DVD Haul From Flipkart – November 2018

Here is a quick haul video. I placed an order for 10 dvds on Flipkart at the end of October for their Diwali discount sale (several dvds priced at Rs.99 or Rs.199 instead of Rs.499/599/699/799) so I had to get a few. Unfortunately, it’s only 7 here as two were duplicates of Batman vs Superman & 300 : Rise Of An Empire instead of Interstellar & Edge Of Tomorrow. I returned them via pickup.

Food Review #256

Cheesy Chicken Burger at Burger Hutz with a Vanilla shake and French fries (with mayo). Chicken patty with onions, cheese, tomato and for some reason they add ketchup to the burger. Shake is an average vanilla shake, good french fries (for this kind of a joint).

Food Review #255

The monsterous Double Decker burger at Kahawa Cafe – a middle bun, smaller patties, fried eggs, tomato, onions, 2 slices of cheese, lettuce with French Fries and Peanut Butter & Chocolate milkshake to wash it down. That was extremely filling and totally worth it. The milkshake is awesome and I will order that many times.