The Simpsons Movie

I have finally been able to watch the long awaited & anticipated full length movie of the world’s most loved family. The Simpsons Movie came to me via some Japanese website, that looks a lot like Youtube, streaming in the animated humour for my eyes. The movie starts with them making fun of us – the Simpsons are in a movie theatre watching a full length Itchy & Scratchy film, when Homer yells “boring” to the screen and states why would we want to spend money to watch a movie about something we can see on our tv screens for free each week! Ring a bell? Anyway, the rock band Green Day are killed when the barge they were performing on gets erroded by the polluted waters of Lake Springfield. Lisa holds a town seminar, aided by a similarly thinking Irish boy, after which the mayor declares that the town folk should stop polluting their waters. However, Homer ends up making it worse – he dumps a silo filled with pig poop (don’t ask, he adopts a pig as his pet) into the lake which makes the water toxic. Russ Cargill, head of the EPA, takes drastic action by enclosing Springfield in a giant glass dome, after taking permission from the US President.

Upon discovering that the silo was Homer’s pig’s, the town folk torch the Simpsons household. The family escapes through a sink hole and move to Alaska. As they settled into life in their new locations, a crack in the dome causes Cargill to make the drastic decision of destroying the entire town by a bomb. When the Simpsons find this out, all but Homer want to help stop the destruction. They leave him behind and leave to rescue Springfield, only to be captured and placed back in the dome. After a visit with a mysterious Inuit shaman, Homer has an epiphany that he must “become selfless” and save the city and proceeds to doing so.

Just as he gets there, a helicopter appears above Springfield and lowers a bomb suspended by rope through a hole in the dome. Homer climbs to the peak of the dome and descends the rope, knocking the escaping townspeople and bomb off. Homer then notices a motorcycle, and grabs the bomb. He reunites with Bart and they cycle up the side of the dome and Bart throws the bomb through the hole, seconds before detonation. The bomb then explodes on the peak of the dome, shattering it. The town praises Homer, who rides off with Marge on the motorcycle into the sunset. The film concludes with the townspeople restoring Springfield back to normal.

Highlights of the movie? Bart skating through the town naked (yeah, they do show his free willy), Homer bonding with his new pet pig “Spiderpig”, Lisa falling for the Irish boy Colin & Homer’s epiphany. Lo-lites? Yes, its way too short. But I loved it!

The Lone Simpsons’ Fan

This just in, shocking news! It seems like, gulp, that I am the one and only Simpsons fan in my entire office. With a staff of almost 600 people, you would have thought that there would definitely be atleast a handful of yellow fans around. But, as it turns out, a huge staggering majority have never even heard of the name of the world’s most famous family! Arggh! Out of the remaining, some recognized the name but I had to help them connect the image of the yellow guys to the name ‘Simpsons’. At that point, they were like ‘oh yeah! I know them, I see their adverts on all the time. But do you watch that; isn’t that a cartoon for kids?”

Is it a cartoon? I prefer to call it ‘animated series’! Is it for kids? Hell no, I don’t think most Indian kids would follow it. Plus the subject matter isn’t for them. My two nephews don’t watch them. I wouldn’t recommend it either.

Anyhow, it finally came to me that ‘I’ am the lone guy, the sole guy who enjoys watching the Simpsons. I remember when I showed the images of me as a Simpson to my buddy Vinitha, she said of one of the pictures (the one on the right), “That just looks like that man!” She meant Homer.

I Wanna Go To Springfield

I really wanna go to Springfield and become a character in the Simpsons world. I found another cool application online at the official Simpsons Movie website, where you can customize your own Simpsons avatar and create really cool looking characters that would look at home in Springfield. To the left is what I created of an avatar of mine that would be cool and to the left is a more realistic avatar of mine, size wise! Oh and the colours of the outfit that I am wearing is more inline with the original Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warrior uniforms. Having completed watching the first season of the new BSG has made me even more nostalgic for the original series & their much beloved characters. Sigh!

Song for the day – “Do The Bartman” – BART SIMPSON

Outsourced Simpsons

On Independence Day, I’d like to share this truly, hilarious clip from a Simpsons episode which features outsourcing and in which the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant gets outsourced to India. Truly funny.

And what if Indians had made the Simpsons? This would be what they would look like.

Me as a Simpson

I was always a fan of the yellow family, Springfield’s famed family of 5, the Simpsons. They started in 1989 and I was hooked from the start by this cartoon for adults (although I was only 13 at the time). Bart was the definite focus & star of the bunch, although Homer is now the top guy. As always Lisa, Marge & Maggie do their supporting roles to the best of their abilities. The cast of characters that make up the rest of Springfield is equally interesting & wonderful. Although there were time when I barely watched an episode in entirety, I still come crawling back to the series for much wanted humour and relief from the outside world. There is a website through which you can create a Simpsonized version of yourself. I uploaded my photo and then added the glasses, colour of shirt and hairstyle to match that of mine. So this is what I would look like, if I was a character in the show. Want to find out what you would look like as a Simpson? If so, then Simpsonize Yourself!

Donut Crumbs in Your Eyes

Who isn’t excited & waiting in anticipation for the new & very first Simpsons movie? I sure am and by the looks of it most of the people whose blogs I read and who I have spoken to are feeling the same. There are a few skeptics, who say that the yellow fellows are meant only for tv and that the big screen will not suit their brand of humour. I have read about a few guys who say that the Simpsons haven’t been interesting or funny since 2001! Seriously dude, what do you think is funny? Paris Hilton’s various stupid escapades?

I can’t imagine tv without Homer’s dumb antics, El-Barto’s mischievous laugh & quick wit (Eat My Shorts), Lisa’s brainy comments, Marge’s maternal concerns & Maggie’s….er cuteness and (quickly insert the sounds of a pacifier being sucked here)!

Appu & Making Babies

Is there anyone who has seen the phenomenally successful & hilarious tv show The Simpsons and not a fanatical follower & fan of it? Raise your hands. Ready, Aim, FIRE! You do not deserve to live.

Ok, more seriously what I would like to comment on is the “Indian” character in the series Appu who runs the Quickee Mart (not sure how that spells). Anyway, the episode I saw online a couple of days ago was very funny. It was about how Appu and his wife try to make a baby without success. So, ofcourse, advice is vested out by Dr.Family Planning himself, Homer! He offers them tips on how to make the mood just right to start a family. Finally after a whole lots of “trying” and with absolutely no help from Homer, Appu gets his wife pregnant and they are ecstatic…only to get the shock of their lives when Marge informs them from the delivery room that Appu’s wife has been blessed with OCTOPLETS!!!

The look on Appu’s face (I know it is only a drawing) is worth a hundred million. Anyway, do you notice that nearly every “Indian” character in American or British shows speak in the same way? Sometimes it seems that all the men have the same voice, they run stores or supermarkets and stuff. I am not taking anything away from the show, which is brilliant, just that accent & voice is so annoying when it is heard on nearly every show where there is an Indian guy. Funny thing is, in most cases, the voice is given by a non-Indian. Ha! In this case by Hank Azaria.

Quote of the day : “There comes a time in a man’s life when he must ask himself; who will send my corpse down the holy river Ganges” (this is by Appu to his wife just before they decided to start making a family after Homer & Marge ask them why they don’t have a child yet).

And the next quote, again by Appu : Oh, Calcutta (after his wife takes him in a sexual manner).