RIP Terry Carter

Terry Carter, who portrayed Pvt. Sugie Sugarman on¬†The Phil Silvers Show, the sidekick of Dennis Weaver‚Äôs character on¬†McCloud¬†and Colonel Tigh on the original version of¬†Battlestar Galactica, has died. He was 95. Carter died Tuesday at his home in Manhattan, his son, Miguel Carter DeCoste confirmed. Carter appeared three times on Broadway early in his career and produced and directed a documentary on jazz legend Duke Ellington for PBS‚Äô¬†American Masters series in 1988. As Col. Tigh on one of my favourite tv shows of all time, he was the no-nonsense, loyal to a fault deputy to the show’s patriarch Commander Adama (the late Lorne Greene).

The Brooklyn native, born John Everett DeCoste, appeared on all four seasons (1955-59) of CBS’ The Phil Silvers Show (also known as Sgt. Bilko) as Pvt. Sugarman, the only Black regular on the comedy. He then played Sgt. Joe Broadhurst alongside Weaver’s Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud on NBC’s McCloud from 1970-77 and Tigh in the 1978 Battlestar Galactica movie and 1978-79 ABC series. From 1965-68, he served as the first Black news anchor on a New England TV station, WBZ-TV in Boston. Carter formed his own production company in 1975 and made documentaries, including one on dancer-choreographer Katherine Dunham that premiered in 2013.

His acting résumé included the films Parrish (1961), starring Claudette Colbert and Karl Malden; Benji (1974), written and directed by Joe Camp; and Foxy Brown (1974), starring Pam Grier. He also had TV gigs on Naked City, The Defenders, Combat!, That Girl, Bracken’s World, Mannix, Julia, The Jeffersons, Falcon Crest, The Fall Guy, Mr. Belvedere and 227. Survivors include his third wife, Selome; his children, Miguel and Melinda; and his stepdaughter, Hiwot.

RIP Louis Gossette Jr.

Oscar winning actor Louis Gossette Jr has passed away at the age of 87. Gossett Jr., who took home an Academy Award for ‚ÄúAn Officer and a Gentleman‚ÄĚ and an Emmy for ‚ÄúRoots,‚ÄĚ both times playing a mature man who guides a younger one taking on a new role ‚ÄĒ but in drastically different circumstances ‚ÄĒ died early Friday in Santa Monica, Calif. ¬†Born in¬†Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City, he made his stage debut at the age of 17. Shortly thereafter, he successfully auditioned for the¬†Broadway play¬†Take a Giant Step.¬†Gossett continued acting onstage in critically acclaimed plays including¬†A Raisin in the Sun¬†(1959),¬†The Blacks¬†(1961),¬†Tambourines to Glory¬†(1963), and¬†The Zulu and the Zayda¬†(1965). In 1977, Gossett appeared in the popular¬†miniseries¬†Roots, for which he won¬†Outstanding Lead Actor for a Single Appearance in a Drama or Comedy Series¬†at the¬†Emmy Awards.

Gossett continued acting in high-profile films, television, plays, and video games. In 1982, for his role as¬†Gunnery Sergeant¬†Emil Foley in¬†An Officer and a Gentleman, he won the¬†Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor¬†and became the first black actor to win in this category. At the Emmy Awards, Gossett continued to receive recognition, with nominations for¬†The Sentry Collection Presents Ben Vereen: His Roots¬†(1978),¬†Palmerstown, U.S.A.¬†(1981),¬†Sadat¬†(1983). Gossett appeared in 1985’s¬†Enemy Mine¬† with Dennis Quaid,¬†A Gathering of Old Men¬†(1987),¬†Touched by an Angel (1997), and¬† Watchmen¬†(2019). He won and was nominated at other ceremonies including the¬†Golden Globe Awards,¬†Black Reel Awards, and¬†NAACP Image Awards. Gossett was also well-known for his role as Colonel Chappy Sinclair in the¬†Iron Eagle¬†film series (1986-1995).

His television appearances include Bonanza (1971), The Jeffersons (1975), American Playhouse (1990),  Stargate SG-1 (2005), Left Behind: World at War (2005), Boardwalk Empire (2013), and The Book of Negroes (2015). Gossett was married three times and fathered one son and adopted one son. Gossett struggled with a debilitating illness during the 1990s and early 2000s, having been given a prognosis of six months to live from a doctor at one stage. In 2001, he learned much of his illness was due to toxic mold in his Malibu home. On February 9, 2010, Gossett announced that he had prostate cancer. He added the disease was caught in its early stages, and he expected to make a full recovery. In late December 2020, Gossett was hospitalized in Georgia with COVID-19.

RIP M Emmet Walsh

M Emmet Walsh the 88 year old American character actor who appeared in over 200 films and television series has died of a cardiac arrest. Hie roles included small but important supporting roles such as Earl Frank in Straight Time¬†(1978), the Madman in¬†The Jerk¬†(1979), Captain Bryant in¬†Blade Runner¬†(1982), Harv in¬†Critters¬†(1986), and Walt Scheel in¬†Christmas with the Kranks¬†(2004). He starred as private detective Loren Visser in¬†Blood Simple¬†(1984), the¬†Coen Brothers’ first film, for which he won the¬†Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead.

His other numerous film appearances include¬†Midnight Cowboy¬†(1969),¬†Little Big Man¬†(1970),¬†What’s Up, Doc?¬†(1972),¬†Serpico¬†(1973),¬†The Gambler¬†(1974),¬†Bound for Glory¬†(1976),¬†Slap Shot¬†(1977),¬†Airport ’77¬†(1977),¬†Brubaker¬†(1980),¬†Ordinary People¬†(1980),¬†Reds¬†(1981),¬†Silkwood¬†(1983),¬†Fletch¬†(1985),¬†Back to School¬†(1986),¬†Raising Arizona¬†(1987),¬†Romeo + Juliet¬†(1996),¬†My Best Friend’s Wedding¬†(1997),¬†The Iron Giant¬†(1999),¬†Calvary¬†(2014), and¬†Knives Out¬†(2019). Over 7 decades as a character actor, he has credited roles in more than 220 films and television shows.

Over seven decades of television, Walsh appeared in shows including Starsky and Hutch, Frasier, The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, Home Improvement and Adventure Time. Walsh born in Ogdensburg, New York, to Irish descandants, was just 3 days shy of his 89th birthday!

RIP Kenneth Mitchell

Canadian actor Kenneth Mitchell has passed away. Mitchell revealed that he was diagnosed with¬† amyotrophic lateral sclerosis¬†(ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He has used a¬†power wheelchair since October 2019. ¬†By August 2021, Mitchell had lost the use of his voice due to the disease. He is known for his portrayal of 3 different Klingons in Star Trek Discovery – Kol, Kol-Sha, and Tenavik in seasons 1 & 2, as well as the wheelchair ridden human Aurellio, in season 3!

Among his prominent roles, in 2002, Mitchell had a recurring role on the TV series Odyssey 5, which was created by¬†Manny Coto¬†and starred¬†Peter Weller. He played the older son of Weller’s character who was a little estranged from his astronaut father & younger brother. In 2004 he played real life American hockey player Ralph Cox in Miracle and went on to play a main character in the American¬†post-apocalyptic¬† action¬†drama television series Jericho. He went on to have a recurring role in Ghost Whisperer an Switched at birth and starred in the 2013 tv movie Tasmanian Devil on SYFY alongside Mike Dopu Roger Cross, Rekha Sharma & Danica McKellar.

He has been in numerous guest appearance on tv after moving to the Los Angeles area before playing 3 different Klingons in Star Trek Discovery. In Season 1 he played Kol, from the house of Kor, the commanding officer of the Klingon military. He also portrayed Kol-Sha, the father of Kol, in the season 2 episode “Point of Light” and Tenavik, a Klingon monk who is the child of Ash Tyler/Vog an T’rell. In 2019, Mitchell appeared in two flashback scenes as the father of Carol Danvers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe feature Captain Marvel. Mitchell was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease”) in August 2018, and has been using a wheelchair since October 2019. he role of¬†Aurellio¬†was subsequently written for him as a¬†hoverchair user, to retain his talent for the show and incorporate his wheelchair use. The¬†USS¬†Mitchell, which featured in¬†Discovery¬†season 4, is named for him.

Mitchell is survived by his wife actress Susan May Pratt, who he married on in 2006, and their two children, a daughter (born 2007) and a son (born 2012).

Star Trek Discovery’s 5th & Final Season Comes Out In Just Over A Month

The 5th and final season of Star Trek Discovery is soon upon us. As per the update from Paramount, the 10 episode season will premier on April 4th and end on May 30th. The most divisive of the Star Trek shows which debuted back in 2017, season 5 follows the crew of the starship Discovery in the 32nd century, more than 900 years after Star Trek: The Original Series, on a galactic adventure to find a mysterious power that has been hidden for centuries and which other dangerous groups are also searching for.

Sonequa Martin-Green¬†stars as¬†Michael Burnham, captain of the¬†Discovery, along with the returning¬†Doug Jones,¬†Anthony Rapp,¬†Mary Wiseman,¬†Wilson Cruz,¬†Blu del Barrio, and¬†David Ajala. They are joined by¬†Callum Keith Rennie (yes from Due South, Hard Core Logo & Battlestar Galactica) who plays a new character named Captain Rayner, ¬†war-time Starfleet captain struggling to adjust to peace. He is joined this season by fellow Canadians Eve Harlow as Moll & Elias Toufexis as L’ak – who look like they will be the main villains of the season. Returning in supporting roles are Oded Fehr as Charles Vance, Chelah Horsdal as Laira Rillak, Tara Rosling as T’Rina, David Cronenberg as Kovich & Tig Notaro as Jett Reno.

While I admit that the show deserves credit for the fact that we have had four other shows after it’s early success, I am not sad to see it end. There is way too many problems with the show, the casting the writing and the acting. Special effects is awesome and I must say that I did like the 1st season and the second season – mainly for getting us Pike, Una & young Spock and the spinoff Strange New Worlds. The crying, the whispering, the head titling and Space Jesus and the “feelings”¬† – ugh. I have so many issues with the acting and casting choices of Mary Wiseman an Blu Del Barrio as well as David Adjala but I am so glad that they got rid of Ian Alexander as he was terrible! Hoping that season 5 will be way better.

The Three Valentine’s Day Friends Episodes

The One With The Candy Hearts; Season 1 ‚ÄĒ Episode 14

In this episode, we see Ross run into his ex-wife, Carol, and her¬†new significant other, Susan ‚ÄĒ which is pretty awkward for Ross, considering he’s on a date with another woman, too. Meanwhile, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica burn mementos from old boyfriends, and Joey hilariously sets Chandler up on a date with a beloved “Friends” guest star: Janice.

The One With Unagi; Season 6 ‚ÄĒ Episode 17

While Ross’ newest obsession, Unagi (a state of total awareness Ross has pledged to be in), annoys the group, Chandler and Monica decide to give each other homemade Valentine’s Day gifts. As you can probably guess, Chandler panics. In the meantime, Joey tries to earn money through medical research, and Rachel and Phoebe take a self-defense class. How romantic!

The One With The Birthing Video; Season 8 ‚ÄĒ Episode 15

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than when watching a real birth on video? In this Valentine’s Day episode, Chandler sits down with the girls to watch a graphic video of the miracle of birth, which of course, he hates. Again, very romantic!

RIP Carl Weathers

American actor Carl Weathers has died at the age of 76, according to his family. Weathers, who starred as Apollo Creed in the first four Rocky films, “died peacefully in his sleep”, according to a statement released by his family. His other film credits include Predator, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore. ¬†His roles included boxer¬†Apollo Creed¬†in the first four¬†Rocky¬†films¬†(1976‚Äď1985), Colonel Al Dillon in¬†Predator¬†(1987), and¬†Combat Carl¬†in the¬†Toy Story¬†franchise.

He also portrayed Det. Beaudreaux in the television series¬†Street Justice¬†(1991‚Äď1993) and¬†a fictionalized version of himself¬†in the comedy series¬†Arrested Development¬†(2004, 2013), and voiced Omnitraxus Prime in¬†Star vs. the Forces of Evil¬†(2017‚Äď2019). He had a recurring role as¬†Greef Karga¬†in the¬†Star Wars¬†series¬†The Mandalorian¬†(2019‚Äď2023), for which he was nominated for the¬†Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana as an eighth-grade student, he earned an athletic scholarship to St. Augustine High School, a private school. Weathers played college football for the San Diego State Aztecs. He then transferred and played for San Diego State University, becoming a letterman for the San Diego State Aztecs in 1968 and 1969, helping the Aztecs win the 1969 Pasadena Bowl. He signed with the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League (NFL) after going undrafted in the 1970 NFL Draft. After being released by the Raiders, he signed with the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League (CFL). Weathers retired from football in 1974, and began pursuing an acting career.

He had his first significant roles in two¬†blaxploitation¬†films directed by his longtime friend Arthur Marks:¬†Bucktown¬†(1975) and¬†Friday Foster (1975). ¬†In 1976, he appeared as a loan shark in an episode of the crime-drama¬†Starsky & Hutch, and in the¬†Barnaby Jones episode “The Bounty Hunter” as escaped convict Jack Hopper. While auditioning for the role of¬†Apollo Creed¬†alongside¬†Sylvester Stallone¬†in¬†Rocky, Weathers criticized Stallone’s acting, which led to him getting the role.¬†He reprised the role of Apollo Creed in the next three¬†Rocky¬†films:¬†Rocky II¬†(1979),¬†Rocky III¬†(1982), and¬†Rocky IV (1985). Weathers briefly appears as an Army¬†MP¬†in one of the three released versions of¬†Close Encounters of the Third Kind (originally released in 1977).

In the late 1970s and 1980s, Weathers starred in a number of action films for the small and big screen, including Force 10 from Navarone¬†(1978),¬†Predator¬†(1987),¬†Action Jackson¬†(1988), and¬†Hurricane Smith¬†(1992). He also appeared in¬†Michael Jackson’s “Liberian Girl” music video and co-starred in the 1996¬†Adam Sandler¬†comedy¬†Happy Gilmore, as Chubbs, a golf legend teaching Happy how to play golf. Another notable television role was Sgt. Adam Beaudreaux on the cop show¬†Street Justice. Afterwards, during the final two seasons of¬†In the Heat of the Night (1992‚Äď1994), his character, Hampton Forbes, replaced Bill Gillespie as the chief of police. In 2004, Weathers received a career revival as a comedic actor beginning with appearances in three episodes of the¬†comedy¬†series¬†Arrested Development¬†as a cheapskate¬†caricature of himself.

In 2019, Weathers appeared as¬†Greef Karga¬†in several episodes of the first season of the¬†Star Wars¬†series,¬†The Mandalorian. He returned for the second season and also directed the episode “Chapter 12: The Siege”. He returned for season 3 and directed the episode “Chapter 20: The Foundling”. His performance earned him an¬†Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor. Weathers and his ex-wife, Mary Ann, had two sons.

RIP Gary Graham

American actor Gary Graham, known for a variety of roles in the Star Trek universe, and his lead role on the tv series Alien Nation, has reportedly passed away. He was 73 years old.  His ex-wife, actress Susan Lavelle, broke the sad news on her personal Facebook page in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Jan. 23, sharing a series of photos that included Gary hugging their daughter, Haylee Graham, he and Lavelle attending the Sixth Annual Television Hall of Fame Awards in 1990, and a press photo from the series Alien Nation, in which he starred as Detective Matthew Sikes.

With a career spanning five decades beginning in the 1970s in television and movies, he is perhaps best known for his starring role as Detective Matthew Sikes in the television series¬†Alien Nation¬†(1989‚Äď1990) and five subsequent¬†Alien Nation¬†television films (1994‚Äď1997), as well as his work in the¬†Star Trek¬†franchise, most notably the recurring role of¬†Soval, the¬†Vulcan¬†ambassador to Earth in¬†Star Trek: Enterprise. Born in¬†Long Beach, California. One of his earliest roles was in the 1980¬†CBS¬†mini series¬† Scruples¬†based on the¬†Judith Krantz¬†novel starring¬†Lindsay Wagner. He was cast as a “hitman” on the television show¬†Moonlighting¬†co-starring opposite¬†Bruce Willis. Graham played more than 38 TV roles and had been in more than 40 movies.

He also guest-starred on Star Trek: Voyager¬†(1995) once, playing¬†Ocampan¬†community leader Tanis in the season 2 episode “Cold Fire”. He played Ragnar in the fan production¬†Star Trek: Of Gods and Men¬†and continued that role in¬†Star Trek: Renegades. In 2015, Graham reprised his role as Ambassador Soval, in the¬†fan film¬†Star Trek: Axanar. As a musician, Graham was in the bands The Gary Graham Garage Band, The Gary Graham Band and The Sons of Kirk.

RIP David Soul

Actor David Soul, best known for his role as Hutch in the television series Starsky & Hutch, has died at the age of 80. His wife, Helen Snell, said he died on Thursday “after a valiant battle for life in the loving company of family”. With a career spanning five decades, he rose to prominence for portraying Detective Kenneth “Hutch” Hutchinson, starring along with Paul Michael Glaser as Starsky,¬† in the American television series Starsky & Hutch¬†from 1975 to 1979. His other notable roles included Joshua Bolt on¬†Here Come the Brides¬†from 1968 to 1970 and as the lead actor in the 1979 American TV movie¬†Salem’s Lot.

Soul also had moderate success as a film actor when he portrayed Officer John Davis in¬†Magnum Force¬†in 1973. During his career he also found success as a singer, achieving a number one single on the¬†US Billboard Hot 100¬†with “Don’t Give Up on Us”, which also peaked at number one in the UK and Canada. Soul achieved a further four top 10 entries and an additional number one single on the¬†UK Singles Chart¬†with “Silver Lady”. He used to open for artists like Frank Zappa, The Byrds and The Lovin’ Spoonful. In the 1990s he moved to the United Kingdom and found renewed success on the West End stage. He also made cameo appearances in British TV shows, including¬†Little Britain,¬†Holby City,¬†and¬†Lewis.

Soul was born David Richard Solberg on August 28, 1943, in Chicago, Illinois, United States and was of Norwegian descent. The Solberg family moved around a lot even living in Mexico City for a while. Soul began performing on stage as an actor in the mid-1960s, when he became a founding member of the¬†Firehouse Theater¬†in Minneapolis. Soul first gained national attention as the “Covered Man” appearing on¬†The Merv Griffin Show in 1966 and 1967, on which he sang while wearing a mask and made his television debut on Flipper. Soul appeared in Star Trek, Here Come The Brides, Perry Mason and Johnny Got His Gun, throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

He as in numerous TV movies and mini-series, including Homeward Bound (1980),¬†World War III, and¬†Rage (1980). He starred in the miniseries¬†The Manions of America¬†as Caleb Staunton in 1981. He starred in the short-lived 1983 NBC series¬†Casablanca, playing nightclub owner Rick Blaine and co-starred in the¬†NBC¬†series¬†The Yellow Rose¬†during the 1983‚Äď1984 season. He also starred in the television adaptation of¬†Ken Follett’s wartime drama¬†The Key to Rebecca¬†(1985) directed by¬†David Hemmings. He later starred as the infamous Florida robber¬†Michael Lee Platt¬†in the TV movie¬†In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders (1988), which depicted the 1986 FBI Miami shootout, subsequently used as an FBI training film. Soul also directed the episode “No Exit” of the 1980s TV series¬†Miami Vice. In 1987, Soul was cast as Major Oldham in the movie¬†The Hanoi Hilton.

In the mid-1990s, Soul moved to the United Kingdom, forging a new career on the¬†West End¬†stage, including the role of Chandler Tate in¬†Comic Potential¬†and The Narrator in¬†Blood Brothers. In 2004, he appeared in¬†Agatha Christie’s Poirot¬†‚ÄstDeath on the Nile¬†in the role of Andrew Pennington (he had also starred in the 1989 film adaptation of Christie’s¬†Appointment with Death). Soul was a guest on the BBC’s¬†Top Gear.[27] He was one of the fastest drivers to have appeared on the show, finishing the lap in 1:54:00, He appeared with¬†Fred Ward¬†and¬†Willem Dafoe¬†in the film¬†Farewell directed by Christian Carion, which received its U.S. release in 2010.

Soul was married five times and had five sons and a daughter. n 1964, Soul’s first marriage was to Mirriam “Mim” Solberg (n√©e Russeth). The couple had one child, before divorcing in 1965. Soul’s second marriage was to actress Karen Carlson, a woman he met when they each were twenty-one years old. They married in 1968, after they met on the set of the television series¬†Here Come the Brides¬†in which Carlson had a role. They had a son together, Jon-Kristjian, before the couple divorced in 1977. During the years he was filming¬†Starsky & Hutch,¬†Soul had an open relationship with actress¬†Lynne Marta. In 1980, three years after his second divorce, Soul married Patti Carnel-Sherman, ex-wife of¬†Bobby Sherman..

A year later In 1987, Soul married Singaporean-American actress Julia Nickson. They had a daughter, China Soul, who is a singer-songwriter. Nickson urged Soul to seek help for his excessive drinking, persuading him to enter a rehabilitation facility in 1989. Soul married his fifth and last wife, Helen Snell, on June 26, 2010, in Devon. Snell, who was 31 years younger than Soul, had been in a relationship with him since 2002 after meeting Soul. Although he had stopped smoking ten years prior to his death, he was seriously affected by COPD and had also had a lung removed due to cancer. Soul died in a London hospital, surrounded by his family, on January 4, 2024, at the age of 80.

RIP Adan Canto

Adan Canto, the Mexican-American actor who parlayed his music career in Mexico into becoming a Hollywood leading man, died Jan. 8 after a private battle with appendiceal cancer. He was 42. He portrayed¬†Sunspot¬†in the 2014 superhero film¬†X-Men: Days of Future Past, Paul Torres on the¬†Fox¬†drama series¬†The Following, and AJ Menendez in the¬†ABC¬†prime-time series¬†Blood & Oil. He appeared as¬†Rodrigo Lara Bonilla¬†in the¬†Netflix¬†drama series¬†Narcos, Aaron Shore in the ABC/Netflix¬†political drama¬†Designated Survivor, and starred on Fox’s The Cleaning Lady¬†until his death.

Canto wrote and directed his first short film¬†Before Tomorrow¬†in 2014. His short film¬†The Shot earned several festival awards for Best Narrative Short Film in 2020.¬† Born in Ciudad Acu√Īa, Coahuila, Mexico to Mexican parents, Canto crossed the border daily as a child to attend an American Catholic school in¬†Del Rio, Texas. He grew up riding horses at his grandfather’s ranch in¬†Acu√Īa¬†where his father was a¬†charro. With the encouragement of his mother, Canto began performing on stage as a singer at the age of 7. Canto began acting in a handful of commercials in Mexico City and was soon cast in a television series called¬†Estado de Gracia. Canto eventually turned to the stage after being cast as a lead in the adaptation of¬†Pedro Almod√≥var’s¬†All About My Mother.

In 2019, Canto was cast opposite Halle Berry in her highly anticipated directorial debut film Bruised. His declining health prevented him from immediately rejoining the cast for the show The Cleaning Lady’s third season, although, at the time of his death, he had planned to eventually return to the show. Canto met the American sculptor and painter Stephanie Lindquist in 2012 while filming¬†The Following¬† in Brooklyn, New York. Their first artistic collaboration was the short film¬†Before Tomorrow¬†in 2014. The two married in June 2017, and lived in the¬†Hollywood Hills. They had their first child in 2020, and their second in 2022. Canto died of¬†appendiceal cancer¬†on January 8, 2024, at the age of 42.


American actor Ryan O’Neal, who also trained as an amateur boxer before beginning a career in acting in 1960, has died at the age of 82. In 1964, he landed the role of Rodney Harrington¬†on the¬†ABC¬†nighttime soap opera¬†Peyton Place. It was an instant hit and boosted O’Neal’s career. He later found success in films, most notably in the romantic drama¬†Love Story¬†(1970), for which he was nominated for the¬†Academy Award for Best Actor and the¬†Golden Globe Award for Best Actor ‚Äď Motion Picture Drama,¬†Peter Bogdanovich’s¬†What’s Up, Doc?¬†(1972) and¬†Paper Moon¬†(1973), which earned him a nomination for the¬†Golden Globe Award for Best Actor ‚Äď Motion Picture Musical or Comedy,¬†Stanley Kubrick’s¬†Barry Lyndon¬†(1975), in which he portrayed the titular character,¬†Richard Attenborough’s¬†A Bridge Too Far¬†(1977), and¬†Walter Hill’s¬†The Driver¬†(1978). From 2005 to 2017, he had a recurring role in the¬†Fox¬†television series¬†Bones¬†as Max, the father of the¬†show’s protagonist.

O’Neal married his first wife, actress¬†Joanna Moore, in 1963. They had two children before separating in 1966. His second marriage was to actress and his¬†Peyton Place¬†co-star¬†Leigh Taylor-Young, with whom he had a son. They remained friends after divorcing in 1973. O’Neal was in a relationship with actress¬†Farrah Fawcett¬†from 1979 to 1997. The relationship was tumultuous due to his infidelity and volatile behavior. Fawcett ended the relationship after she discovered O’Neal in bed with actress¬†Leslie Stefanson. O’Neal and Fawcett reunited in 2001 and were together until her death in 2009. He had romances with¬†Ursula Andress,¬†Bianca Jagger,¬†Anouk Aim√©e,¬†Jacqueline Bisset,¬†Barbra Streisand, Joan Collins,¬†Diana Ross, and¬†Anjelica Huston. According to his daughter Tatum O’Neal, he also had an affair with¬†Melanie Griffith. O’Neal had four children:¬†Tatum O’Neal¬†and¬†Griffin O’Neal¬†with Moore,¬†Patrick O’Neal with Taylor-Young, and Redmond James Fawcett O’Neal with Fawcett. For a while he was John McEnroe’s father-in-law, as the latter was married to Tattum.

He struggled with drug & alcohol problems. In 2007, O’Neal was arrested for shooting at Griffin, which he claimed was in self-defense; the charges were dropped. He infamously hit on Tatum at Fawcett’s funeral, not recognizing her as his daughter. In 2001, O’Neal was diagnosed with¬†chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). In April 2012, O’Neal stated he had been diagnosed with¬†stage 4¬†prostate cancer. He later stated it was stage 2.

The Triple Tragedy Of The Misfits Of Science

Misfits of Science is an American science fiction comedy-drama television series that aired on NBC from October 4, 1985, to February 21, 1986. Although the show only lasted 1 season and 16 episodes, it’s only my childhood favourites and it should have been more successful. It starred Dean Paul Martin, Kevin Peter Hall, Mark Thomas Miller, a very young Courtney Cox, Jennifer Holmes (she was only in 7 episodes), Max Wright (just before he joined ALF) & Diane Civita. It’s about a group of super-powered humans, and later inspired the tv show Heroes, (same writer). It was a lot of fun.

Dr. Billy Hayes, the leader of the team (who has no superpowers). He is a young research scientist at the Humanidyne Institute who specializes in “human anomalies” and his boyish enthusiasm who often gets the team into as much trouble as he gets them out of. He like Jane Miller has no superpower but his thinking always finds a way out. Dr. Elvin “El” Lincoln, Billy’s colleague and close friend. He has the ability to shrink for minutes at a time from his height of 7 ft 4 in (224 cm) to 11 in (28 cm) via hormonal treatments which he activates by pressing a nerve on the back of his neck. ¬†Johnny “Johnny B” Bukowski, a¬†rock and roll musician who was electrically shocked on stage which resulted in disturbing electrical powers. He continually drains any electrically charged items in his surroundings, forcing him to live in isolation. He wears sunglasses because his eyes glow when he is fully charged. He can throw lightning bolts forcefully and run at superhuman speed, but is vulnerable to water.

Gloria Dinallo, a troubled telekinetic teenager with a history of juvenile delinquency and a mother in a mental institution who claims Gloria’s father is from outer space. She has a crush on Johnny. Gloria can only use her telekinesis on things that she can see: using a blindfold on her renders her powerless. ¬†Jane Miller, Gloria’s¬†probation officer. Although attracted to Billy, she is often put off by his eccentric behavior. Her character appears only in the earlier episodes, disappearing after the first 7 episodes. Dick Stetmeyer, the uptight director of the Humanidyne Institute & Miss Nance, the scientists’ secretary, who is more interested in working on her nails and coffee breaks, round out the characters.

Dean Paul Martin died in 1987 in a snowstorm up in the mountains. Kevin Peter Hall, who would later portray The Predator in two films and Harry in Harry & The Hendersons, would later died due to AIDS related pneumonia in 1991. In 1991, Mark Thomas iIller was in a disfiguring accident that stalled his career, so he became a building contractor specializing in home remodeling for the handicapped, which he did until 2003. Mark made a minor attempt at reviving his career by performing with the Groundling Improv Group, but soon found out that he had lost the patience required for the business of acting. In 2003, he started a product engineering and development company.

All Three The Big Bang Theory Thanksgiving Episodes

The Pirate Solution (Season 3, Episode 4)

When Raj loses his research funding, he’s at risk of deportation. His attempts to get a new job are thwarted by his inability to talk to women, so Sheldon offers Raj the chance to work for him (not WITH him, as the two will continue to argue about.) Meanwhile, with no Raj around, Howard ends up being a third wheel for Leonard and Penny. Fans enjoyed this episode more, especially as it gave us time with Raj and Sheldon ‚Äď two characters who don’t normally get much screen time together. Howard’s increasingly annoying intrusions on Penny and Leonard’s love life are also good for a few chuckles. However, it stays in the middle of the pack because it’s ultimately an episode where not much really happens.

The Thanksgiving Decoupling (Season 7, Episode 9)

When Mrs. Wolowitz is stuck in bed with gout, Howard manages to convince all of his friends to have dinner together at his mom’s house. The most notable revelation in this episode comes when Penny fondly remembers a Thanksgiving in Vegas, where she ‘pretended’ to marry her ex, Zack. Of course, everyone else realizes that Penny is legally married, and now she needs to figure out a way to get an annulment. For once, Raj gets to be the calm, competent eye of the storm, as he creates a full Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the chaos (his best line of the episode: ‘My, my. The plot, like my gravy, thickens.’) Meanwhile, Sheldon bonds with another man over football, and the stories about his childhood get good laughs while also being poignant and revealing.

The Platonic Permutation (Season 9 Episode 9)

Sheldon and Amy are broken up, but when he can’t find anyone to accompany him to a dinner at the aquarium she decides they can handle going as friends. Meanwhile, Leonard is frustrated that Penny doesn’t know when his birthday is. Emily, Raj, and Bernadette drag Howard to volunteer at a soup kitchen, which he tries to lie his way out of. Leonard’s attempts to prove that he knows everything about Penny only prove that he has been reading her journal Meanwhile, Howard gets to meet his hero Elon Musk at the soup kitchen, prompting a discussion on space travel. When Amy announces that she’s ready to get back together, Sheldon responds, ‘Amy, I excel at many things, but getting over you wasn’t one of them.’ This rare admission from Sheldon showed real growth for the character and saved this episode from being totally forgettable.