Sex And A Young Boy Named Roshan

How Did You Learn About Sex?

I will be honest. I learned about sex and the female form when I was 12 years old. A guy who joined my school and my class in 7th grade and who was about a year older than me and most of my other friends, showed us how to smoke and while we were smoking during the recess period, he also showed us a nudie magazine that he had brought to school with him.

That was the first time that I can ever remember ever seeing images of a woman naked. This was new territory for me to explore. I learned about the wonderful world of breasts and asses and sexy looking women with their vaginas on display. This was exciting and what was that weird feeling growing hard between my legs? A few of us ogled over the images and discussed what we saw and knew (which was very little) and in our minds we dreamed. I would never look at women the same way again.

This would lead to me watching my first few soft porn films with some friends and also getting my first nude film. This was pre-internet ofcourse so it was hard to sneak it in. But yeah the fascnination still continues to this day all these years later.

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Rock Guitar Goddess

So I am a rock & metal music fan and I love guitar driven music. And I love hot women. Combine all those together and you get this hawt package called Nita Strauss. Best known for her work with Iron Maiden all-female tribute band The Iron Maidens, her career has meant involvement with several rock ensembles such as the band Femme Fatale and the LA Kiss musical backing group. In June 2014, she replaced Orianthi in the band of American hard rock legend Alice Cooper, giving her an even larger platform. She was also ranked #1 on the list of ’10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know’ published by Guitar World. At 29 she has the world at her fingertips.

Trying To Let Go

Tell us about a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?

I’m not really sure if this can ever be positive in the least. The habit that I’d like to break is falling for the wrong girl. And by that I mean unattainable women and not that there is anything wrong with them. Other than the fact that I have no chance with them.

I guess that is why I am lonely and a still a bachelor at 39. The heart desires what the heart desires and I have no control over it (note – I know that it’s not the heart that chooses and that it’s actually the brain and chemicals but it’s a hard thing to change) and I guess that is a recurring thing for me. This time it’s probably the worst – I have fallen and fallen hard with a woman who is married and has a baby! Yes, I am that bad.

Yes she is gorgeous and beautiful but that isn’t what that attracted me to her and is making me feel this way. When I first met her, I thought “damn, she’s gorgeous” but nothing much beyond that. And I became her friend and started to get to know her. Now it’s almost 5 months later and I’ve gotten to know her pretty well and she’s amazing, funny, smart and she enjoys a lot of things that I enjoy and I can joke with her and make her laugh. I realized a few weeks ago that I had started thinking about her a lot and that I didn’t even realize that it has happened.

I even tried avoiding her for a while but it just made her think something was wrong with me. Two weeks ago I spent some time with her over two days and I enjoyed it so much and yet my heart was breaking inside as I knew that nothing would ever happen. I was away for a week for work purposes and all I could think of the whole journey to and fro and the days in between was here. About how I wish I had met her a few years ago. About how much I wish things were different.

I know eventually I will get over it and I have no plans of even giving her a hint of how I really feel about her. But it is tough to get over. I wish I didn’t feel this way. But while I am on the subject of wishing, can I wish to go back in time and be the one who wins her heart?

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One Fictional Character To Bring To Life?

If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day…

That’s easy. <— Her!

Yes Jessica Rabbit! And why not? Despite being a fictional character and a cartoon, she is so hot, sexy and voluptuously hot. Yes outta my league I know but I would so like to meet her! Look at those curves and that hot red hair and all the bumps and lady lumps to die for.

So for my wish of bringing one fictional character to life, even if it is only for a day, will be her. And she will fall in love & lust with me at first sight. And we’d spend the entire day together. I’d give her all she could ever want and we’d spend the day drinking and eating and ofcourse…..banging!

I wonder if I could make her cartoon eyes pop outta her sockets? Hahahah

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Patricia McPherson

This is a “whatever-happened-to” post. I’ve been watching more of Star Trek TNG season 1 yesterday and I was watching episode 14 (Angel One) and one of the guest stars is a familiar figure from another 80s iconic tv show – Knight Rider (can we call that show semi-Scifi?).

Yes it’s Patricia McPherson aka Bonnie Barstow on Knight Rider. Probably one of my first celebrity crushes ever! Patricia McPherson was born in Washington where her father was a high ranking naval officer. She spent several years in France when her father was sent to Paris, and later studied advertising at the university in Florida and California. She then became a very successful model and worked as a magazine graphic artist.

After a few minor appearances she auditioned and got her first regular series role in Knight Rider. She appeared in season one and was absent from season two, but she was subsequently asked to return to the show, which she did in the season-three opener, remaining from 1984 until the end of the series in 1986 (she was in 62 episodes in total).

She made several guest roles on tv series in the 80s but she apparently quit acting in 1991 but did make one appearance in a 2009 episode of Warehouse 13. She got married in 1991 and has since been very active conserving wildlife and the forests. The last pic is from a 2011 convention.

Silken Laumann On “Unsinkable”

Sportsmen & sportswomen are human too. Already an iconic figure in the sport of rowing, Canadian athlete Silken Laumann inspired many by winning a bronze medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics despite having had a horrific & serious injuries to her leg just a few weeks prior! The collision with another rower’s scull was so serious that it shattered her right ankle and shredded her calf muscles in that you could see the bone but five operations and a total stay in the hospital of approximately three weeks, Laumann was back on the water training by late June. Her efforts paid off with a bronze medal, and she was subsequently named Canadian of the Year by the Canadian Club in recognition and was selected to carry the Canadian Flag in the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.

This year, age 49 Silken had published her book Unsinkable which focuses on her life & troubled childhood and also opens up in particular about the terror she felt and the verbal and physical abuse she experienced at the hands of her troubled and erratic mother, abuse that caused her feelings of unworthiness she battles to this day. She says this book took 5 years to write and came about as she did open up bits of her life during her long stint as a motivational speaker . Here is an interview with her by Fiona Forbes on The Rush.

Star Trek : TOS Women 18

From the season 2 episode By Any Other Name, we have the gorgeous Kelinda. She is a Kelvan, a member of an expedition from the Kelvan Empire in the radiation-imperiled Andromeda Galaxy. Her ancestors were part of a wave of multi-generational starships dispatched to nearby galaxies to find new territories for the Empire to conquer and occupy. Reaching the Milky Way Galaxy after centuries in the intergalactic void, her ship was destroyed crossing the galactic barrier. Under Rojan’s command, Kelinda escaped with three other crew members in a life-craft to an unnamed Class M planet. The Kelvans  adopted  humanoid  forms  more compatible with the new region’s intelligent life and available transportation.

After a false distress call attracted the attention of Captain James T. Kirk, Rojan’s crew hijacked the USS Enterprise, so they could return home and report their discoveries to the Kelvan Empire. Kelinda’s mind was briefly probed by Spock, and she was attacked by Kirk in an escape attempt. The humanoid sense perceptions and emotional tendencies were alien to Kelvan experience, leading Kirk and his senior officers to exploit Kelvan weaknesses. Kelinda immediately recognized Kirk’s apology for striking her was merely an opening for seduction, but she welcomed his efforts and embrace. Rojan was incited to a jealous rage by Kirk and Kelinda’s repeated ‘apology’ sessions. Kirk suggested that the Kelvan’s new humanity could be fully realized on a planet in the Milky Way, and Kelinda eagerly endorsed the idea of a life of humanoid sensations experienced with Rojan.

The role of Kelinda was portrayed by German-American actress and later entrepreneur Barbara Bouchet. She has acted in more than 80 films and television episodes and founded a production company that has produced fitness videos and books. She also owns and operates a fitness studio. She is more famous for playing Miss Moneypenny in Casino Royale (1967). Born Barbara Goutscher in 1943 in Reichenberg (which was then part of Germany but has since seceded to the Czech Republic) her family emigrated to San Francisco, California. She entered modeling and show business as a teenager and eventually moved to Hollywood to expand into a film career. Since the seventies, she has been living in Rome, Italy, where she has become a celebrity by starring in B-Movies.

Star Trek: TOS Women 16 & 17

No, you are not seeing double and no you are not drunk. After all, I did title it as TOS Women 16 & 17! Yes, it’s two women for this entry and it’s special because they are twin sisters.

Episode 12 of Season 2 I, Mudd sees an android named Norman, disguised as a starfleet officer, making his way onto the USS Enterprise after having forged his records and arranging the transfer. The powerful android is too much for the human officers and he jams the controls after changing their heading – the destination is a  planet which has never been charted. Once there Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura & Chekov are forced to beam down to the planet where they meet the ruler of that planet – Harry Mudd! Mudd is surrounded by androids, who for the most part are a slew of beauties – 500 in the Alice class alone. He implies that these androids can provide for him anything he wants. Mudd goes on to explain his presence on the planet and tells them that he had been sent to prison by Kirk and company after his last appearance. After his escape, he had been employing himself by illegally reselling patents. He was caught and sentenced to death on Deneb V; fortunately for him he was able to steal a ship and get away. After drifting aimlessly for a while, he found himself on his planet. The problem is, of course, that he has gotten bored, and the androids won’t let him go. Kirk and his crewmates are there because he told the androids to go and get a starship, so the crew could stay and he could leave. He declares that Kirk must stay for the rest of his life on the planet, now also named Mudd, along with the rest of his crew in order for him to go free.

The androids then reveal their plan: to “serve” Humans until they will become completely dependent upon the androids. They refuse to let Harry leave and intend to keep the entire crew there as well. In a hilarious scheme, the Enterprise crew realize that they must use insane logic to get the better of the android and confuse them. The more confused an android get, unable to comprehend the insane logic, they will eventually short circuit and shutdown letting the humans a chance to leave the planet. Elsewhere, Spock tries to nerve pinch another Alice, but it has no effect. He then causes two other Alice androids to freeze up by telling one he loves her, but the other he hates her. The androids can’t deal with this, as they are identical – it is illogical to love one and not the other . Finally all  the android and Normal, the leader, is shutdown and reprogrammed from the main system so  that the crew are allowed to leave. However Mudd is paroled on the planet – he will be safe as the androids will provide for his every need but Kirk & crew reset the android that resembles Harry’s wife and create many more of her which will harass and annoy him for th duration of his stay on the planet.

The Alice series was a group of five hundred identical androids who inhabited the planet Mudd. They were designed according to Harry Mudd’s “exacting” specifications, and was the primary liaison between the vast android population and the crew of the USS Enterprise. Playing the parts of the pretty Alice series of androids are twin sister Alyce & Rhae Andrece. Alyce is the first pic and Rhae the second. Show Creator/Producer Gene Roddenberry had been in a panic because he needed at least two female identical twins and couldn’t find any. That night, while driving home, he saw the Andrece twins walking down a street. Roddenberry literally pulled over beside them, jumped out of his car and told them that they were going to be on television. Alyce & Rhae had brief careers as actresses; their only other apperances were in an episode each of BonanzaBatman, and in the 1970 film Hell’s Bloody Devils. The sisters also performed as singers in a band called The Third Eye in an episode of The Name of the Game. They were also singers in a jazz-pop group of the late 1960s called The Sound of Feeling.

Both sisters have passed away. Alyce died in 2005 aged 68 and Rhaw died in 2009 aged 72.

Star Trek: TOS Women 15

The first season season two court martial case episodes and the first one, titled Court Martial, sees Captain Kirk put on trial for the murder of one of his men, a former mentor and friend. Lieutenant Areel Shaw was the Starfleet JAG officer assigned to Starbase 11. In 2267, she was the prosecuting attorney in the court martial of James T. Kirk for the death of Benjamin Finney. Captain Kirk meets with his old friend, Areel Shaw, who he hasn’t seen in over four years. She warns him that he’s taking the case very lightly, which he attributes to “the confidence of an innocent man”.

Shaw and Kirk had been romantically linked in 2262. The relationship did not work out, but they parted as friends. Despite this personal history, Shaw maintained her professional integrity and presented a strong case against her former lover that was only refuted after an investigation began by Commander Spock revealed the truth of Finney’s frame up. During the case it is obvious that the feelings are still there, especially for Ms. Shaw although Kirk also holds some affection for her. As the two meet in the officer’s lounge, Kirk is more interested in spending time with Areel instead of working on his defense. Areel Shaw is the only female Starfleet officer to wear a dress uniform in the entire run of the original series. As the Enterprise prepares to depart, Areel tells Kirk that Cogley will now represent Finney in his own trial. She kisses Kirk goodbye, hoping they will see each other again. Areel was portrayed by the late actress Joan Marshall.

The beautiful Joan Marshall, a native of Chicago, entered show business when she was hired as a showgirl at Chicago’s Chez Paree at the age of 14, and began appearing in Las Vegas two years later. After moving to California, she began working in television in the late 1950s, with appearances on several Westerns. She was subsequently cast to star in the adventure series Bold Venture, which last for 39 episodes during the 1959-1960 TV season. She also starred in cult horror movie Homicidal, the 1964 musical Looking for Love She also starred as Phoebe Munster in the first unaired pilot for The Munsters, but she was replaced by Yvonne De Carlo when filming on the show’s first season began and the character became known as Lily Munster. She passed away in 1975 at the age of 61.

3 Documentaries On Porn Stars & The Industry

Oooo, shocking. Porn – the taboo topic. Get read – almost every guy I know watches or has watched porn a few times. A lot of girls do too but they won’t admit it. I have watched and still occasionally watch it from time to time, just to see what the new trends are, and incase I forget what the big deal is all about. We all watch porn. The vehicle through which you are read my blog post – the internet – was invented for the masses just so that people could access porn much easier. So get over it. Take your holier than thou attitude and shove it where the sun don’t shine and stop looking at me like that!

Recently I read in a post on Facebook about a documentary about ex-porn stars and their lives that intrigued me to watch it. A documentary about porn stars – what would that be like? I was so intrigued that I watched 3 of them in the last week and am surprised by what I have seen.

The first one I watched on DailyMotion is Twilight of the Porn Stars directed by Louis Theroux which came out in 2012. In 1997, Louis Theroux made a documentary about the world of male porn performers in Los Angeles. 15 years later, he returns to find a business struggling with the deluge of free porn on the internet. Louis revisits some of the original programme’s contributors as well as meeting the latest crop of porn performers dreaming of porn stardom. He returns to find an industry that has been decimated by illegal Internet tube sites. He goes and meets some of the performers & a movie maker he interviewed back in 1997 and is warmly received by them. Probably because he treated them as human beings and not objects to be dissected. At that time Theroux had a lot of curiosity about the industry in America which hadn’t a similar scene in the UK. focused largely (and highly entertainingly) on the male “performers” and contrasting the stereotypical macho fantasy of easy sex with the crude mechanics of the job – and the physical and psychological dangers it posed to those involved.

The big bucks have mostly vanished from the scene in 2012 with the deluge of free porn sites available to everyone. Gone are the days of easy money and rampant, drug-fuelled excess. Yet, they soldier on, the economic blight having had little obvious effect on the number of people willing to engage in extreme sex acts on camera in return for cold hard cash, however diminished the earnings. He meets two newcomers to the scene – both 23 and the girl who is a single mother and the guy a product of the foster home system who wants to make money to make his other dreams come true. The crew visits the set of the two performers shooting a session and Theroux notes a “courtship in reverse – starting with sex and ending up as something like friends” as Theroux described it. Another memorable scene is when he meets one model agency director declared she wouldn’t warn off newcomers from porn but wouldn’t want her own daughter getting involved as she “wouldn’t want to be the mother of a whore”. He meets with a veteran male performer who talks about the loss he feels, his own capacity for love and intimacy and the hope that he can find true love again to rid the lonliness in his life. They also talk about the dark sides of recent time in particular the fate of one Jon Dough, an actor who committed suicide five years ago, a victim of declining DVD sales and serious drug addiction. Then there is the Spanish star (the only one I have seen before) who talks about the high number of women he has performed with.

But what was really memorable for me was the female star who lives with her boyfriend, her assistant and basically takes care & provides for him. Theroux talks to him about what it is like to be the boyfriend of a porn star and there is a debate about a scene that she has been asked to do which the boyfriend is not comfortable with. However, she says that taking the job will mean able to go on a holiday later. I found it odd that the guy was living off his girl’s money, in that industry.

The second one I watched is the one I read about on Facebook – After Porn Ends which, as the title should suggest is about the lives of porn stars who have retired from the industry. Participants included Asia Carrera, Nina Hartley, Mary Carey, Houston, Crissy Moran, Randy West, Richard Pacheco, John Leslie, Amber Lynn, Seka, Raylene, Luke Ford, Bill Margold, Shelley Lubben and Tiffany Million – some really big names in the industry! You now have former female stars – Crissy Moran in particular – who are now Christian activists speaking out against pornography and exploitation of women to the dad who openly discusses his former life with his unfazed daughter. And then you have Asia Carrera, the first porn star of part Asian ancestry, who quit to have a family with her husband. While their first child was just 2 and Asia was pregnant with their second, her husband died in a car crash and one point she was struggling to pay the bills so she went online asking for donations and was touched by the love shown by her fans who helped her out. Eventually, Carrera got a message from an insurance company that a life insurance policy she had forgotten about did exist for her husband, and she was granted it after mandatory investigation.

Houston, once the queen of gang bang, has now moved into the real estate business after a singing project and finds it difficult to find a steady footing due to her past. And Tiffany Millions, who became a porn star as a means to “work the least amount of time for the most money” so she could be with her daughter while providing a good life in a good neighborhood. And now she’s a freaking bounty hunter and runs her own private investigator business! The story then focuses on some of the male performers, like Randy West who had a recent heart attack, and is seen as someone who relishes the time he spent being a star. He used to play baseball but dropped out that to play in rock bands. Randy was also a member of Chippendale’s dance company, and worked as stripper at private events from 1980 to 1992. He is now a celebrity golfer, aged 66, and loves playing for charity but finds that its tough to get on the tournaments because of his previous career. Shelley Luben & Crissy Moran are now born again Christians who are spokeswomen for lobbyist groups that want to rid the world of the evil porn industry. I find it strange that they can do that! Also strange is that Crissy’s website is still being run by a 3rd party but she refuses to take any money from it. Tyffany Millions, Seka and Asia Carrera are clear examples of performers who say that they do not regret their time in porn and confound this narrative, but seem to be overwhelmed in the shadow of these stories.

Since the film has come out, Houston’s gone back and Amber Lynn has come back. Raylene who quit in 2001 from porn and then 2004 from dancing to start her family, came back in 2010 for financial reasons but has retired again. While a lot of focus is given to the dark side of the industry as stated by some of the actresses, Nina Hartley is the opposite. From performer to pornographic film director, sex educator, feminist, and author, radio show host and even acting in two mainstream movies! She perhaps puts it best that some people should never get into the industry – the naive, coming from a broken home, having tons of personal issues and perhaps victims of physical or sexual abuse. She, Asia & Tyffany say that they never let the industry take advantage of them – rather they took advantage of the industry for their benefit.

The third and final documentary is Aroused a 2013 film directed by the photographer Deborah Anderson, in her directorial debut. The UK based Anderson t profiles the life of 16 notable adult film actresses – from newer stars like to established veterans like Lisa Ann & Francesca Le. Anderson gives them a different treatment as part of her photography book – renting a luxurious mansion, she has the ladies go through a glamourous makeup session and photo shoot (the entire thing is in black n white). While she talks to them during their makeup sessions to find out how they go into porn and the industry and find out about their background, at the end of the film she has each actress rest comfortably on a bed while they talk their hearts out. Some of the stuff is really moving! Other “actresses” appearing in the production include Katsuni, Teagan Presley, Ash Hollywood, Misty Stone, Tanya Tate, Asphyxia Noir, Jesse Jane, Lexi Belle, April O’Neil, Brooklyn Lee, Allie Haze and Alexis Texas are also featured.

However with 16 actresses, all having their own story, the interspaced snippets does not work really well in giving us a clear image of the persons. Anderson is not trying to change minds about why they do what they do; instead she aims to humanize these objects of male desire. In their interviews the women are generally insightful, including a casting agent who discusses her moral struggle over her role in the business. The actresses themselves frequently describe troubled childhoods, often with absent fathers. But they also demonstrate great pride in their professional achievements which “civilians” are just not able to understand. And although several take pains to point out the differences between their real and cinematic sex lives—“If you want to enjoy porn, never go to a porn set,” one advises–they also exhibit an undeniable enthusiasm for what they do. “I get paid to have sex!” one gushes. “Why doesn’t everybody do that?”

I have new found knowledge and some respect and sympathy for the performers in the industry. Not everything is glamarous and not everyone emerges out of it in the end unscathed. Huge problems emerge as they go deeper in the industry and the same public that leer and masturbate to their “acts” later belittles them and looks down upon them, often being the hindrance for the porn stars once they wish to move on to more regular jobs & careers.