Boredom In Isolation? Not Anymore Inbox

There is nothing nice about being told to stay indoors – even if you prefer it usually! When it’s on your terms, it’s a very different situation to being told what to do by someone else. All of a sudden, the outside world looks incredibly appealing – and you can’t go and enjoy it. Isolation feels like something that will last forever for most of us, and it leaves us all racking our brains and trying to come up with activities that we can do while we are stuck inside. Of course, you may be lucky enough to be able to work from home, and that should take up some of your time. However, you need something to fill the gaps around work.

No one ever expected that isolation would last – or even begin – when the news of COVID-19 came about. And yet, here we all are. Gently across the world, we are slowly isolating and gradually shutting things down so that we can all remain safe. The virus doesn’t spread, but we do, and the more that we move, the harder it becomes to contain. The key is to stay as busy as possible to pass the time, and that means figuring out some activities that you can do while you are on the countdown to freedom. If you have children at home, it becomes somewhat more challenging to decide on what to do with your time. Without children? Well, we have some suggestions to keep you busy while the world becomes a safe place once more.

  • Get Your Game On

You’ve had the consoles and the games for a while, but the time that you spend at work and enjoying a social life have previously put the kibosh on your gaming time. And yet here you are, isolated and nowhere to go. Dust off the blue light glasses and load up SIMS 3 – you’re going to get your game on, and you need to be comfortable. Luckily for you, you bought a gaming chair and the right screens to make sure that your time spent gaming is better than ever. You’ve got to work from home, but you also have far more time for gaming than you had before. You can improve your dexterity, expand your brain, and really improve your problem-solving skills when you get your game on, and you can choose from so many different gaming types, too.

  • Embrace Video Chat

Just because you cannot go anywhere, it doesn’t mean that you can’t see friends. Netflix has introduced a Party Mode whereby you and your friends can all watch the same movie at the same time, but that’s nothing compared to video chat. We are very blessed to be living in a time where we can connect with technology and see and talk to each other as if we are in the same room. Video chat can be done via any mode: House Party, WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook are just some of the popular options. When you’re working or socializing, you often don’t have time to call friends and family only to check-in and see how they’re doing. Isolation may suck, but it does mean that you have time to connect with the people you haven’t caught up with in a while. Keep them informed of what you’re up to and ask them what they’re doing, too. You will be surprised by how much you can connect to people you can’t touch or see.

  • Crafts & Coloring

When was the last time that you sat down and put your creative mind into action? If it’s been a while, then you know precisely the benefit of crafting and coloring. Whether you teach yourself to sew or knit based on the tuition of YouTube videos, you could use the time that you spend in isolation to hone a craft you know or start a new one. Crafting a coloring can help your brain to develop in a way that you wouldn’t have before the isolation period. You have time on your hands to work through your imagination, so why not do something that will feed your soul?

  • Get Fit

You are isolated and unable to go to the gym, and it’s time to embrace the world of online workouts. You can’t go for a long-distance run (though you can go for a walk a day), but you can start a new workout regime and get yourself a personal trainer. There are so many alternatives out there, and you can get the workout that you need. Exercise does so much more for you than get you lean. It also allows you to heal and helps your heart, your lungs, and your body to move correctly. It’s also a fantastic way to build your confidence up and feel good on the inside. Exercise helps you mentally as well as physically, and when you’re stuck in isolation and gaming all day, you need something active to get you on the move.

  • Read

It’s so simple, but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of falling into a new world when you cannot get out into your own one. Reading isn’t a natural thing for some people: they can read, but they don’t immerse themselves in a new book. Gaming gives you a chance of escapism that you don’t find when you read, but reading is a whole new adventure. When you read, you need a comfortable space and good lighting. If the weather is good, get outside and start reading in the sunlight. You’ll soak up some much-needed vitamin D while you explore a whole new world. Sinking into the imagination of someone else can give you a chance to escape in a way that takes the boredom away from isolation and whiles away the hours.

  • Learn To Bake

You’ve got time, the ingredients in the store cupboard, and the internet. The answer to a burning question of what to do with these items is clearly to start baking! You can follow recipes online – either static or via a video – and you can learn how to cook some phenomenal food! You don’t have to have kids with you to learn to bake simple recipes of biscuits and cupcakes. Instead, you could think about teaching yourself all of those cake recipes you’ve been dying to master. You could go from novice cupcake baker to making a three-tier birthday cake for your Mom when you come out of isolation. There’s something to be said for learning a skill like baking, and when you have the time to do it – like right now – you should take full advantage of it!

  • Binge Watch Your Set List

How many shows have you got lined up on your Watch List on Netflix? All of those recommendations from friends and family that you saved “for later” are stood ready to go. The news on the virus and its spread is harsh enough to watch, so why not start watching those shows that were recommended to you? You can take the freshly baked goods that you made earlier and get comfortable. Gaming is a great way to exercise your skills, but sometimes you need just to veg out and watch a new TV show without interruption. Once you come out of isolation, you will have caught up to all of your friends – at last!

  • Start A Blog

Do you have a knack for writing and a head full of thoughts? Perhaps now is the time to empty your head and get your ideas on paper – well, an online document. A blog can give you a place to discover whether you know a niche area, and when you find out that you have a talent, you can get your content out into the world. Perhaps you know more than the average person about gaming, and you could talk to them about how to enhance their gaming experience with blue light glasses. Maybe you are a font of knowledge for all things Disney. No matter what you figure out, you can put it all into a blog and show the world your talents! A blog can eventually be monetized, so you could earn some cash off the back of your new discovery for getting your knowledge into the world. Don’t be afraid to do it, either. It’s an excellent way to remain connected.

  • Bring The Concert Home

You can’t get out to a real show with real artists, but those artists that you love are still there. Get online and create a playlist, order a disco light from Amazon and get involved with a concert in your own home. You could even head to Instagram videos and see whether your favorite artists are doing live singing and shows for those in isolation at home. It’s exciting, and it’s a great way to discover whether you like new music.

Isolation doesn’t have to be a time of boredom, especially not when we have our suggestions above. Get involved and make your isolation a time of productivity and fun – you can pass the time happily!

Discovering Your Happiness

Potentially, this might be one of the most complicated questions that you can ask yourself, or someone can ask of you.

Are you happy?

And it feels like it might be a loaded question, and it’s complicated too. Because if you get asked at 4:30 in the morning after countless airport delays, and you’re going to miss a life-changing business-changing meeting, then you might say no. But if you made the flight, had a coffee in hand, and were going to be on time-then your answer would probably be yes.

Like most emotions, happiness is a flexible emotion. And we hinge much of what we do on it. So it makes sense that we really would like to discover more happiness for ourselves.

And it is important when you take this journey that you understand that happiness means different things to different people. For some happiness is having the perfect hairstyle, a weekend of celebration had a great time. For others, it is a Saturday morning, in bed, reading the paper with a hot coffee. And for others, it is knowing that you have a Bahamas real estate that you can escape to any time you feel like it.

There are, however, some very simple things that can apply to almost anybody’s life. And they can help you anathema contentment in the life that you lead.


It is an unfortunate truth that not everyone is going to show up for you when you need them. And it doesn’t matter how many times you have shown up for them in the past, it might not be a two-way thing. Think of all the times you helped when you knew something was outside of your comfort zone or was going to stretch it in a way that you couldn’t manage.

If you haven’t really thought about what your boundaries are, then think back to a previous situation in your life where you have experienced people that have taken advantage of your good night chat. Think about how it makes you feel, and make a mental note of the things that you actually wish you hadn’t done.

This will help you to begin to lay the foundations of your boundaries and learn to stick with them.


Nature and humans are designed to be close. We actually simply can’t do without it. In fact, it is one of the most likely things you will find that an interior designer suggests for offices to increase contentment and productivity within the workspace. You should take that knowledge and apply it to your own home.

Look around where you are sitting right now; can you see lush greenery, or are you immediately feeling like perhaps you could actually benefit from having plants in the room? This actually isn’t just about plants, either. Well, many people enjoy a more modern industrial metal feel, open haps, even a minimalist design; natural products give it a soft edge. This could be as simple as adding artwork of photos of natural landscapes, candles, or other scented materials that smell like the woodlands, the ocean, or even fruit and flowers.

Think about any time that you’ve headed to the beach, and you could sit and listen to the waves crashing on the shore for hours. Or when you’re walking through the woods or a park or someone that you love and the branches and twigs are cracking beneath your feet. That sense of peace, calm, and happiness is something that you can bring into your home. But you could head out into nature more too.


You need to speak positively to yourself. And positively about the things that impact you. These are often called affirmations. And when people practice self-affirmations, they will have increased activity in the area of the brain that processes your self-worth.

And while it might feel a little bit weird, the easiest way for you to get into the habit of those positive affirmations is starting by saying one every morning into the mirror. Start with something that you want to build confidence in. If it’s that you wish you were more assertive in your emails, for example. Simply say to yourself in the mirror today:

“I’m going to be more assertive in my emails.”

Always try to say “I am,” because this is confirmation of what you are already. You can start with smaller things like I am loved. Repeat every morning to yourself in the mirror until you believe it. And it is very important that you repeat until you don’t have that underlying cringed feeling people off to have when they first start with the affirmations. As soon as you get comfortable, you should add more in.

Remember that these affirmations are all about giving you a positive start to your morning, but not only that, they will help you build confidence, which will last a lifetime.


It is often the case when we do not have anything to look forward to. We can feel that we aren’t being very productive and that we actually don’t have a purpose at all. So it is really important that we create a purpose for ourselves. This means you need to make plans outside of work and other commitments.

Think about the goals that you want to achieve in life or even a hobby that you want to improve on.

It might be that you want to learn how to make playing animals, or it could be that you want to create an Intyre online course. Get serious about those goals, and make space and time for you to be able to achieve that.

It is important when you’re setting goals to try to set yourself deadlines too, Parkinson‘s law means that once we have a deadline set, we are more likely to achieve our goals in that time period.

Of course, these things are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are so many more beautiful ways you can discover what makes you happy, and implement them into your everyday life.

But like everything, these habits will take time to build. Start with something small and work your way up to the big ones.

Pursuing A Career You Really Care About

Is your current job unfulfilling? Perhaps you’re getting tired of the daily grind? After a certain period in a career, it’s easy to start getting itchy feet and wanting to do more. So why not do something that matters to you? Switching careers or starting a new venture is a daunting process that takes a lot of work, but your drive and commitment will get you there. Choosing a career that you’re passionate about will soon feel less like work, and help you find the fulfillment you’ve been looking for.

Are you ready for a change? Here are some tips for pursuing a career that you really care about.

Turn your interests into a career

What are your hobbies and your interests? Is it possible to turn them into a career? Many people give up their jobs to pursue music, sell collectibles and more – doing the things they love and taking a chance. But there could be other ways to pursue your interest too, including finding jobs in the relevant industry. Think about the things you love and brainstorm different paths you could take to find out what excites you and what you could see yourself doing. Making a successful career change isn’t easy, but it helps when you find something you love to do.

Invest in a new passion project

What is your dream project? Perhaps there’s a store or a cafe you’ve always dreamed of owning or somewhere you like to visit as a kid? Could you turn your dream into a reality? Investing in a business can help you realize old ambitions, as well as make a difference in your community. This is what David Meinert has done with Seattle’s 5 Point Cafe, restoring an aging business and making it great again. Who knows where your vision could lead you?

Do something to help others

Being able to give back and contribute is important for your community, but your own self-growth too. You could try volunteering your time, or pursuing a venture that makes a difference to others. Once you’re no longer driven by money or the prestige of a job title, it’s amazing what you’ll be able to do to help others.

Not quite ready? Start a side hustle!

A career change can seem like an exciting new step, but it’s not easy if you have financial commitments, family and uncertainty to deal with too. You don’t have to make a career change overnight, you can do it bit by bit. A side hustle alongside your full-time job can help you see what’s out there, and could lead to a great new venture for your future.

Finding your dream career isn’t something that happens easily, which is why it can take time to figure out what you want to do. Finding something that you’re passionate about will make work much more enjoyable, helping you to have a long and happy working life.

Be Your Own Hero: Choosing A Noble Career

There are people in your lives that you class as a “superhero” but those people are just like you! And when we are bombarded with superheroes in pop culture sometimes we can start to think about how to be our own version of a superhero. No doubt some people will think this seems a bit trite, but if you are starting out in life or you just left education, you might want to start thinking about choosing a superhero career! But choosing a career that can help people is an incredibly diverse subject, it’s not just about being a firefighter! With this in mind, what are the best careers out there that can make a difference to other people’s lives?

A Builder

You wouldn’t consider this to be a career that is helpful in a stereotypical sense but it’s probably the closest thing to getting a solid workout in every single day. In the building industry, there are so many different components that will give you a massive physical workout. And we’ve got to remember that with companies like Ranger that provide rig and safety equipment that is providing a diverse service to every component of the building industry, you end up lifting a lot of equipment and getting a proper workout in. Who says you need to be Thor in order to be physically strong? And while you might think that it’s a job that doesn’t result in career progression, it’s actually a very well paid role when you start to work up the ladder!

Care Worker

Being a care worker is, in many ways, a combination of psychiatrist, psychologist, and a bodybuilder! Depending on the area you work in you’ve got to have a massive dose of physical strength on your side! But also when you start to work in supported living or residential care facilities each person has their own unique set of challenges. When you see people at work in care, they tend to be either incredibly caring in nature or are those people that are built like an ox and function on a few hours’ sleep! A care worker position is an incredibly rewarding one but you can’t underestimate just how challenging it is, mentally and physically!

A Teaching Assistant

When you want to make a difference to someone’s life education is one of the most obvious components but being a teaching assistant is somewhere between being a teacher and a care worker. You may accompany students to lectures or you could be working with younger children that struggle with education. It certainly is an eye-opening position and provides numerous rewards. Being a teaching assistant is a perfect stepping stone to being a teacher. If you want to work in education and inspire people it is an ideal starting point.

Choosing any sort of noble career is not just about what you want to get out of it but it’s about understanding how you can make a difference in people’s lives. There are so many different avenues to go down physically, mentally, and emotionally. What are you made of? What sort of superhero do you want to be?

4 Simple Ways To Cut The Cost Of Car Ownership

Owning a car is a big expense, but it’s not one that you can really avoid. Most of us rely on a car to get to and from work, and get around generally, so it’s a cost that you just have to deal with. However, most car owners spend more than they need to on their car and there are ways to save money each month. These are some of the best ways to cut the cost of car ownership.

Buy The Right Car

When you are buying a new car, you need to think about the running costs. If you pick a gas guzzler that needs to be filled up very often, you will waste a lot of money on fuel. But if you spend a bit more money on a newer model that is more economical, you can save yourself a lot of money. You should also look into the repairs costs of the car as well. An old model that is hard to get parts for will be a lot more expensive to fix than a common car with simple parts. Make sure to ask the car dealership all of these questions before you buy a new car and you will be able to reduce the cost of car ownership in a big way.

Avoid Accidents 

If you are regularly having accidents, you will pay out a lot in repair costs and your car insurance premiums will shoot up. Nobody means to have an accident, but you could be making simple mistakes that make crashes more likely. Distracted driving, for example, is a leading cause of car accidents, so make sure that you are not playing on your phone while driving, and always keep your eyes on the road. You should also stick to the rules of the road and the speed limits because they are there for a reason. If the roads are wet, reduce your speed because it can be very dangerous.

Shop Around For Insurance

Insurance is one of the big costs associated with car ownership, so if you can find ways to reduce it, that is always a bonus. Rising insurance premiums are one of the things that drivers need to be prepared for, so make sure that you check your policy on a regular basis. When it comes time to renew your car insurance, always shop around for better deals. Usually, you should be able to find a cheaper deal elsewhere.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

A lot of issues with your car could be avoided if you keep up with regular maintenance. But so many people ignore problems until they get worse and then they are forced to take the car to the mechanic and spend loads of money on repairs. Simple things like changing the oil and brake fluid, and inflating the tires can help you to avoid big issues and cut the cost of car maintenance.

These simple tips will cut the cost of car ownership and save you a lot of money each month.

Smart Ways to Improve Business Efficiency

In the competitive business world, it is increasingly essential for business professionals and entrepreneurs to create workable strategies that can help them to gain an added competitive advantage in the industry. Efficiency is an important aspect that every business owner should focus on. Perhaps it is crucial to note that the entire idea is providing your services in a peculiar way that pleases customers.

Clever Ways to Increase Business Efficiency

Invest in automation systems

In layman’s language, automation is a critical operational method every business should invest in when seeking to gain an added advantage over other brands. A company that aspires to be unique needs to consider automation. This can always simplify change while speeding everything within. Whether you are sending payouts to your teams or dispatching receipts to vendors, you can still automate what you can and when you can do it. Business automation should, therefore, not be a luxury.

Managing interruptions in business

Interruptions at work premises can be a barrier to time management and success. You should limit the occurrence by all means. Perhaps you can begin by thinking back on the last day you worked before considering the number of interruptions that interfered with regular communication and operation. You may have realized that there were phone calls and emails, or something else that demanded your attention. In doing so, you were distracted from the duties in line. Interruptions can limit your employee’s focus. That is why you should focus on controlling it. In this case, begin by understanding the nature of the disruptions at work.

Invest in task management software

Business management software refers to a set of different applications of programs that assist you in improving and supporting efficiency by automating processes. Typically, the software plays the role of eliminating various errors while completing tasks and enhancing reporting activities coupled with overall productivity. Your business management tool is created in a way that helps to meet the standard requirements of various business processes effectively. Some of the commonly used software includes asset management software, virtual compliance management, database software, and customer relationship management software.

Employee training is crucial

Employee training refers to a program that strengthens the skills of your workers while helping them to acquire new skills that can always assist them in improving different processes. You should implement an effective training system in your business since it allows workers to gain an extensive understanding of the market and the tasks that they are needed to handle. Employee training should also improve satisfaction while enhancing retention.

Foster open communication in business

If you want to lead a successful business, then you should create a safe environment with a platform that supports open communication. This strategy allows employees to remain more engaged while understanding what they are required to do in matters of business. Ensuring that your employees comprehend the whole concept, including the part they play in the success of your organization, is going to impact the decision-making process in the industry.

Final Thoughts

Efficiency at work is an aspect that can run hot or cold simultaneously. To prevent your business from stagnating, you should implement basic key concepts as outlined in this article. Consider hiring an expert-rated team to garner more market shares.

First Year Of Driving: Keeping An Eye On Your Children

So your child passed their test and you bought them a car. They’re off, out into the big wide world with their newfound freedom. But just because they passed a test they studied for, doesn’t mean they’re going to be great drivers out in the real world. They’re still young and they’re not experienced enough to know their own limits. They are in that age where testing the boundaries is like their full-time job. So during their first year of driving, you should keep an eye out for them and help them become better drivers. You should also be mindful of how they’re getting on if they are working and or living in another city. Here are a few things you can do.

Through the hills

Driving tests are supposed to give every learning driver a taste of the norm. They will, therefore, drive one road that most people use rather than those that most people may never drive on. This includes the countryside where there are more narrow roads, tough conditions, and less lighting. This is something of a test for your child and you should take them on a weekend driving trip to help them adjust to this style of driving. Pick out a section of winding roads in the countryside. Plan a small excursion through some hills so your child can be taught how to look ahead, anticipate corners, spot signs of loose roads, black ice and sudden gradient changes. Sit in the passenger seat after you have driven them along the route you want them to follow. Observe and correct them when they make a mistake.

Protection from a stereotype

It’s sad to admit, but many young sensible drivers are lumped in with the brash and trash young drivers. Many young people are excellent drivers, who take due diligence of their driving and know how important it is to follow the rules. If your son or daughter is involved in a crash, they might become overwhelmed and believe they made a mistake due to their inexperience. You should train your children to keep calm and not admit to anything if they ever get into a car crash. If your child phones you up and says they were in an accident, use this Accident Report service to find their exact incident. The police officer at the scene will have written a detailed report and if it exonerates your child, send a copy of the report to your lawyer to help your child get out of trouble. The other driver will be in deep water once your legal team is using the report to prove your child’s innocence.

Don’t belittle them

Your child is new to the road, so don’t belittle them and rid them of their confidence. Ask them to take you to the supermarket to do the weekly shop. Compliment them on their habits such as checking the mirrors and the blind spot. A parent should boost their child’s confidence behind the wheel as it is inherently a hazardous place.

The first year of your child driving on their own is going to be sketchy at times. But, with the right amount of encouragement and extra training, you can be certain they will become confident and excellent drivers.

Ways To Invest For Future Security

Having enough money is not all about being able to purchase the things you want. It is about having security and knowing that your family will be looked after in unforeseen circumstances. For the savvy investors among you out there, you know that once you have a bit of money in the bank, you can make it work for you to increase your wealth and ability to have a financially secure future. There are many ways to do this, and here are a few below:

The stock market

The stock market is more or less the old faithful when it comes to discussions around investments. You don’t have to start by investing a lot. You could make a few small investments and see how you get on. The trick with the stock market is to diversify your investments and research. Companies will provide information on their websites that you can use to help you make a decision. There will be press releases and AGM information that you can utilize to understand where they stand better. You will need to think about the kind of investment you want, i.e., long term or short term. Longer-term investments are usually lower risk, but you need to keep the money there for the long haul. However, companies can incentivize this by giving out good dividends. Indeed in many cases, it is more about the dividend than it is about the share price itself, as this return is greater anyway. Short term investments are more about buying a lot of shares and waiting for a rise in share price and selling quickly. This can be done over and over but may involve a lot of work.

The property market

Investing in real estate is always going to be a good way to make money if you are savvy and know what you are doing. Do you want to buy cheap and sell on? Or are you interested in the rental market? If you have a lot of rental properties, you will need a property management company like Revid Realty, to help you. Purchasing a cheap property to sell on can come with its own set of problems. So, ensure that you invest in quality inspection and negotiate and play hardball on price.


Perhaps you have an interest in some collectible already, such as comics or vintage wine. You can use your knowledge to make you money. As with any sort of investment, you need to understand the market. That means you need to know what is a good price, how rare a commodity it is, how long you should hold onto it for, and who is interested in that commodity. If you have enough funds to purchase something like diamonds, which are seen as universal wealth, that’s great, but you still need to know what the future of that commodity is. Try to find out the financial projections of that particular diamond. If you are wise and research correctly, you will always have enough money for a secure future.

6 Signs Your Water May Be Contaminated

Here are six things to look out for if you think there’s something wrong with your household water.

Does it run cloudy?

If your water doesn’t flow clearly even after running the tap for a while it could be contaminated. Try filling up a glass, and waiting thirty seconds to see if the water flows clearly. There could be bacteria in the water causing it to always be cloudy.

How’s the pressure?

If it’s taking too long to fill up your bowl to do the washing up this could be another clue that your water is contaminated. If the water pressure is slow it’s probably because of a blockage of sediment or limescale, so the water doesn’t flow as easily. This can especially be an inconvenience in the shower.

How does it smell?

Pay attention for a strange smell, typically the smell of chlorine or sulphur. These types of smells are caused by an excess of minerals in the water. Your tap water shouldn’t smell like a swimming pool when it’s just come out of the faucet so consider this a sign of contamination. A build-up of sulphur could cause an unpleasant smell. If you smell something more like rotten eggs, this will be sulphur, so get it checked as well.

How does it taste?

If your water is contaminated it will taste different. If you notice a strange new flavour it probably means it’s contaminated. This could include an oily, bitter, fishy or metallic taste. So if your drinking water tastes like an old can of tuna, be a little concerned. Oil in the water is one of the main contaminants in household water, which adds an odd taste.

Is there excessive sediment?

Any unusual residue you find in your water could be a build-up of dirt or sediment. This isn’t what clean water should look like so it’s a sign that your water is contaminated. Also, keep an eye out for odd stains and spots you find when pouring the water. Depending on where you live your water could either be soft or hard. If the water is hard this means it has a higher concentration of certain minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This also makes it more difficult to make suds, or foam up many cleaning products such as soaps and shampoos.

Does your baking often sink?

It may seem like a strange connection but if you bake, you’ll know water is important to the process. Bread, pies or pastries may not cook properly if the water quality isn’t good enough. If you notice your baked goods keep sinking when they didn’t before this could mean your water is contaminated. This is because chlorine can break up the yeast needed for it to rise.

If you’re worried about your water being contaminated try have a plumber inspect everything from your faucets to your hot water system. It’s better to be safe than sorry. There are many reported damages of drinking contaminated water.

Making More Of Your Local Area? How You Can Get Involved

Many of us grow very attached to the places that we live. This isn’t just about your home, but also about the local area and your community. You may love the little high street that you walk down, perhaps enjoy walking or running in the local park. But yet, many of us don’t do too much to preserve our local areas or help and be involved with the local community. If this is something that you might want to change this year, then here are some suggestions to help you make more of your local area.

Work with a local charity 

One of the first things you could consider doing would be to work with a local charity. There are many ways that you can do this. You can look at setting up fundraising events or tackle challenges yourself in aid of the local charity. It might then be worth commemorating the efforts with a personalised brick from websites like dedicated for highlighting fundraising and people’s efforts. It could be that you want to work with them, perhaps help raise awareness with their social media profiles, for example. The more you do, the better you will feel.

Actively donate when you can

If you want to help others then a great way to do that would be to actively donate things you no longer want or need. Clothes or household items that can be donated to local refuge centres or charity shops is a great way to help the community thrive. You could also look at things such as donating food to food banks. Buying a few extra tins in your weekly shop or scouring your cupboards for food that you have that you don’t want or need. It’s often the small charitable acts that can make the biggest difference.

Organise local community events

Maybe you want to try and get involved in local community events and this can be a great way to help your community. It could be a local event that you help to organise, such as a market or a car boot sale. It might be a family fun event where you organise attractions and other things for people to do and experience. This could help raise money for the community and allow local businesses to advertise and also communicate with their local customer base.

Be proud of your local area 

Finally, be proud of your local area and the community you are part of. You can do that by helping clean up local areas such as regularly picking up litter in local parks or green belt areas. It might be that there are community gardens that need a little attention or you could even raise the idea of a vegetable patch or allotment that the whole community can work on and benefit from in terms of produce. The more you do and help locally, the better your area will be. Let’s hope this has inspired you to get more involved with your local area.

Leaving On a Jet Plane: What Will Air Travel Look Like in the Future?

Technology changes things at a rapid pace, from the mobile devices we hold in our hands, to medical breakthroughs discovered in scientific labs, to the fact that drones can be used for everything from selling a house to official government business. But, when it comes to air travel, what can we expect next from this ever-changing technology? Already, planes are more durable and safer than ever. When a Saudia Cargo air freight helps deliver cars internationally, you can feel pretty confident in the safety of aircraft nowadays.

So, what other technology can we look forward to in the future? Whether you frequently travel for business, or you’re just planning your next family vacation, let’s look at some of the changes you’ll see in the flight industry in the coming years.

Robotic Assistants in Airplanes

Artificial intelligence is nothing new, but it continues to grow and evolve quickly. Today, AI is integrated into everything from customer service to scientific research. In 2019 alone, the AI industry grew by 154%. You can expect it to infiltrate airports in the future, too.

Robotic assistants will be found in airports all over the country. They’ll be able to help with your flight information while making it easier to navigate through the airport to find your gate on time. AI is currently used in many airports to make the check-in process easier and faster, so you don’t have to wait in a long line for the next available representative.


You know you’ve entered “the future” when your face is used as your ID clarification! Everyone knows how tedious it is to have to go through airport security. While it’s absolutely necessary for safety purposes, there has to be an easier and more efficient way to do it, right? That’s where biometrics will come in. Unique biological traits like your eyes and fingerprints will allow you to quickly be scanned so you can get onto your flight without having to show an ID, passport, etc. It means less waiting in line and even stronger security.

The Internet of Things – In the Air!

As a society, we’re getting used to having everything we could want at our fingertips right away. The Internet has made it easy to expect quick results. Eventually, the Internet of things will reach the friendly skies. You’ll be able to do everything from adjusting the temperature around you to dimming your lighting or lowering your seat – all from your smartphone. This will ultimately help to lower flight costs because fewer attendants will have to be hired, and you can enjoy your flight exactly the way you want it without having to depend on anyone else.

As you can see, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the future of air travel. In general, things will become more automated and streamlined to get travelers where they’re going faster. Keep your eyes open for some of these changes in the next few years. They’re designed to make a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable flying experience for everyone.

Cool Collections to Start This Year

Being a collector takes dedication, time and patience, but it can be very rewarding. Not everyone is in it for the money but the market for collector’s items can bring you in some cash as well. The key thing is to collect something that you are really passionate about because you need the will to spend the time in antique stores and online looking for it. The result is very satisfying however. Here are some fun things hipster collectors are after this year.

Everything vintage

This of course includes vintage fashion, but also things like kitchenware and advertising. Vintage fashion is a great option nowadays as it is more widely available for a cheaper price. It’s also a more sustainable and unique way to dress. You could go for particular pieces that interest you, for example bags and accessories. Kitchenware and glassware can also have a practical use, as well as being kitsch.

Another stylish option is to collect old vintage posters like advertising from famous brands. These can be classic in style and a great way to decorate your living room. Something like an old Guinness advert, or Campbell’s soup, or something even lesser known like video game artwork.

Retro video games

Or you could also start a collection of the games yourself if you’re interested. Games that are rarer or more historically significant will be the most valuable, even if they’re famously bad. For more advice on the video game market from the nerds themselves, click here.

Comic books

Some rarer issues can be incredibly valuable, but it’s difficult to know what you’re looking for if you’re not an expert. Comic books, in particular the Marvel series, are becoming increasingly popular however, so if you are interested in learning more you can find online forums with fellow collectors.

Vinyl and music memorabilia

This is the coolest of the cool, having your own old-fashioned record player and a stack of vinyl. Many people say the sound quality is better, this obviously depends but certain records can reach a high price as well, particularly if they have original artwork. If an album was very popular, or has strange art on the cover it will be more valuable.


These can be great fun to play with as well as to look at. There are a range of models and types from Thomas the Tank Engine to the model C38 steam train. There’s a growing community of collectors you can trade with online, or at your local model shop.

Toys and action figures

These have nostalgic value as well as monetary with the most popular coming from the 70s, 80s and 90s. It’s a good idea to keep them in mint condition if possible.

Obsolete technology

Things like typewriters, turntables, old TVs and video games consoles are very fashionable items to collect. They can add an air of nostalgia as well, even though purely decorative. You’ll often see your favourite little pubs and cafes kitted out with these. They just look cool.

Incredible Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day Meal!

The 14th of February only means one thing: Valentine’s Day! Rather than seeing it as a corporate holiday, it’s sweeter if you view it as an occasion to show your partner love. And, there’s no better way to do that than to cook a meal with all the trimmings.

Of course, if you’re going to pull out all the stops, it can’t be a boring recipe. The food has to be extra creative to show your loved one how much you care. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be a challenge this Valentine’s with these incredible ideas for a show-stopping meal!

Try A Different Cuisine

On the 14th of February, couples tend to opt for the same cuisines. Whether it’s French or Italian, you’ll probably want to go with something that feels romantic, and these two are the leading contenders. However, there are dozens of cuisines that are perfect for Valentine’s Day treat, and you should try one. You can learn how to cook dried black beans and rustle up a Mexican storm, or maybe you prefer to spice things up with Caribbean jerk? Regardless, putting different ingredients on the plate will instantly take your meal to a new level.

But Practise It

A drawback of trying something new is the fact that you’re inexperienced. You’ve never prepared a Mexican dish before, which means there’s a chance it might not work. The last thing you want to do is ruin your Valentine’s Day dining experience by serving slop. Thankfully, you can push the creative boat out and prepare flavors that will wow and amaze by practising them before the big day. Whenever you get an opportunity, you can cook the meal you want to serve for Valentine’s for other people. By the 14th, it’ll be part of your repertoire.

Keep It Simple

Please don’t try too hard and bite off more than you can chew. Attempting to cook a three-course meal that’s out of your wheelhouse will only increase the chances of something going wrong. Therefore, it’s better to stick to the basics. An excellent tip is to use locally-sourced produce – the freshness will enhance any dish, no matter how straightforward. Alternatively, avoid unnecessary add-ons that only make life difficult. Sure, a cocktail is great, but only if it doesn’t take hours to prepare! Remember that food is the essential part of the day, and it deserves the most attention.

But Don’t Skip Dessert

With that in mind, you should try and serve dessert wherever possible. There are several reasons, including that the final dish gives you a chance to redeem yourself if the worst happens. More importantly, however, is that dessert is the most romantic part of the meal. Giving each other eyes across a table while eating chocolate mousse is not only sexy; it’s an aphrodisiac. In fact, there are lots of dessert ingredients that will get the heart racing, which is another reason not to skip your pudding!

How are you going to prepare a meal that is fit for Valentine’s Day this February?

5 Tips For Valentine’s Day

5 Valentine’s Day date ideas for people on a budget.

  • Wake up early, get a single long stem rose, cook a nice breakfast and serve it to your spouse or lover in bed. Let them wake up to a nice surprise.
  • Play their favourite songs all day. If you can find a romantic list of songs that you both love, even better. Keep it light.
  • Write down a list of things you love about the other person.
  • Write down a list of things you want to do them and what you’d want them to do to you
  • Set a romantic dinner – candle lights, roses, dim lights, soft music and serve a home made dinner or order from a nice place that isn’t too expensive. You don’t have to splurge to make it romantic!

And a bonus 6th one – sex it up in the bedroom! Get whatever you need, but do fuck the night away!

Prompt from 28 Days of Writing Prompts for February at The SitsGirls

Could You Become A Financial Trader?

Forex has been one of the fastest-growing financial markets in the world. Never before has a financial market been so accessible to people all around the world. People all over the world are trading Forex in a bid to make their millions. If you scroll down Instagram you will find adverts for trading packages that sell a dream of making people rich. However, understanding how to trade Forex isn’t going to be something that comes naturally. It’s so easy to lose money from one trade gone wrong, such as it is with most trading options. But do you think that you could be the next to master the trade?

Forex trading is self-taught by many of the people who are doing it on a smaller scale. However, this smaller scale is still making people millions a year. It’s just when compared to the banks and the Forex brokers who run their own company, the money made is small. The trends around the world are showing that the Forex market trading platforms are still in their early stages, even though the advancements have been incredible.

These advancements in technology mean that the Forex market is readily available to all of those who want to give it a go. There are even platforms that allow traders to trade offline but in a real-time market. So no real money is being used and strategies can be tested.

To better understand how much the Forex market has spread globally, this infographic shows where Forex trading has spread to around the globe.

Infographic Source financial traders globally

Getting More Involved With The Hobby You Love

Most people have some sort of hobby or interest, nowadays. The web has opened the doors to these sorts of activities, giving far more people the chance to enjoy them than ever before. You can learn about the hobbies you like, buy items which make it easier to enjoy them, and can find communities of like-minded people to share your passion with. Of course, though, there will come a time when a lot of people will want to take their hobby deeper. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to achieve this goal, giving you a range of different paths to take when you’re approaching something like this.


In the past, people used to make a lot more of their own possessions than they do today. This is partly thanks to modern stores making it much easier to simply buy things, but is also down to the fact that a lot of people don’t learn skills which enable them to make things when they are at school. Your hobby is a great chance to turn this around. For example, if you like to go shooting, you could think about pressing your own cartridges for the job. Companies like Diamond K Brass can supply the parts you’d need for this, and there are plenty of resources around the web which can teach you how to make these items.


Alongside making things, you could also think about teaching. It is often said that teaching is the best way to learn, and this is especially true for something like a hobby. There are a couple of ways to handle this, with running your own blog being the easiest and most popular. This way you can write and make videos about your field of interest, providing information which will help newcomers to the hobby to get started. Of course, alternatively, you could also think about teaching face to face, though this will probably be harder to organise.

Building A Community

Online communities have been around for a long time, though they haven’t lost any of their popularity. Building a community for your own hobby shouldn;t be too hard, with a forum-style website and social media accounts being the only tools you’ll need to get started. This will feel like an uphill battle at first, though this will quickly change once you start to get more and more visitors to your site. Once you have enough people using your site, you could consider using ads to make money from it, giving you the chance to delve even deeper into your interests and provide more to your community.

With this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of getting more involved with the hobby you love. A lot of people work hard on things like this, only to find that they can’t go much further once they reach a certain point in the future. Of course, though, there are always ways to push this further, and you just need to find the right idea for you.

How You Can Reward Staff: 5 Unique Recognition Ideas

When you own a business, you want to ensure that you keep your staff happy. A way of making sure that your business doesn’t stagnate or fail, it’s no secret that upbeat employees = success. Your employees will perform better if they are happy with their work environment, so as a business owner, you should take the appropriate steps to make sure this happens.

And a great way of doing this is through offering them perks and rewards. Of course, throughout the years you can introduce things such as bring your dog to work once a week, work from home days or flexible working. But there are certain rewards that you can implement if they have done something that particularly benefited the business – such as improving sales with a new marketing strategy they created.

So how can you reward them? If you’re unsure as to where to start, here are five unique recognition ideas that you can take inspiration from:

  • Hire a Food Truck

A great (and delicious) reward is hiring a food truck for your office. Whether this is offering tacos, ice cream or another mouth-watering item of food, your staff will love this reward. This is particularly wonderful in the summer months – as you could arrange for it to arrive around lunchtime when the weather is nice, so that they can sit outside and enjoy their treat.

  • Throw A Party 

Everyone loves a good party. So why not throw your staff a party to help celebrate a special achievement? No matter how big or small this party is, your staff will love the opportunity to socialize, eat some food and dance the night away. During the party, consider making a speech in which you thank your staff personally for their efforts.

  • Organize a Fun Day Out

If you really want to treat and reward your staff, why not organize a fun day out for them? No matter what you organize, whether it’s a day at a waterpark, doing a thrilling activity such as paintballing or a simple trip to the local theatre, it will give them that much-deserved break from the office. Taking the time to plan this will show your staff how much you appreciate all that they do for you throughout the year.

  • Purchase Challenge Coins

If you’re looking for something that’s truly extraordinary, consider purchasing custom challenge coins for your staff – or those who have particularly stood out from a company such as Challenge Coins Limited. A unique gift, they can be customized so that your company logo is on there and are incredibly cost-effective. A technique that the military has used for years, it’s something that your staff will love.

  • Give Them Some Time Off

A perfect way of keeping your staff motivated is rewarding them with time off. Whether this is at Christmas or a week throughout summer, it will give them much-needed rest and relaxation away from the workplace. This perk is one that’s bound to be adorned by all of your employees.

3 Reasons Why It’s Worth Having Non-Digital Hobbies

We live in an extremely digital age, and it’s all but normal now for the majority of people to spend virtually every single moment of their waking time in front of some type of screen – whether that’s a computer (and a social media feed), or a TV streaming the latest hits from Netflix.

As things stand right now, you’ve really got to work to get “non-digital” hobbies off the ground – but whether those hobbies are things like creating the perfect fishpond in your garden and identifying the best pond stocking company, or whether they are more along the lines of stamp collecting; it’s well worth having some “old school” hobbies after all.

Here are just a few reasons why it was having non-digital hobbies.

Because constant digital stimulation literally overloads your brain

You could be forgiven for assuming that scanning the web all day doesn’t really do anything much to your consciousness, nevermind your brain. But, according to a growing wealth of evidence, you’d be wrong in that assumption. The writer Adam Alter revealed, in his book “Irresistible”, just how much social media companies and other tech giants utilise essentially exploitative techniques from the gambling world, in order to ensure that you stay hooked on their services.

Another writer, Nicholas Carr, showed that constant digital stimulation literally “overloads” and “rewires” the brain, thereby significantly reducing the ability of the person in question to concentrate on anything at all for a prolonged period of time, or in an in-depth way. Your digital technologies should be viewed, first and foremost, as tools. Make them work for you, not the other way around.

Because there is something deeply fulfilling about active hobbies

There’s something truly ancient and fulfilling about creating, or repairing, things with your hands – whether that means painting a piece of art, or working on a vintage era old motorcycle of yours. As mentioned earlier in this article, passive entertainment forms are now more the order of the day, and it can be too easy to get caught up in a habit loop of never really doing anything very “creative,” yourself. On some level, we all get a sense of fulfilment from actually “doing stuff.” So, get a non-digital hobby that requires you to “do stuff.”

Because, these days, it will make you a more interesting person

Everyone wants to stand out in some way (some positive way, at least), and we all like the idea of being interesting people with interesting stories to tell. If you are engaged in non-digital hobbies and pastimes these days, that already makes you slightly out of the ordinary, and a bit more of an “interesting” person, at least in some ways.

Of course, the specific extent to which someone finds you more “interesting” because of your hobbies is bound to vary. At the very least, though, you’ll definitely be a more “well-rounded” person as a result of doing more stuff, in a broader range of different areas. According to the book, “Range,” the broader your skill sets, interests, and experiences, the higher the likelihood that you will actually succeed and feel fulfilled in life, in general.