How Would It Feel To Take A Break From Social Media?

Hmmm I dunno. I think the last time I took a break from social media was for a single day. And the reason was that I was suffering a really bad fever with a case of the shivers and joint aches. Therefore I don’t really count that as a real break from social media, since it wasn’t planned and the decision was actually made for me. But I think that actually gives me some idea of what it would be like.

I would find it hard to take a break of more than a day. I tend to check my phone several times a day. Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Messages from various apps and banks and delivery apps and offers from Flipkart and Amazon. Discounts from Ola & Uber. Sports updates. Sometimes it is crazy. Also I am obsessive in that I keep checking Google app’s recommended articles based on my preferences. It’s so addictive that I can’t stop – the first thing I do as soon as I wake up in the morning is to pick up my phone and check for anything important. Even before I wear my glasses.

When can I try out to see if I have the ability to stay away from all social media – I will continue to blog ofcourse – for a week. No Whatspp, no Facebook, no Messenger, no Instagram, no Twitter, no Uber, no shopping apps, no nothing. I think I can do it and it will help if I am really busy during that week so I won’t want to keep checking my phone or log on to the websites on my laptop.

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Friendly Co-workers Not Friends

Workplace Relations Advice

It is natural that you will make friends in your workplace. And maybe some enemies as well. And when I was younger I think I would become really close with some of those people. While I was working in AspinWall, I made some really good friends. 3 of them are still friends of mine with the 2 men in that list of 3 are my best friends from that time till now. There are others I am in touch with but less frequently.

Ok after that I made some really good friends in the next 3 places that I worked but by then I realized something. You can have friends in the office but in reality they are colleagues who are friendly with you. At a proper working environment you should be able to make friends with your co-workers but it is more important that you have friendly relations rather than making friends. You work with them and once the work is done, you may even go out for a quick meal or a few drinks but then you go home. It is always better to keep your personal life separate from your work life.

That’s what I prefer to do and have been doing for the past several years. My colleagues at work are my co-workers and I am friendly with them. While at the office, we used to go for dinner at the office cafeteria together, coffee breaks together and once in a while we would go to the restaurant near us to have a team dinner. And those are fun but that’s where I draw the line. I don’t go to their homes, I don’t go on weekend trips and go for drinks with them unless it’s an occasion.

I won’t even be Facebook friends with them. I have a whole list of people who have followed me on Instagram and that’s alright. I follow them back and it’s ok for me since it’s only Instagram. But I won’t accept Facebook invites until after either I or they have left the workplace. So while we are co-workers, I won’t add them to my Facebook list. Once they leave, go for it. I share too much stuff that is political or anti-religious for me to be comfortable to have them come and discuss it the next day at the office. That’s why I don’t add them.

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Twitter vs. Facebook – For Bloggers

Twitter vs. Facebook – which is better for bloggers

I must say that even though I use Twitter less and less since maybe early 2020. I find that I most share a few images or pics of something significant and maybe one article or the other but it is quite less than previous years. The most time I spend on Twitter is during a football match in which Arsenal plays and I share my view points. Otherwise I kinda have been ignoring Twitter. I think it’s mainly because of the tons of nonsense that is usually on Twitter and trying to keep a track of everything is a chore. Though I must say that there are a lot of semi-naked or even almost completely nude chicks on Twitter.

While I do think it is easier to share your blog posts on Twitter, I have been trying to share my posts and even my vlogs on Facebook instead and trying to share them to specific groups as I target my audience. It hasn’t really worked out completely I think I should do it a lot more instead of one here and one there. So if I have a sports related post or vlog then I share it to a group of sports fans. Star Trek or science fiction related posts & vlogs go into the many, many groups I am a member of where you can find a lot of like minded people. Same for music and humour. Target your audience according to the subject of your post.

That is ofcourse you are a personal blog like I am. I write about a multitude of topics that I have an interest in and not everyone in my audience would be interested in each and every post. Hence I target them as much as I can. And therefore I think Facebook is better than Twitter for bloggers.


Promoting Your Blog Via Social Media

How you use social media to promote your blog

Actually the prompt should be how do I use social media to promote my blog. Well I do it in a few ways and I should be doing a whole lot more. My main two social media apps / services I use are Facebook & Twitter for this. I guess I could also be using Instagram to prompt some blog posts as well but I haven’t really tried that out yet.

If I find that I have some posts that I think my friends on Facebook would be interested in, I will share that post on my Timeline. I rarely do it but I have started to do a few more in recent months. However each and every post gets shared via the Twitter app I have installed on my blog. At times I can see the likes or shares on Twitter. Problem is I stopped using Twitter regularly and only log in once a week or so.

Facebook remains the big platform that I use. I plan to share more posts and video clips of mine on Facebook and hopefully that will create a few more regular visits.

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New Social Media Share Buttons

I’ve wanted to make some changes to my blog’s layout for quite a while now. I would like to either find a theme or make changes to the current theme to increase the size of the posts from 618 to something more like 700 or 750. I feel that the gaps on the sides which are blank are needed but they can be decreased to something less than what they are currently.

I also wanted to make changes to the font colours and font sizes but I rarely do sit down and work out the look and feel of the website. I used to spend a lot more time and effort on getting the look changed but I can’t be bothered much these days. Anyways I did make one change recently to the blog and that is what you see below:

I changed the plugin for sharing the posts to various social media sites. I made the change to the slightly lengthier (but not by much) buttons that you see on the posts and above on the gif. I uninstalled the previous one I had and after looking around for a plugin found and installed Simple Social Media Share Buttons. Yes, that is the name of the app.

Simple Social Buttons adds ( with lots of options like Sidebar, inline, above and below the posts content, on photos, popups, fly ins ) an advanced set of social media sharing buttons to your WordPress sites, such as: Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I habe only added the ones I used regularly.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

How To Craft Original & Worthwhile Thoughts Regarding Your Media Diet

We all know that we like a certain movie that everyone else struggles with. You’re thinking of it right now. But it’s not always that we can contextualize and articulate just why we enjoy this content, or what it means to us. To some, that’s fine. It’s not as if everyone has to set themselves up as a cultural critic. But for others, analysis is half the fun whenever absorbing content.

Many read media blogs such as ours, read reviews on Pitchfork, watch YouTubers reviewing the latest video game or reading Roger Ebert’s legacy in regard to film reviews. It might be that crafting original and worthwhile thoughts can be hard to do, but often, it can also help you contribute your own impressions into the void, rather than echoing what someone else thinks.

This is not a life or death issue of course, but it can be that engaging in this exercise gives you motivation to seek out more media, to have your voice heard, and to become more discerning in your tastes. Let us see what this might look like:

Read More Critical Commentary

Sites like ours, Pitchfork, Roger Ebert’s website, or many review offerings can bring you a range of opinions that you appreciate, and some you don’t. It’s important to find writers who can bring the strength of their arguments out and still weave a coherent passage. Following writers you completely agree with can feel nice, but it doesn’t always open you up to the most worthy criticism. We would recommend reading as much as you can, because it will help you understand how critics think. For example, considering Eminem’s best albums may have you in agreement or disbelief, but if the arguments are substantiated, you’ll understand why, and will get something from it.

Post A Review

Post a review for everything you consume. It might be the last movie you saw, the last book you read, or the last video game you completed. When you write a review, even on a private blog that no one will see, you exercise your critical thought process and develop a better sense of your opinions. Over time, you will learn plenty about yourself, and will also be developing your ability to source examples and stay true to your reviewing purpose without conjecture.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you’re only someone who watches 20th-century French art films, consider watching Japanese martial arts films. In other words, get out of your comfort zone from time to time, and see what’s happening on the other side of the pond to you. This can help you gain more contextual information regarding the breadth of the industry. Furthermore, this can help you feel more confident about your opinions because they will be textured by an understanding further afield. We expect a professional to have much experience in their field. This means that consuming more varied material could help you to no end here.

With this advice, you are sure to become the personal critic you hope to be.

Social Media & Kids

How do you thinks social media is affecting our kids?

I am saying this with reference to kids in my area of India and what I have seen on social media. I am glad I do not have kids. The kids these days! They are nuts over this stupid thing called TikTok and make the dumbest videos of stupid movie dialogues and act it out while lip syncing to it. And they make the sickest and stupidest facial expressions.

You go to Facebook it is filled with young people from the ages of 25 and below to teenagers doing this stupid thing and sharing it. And Whatapp! The groups that I am in keep sharing some idiot or the other, who we don’t know, doing some idiotic thing on video. What is it with these folks?

I can understand doing a couple here and there but this is a series of insane stupidity and after a while they stop becoming even remotely funny. And worse, it’s spreading to some adults too! All in the name of getting a few likes and stupid comments. Damn you TikTok!

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Do Mobile Phones Help Or Hinder Socialising?

When we refer to a mobile phone today, it carries an entirely different connotation to what it did years ago. It’s amazing how mobile phones have changed over the years, far beyond simple mobility to much more through to texting, cameras, social media apps, banking and so on. Mobile phones are a multi-functional tool that encapsulates mostly everything we need to survive in modern society.

But most importantly, one of the the most interesting things about phones being what it does and doesn’t do for our social skills. We can’t deny our interaction with each has changed as relationships with our phones have become stronger, so let’s explore a few areas we’re all too familiar with in order to answer whether cells help or hinder social lives.

Hiding Behind The Screen

The ability to hide one’s emotions by using our cells is an incredibly powerful and desirable tool for many. For example, face to face interaction with another while arguing may become more heated when you can witness one another’s body language and words fly out without thinking in the moment. However arguing over text, it’s impossible to see or hear how the other person is actually feeling, all you have to go on is there choice and arrangement of words, and perhaps a few emojis on a message. The ability to downplay our emotions by using our phones as a filter, can help in some circumstances to think about what you’ll type before you send it, and even convey that you’re not at all upset about a situation you are. In opposition you can explain you’re incredibly happy for someone, even though you may not be. In person, hiding is a lot harder to do, as your body language, tone of voice,and language are a strong indication of your standpoint on a discussion. Using your phone to actively hide your emotions to prevent hurting someone is a positive for socialising. However, consistently pretending you’re not as happy, sad, or pleased as you express over your phone can begin portraying yourself to others as someone you’re not. This can hinder your social life by sacrificing who you truly are as you constantly dull/or even change what you think to suit and serve others.

On The Go

If you’re travelling, working and just generally a busybody, you may have little to no time as it is to dedicate to visiting your nan you haven’t seen for a while or having a catch up with your best friend. This is when mobile phones could enhance your social life, however, it can’t replace the impact of real face to face interaction, but advanced technology such as Face-time allows it to come pretty close. The same goes for keeping in touch with your sibling, friend, work colleague a text message to catch-up, or a phone call on your lunch break. When you’re physical presence is everywhere else but with your closest, a mobile can keep you connected to a degree, helping you to maintain connections with people when you’re away.

Living In The Moment

It’s not unfamiliar to go out for lunch whether with family, friends or a date and sometimes (usually by habit) be driven to look at your phone. Worst of all it’s probably not for anything of particular importance, it’s just a sudden impulse that takes you away from living in the moment. When you’re too concerned with taking selfies, tagging your location for every stranger and it’s dog to find you and posting on Facebook to update your status your constant connection to your cell could mean you miss what’s going on in front of you. Some people may think looking at your phone while you’re with them is actually a bit rude, which also hinders the socialising factor.


With a surge in apps such as Tinder and Grindr, it’s changed the game for romantic hookups almost completely. With people advertising themselves as a commodity online, the past protocol of  meeting people in person has somewhat taken a back seat. There are some drawbacks to discuss here. With Tindr for instance being concocted solely on the basis of how someone looks and swiping people left to right depending on whether you approve or not. This action entails judging people imminently and  encourages a shallow selection process meaning you may reject someone whose personality who would of perfectly gelled with yours. However, for those leading a busy lifestyle, it enables them to meet like minded people without having to actively leave their workplace or house to connect with someone initially in person.

The answer to the original question is, phones hinder socialisation when people use it as there only option to interact with people, as opposed to making an effort to see them face to face. After all, mobile phones don’t force people to carry them everywhere and compulsively look at them at every opportunity, that’s purely based on how individuals decide to alter their behaviour around phones, to an extent some may even have withdrawal symptoms. So in fact, when the questions of whether socialisation is hindered or helped by cells, actually largely come down to the choices of people, the phone cannot be blamed for hinder or enhancing socialising.

Diving Deeper Into Your Favourite Media

When you’re sitting down on a Saturday night, ready to put your favourite TV show on, would you consider yourself more of a casual viewer, or do you need to know everything about everything there is to do with the media in front of you? Maybe when you’re reading through a book, and you excitedly get to the end, are you disappointed it stops there? Do you immediately head online to see if there’s a sequel? Have you found yourself doing so more times than not?

No matter how you choose to spend your spare time, either with a good book or a great film, there’s a very good chance you’re curious about what comes next, or what the past of those characters you love looks like. So let’s see how we can dive just a little bit deeper into the entertainment you love.

Join a Social Media Group

There’s all kinds of Facebook pages and Twitter communities out there that you can be a part of, and these commodities are used day in and day out by casual groups, big and small businesses, and anyone who has a voice they want to be heard on a larger scale. So it only follows suit that there should be some groups out there that have the same interests in media as you do, and are willing to invite you in to talk all about it.

These places are great for sharing your theories and personal interpretations of certain texts, or scenes in the movie series you love so much, and you should have a bunch of people on hand to talk about it whenever you want to. After all, it’s hard to bring up the same idea over and over again with friends and family who have no idea what you’re talking about. So just drop a post, wait for some responses, and get back to them whenever you can – it’s simple.

See if There’s a Wiki

And no, we’re not just talking about sparse Wikipedia here. If the media you’re consuming has a long history to it, or multiple entries in the series either in the same or different canon, then there’s a very strong chance there’s a Wikia server out there dedicated to documenting all the lore. And if you’re someone who loves to learn and discover as a result of the entertainment you’re sat in front of, you should take full advantage of this fact.

And Wikias exist for all kinds of genres and formats – take Lemony Snicket as a good example: there’s even an extensive page for Daniel Handler himself. It’s always good to do some surround reading in your quest to become the world’s expert on fictional worlds that’ll win you some good points in a quiz.

Diving a bit deeper into the books, films, and TV shows you absolutely love takes a bit of time and effort, but there’s always a site or a group out there that’ll give you the information you’re looking for.

Building Your Social Media Presence in the New Year

We’re fast approaching the new year and many of us are aiming to make positive changes to our lifestyle that make us feel a whole lot more positive about ourselves and our lives. Now, social media has got a bit of a bad rep lately. Some say that they promote a standard of life that is beyond the majority of our means. Some say that people develop unrealistic perceptions of themselves and others. Some say that we waste too much time on it. But the key to everything is moderation and you can work social media to your advantage. You could make money from social media, you could meet new people, you could learn to love yourself – and what better time to start building your social media presence than the new year? Here are a few steps to get this venture off the ground!

Take High Quality Pictures

The majority of us take pictures on our smartphones nowadays. Sure, smartphone cameras are dramatically improving in quality, but you really can tell the difference when you use professional equipment. Why not invest in a DSLR camera and learn how to use it. You’ll have to get used to all sorts of technical photographic jargon such as “aperture”, “ISO”, and “aspect ratio”, and you will have to develop your own unique style. But being able to take top quality pics of yourself and your life will all be worth it! If you are interested in getting truly unique shots from different angles, you might want to consider investing in a drone of sorts. This can take aerial shots. Just make sure to check the drone’s image quality before buying – different drones have different purposes so they’re not all built equal.

Settle on a Colour Scheme

It’s also a good idea to come up with some sort of colour scheme that can tie all of your images together. Continuity is much more aesthetically pleasing. It can be subtle, but tying your images together with colour can make your whole feed look a lot better than if you mish mash different colours together. Of course, you don’t have to stick to this strictly, but it’s something worth bearing in mind!

Think Up Unique Captions

Most of us add a simple emoji for our captions. But why not engage with your followers and the people who are liking your pics? Come up with unique and fun captions that convey your personality and open up opportunity for conversation with others in your comments or DMs.

These are just a few steps that you can follow in order to help build your social media presence in the new year! They can greatly boost your interaction and increase the number of followers that you have and likes that you receive. Of course, instagram and perceptions of popularity aren’t everything. But they can be fun things to engage with regardless!