Charmed Season 2

Well it has taken me a long time, a lot longer than usual to complete watching season 1 and about the same time to watch season 2. This was a series I religiously watched for a few seasons when it had it’s original run on Indian cable back in 2002 till 2006. Although the series actually completed airing in 2006 (it’s 8 season) and didn’t start airing season 1 in India by 2001, they did show the seasons in quick succession so that we saw the series finale only a month or two after the show ended in the US. As previously stated this is more of a television version of a chick filck with supernatural elements but I was a fan when it first showed. Perhaps watching more serious & quality shows since then had made me chuckle at the acting & storylines of Charmed.

But even though I do not consider myself to be a real fan now when watching the show again, I still do find some of it funny & (pun coming up) charming. Also from a few Youtube users I get the feeling that most of their hatred & ridiculing of the tv show is aimed at Phoebe Halliwell – the youngest sister until the half-sister Paige shows up – aka the actress Alyssa Milano. And even though some of the Youtube reviewers have not explicitly said so, from the others I can gauge the reason why they hate her. She has this tendency to do a baby talk especially when she is in the presence of an older relative / family friend or Piper (Holly Marie Combs). It’s not an attractive quality when a grown woman does that. In 1998 when the show started, Milano was 25.

Plus the cheese & cornyness of the series – the slow acoustic guitar background music whenever Piper & Leo meet and talk, all that tension about true love not being able to be together. Plus Shannen Doherty character changes a bit in season 2 – while she was more serious and a no-nonsense eldest sister when the season started, she also becomes a lot more playful and a bit ditzy as the season progresses. Also, both Doherty & Milano compete for more revealing outfits in season 2 – with plenty of cleavage and a lot of bouncing around going on How can I take this show seriously when I’m wondering which itty bity blouse of these two I should stare at on the screen? And if you have seen one two many bimbos how about the male version –  new neighbours Dan Gordon and his niece Jenny move in, Dan becomes Piper’s new love interest and man is bill consolidation loans bad credit that guy a dumbo. The actor has nothing much to do except be the hurdle that Leo must overcome to re-start his love life with Piper. Piper goes out with Dan but we all know that she is pining for Leo – there’s that guitar music whenever the two meet – and she must decide to let her heart have it’s choice.

Piper also opens P3, a nightclub that she somehow manages to single-handedly establish into a happening place with top musical acts playing on regular nights. BTW, a lot of the music on Charmed reminded me how much bad music the 90s had (Dishwalla indeed) but here is the cool stuff – The Cranberries appear on the show! Phoebe decides to return to school to complete a degree in Psychology and Prue leaves her job mid-season to follow her dream of becoming a photographer. She also has a brief relationship with Jack Sheridan whom she meets at Bucklands before leaving. This season also sees the sisters’ powers growing as they begin to gain more control over their powers. Phoebe learns to command premonitions, Piper selectively freezes objects, and Prue gains the power of astral projection. They also begin to learn how to write and cast their own spells and to create their own vanquishing potions. And bounce around more efficiently!

I’ve already started season 3 and I hope it gets better. During the show’s run on Indian tv, I missed most of the first 3 seasons but watched the rest a lot more.

Love Letter – Jessie Farrell

Jessie Farrell is the redheaded all-Canadian country singer from Vancouver. I’ve been a fan of hers from her 2002, which was more folk pop than country but since then she’s shined on in her favourite genre. Her songs are sweet, fun and clap worthy and while the lyrics won’t stretch your brain cells, like 99% of most country songs, they are catchy. She may not be in the big leagues as far as country superstardom is concerned but she’s in my personal top 5 of female country singers. Love Letter is her 2011 release and her 4th album overall.

The opening number Catch Me is a dance inspired number, the lyrics are all about relationships with reference to dancing. This is a real bar or casual country ballroom dancing song at it’s best, with some clapping and footstomping. The title track, Love Letter is a straight mid-tempo ballad. It’s that wishing & optimistic style of love song but with a god mix of poppiness to cross over to a pop audience. The fun & frolic is back with the effervescence of Sunny Days. This song is all about the summer and the fun that young people want to engage in during those days. First single with a cool video Turn You Down is up next. It’s more rockier and probably one of my favourite songs of hers. I just love it when she sings in these style of songs.

Another ballad; well country songs are usually about love and heartbreak but I don’t mind it when it’s done well without a lot of pretension. Simple lyrics and feelings abound in Everything To Me. It works better in this version rather than the acoustic version I had heard on a tv show. You want more fun songs? The almost rockabilly Case Of Love aims to please and only asks you to grab your dancing shoes in return. Filthy Habits are about giving something up, changing your lifestyle for the best and making a fresh start. Lyrically it’s one of the more inspiring stuff that Jessie has sung. Making Ends Meet is about the struggles and the pains to do get by in life. Fall is another love ballad, about taking chances in life. The album proper ends with Love Never Ends, a mid tempo number.

We also get acoustic versions of her older singles Let’s Talk About Love, Fell Right Into You & I Guess. A nice enough album that’s easy listening and a pleasant journey into the life of Miss Farrell. I love her and her songs. Here’s the video for Everything To Me.

Parents Do Not Aprove Of Hot Teacher

Oh Italy, Italy! Why you protest so much, I shall never know.

Furious parents have pulled their children out of an Italian nursery school after it emerged that one of the teachers posed for glamour calendars as part of her extra curricular activities. Brunette Michela Roth, 38, sparked fury among mothers at the school but – unsurprisingly – not fathers, after news leaked out that she had posed in sexy see through underwear. American born Miss Roth, who has lived in Italy for more than ten years, has also won several beauty contests including ‘Miss Mamma Italiana’ and ‘Miss Cultetto D’Oro’ (Miss Golden Bottom) and has been the talks of TV chat shows and newspapers since the story broke. Miss Roth, is a teacher at Castello di Serravalle near Bologna and today was not at all fazed at the fact parents has pulled their children out of the nursery.

She said: ‘For me being a model is my second job. I do shoots when school is over and especially in the holidays when I am back in the United States. I am always dressed in the pictures and never naked. ‘Maybe I could have been a model but I just love being a teacher. I think there is a little bit of envy going on here and it has gone over the top – there are also mums who tell me that their children can’t wait to see me in the morning.’ Miss Roth found herself in the spotlight after posing for a Harley Davidson calendar and after news leaked out furious parents began pulling their children out of the school with one telling the local newspaper: ‘She is too attractive and I don’t want her teaching my son.’

Here she is! I would have thought that she would a reason for keeping kids, most boys and some girls, in school until they graduate! I would certainly not miss a single class, even if I was sick! I’ve had a couple of teachers who were really hot with amazing bodies and they were always my favourites! Ofcourse they never dressed in lingerie and posed (except in my mind & dreams)!

A Possibly Sensitive Subject

Today I had the most dangerous kind of auto rikshaw (3 wheeler taxi) ride of my life. I had gone to the bank around 11:45 am and then had to go to buy medicines at Broadway. So I hailed an auto at Padma and asked him to take me to take to Menaka from where it is just a hop & a skip away to Broadway (parallel to Menaka junction). What I didn’t know was consolidated loan calculator that the driver would take an alternate route, take a couple of wrong turns and end up in the market road area – which is about as wide as a telephone booth and has five times as many people & vehicles than it should have any right to! Seriously I dunno how come we didn’t hit even one auto, car, bike or person as he swerved this way & that and we managed to squeeze our way in between 3 people and 10 autos in small roads. It could cause a Westerner a heart attack and reduce you to a nervous wreck. It was all in a day’s work for him and other than the fact that it took us 30 minutes instead of 5, no harm done!

Well after that I needed a cold one to calm me down (plus it was hot as hell) and soon I walked into Coffee Beans for a frappe. What do I see there – genuine eye candy! Two hot Europeans (Dutch or Belgian I am guess by what they spoke) – one blonde, cute and sweet & the other redhead, sexy as hell! Now, I want to be decent and not stare as that is rude but, but………Oh my, this redhead was turning me on full throttle. And she was rubbing her thighs as she sat on my left, nice, creamy long legs & thighs! (FOCUS – my eyes were glazing there, sorry) They both were wearing tees and shorts – tight, tight shorts. When they got up after paying for their coffees and walked out, I could see their shorts in all their glory. The redhead’s shorts were on so tight, as she walked on by, I could see the partition between Belgium & the Netherlands (instead of Pakistan & India as I would have put usually). I noticed just after they left that one of them had left behind a small purse, enough to keep a few coins & notes on the seat and I took and followed them. I handed it to the blonde and they both said thank you, I said welcome and went back to my coffee!

Now here’s my point. I am by no means an indecent guy. I will look but I won’t be rude and I certainly won’t trouble anyone. I admire and I will keep a respectful distance. Whatever you may think of me, I do not want to be disrespectful. But I really wish that Western women, specially two young & beautiful women traveling on their own, while on tour in India would be careful what they wear. We aren’t used to women dressing in such skimpy outfits in India and the fact is that they could be prey to men who could do them harm if they are not careful. They go to an area that has less people and with the wrong social element hanging around and they could get mugged and/or raped. I know that most women do not like it when being told that the way they dressed can be the direct cause of a rape – I agree that no one, no man or woman, has the right to do harm to any other man or woman, irrespective of the clothes. And wearing a full head to toe covering outfit or a suit with coat does not ensure their safety. This is such a sensitive subject that I know I will get heat for even mentioning it.

But I know what the folks here – some of them ofcourse, most are decent enough – are capable of and dressing in skimpy outfits isn’t helping it. India has already a bad name due to some instances – harmless glances & smiles are one thing. Passing lewd comments, making obscene gestures and harassing women is totally another. And ofcourse bodily harm is disgusting! I would love to have opinions on the same from my women readers (that’s almost all of you – why is that?) and I would like to post all your points in a discussion on a blog post here sometime soon.

Good grief – I started this post telling you about my casual day and having some lovely eye candy to look at. Now I feel that I shouldn’t even look!

Flirtation At The Provision Store

I am known for being light hearted and flirtatious. Usually I don’t mean anything by it and I mostly do the flirting with my lady friend and sometimes even with my married lady friends because it’s all in jest and I’m not serious about it and they know that. I’m very careful usually as to who I flirt with, and I mean really flirt with. A casual conversation with someone you interact with in public is ok in my book and I can honestly say that a couple of times it had put the woman in a good mood. No harm there right? And I’m usually very respectful of them so as to avoid any confusion or insults.

Sometimes I can’t help myself. Like when I was at the erase debt local store to buy some stuff in the evening and there was a big rush so I was waiting in line. This woman, not bad looking at all, was standing next to me and trying to purchase some stuff. I looked at her a couple of times, admired her figure, sighed to myself and then looked away. The next time I just happened to glance in her direction (she’s standing right beside me so it’s not hard) she smiled and said hi! I said hi back and we exchanged a few words about the delay in buying stuff. I started mildly flirting with her and she took the invitation and flirted right back to me. Harmless but her’s was a bit more obvious than my little remarks. I was thinking, hmmm could I push this a little further, ask her name and get her number?

And then I stopped! Why? cause a little boy came up to her and it was her son. I hadn’t noticed a sindhoor or a wedding ring but I hadn’t really looked hard. So married with a young kid, I was respectful and quiet now. But she still continued and with her son clinging to her dress, asking her to buy his favourite cookie. I had drawn the line but she was quite ok in continuing the conversation in the direction we had gone by earlier. Perhaps she doesn’t get to be this free at home and I provided a safe, convenient and timely outlet to let out some steam. I’m not handsome or anything but yeah I can be charming and I have a nice smile. But when you are married and have a kid, no matter how sexy you looked at that time to me, and flirting with a stranger you’ve only seen once or twice – I draw the line there.

Was I right?

Charmed : Season 1

Charmed is a tv series that I watched a lot when it aired on Star World in India but had completely written off and almost forgotten until a few months ago. That was when I was watching the videos of an American girl who loves Charmed. The way she went on about Charmed being her favourite show and how much she loves it and was showcasing her dvd box set of the full 8 seasons of it, it made me think “hmmm maybe I should watch the show again and get my own copies!”

Well I’ve completed season 1 and have started season 2 (4 episodes in) and you know what – it’s a lot more cheesier than I remember it to be. The original run of the show was from 1998 till 2006 and surprisingly enough for Indian cable tv, we did get the show around either 2001 or 2002 (with multiple seasons shown back to back followed by reruns) and the final episode aired here in India not too long after it aired in North America. Surprising that soon after that I forgot the show ever existed, despite featuring 4 very hot women (5 when you include Kaley Cuoco who was there only during the final season) as the lead characters.

So what’s the show about? Well in the pilot episode the three Halliwell sisters – Prue, Piper & Phoebe – inherit the Halliwell Manor when their grandmother dies and also the Book of Shadows, a family heirloom book containing centuries of knowledge, spells, and magic learned or created by the Halliwell matriarchs. They discover that they are powerful witches destined to protect both innocents and the world at large from demons, warlocks, and other evil creatures, with the most powerful witch power of 3. Prue the eldest (Shannon Doherty) has the power of telekinesis, Piper (Holly Marie Coombs) can freeze people & objects and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) the youngest has the gift of premonition. Helping them, unknown to them initially, is their whitelighter Leo (Brian Krause) who is assigned to them. Their powers were hidden from them at a young age in order to not bring attention to them but when their grandmother died, the powers came back.

In Season 1 the sisters must deal with these powers and adapt to them, while juggling normal lives and jobs while battling demons & warlocks who attack them. Using visions from Phoebe of people in need of help, they also seek out those that need protection from the evil supernatural beings. They are brought to the attention of Det. Andy Trudeau, the girls’ childhood friend and a love interest of Prue, who finds it out that the sisters always seem to be involved or around the more ‘weird cases’ and tries to get the truth out from Prue, which she doesn’t until the season end. He accepts them being witches but is killed in the season finale trying to protect them from a warlock. The girls get spells from their book to even go back in time and meet their mom who died when they were very young. Their father had also left them, unable to accept his wife as a witch.

Like I stated there is a lot of cheesy scenes, dialogues & storylines and more corn than in a huge bucket of popcorn but it can be a lot of fun as well. It’s a safe kind of series for those who like elements of the supernatural, monsters, witches & evil – but who are too scared to tackle something like Buffy, Angel, Supernatural or even The X-Files. I like it, loan consolidation for bad credit even if it nowhere near the top of my favourite series but who can resist three beautiful women and what with Alyssa Milano bouncing along in the tightest of tops and enticing my fantasy. Shannon Doherty too plus Holly Marrie Coombs is just too sweet & nice. Check out the episodes online before deciding if you want the whole season or series. Oh and they did have some music featured throughout the episodes some of which were nice, although most of it reminded me that the 90s DID have some really crappy music.