Food Review #224

KFC’s Chicken Longer – a pathetic looking & below average tasting sandwich. It was cold, bland and dry with little chicken inside. I dunno if it was that particular KFC outlet (it’s on my way to work so it’s convenient) but KFC’s standards have dipped badly. On other occasions too I have noticed their poor service . French fries were the worst tasting ever. I did not review it in this video but when I bit into the chicken piece – it was cold on one side and on the other when I bit into it, a vat of oil just oozed out. Terrible!

Food Review #221

The Beast (Double Patty version) Burger at The Burger Junction – two beef pattes with two slices of cheese, grilled onions, some sauces, tomato slice minus the lettuce. He had a peanutbutter and Nutella shake while I had the moco choco cold coffee to wash them down.