Quoth The Raven, `Nevermore’

My favourite poem of all time is the uber gothic & uber awesome ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe. Why? because it’s awesome! It’s a narrative style poem  published in January 1845, noted for it’s musicality, stylized language, and supernatural atmosphere. It tells of a talking raven’s mysterious visit to a distraught lover, tracing the man’s slow fall into madness. The lover, possibly a student, is lamenting the death of his lover Lenore. After the raven raps at the man’s door and then his window, it is let in and perches on a bust of Pallas. To the questions that the man puts to it, the raven only answers ‘Nevermore”.

The raven has long been considered a bird of ill omen and of interest to creators of myths and legends. The lover puts questions about whether the raven was sent to him as a sign by god or angels to forget Lenore, if the raven is evil or a prophet,  whether he will be reunited with Lenore in heaven and finally comes to the conclusion that his soul is trapped beneath the raven’s shadow and shall be lifted “Nevermore”. Please play the video below which is a narration of The Raven by Sir Christopher Lee.

And watch a recording off a tv of the Simpson’s Halloween special on The Raven. Narration here is by James Earl Jones.

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100 Wonderful Simpsons Quotes

  1. “Lisa, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that life is just one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead.”*
  2. “Sorry mom, the mob has spoken.”
  3. “…A little help?”
  4. “So I said to myself: what would God do in this situation?”
  5. “The goggles, they do nothing!”
  6. “And I’m not easily impressed — WOW, A BLUE CAR!”
  7. “Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun.”
  8. “Lisa, I’d like to buy your rock.”
  9. “My son’s name is also Bort.”
  10. “We’re here! We’re queer! We don’t want any more bears!”
  11. “There’s an angry mob here to see you, sir.”
  12. “It’s just like I’ve always said: Democracy doesn’t work.”
  13. “I’d kill you if I had my gun!”
  14. “Let’s fight.” “…Them’s fightin’ words!
  15. Freedom! Horrible, horrible freedom!
  16. “You’ll pick many a bean.”
  17. “Woozle wazzle?”
  18. “Stupid like a fox!”
  19. “Maybe there is no moral. Maybe it’s just a bunch of stuff that happened.”
  20. “I’m about to convene another meeting… in bed.”
  21. “…Jeremy’s iron?”
  22. “‘Learned,’ son. The word is ‘learned.’”
  23. “I see you’ve played knifey spooney before.”
  24. “D’oh!” “A deer!” “A female deer.”
  25. Elementary chaos theory shows that all robots must inevitably run amok.”
  26. “And that little boy who no one liked grew up to be… Roy Cohn.”
  27. “…Again? This stupid country.”
  28. “In America, first you get the sugar, then you get the women, then you get the money.”
  29. “Tramamampoline!”
  30. “It was a pornography store. I was buying pornography.”
  31. “Yes! Crisertunity!”
  32. “There’s bound to be a little splash-back.”
  33. “Three simple words: I am gay.”
  34. Simpson, Homer Simpson/ He’s the greatest guy in history/ From the/ Town of Springfield/ He’s about to hit a chestnut tree.”
  35. “Ahoy ahoy?”
  36. “Lord Palmerston!” “…Pitt the Elder.”
  37. “Are these idiots getting louder or dumber?” “…Louder, sir.”
  38. “I really like the vest.”
  39. “That’s the funniest anecdote that I’ve ever heard! Now, why don’t you tell one?”
  40. “Well, we hit a slight snag when the universe collapsed in on itself.”
  41. “Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!”
  42. “What was I laughing about? Oh, yes. That crippled Irishman.”
  43. “You’ll release the dogs, or the bees, or the dogs with bees in their mouths, and when they bark, they shoot bees at you?”
  44. “She’s faking it.”
  45. “My god! It’s like a party in my mouth and everyone’s invited.”
  46. “I’m fired, aren’t I?”
  47. “Don’t criticize the boat!”
  48. “Disco Stu… likes disco.”
  49. “Yes! In your face, space coyote!” “…Space coyote?
  50. “Worst… episode… ever.”
  51. “Up and at them!”
  52. “Aw! Look at that little baby axe!”
  53. “Yeah, well, we saved your asses in World War III.”
  54. “Because he gets results, you stupid chief!!!”
  55. “There’s an adorable little boy here to see you sir.” “…Release the hounds.”
  56. “Well, Homer. I earned your respect. And all I had to do was save your life. Now, if every other gay person could save your life, we’d be set.”
  57. “Now they’ll never save your brain, Hitler!”
  58. “This is a dog who gets biz-ay. Consistently and thoroughly.” “…So he’s proactive?”
  59. “How ironic.”
  60. “That does it! Go to your room!”
  61. “There is one more way to kill a man, but it is as intricate and precise as a well-played game of chess.”
  62. “We need a name that’s witty at first, but that gets less funny each time you hear it.”
  63. “In case you didn’t real-ize, I was being sarcastic.”
  64. “Now, I don’t care, nothing’s going to stop me in the middle of this sente — LEMON TREE?!”
  65. “Mr. Simpson, I don’t use the word ‘hero’ very often. But you, sir, are the greatest America hero who has ever lived.”
  66. “You’ve crossed the line from regular villainy into cartoonish super-villainy.”
  67. “I wish they wouldn’t scream.”
  68. “Put it in ‘H’!”
  69. “Sure, the Germans have made a few mistakes, but that’s why pencils have erasers!”
  70. C’est Troy bien!”
  71. “Dig up, stupid!”
  72. “It looks as though the fox has been caught by exactly the person who was trying to catch it.”
  73. “The Lincoln Squirrel has been assassinated!”
  74. “FOX turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn’t even notice.”
  75. “Stop, stop! He’s already dead.”
  76. “Truly, yours is a butt that will not quit.”
  77. “Come, family. Let us all bathe in TV’s warm glowing glowy glow.”
  78. “My boy is a box! Damn you! He’s a box!”
  79. “You might say, there’s a little Uter in all of us.”
  80. “No beer and no TV makes Homer go something something.”
  81. “Is this the end of Zombie Shakespeare?!”
  82. “Aw, there’s always a canal!”
  83. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have stopped to get that haircut.”
  84. “Keep watching the skis!”
  85. “I filched it whilst you weren’t looking. And when your back is turned, I’ll do it again.”
  86. “I like the way this Snrub thinks!”
  87. “…I was saying ‘Boo-urns.’”
  88. “I felt such a feeling of power, like God must feel when he’s holding a gun.”
  89. “Show business is so horribly repetitive. I’ve said the words ‘jimmy-jilkers’ so many times that they’ve lost all meaning.”
  90. “So one of those Egg Council creeps got to you too, huh?”
  91. “Good thing I drink plenty of… malk?”
  92. “This town is a part of us all, a part of us all, a part of us all.”
  93. “Well, that’s certainly specious reasoning, Dad.” “…Thank you, honey.”
  94. “Marge, my pet, I haven’t learned a thing.”
  95. “I call the big one ‘Bitey.’”
  96. “Wow, with a cool dry wit like that, I could be an action hero.”
  97. “I noticed that he was wearing sneakers. For… sneaking.”
  98. “…You’re in direct competition with each other! Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!”
  99. “They’re getting away… very slowly.”
  100. “…If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room.”

The Simpsons To Go On For 2 More Years

What could have been a disastrous end to the long running animated series was averted and the Simpsons have been signed on for another 2 more seasons. There was a contract dispute regarding salaries for the actors who voice the yellow family and the others in the Springfield community. Previously, Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Julie Kavner, Hank Azaria, Yeardley Smith and Harry Shearer each earned a whopping $8 million US a season, which they say pales in comparison to the profits the studio makes off the show. Fox says that they couldn’t continue making the show, which is the longest running sitcom for the network and for American Television, without cutting costs and that included the voice actors taking pay cuts.

Initially the actors refused to take the pay cut, causing concern that the series may be axed by the network as being too costly to afford. On Friday Shearer said he’d offered to take a 70 per cent pay cut, in exchange for profit participation in the show. The terms of the cast’s new deal were not announced, though The Hollywood Reporter, citing unidentified sources, said the actors accepted a 30 percent pay cut. The new deal secures the show through seasons 24 and 25. The six main voice actors behind the cartoon juggernaut agreed to undisclosed but substantial per-episode salary cuts, though not as steep as the 45 percent Fox TV had been demanding, to ensure that the 23-season-old staple would continue through a landmark 25th. Thought what will happen beyond 2014 is anyone’s guess.

I wouldn’t complain if the show came to a close; and that is only because it will have had a run of 25 years which is awesome and I doubt if it can ever be repeated. Sure there are soaps and other crap that run for many decades which I would never watch unless you gave me a million dollars (I’d sleep with your daughter for that money) but something as good as The Simpsons will never happen again. I won’t be sad cause I would have 25 seasons worth of stuff to keep me company. Later this month I plan to get a copy of seasons 1-18 that is being offered at a huge discounted rate in a store in the city. 18 seasons worth of Simpsons averaging around 22 episodes per season. With the 25 seasons, it should keep me company and in good humour until my death.

Doh! You Can’t Be Serious

In one of the craziest news articles that I have ever read in the papers, the Vatican has just given their blessing to the Simpsons, in particular the very popular Homer, by declaring him to be catholic. I’m not kidding; this ridiculous information is also in the Indian Express and in online news sites too. What’s more, it says that parents should not be afraid to let their children watch “the adventures of the little guys in yellow.”

Reuters cited a study by a Jesuit priest of a 2005 episode of the show called “The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star”. That study concludes that “The Simpsons” is “among the few TV programs for kids in which Christian faith, religion and questions about God are recurrent themes.” The Simpsons pray before meals, and “in its own way, believes in the beyond,” the newspaper quoted the Jesuit study as saying. It’s the second time the animated U.S. TV series, which is broadcast in 90 countries, has been praised by the Vatican.

But executive producer Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly on Monday he was in “shock and awe” at the latest assertion, adding that the Simpsons attend the “Presbylutheran” First Church of Springfield. “We’ve pretty clearly shown that Homer is not Catholic,” Jean said. “I really don’t think he could go without eating meat on Fridays — for even an hour.”

To the vatican, I’d only show them this picture (from the movie along with the dialogue) below:

Ricardo La Bomba On Simpsons

Peggy Black, 52, of Orange, Conn., won a contest to create a character for Fox’s long-running animated series, with her entry triumphing among the more than 25,000 received, the network said Thursday. Ricardo Bomba is someone that all the women love and all the men want to be, as describe by his creator.

Bomba will be introduced in the Jan. 31 episode featuring guest star Chris Martin of Coldplay. The episode had been mostly completed, with a spot reserved for the contest character. In “Million Dollar Maybe,” Homer Simpson is rushing to meet Marge for a date when he encounters Bomba in the episode that centres on a winning lottery ticket. It’s possible Bomba could appear again, said executive producer Al Jean, who helped judge the contest. He described the contest, part of the show’s celebration of its 20th year, as a thank you to loyal fans.

The Simpsons Turns 20 Years Old

The yellow gang celebrates 20 years as tv’s most famous & celebrated family.  Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge and Maggie Simpson were all on hand to celebrate 20 years of The Simpsons. Their series is the longest-running American sitcom, the longest-running American animated program, and it recently surpassed Gunsmoke as the longest-running American primetime scripted entertainment program.

The carpet was crammed with guest stars who’ve lent their voices to Simpsons episodes, including Robert Englund, the actor best known for playing Freddy Kreuger in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and George Takei, who is famous for playing the role of Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek.

Seth Rogen In The Simpsons

Seems like most comedic actors dreams come true. Or atleast it is in the case of actor Seth Rogen.

The star of hits like Knocked Up, Pineapple Express & Superbad, Rogen has written for and voiced a character in the season premier of the 21st Simpsons season. Rogen considers this to be an honour and calls it the fulfillment of a dream.

The 27 year old Canadian comic plays a trainer assigned to get Homer Simpson in superhero shape to play Everyman, a hero created by Comic Book Guy and played by the rotund couch potato. I bet this causes some funny moments because Homer has had trysts as a superhero before and it’s hilarious.

But why ‘Everyman’? I thought the obvious name for him would have been Doughnut Man!

The Simpsons Stamp On Your Mail

The yellow family will be featured on US postage stamps come May 7th. Yes your favourite animated family is going places, all around the world in fact, on the corner of an envelope or a parcel!

The U.S. post office wants folks to vote early and often for their favourite among the five new stamps honouring the funny dysfunctional family.You get Homer, Marge, Bart, Liza & Maggie. The characters, created by cartoonist Matt Groening, have become pop culture icons in 20 years on Fox television. The 44-cent stamps will go on display at 8 a.m. Thursday at www.usps.com/simpsons

and votes can be cast at that site until May 14.

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The New Simpsons Opening in HD

Thanks to that big Simpsons nut, Toronto Mike, I’ve just come to know that there’s a new opening for the series. And apparently that this is the first permanent change in the opening since the series began in 1989.

Wow, 1989! I was 13 and we didn’t even get cable tv in India back then. I had no idea who Bart Simpson was until atleast 1992 when I first started watching the show on the Star Tv network. I’ve been a fan ever since but I don’t get to watch it as frequently as I would have liked.

Enjoy the new HD opening folks!

The Yellow Brat’s Voice

Even after 18 plus of watching the series and being a big fan of the Simpsons, something or the other always astounds me about the show. First of all, before I go into the topic for today, let me just say that despite all the text stating that the Simpson‘s best season were the 1st 10 or whatever, I would still prefer to watch this show than most that are currently being shown on tv.

Ok, now to the fact that I just read – I always knew that Bart was actually voiced by a lady actress but what I didn’t know which other characters owe their voice to her. Nancy Cartwright, pictured here along with the drawing that made her famous, also does the voice for Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Kearney & Todd Flanders!

Ofcourse she’s always been known more for El Barto. However, I remember how much of a bummer it was for me as a teenager to find out that the michievious Bart was voiced by a woman. It actually sounds cool to me now. Eat my shorts aye carumba!