Kane Elected Mayor

Former WWE Champion whose character is a masked fire-summoning monster ‚ÄĒ won his election for mayor of Knox County Tennessee. The pro wrestler-turned-republican-candidate took a 2-1 lead early in the polls against Linda Haney. Kane, whose real name is Glen Jacobs, had not shied away from his association with wrestling. In fact, his campaign shirts were directly influenced by popular wrestling shirts throughout the years. He even had help from various wrestlers making appearances,¬†most notably by his WWE legend and ‚Äėbrother‚Äô The Undertaker.

Kane has appeared sparingly on WWE shows like Raw and Smackdown over the last few months. Just recently, Kane briefly teamed up Daniel Bryan, a former WWE Champion who once formed the tag team named Team Hell No. They took on Smackdown tag team champions The Bludgeon Brothers and lost. Now that Jacobs is mayor-elect, his full-time wrestling days may be coming to a close, atleast for a while.

The 6-foot-8, 300-pound WWE wrestler sparked worldwide buzz when he eked out the Republican nomination in May. He bested Knox County Commissioner Brad Anders by just 23 votes after a chaotic election night marked by questions about provisional ballots and a¬†cyberattack that crashed¬†the county’s¬†website¬†for displaying election results. Haney faced an uphill battle¬†in the heavily Republican Knox County, which President Donald Trump carried¬†by 24 percentage points in 2016. The only¬†Democrat to fill¬†the county’s top job, Tommy Schumpert, served as county executive from 1994 to¬†2002, before the position was called mayor.

RIP Stephen Hawking

World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. He died peacefully at his home in Cambridge in the early hours of Wednesday, his family said. The British scientist was famed for his work with black holes and relativity, and wrote several popular science books including A Brief History of Time. At the age of 22 Prof Hawking was given only a few years to live after being diagnosed with a rare form of motor neurone disease.

The illness left him in a wheelchair and largely unable to speak except through a voice synthesiser. In a statement his children, Lucy, Robert and Tim, said: “We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today. Prof Hawking was the first to set out a theory of cosmology as a union of relativity and quantum mechanics. He also discovered that black holes leak energy and fade to nothing – a phenomenon that would later become known as Hawking radiation.

Through his work with mathematician Sir Roger Penrose he demonstrated that¬†Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity¬†implies space and time would have a beginning in the Big Bang and an end in black holes. The scientist gained popularity outside the academic world and appeared in several TV shows including The Simpsons, Red Dwarf and The Big Bang Theory. He was portrayed in both TV and film – recently by Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything, which charted his rise to fame and relationship with his first wife, Jane.

Women – “Lightly Beaten”

Dear Pakistan Рplease do  not listen to these morons!

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has proposed its own women protection bill, recommending ‚Äėa light beating‚Äô for the wife if she defies the husband. The 20-member CII is a constitutional body which gives recommendations to parliament regarding Islamic laws. However, parliament is not bound to consider its recommendations. The bill was drafted after the CII rejected Punjab‚Äôs controversial Protection of Women against Violence Act (PPWA) 2015 terming it un-Islamic. The CII will now forward its proposed bill to the Punjab Assembly. The council has proposed that a husband should be allowed to ‚Äėlightly‚Äô beat his wife if she defies his commands and refuses to dress up as per his desires; turns down demand of intercourse without any religious excuse or does not take bath after intercourse or menstrual periods.

It has suggested that a beating is also permissible if a woman does not observe Hijab; interacts with strangers; speaks loud enough that she can easily be heard by strangers; and provides monetary support to people without taking consent of her spouse. Available with The Express Tribune, a copy of the 163-page bill proposes several bans on women. It says there should be a ban on co-education after primary education, ban on women from taking part in military combat, ban on welcoming foreign delegations, interacting with males and making recreational visits with ‚ÄėNa-Mehram‚Äô. It says female nurses should not be allowed to take care of male patients and recommends that women should be banned from working in advertisements. It recommends that an abortion after 120 days of conceiving should be declared ‚Äėmurder‚Äô. However, it says a woman can join politics and contract a Nikah without permission of parents.

The bill suggests that anyone who tries to force women to marry with the Holy Quran or facilitate this should be awarded 10-year imprisonment. Similarly, the proposed bill says if any non-Muslim woman is forced to convert, then the oppressor will be awarded three-year imprisonment while the woman will not be murdered if she reverts to her previous faith.

Earth’s Bigger, Older Cousin Found

NASA said Thursday that its Kepler spacecraft has spotted “Earth’s bigger, older cousin”: the first nearly Earth-size planet to be found in the habitable zone of a star similar to our own. Though NASA can’t say for sure whether the planet is rocky like ours or has water and air, it’s the closest match yet found. The planet, Kepler-452b, is about 1,400 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. It’s about 60% bigger than Earth, NASA says, and is located in its star’s habitable zone — the region where life-sustaining liquid water is possible on the surface of a planet.

A visitor there would experience gravity about twice that of Earth’s, and planetary scientists say the odds of it having a rocky surface are “better than even.” While it’s a bit farther from its star than Earth is from the sun, its star is brighter, so the planet gets about the same amount of energy from its star as Earth does from the sun. And that sunlight would be very similar to Earth’s, Jenkins said. The planet “almost certainly has an atmosphere,” Jenkins said, although scientists can’t say what it’s made of. But if the assumptions of planetary geologists are correct, he said, Kepler-452b’s atmosphere would probably be thicker than Earth’s, and it would have active volcanoes.

It takes 385 days for the planet to orbit its star, very similar to Earth’s 365-day year, NASA said. And because it’s spent so long orbiting in this zone — 6 billion years — it’s had plenty of time to brew life, Jenkins said. “That’s substantial opportunity for life to arise, should all the necessary ingredients and conditions for life exist on this planet,” he said in a statement. Before the discovery of this planet, one called Kepler-186f was considered the most Earthlike, according to NASA. That planet, no more than a 10th bigger than Earth, is about 500 light-years away from us. But it gets only about a third of the energy from its star as Earth does from the sun, and noon there would look similar to the evening sky here, NASA says.

The $600 million Kepler mission launched in 2009 with a goal to survey a portion of the Milky Way for habitable planets. From a vantage point 64 million miles from Earth, it scans the light from distant stars, looking for almost imperceptible drops in a star’s brightness, suggesting a planet has passed in front of it. It has discovered more than 1,000 planets. Twelve of those, including Kepler-425b, have been less than twice the size of Earth and in the habitable zones of the stars they orbit.

Super-Earth & Candidate For Best Habitable Planet Found

Nearby super-Earth, Gliese 832c, might be the best habitable planet candidate so far, astronomers say. The newly found super-Earth has a mass at least five times that of Earth’s and the astronomers estimate it receives about the same average energy as Earth does from the Sun. On a clear night, you might be able to spot the red dwarf star Gliese 832 through a backyard telescope, as it is just 16 light years away. Today, astronomers announced the discovery of super-Earth planet orbiting this nearby star and say it might be the best candidate yet for habitable world.

Gliese 832c was spotted by an international team of astronomers, led by Robert A. Wittenmyer from UNSW Australia. They used high-precision radial-velocity data from HARPS-TERRA, the Planet Finder Spectrograph and the UCLES echelle spectrograph. This star is already known to have one additional planet, a cold Jupiter-like planet, Gliese 832 b, discovered in 2009. Since red dwarf stars shine dimly, the habitable zones around these stars would be very close in. Gliese 832c complies with an orbital period of 36 days (it’s orbital companion Gliese 832 b orbits the star in 9.4 years.)

The newly found super-Earth has a mass at least five times that of Earth‚Äôs and the astronomers estimate it receives about the same average energy as Earth does from the Sun. ‚ÄúThe planet might have Earth-like temperatures, albeit with large seasonal shifts, given a similar terrestrial atmosphere,‚ÄĚ says a press release from the Planetary Habitability Laboratory. ‚ÄúA denser atmosphere, something expected for Super-Earths, could easily make this planet too hot for life and a ‚ÄėSuper-Venus‚Äô instead.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúThis makes Gliese 832c one of the top three most Earth-like planets according to the ESI (i.e. with respect to Earth‚Äôs stellar flux and mass) and the closest one to Earth of all three, a prime object for follow-up observations. However, other unknowns such as the bulk composition and atmosphere of the planet could make this world quite different to Earth and non-habitable.‚ÄĚ

In their paper, Wittenmyer and his colleagues noted that while Solar Systems like our own appear ‚ÄĒ so far ‚ÄĒ to be rare, the Gliese 832 system is like a scaled-down version of our own Solar System, with an inner potentially Earth-like planet and an outer Jupiter-like giant planet. They added that the giant outer planet may have played a similar dynamical role in the Gliese 832 system to that played by Jupiter in our Solar System. Certainly, astronomers will be attempting to observe this system further to see if any additional planets can be found.

From Universe Today.

RIP H R Giger

Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor and set designer H.R. Giger has passed away at the age of 74. He was part of the special effects team that won an Academy Award for Best Achievement for Visual Effects for their design work on the Alien film franchise. He was named to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame in 2013.

Born Hans Rudolf in the eastern Swiss town of Chur in 1940, died on Monday in Zurich from injuries he obtained after suffering a fall. The son of a chemist, he studied architecture and industrial design in Zurich, and first experimented with ink drawing and polyester works before moving onto large freehand airbrush works showcasing nightmarish dreamscapes. His work explored the relationship between the human body and the machine, and he created surrealist images of humans fused with industrial parts, a style he described as “biomechanical”. In 1975, Giger endured tragedy when his partner Swiss actress and Li Tobler, who served as a model in several of his works, committed suicide. He married Mia Bonzanigo in 1982 but the couple later divorced.

Giger was also known for his sculptures, paintings and furniture and many of these works are on display at his own museum in a medieval castle in Gruyeres, central Switzerland, which is run by his second wife Carmen Maria Scheifele Giger. His designs has also been showcased for many musical artists like Danzig, Emerson, Lake & Palmer & Ibanez guitars.

Hans Rudolf “Ruedi” Giger (5 February 1940 ‚Äď 12 May 2014)

Things To Know About Earth’s “Cousin”, Kepler-186F

She’s 490 light-years from Earth but we call her our planet’s cousin; Kepler 186f is an exo-planet orbiting the red dwarf Kepler-186. It is the first planet with a radius similar to Earth’s to be discovered in the habitable zone of another star. NASA’s Kepler spacecraft detected it using the transit method, along with four additional planets orbiting much closer to the star (all modestly larger than Earth). Analysis of three years of data was required to find its signal. The results were presented initially at a conference on 19 March 2014 and some details were reported in the media at the time.The full public announcement was on 17 April 2014, followed by publication in Science.

Kepler-186f is the first Earth-size alien planet found in the habitable zone of its star. That means the planet, which is only slightly larger than Earth, is in the part of its star system where liquid water could exist on the planet’s surface. Astronomers have found other planets in the habitable zones of their stars, but this is the first time a planet this close in size to Earth has ever been found in the habitable zone of its star. This is the best case for a habitable planet yet found. Because of Kepler-186’s location in the habitable zone around its star, the planet might be a place where life can thrive. It’s possible that the planet has an atmosphere that can help keep water in liquid form on the surface, a prerequisite for life as it is known on Earth. Kepler-186f is on the outer edge of the habitable zone, so it is possible that the planet’s water could freeze. Its larger size, however, could mean the planet has a thicker atmosphere, insulating the planet, San Francisco State University astronomer and study co-author Stephen Kane said in a statement.

Although they know the alien world is in its star’s habitable zone, scientists still aren’t sure what the planet’s atmosphere consists of, and they cannot say with certainty that Kepler-186f could support life. The planet is Earth-sized, but it might not be Earth-like.¬† The newly discovered exoplanet orbits about 32.5 million miles (52.4 million kilometers) from its sun. It takes Kepler-186f about 130 days to orbit its red dwarf star.¬†Scientists have described Kepler-186f as a cousin to Earth. The Kepler-186 star is dimmer than the sun, so the planet may be somewhat similar to Earth in size, but its star is not the same as the sun.¬†The Kepler-186 star is about half the mass of the sun, and the newly discovered planet is far enough away from its star that powerful flares may not greatly affect the planet, scientists have said.

9 Months Old Baby Charged With Attempted Murder In Pakistan

This just in : A nine-month-old child was booked by Lahore police for the alleged attempted murder of a police officer and was even presented before a session judge’s court on Thursday.

The ‚Äėaccused‚Äô was granted an interim bail after he appeared in Judge Rafaqat Ali‚Äôs court with his grandfather, Muhammad Yaseen. However, the infant started crying in the court when his grandfather held his thumb to dip it in ink and put its print on the bail bonds ‚Äď since the tot could not sign it himself. According to the FIR, the baby, along with his uncles and grandfather, attacked the police officers, bailiff team and some Sui gas employees with wooden rods and pelted them with stones. While the infant was being formally charged during Thursday‚Äôs hearing, he was busy suckling on his pacifier.

A police team along with a bailiff and some Sui gas employees raided Muhalla Thanedaran to sever gas connections of houses that had not paid their dues, the FIR reads. Muhammad Yaseen, his sons Irfan and Imran as well as Imran‚Äôs son, first pelted stones at them and then attacked them with wooden clubs, causing the police team and Sui gas employees to run for their lives. ASI Kashif, the complainant, said the accused caught him and beat him up, giving him a head injury. They also threatened to kill him, he claimed in the FIR. Police lodged the FIR against all of Muhammad Yaseen‚Äôs family members, which unilaterally also included Imran‚Äôs son. But they did not bother to find out that Imran only has one child, his nine-month-old son, whom Yaseen then brought to court for the hearing. ‚ÄúHe was nominated in the FIR so I took the child to court,‚ÄĚ he told The Express Tribune.

9 month old baby. 9 months – not 9 years old, not 19, not 29 not even fucking 90 years but a 9 month old baby was charged by the police because in the fucking FIR the plaintiff claims that it was “all of Muhammad Yaseen‚Äôs family members” and since Imran had only one son, he was automatically charged as well and brought to the court for the hearing. Police were quick enough to shift the blame on the plaintiff of the FIR, ASI Kashif, saying they did not know that one of the accused was a child. Taking action, DIG Operations Rana Abdul Jabbar has ordered the suspension of ASI Kashif for lodging an FIR against an infant, but the move was taken only after the nine-month-old ‚Äėsuspect‚Äô got bail from the judge.

How stupid can you guys be? Common sense should have prevailed but these morons had that missing!

Status of Flight MH370 : Updates

The tragic story of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 that went missing earlier this month continues as major updates & news broke out this evening. Several objects floating in an area of the Indian ocean‚ÄĒabout 1,224 miles southwest of Perth, Australia‚ÄĒhave been spotted by planes searching for possible debris from the missing Flight 370, which vanished from radar screens on March 8. ‚ÄúAt present, we cannot yet confirm that the floating objects are connected with the missing plane,‚ÄĚ Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei cautioned a news briefing in Beijing.

The coordinates were sent to the Australian command center, which is coordinating the latest phase of the multinational search, as well as to the Chinese icebreaker Snow Dragon, which is due to arrive in the vicinity on Tuesday. The sighting is just the latest unconfirmed report to emerge from the area in the last few days. Possible wreckage, measuring 22 meters (74 ft) by 13 meters (43 ft), was initially sighted on satellite imagery on March 20 but has still not been tracked down.

And just45 minutes ago the prime minister of Malaysia announced in Kuala Lumpur that there was no longer any doubt that the missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner, Flight 370, crashed in the Indian Ocean. Prime Minister Najib Razak said the conclusion was based on new analysis of data from an automated satellite system on the plane, performed by Inmarsat and the British national aviation safety agency. The analysis narrowed down the possible paths the Boeing 777 aircraft could have taken as it kept flying for hours after contact with ground controllers was lost on March 8, and it ruled out that the plane could have gone anywhere but the remote waters southwest of Australia, where there is no place the plane could have landed safely. Just before the prime minister spoke, Malaysia Airlines officials informed relatives of the missing passengers and crew gathered at a hotel near Kuala Lumpur, and sent text messages to those elsewhere.

The Plane That Vanished

I suppose by now almost everyone who reads the news or watches it on tv or reads it on the internet knows about the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Malaysian airline, Flight 370. The Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines 777-200 suddenly vanished from radar screens last weekend, forty minutes after leaving Kuala Lumpur. 40 ships from nine countries as well as two dozen aircraft scoured an area within a 50 nautical mile radius of Flight 370’s last known position. The plane was at cruising altitude (35,000 feet) and weather was more or less clear. Air traffic controllers in Vietnam say contact with the crew disappeared about 120 nautical miles east of the Malaysian town of Kota Bharu, and radar signals suggest the plane may have turned around before losing contact.

In the absence of any evidence, the possible explanations for what happened to the missing Malaysia plane range all over the map: an explosion, a catastrophic engine failure, extreme turbulence, or pilot error, or even pilot suicide. Although no terrorist groups had come forward to claim credit, sabotage had not been ruled out, especially after it emerged that several passengers were traveling on stolen passports and that five passengers who had checked baggage had failed to board the plane (their luggage was removed from the flight, the airline said.) And an oil slick spotted in the South China sea originally thought to be a clue turned out to be a false lead.

But as loved ones of those on board Flight 370 struggle with shock and grief, some say their agony is being compounded by a lack of information from Malaysia Airlines. They have given one critical indication that after 30 hours of no contact the families & relatives have to told to expect the worst. The not knowing and waiting for information must be terrible for the family members.

RIP Nelson Mandela

After a prolonged illness due to a lung infection South African anti-apartheid hero, former President Nelson Mandela has died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 95. Plunging his nation and the world into mourning for a man hailed by global leaders as a moral giant, his death was announced by current President Jacob Zuma. Although Mandela had been frail and ailing for nearly a year, his death has surely shaken South Africa and most of the world who adored the Nobel Peace laureate. Tributes began flooding in almost immediately for a man who was an iconic global symbol of struggle against injustice and of racial reconciliation.

Mandela rose from rural obscurity to challenge the might of white minority apartheid government – a struggle that gave the 20th century one of its most respected and loved figures. He was among the first to advocate armed resistance to apartheid in 1960, but was quick to preach reconciliation and forgiveness when the country’s white minority began easing its grip on power 30 years later. He was elected president in landmark all-race elections in 1994 and retired in 1999. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, an honor he shared with FW de Klerk, the white Afrikaner leader who released from jail arguably the world’s most famous political prisoner. As president, Mandela faced the monumental task of forging a new nation from the deep racial injustices left over from the apartheid era, making reconciliation the theme of his time in office. In retirement, he shifted his energies to battling South Africa’s AIDS crisis, a struggle that became personal when he lost his only surviving son to the disease in 2005.

Mandela’s last major appearance on the global stage came in 2010 when he attended the championship match of the soccer World Cup, where he received a thunderous ovation from the 90,000 at the stadium in Soweto, the neighborhood in which he cut his teeth as a resistance leader.

RIP Sir David Frost

The ¬†English journalist, comedian, writer, media personality and daytime TV game show host Sir Robert Frost has passed away at the age of 74. Born in¬†Tenterden,¬†Kent, on 7 April 1939 as the son of a¬†Methodist¬†minister, he was the youngest of 3 children, having two older sisters.¬† He was taught in the Bible class of the Sunday school at his father’s church (Byron Road Methodist) by David Gilmore Harvey, and subsequently started training as a Methodist local preacher, which he did not complete. He subsequently studied at Cambridge, where he graduated with a degree in English. Throughout his school years he was an avid¬†football¬†and cricket player, and was offered a contract with¬†Nottingham Forest F.C. At Cambridge he was editor of both the student newspaper,Varsity,¬†and the literary magazine,¬†Granta. After leaving university, he became a trainee at¬†Associated-Rediffusion¬†and worked for¬†Anglia Television.

Frost was chosen by writer and producer¬†Ned Sherrin¬†to host the satirical programme¬†That Was The Week That Was,¬†alias¬†TW3. Frost fronted a number of programmes following the success of TW3, including its immediate successor, Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life, which he co-chaired with Willie Rushton and poet P. J. Kavanagh. More successful was The Frost Report, 1966 and 1967, which launched the television careers of John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. He signed for Rediffusion, the ITV weekday contractor in London, to produce a “heavier” interview-based show called The Frost Programme. Guests included Sir Oswald Mosley and Rhodesian premier Ian Smith. His memorable dressing-down of insurance fraudster Emil Savundra was generally regarded as the first example of “trial by television” in the UK. Frost was a member of a successful consortium, including former executives from the BBC, which bid for an ITV franchise in 1967. This became¬†London Weekend Television, which began broadcasting in July 1968. From 1969 to 1972, Frost kept his London shows and fronted¬†The David Frost Show¬†on the¬†Group W¬†(U.S. Westinghouse Corporation) television stations in the United States.[3]¬†His 1970 TV special,¬†Frost on America, featured guests such as¬†Jack Benny¬†and¬†Tennessee Williams. In 1977 a¬†series of interviews¬†with former US President¬†Richard Nixon¬†were broadcast. Made for American television, they were screened internationally. This inspired the highly acclaimed Frost/Nixon motion picture in 2008.

During the 1980s, 90s and 2000s, he presented the panel game Through the Keyhole, latterly on daytime TV, which featured a long running partnership with Loyd Grossman. Frost remained a presenter after transferring from ITV, his Sunday morning interview programme Breakfast with Frost ran on the BBC from January 1993 until 29 May 2005. Following the end of the BBC series Frost worked for Al Jazeera English, presenting a live weekly hour-long current affairs programme, Frost Over the World, which started when the network launched in November 2006. The programme has regularly made headlines with interviewees such as Tony Blair, President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, Benazir Bhutto and President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua. Frost was the only person to have interviewed eight British prime ministers serving between 1964 and 2010 and the seven US presidents in office between 1969 and 2008. Frost was known for several liaisons with beautiful and high profile women, and he is also known for remaining friendly with most of them. In 19 March 1983, David Frost married Lady Carina Fitzalan-Howard and together had 3 sons. For many years they lived inChelsea, with their weekend home at Michelmersh Court in Hampshire. On 31 August 2013, Frost was giving a speech on board the cruise liner, the MS Queen Elizabeth. During his speech he had a suspected heart attack and died.

Sir David Paradine Frost,¬†OBE¬†(7 April 1939 ‚Äď 31 August 2013)

RIP Margaret Thatcher

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Hilda Thatcher has died today at the age of 87 of a stroke. The Right Honorable¬† Baroness¬† is the longest-serving (1979‚Äď1990)¬†Prime Minister of the United Kingdom¬†of the 20th century, and the only woman ever to have held the post. The Iron Lady as she was nicknamed for her uncompromising politics and leadership style. Thatcher — born in October 1925 in the small eastern England market town of Grantham — came from a modest background, taking pride in being known as a grocer’s daughter. She married her husband, Denis Thatcher, a local businessman who ran his family’s firm before becoming an executive in the oil industry, in 1951 — a year after an unsuccessful run for Parliament. The couple had twins, Mark and Carol, in 1953.

Originally a research chemist before becoming a barrister, Thatcher was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Finchley in 1959. Edward Heath appointed her Secretary of State for Education and Science in his 1970 government. In 1975 Thatcher defeated Heath in the Conservative Party leadership election and became Leader of the Opposition, as well as the first woman to lead a major political party in the United Kingdom. She became Prime Minister after winning the 1979 general election. In the midst of her 3rd term (relected in 1987) she resigned as Prime Minister and party leader in November 1990, after Michael Heseltine launched a challenge to her leadership. Thatcher held a life peerage as Baroness Thatcher, of Kesteven in the County of Lincolnshire, which entitled her to sit in the House of Lords.

As Prime Minister, she implemented Conservative policies that have come to be known as¬†Thatcherism. She is the titular character in two films, portrayed by Lindsay Duncan in Margaret (2009) and by Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady (2011), in which she is depicted as having Alzheimer’s disease. There was never a lady leader like her and perhaps there never will be another.


RIP Neil Armstrong

The first man to ever walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong passed away today. The astronaut who marked an epochal achievement in exploration with ‚Äúone small step‚ÄĚ from the¬†Apollo 11 lunar module¬†on July 20, 1969, becoming the first person to walk on the moon, died Aug. 25 at 82.

His family announced the death in a statement but did not disclose where he died. They attributed it to ‚Äúcomplications resulting from cardiovascular procedures.‚Ä̬†Before becoming an astronaut, Armstrong was in the¬†United States Navy¬†and served in the¬†Korean War. After the war, he served as a test pilot at theNational Advisory Committee for Aeronautics¬†(NACA) High-Speed Flight Station, now known as the¬†Dryden Flight Research Center, where he flew over 900 flights in a variety of aircraft. As a research pilot, Armstrong served as project pilot on the¬†F-100 Super Sabre¬†A and C variants,¬†F-101 Voodoo, and the¬†Lockheed¬†F-104A Starfighter. He also flew the¬†Bell X-1B,¬†Bell X-5,¬†North American X-15,¬†F-105 Thunderchief,¬†F-106 Delta Dart,¬†B-47 Stratojet,KC-135 Stratotanker, and was one of eight elite pilots involved in the¬†paraglider research vehicle program (Paresev). He graduated from¬†Purdue University¬†and the¬†University of Southern California.

Armstrong, who had just turned 82, underwent surgery on August 7, 2012, to relieve blocked coronary arteries.¬†He died on August 25, 2012, at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio, from complications following that surgery. He gave the immortal quote “”That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”

RIP Neil Alden Armstrong (born August 5, 1930 РAugust 25, 2012)

Europa Has More Water Than Earth

Based on data acquired by NASA’s Galileo satellite, astronomers think that the oceans beneath Europa’s icy exterior are likely 2‚ÄĒ3 times more in volume that that of water of all the oceans on Earth! Not 2‚ÄĒ3 times more proportionally, 2‚ÄĒ3 times more in total volume. Jupiter’s little moon is packing all that H2O and scientists say that there could be a significant chance of it harbouring life!

Even if it doesn’t think of all that water; we’d have a possible source to go to replenish our stock. Ofcourse no one knows for certain how thick the ice could be, could be a few miles thick, and it might be extremely tasking to dig deep down into it and arrive at the oceans. But if it could be done, exploring the oceans below would certainly be¬† amazing and who knows what we could find. And even if there no alien lifeforms there just exploring the waters would be so cool. I would love to be able to see that happen in my lifetime. Hell, I’d kill to be able to go there myself and be part of the first landing party.

The image above is from io9.com comparing all the water on Earth made into a globe on the right vs all the water on Europe made into a globe on the left. See the size difference?

Earthquake Hits Indonesia; Tremors Felt In India

At 2:10 pm Indonesia’s geophysical agency has reported an earthquake of 8.6 on Richter scale off Aceh, and has issued a tsunami warning. Soon on twitter, people were talking of tremors in Mumbai, Delhi, Ooty, Chennai, Trivandrum and ofcourse we felt it here in Cochin as well!

It felt weird. I was lying down on my bed watching a movie on my laptop. I felt myself shaking and then the bed shaking and at first thought I was having a dizzy spell. Then no! It continued on for a couple of minutes and I couldn’t really register as to what was going on. Soon my folks called me as dad had felt the same and he was out on the balcony trying to see if there was anything on the street that could be causing it. We checked the news and it was an earthquake!

In some offices people have been asked to clear out and stand in open areas and areas designated as assembly points until further news could be provided. No reports of damage, injury or any deaths so far. I did see some clips of cracks on old houses and buildings in parts of Kerala.

On the beaches at Chennai, policemen used megaphones to ask people to leave, with little effect.  Mobile phone networks were jammed in the city till 4 pm.   In Andhra Pradesh, fishermen  were  asked to return from sea.  In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, civilians  were asked to move to higher ground.  In Kolkata, metro trains were stopped at 2.40 pm for nearly an hour; as a precaution, passengers were evacuated.

A second round of tremors was felt in India in cities like Kolkata and Chennai at 4.25 pm as a tsunami alert remained in place for 28 countries including India.  Indonesia has issued a new tsunami warning following an aftershock that hovered around 8.2 on the Richter scale. Officials in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have prepped for emergency processes and remain on high alert.  Press Trust of India reports that the government has evacuated some people from South Andaman as a precaution.

Parents Do Not Aprove Of Hot Teacher

Oh Italy, Italy! Why you protest so much, I shall never know.

Furious parents have pulled their children out of an Italian nursery school after it emerged that one of the teachers posed for glamour calendars as part of her extra curricular activities. Brunette Michela Roth, 38, sparked fury among mothers at the school but – unsurprisingly – not fathers, after news leaked out that she had posed in sexy see through underwear. American born Miss Roth, who has lived in Italy for more than ten years, has also won several beauty contests including ‘Miss Mamma Italiana’ and ‘Miss Cultetto D’Oro’ (Miss Golden Bottom) and has been the talks of TV chat shows and newspapers since the story broke. Miss Roth, is a teacher at Castello di Serravalle near Bologna and today was not at all fazed at the fact parents has pulled their children out of the nursery.

She said: ‘For me being a model is my second job. I do shoots when school is over and especially in the holidays when I am back in the United States. I am always dressed in the pictures and never naked. ‘Maybe I could have been a model but I just love being a teacher. I think there is a little bit of envy going on here and it has gone over the top – there are also mums who tell me that their children can’t wait to see me in the morning.’ Miss Roth found herself in the spotlight after posing for a Harley Davidson calendar and after news leaked out furious parents began pulling their children out of the school with one telling the local newspaper: ‘She is too attractive and I don’t want her teaching my son.’

Here she is! I would have thought that she would a reason for keeping kids, most boys and some girls, in school until they graduate! I would certainly not miss a single class, even if I was sick! I’ve had a couple of teachers who were really hot with amazing bodies and they were always my favourites! Ofcourse they never dressed in lingerie and posed (except in my mind & dreams)!