drink and enjoy some shopping in the late hours of the night or just go for a midnight stroll in any part of the world and they will never come to any harm. Where no one will kill you or steal from you or rape you or do anything to you.

Where money, fame and working for the necessary things in life is no longer needed. Where every human has a nice home to go to and live in safely without the fear of anything happening to him/her or their family. Where every dog and cat has a home and a family to love them and feed them. Ok some other animals too!

Prompt from 30 DAYS OF APRIL WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

Foshan The City

There is a city named Foshan in China. I know they actually meant Roshan and it’s just a typo. Good on you Chinese people, atleast you tried. Foshan is a great city!

I should probably move there. Roshan in Foshan! Roshan is in motion, putting on some sun tan lotion while at the ocean, in Foshan! Does Foshan have a beach? Is it a coastal city? I need to look it up.

I just hope I don’t cause a commotion or get loose motion while I am in Foshan!


What does the word “Resurrection” mean to you?

Resurrection for me does not mean a flight of fancy where someone comes back from the dead and performs miracle. Resurrection means bringing back the past glory or just bringing something back that wasn’t around for a while.

A fashion trend, a particular style of music or art or movies. Anything. It also reminds me of a good tv show that lasted a couple of seasons with the same name. It was alright; I thought it started out with a lot of promise but the problem was that we had so few characters that stood out and hardly anyone was rooting for them. But it was good enough.

I have no clue what else resurrection could stand for. This is what it means to me, atleast.

Is Valentine’s Day Special?

Valentine’s Day. Is it a big deal in your world?

I meant to blog this prompt on the 14th or perhaps a or two day before it but I guess it skipped my mind. Valentine’s Day is a good day to celebrate your love for someone and I have no issues with it. In fact I support it wholeheartedly. I am not one of those morons who keep saying that Valentine’s day is a made up holiday or event – so is every other day including you holy days! There is no need to get all high and mighty with this stupid claim. I agree that Hallmark and other such companies capitalize on the sentiments of this day but then so do they and others on other events or holidays or celebrations. So don’t just get your knickers in a twist on this one day because it has no religious twist added to it or no one died or sacrificed themselves on the day for it’s origins.

It’s a day for you to celebrate the love and relationship you have with your loved one. Spend it on a nice evening meal with whatever – music, candles, romantic setting, quick getaway, hotel room booking, expensive meals – that will please the one you want to show your love & appreciation for. Your husband or your wife or significant other. Show them that today is just a special way of showing how much you appreciate them being there for you. And that should be great. Do not feel compelled to do it only on this day because of international pressure. But do it because you want to do it.

I guess anyday can be made special. So you know what – throw your lover offguard by doing something similar on a random given day? That makes it even more special.

Prompt is from 28 Days of Writing Prompts at The SitsGirls

Fur Parent Without A Dog

You know the saying, that some people say about certain kinds of women who don’t have kids but are motherly and very caring? “She’s a mother without a child!” In that case then I’m a dog owner / fur parent without a dog since 2005!

I love dogs; cats too but given a choice of only being able to keep one or the other, I would pick a dog as my companion any day. I love most dogs – not rabid or wild or aggressive street dogs – and I love looking at videos or pictures of dogs. When I am out and about and see someone with a dog, I always ask if I can say “hello” to their dog. I give the dog a nice pet and a couple of times I have bought biscuits for them as well.

I love many breeds but my favourite is the Golden Retriever, just the way my dog Shawny was. I also love Labradors, German Sheppards, Dobbermans, etc etc. Small dogs, big dogs are all cool and sweet. Sometimes I find myself lost in watching and rewatching puppy and dog videos on Youtube for hours at an end. Just a few minutes ago I watched this guy’s video in which he was actually reviewing his guitar but the beginning was a very cute 45 seconds government loans for bad credit of his Malamute, like the one pictured here.

And oh, I so want one. Ofcourse, Kerala is not exactly the right weather for a dog this furry but still I can wish for one. Someday, if I ever do get outta this building I live in, I will get a dog again.

Public Acts Of Annoyance

What Public Behavior Annoys You Most?

PDA! In case that doesn’t online instant payday loan ring a bell, it stands for public displays of affection. And I’m not talking about a hug or a little kiss as a greeting but stuff that makes anyone else around them uncomfortable.

Spitting! Chewing pan and spitting out into the streets or pavement. Get a metal bucket, attach it to your face and go at it. Don’t dirty our streets and city you filthy piece of shit!

Large groups of people, usually men, who talk too loudly and laugh stupidly and irritate the rest of us who are around you. Women and families in malls who block the entire path and walk very slowly because they are too stupid to navigate without their combined brains working in unison.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

Talk Show Host

If You Had Your Own Talk Show, Whom Would You Want to Interview?

Lots of people. Some may not be the very famous people who you see all the time on the talk show circuits around the world. Well some would and a lot of them might not but they sure would be interesting. Actors, musicians, singers, directors, producers, writers and authors. Sportsmen and women (but mainly from football and NHL and a few others).

I would like to have a nice looking set with expensive leather chairs, even recliners or sofas. I would want it to be a very casual setting and make sure that my guests are very comfortable. And we’d talk about personal stuff, interesting anecdotes and events and secrets and special things.

All good stuff.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

A Dream Existence For Me & You

Close your eyes and imagine the kind of world you would like to see.  What is it like?

The Earth was completely abandoned for dead, it’s atmosphere unable to sustain life at all and after the discovery of 3 extremely suitable planets in another star system in 2490, it was decided that all humans, along with the animals & birds, would relocate to these 3 planets in the Vetra system as we came to call it. The evacuation of earth & the colonization of the 3 Vetra planets took over 10 years but finally, with the exception of some insects, all life on earth was either in transit in huge bioships, residential & military spaceships or already on their new home on one of the 3 planets. 10 years and 5 months after the first ships left for Vetra, the last ships reached the orbits of the 3 planets that we call our new home and humans and animals were led to their locations.

In the universe I have created, things are great with no poverty, no hunger, no killing, no animosity between humans, no diseases and life is relaxed. Although still not written down, an event will take place many many years later after conflicts with an enemy alien race, one of many but the most dangerous of the lot. Humans have stopped aging, except for babies & very young children who still have some slow growth for a while until it stops. This is because of a revolutionary, flexible forcefield or shield, that virtually makes us immortal and impervious to outside forces (natural or non-natural) that could otherwise harm us. But this forcefield also happens to reactivate a virus, a biological weapon that was sent upon us by this alien enemy race. When activated & reacting with the shield it stunted growth in all humans and earth’s animals. So now aging, no new births and no one dies as well unless they went and harmed themselves or someone else harmed them.

Prompt from 119 Journal Prompts for Your Journal Jar