Edge Wins 10th WWE World Title

The WWE pay-per-view event Tables, Ladders & Chairs took place last night in Houston, Texas.

Dolph Ziggler retained the Intercontinental Title by defeating Kofi Kingstonand Jack Swagger in a Ladder Match.

Natalya and Beth Phoenix defeated Lay-Cool in a Tables Match.

Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov beat Nexus members Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel by disqualification when Michael McGillicutty interfered.

Edge became a 10-time world champion as he defeated Kane, Rey Mysterioand Alberto Del Rio in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

The Miz retained the WWE Championship by defeating Randy Orton in a Tables Match.

John Morrison become the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship as he defeated Sheamus in a Ladder Match.

John Cena got a measure of revenge as he scored a dominant victory over Nexus leader Wade Barrett in a Chairs Match.

Night Of Champions 2010 – Match Card

I don’t watch much wrestling these last few years and as the months pass I watch lesser & lesser. But I always am interested in the story lines, match ups and characters but even more interesting are the pay-per-view events. September sees the Night Of Champions on the 19th and it promises to be very exciting indeed.

The main or headlining match heading into Night of Champions from the Raw brand features the defending champion Sheamus trying to fend off Randy Orton, John Cena, Edge, Wade Barrett and a to be decided 6th wrestler feuding over the WWE Championship. Chris Jericho was supposed to be the fifth announced by the new anonymous RAW general manager but last week, he participated in a match with John Morrison under the stipulation that he would be taken out of the Night of Champions match if he did not win. Jericho lost the match and was removed from the Six-Pack Challenge.

From Smackdown, champion Kane will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against his kayfabe brother the Undertaker. About three months ago, The Undertaker had been mysteriously put in a vegetative state. Upon finding out about this, Kane had attempted to seek vengeance against the culprit. Although Kane had initially accused Rey Mysterio to be the guilty party, it turned out to be Kane himself who put Taker out of commission for those 3 months. So now the Phenom is back and out for revenge against his half-sibling.

Other matches involves an interbrand affair with the Divas Champion Melina and the Women’s Champion Layla and Michelle McCool, collectively known as Team Lay-Cool, in a Title Unification Match. Also The Miz will defend his US Championship against his former rookie Daniel Bryan.

RIP Chris Kanyon

Christopher Klucsaritis  was an American professional wrestler, best known for his work in World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation, under the ring names Chris Kanyon (or simply Kanyon) and Mortis. On April 2 Kanyon was found dead in his Sunnyside, Queens, New York apartment, due to an apparent overdose of some form of medication. Initial reports indicated a possible suicide.

Chris Kanyon (January 4, 1970 – April 2, 2010)

Wrestlemania XXVI Results

Wrestlemania is always one of the most talked about and viewed wrestling events the world over. I’ve been watching them, atleast clips, from 1985. I haven’t been able to catch this year’s show – Wrestlemania XXVI – as of yet but I’m sure Ten Sports will show it in a couple of days for us in India. But let’s look at the matches:

The Unified Tag-Team Titles: – Big Show & The Miz (c) defeats R-Truth & John Morrison – Big Show is bigger than the other 3 combined!

Triple-Threat Match: – Randy Orton defeats Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. – What’s this all about?

Money In The Bank Ladder Match: – Kofi Kingston vs. MVP vs. Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane vs. Christian – Jack Swagger won this but the best option would have been if Christian won and push him for a title instead.

Triple H defeats. Sheamus – Sheamus is so boring, while like toothpaste but big as a horse! As expected HHH won.

Rey Mysterio defeats CM Punk – Has Punk won, Rey would have to have sworn allegiance to Punk’s stable. But he didn’t have too.

No Holds Barred: – Bret Hart defeats Vince McMahon – Ah, waiting for this for so many years! Vince says he’s bought off Bret’s family, as they come in to the ring. However Bret reveals that his family is there to pummel Vince….and they do. Bret wins and Montreal is finally laid to rest!

World Title – Chris Jericho (c) defeats Edge – I could have sworn that Edge, having won the Royal Rumble after returning from a long injury layoff and becoming a face after so many years, was sure to have beaten Jericho for the title. Oh Well!

WWE Title: – John Cena defeats Batista (c) – Bah cheap bad credit loans humbug! The most moronic wrestler ever Cena wins the title again. Is he secretly Vince’s lover? Why else would you want to award the title to a rap reject several times?

Streak vs. Career: – The Undertaker defeats Shawn Michaels – very happy with this result. I know that retirement matches in the WWE are usually on;y temporary but I can’t help but wish that we have seen the last of HBK. Can’t stand him and that asshole Cena. Sigh, most probably Michaels will be back in a few months.

Jericho vs Edge For WHC @ Wrestlemania 26

I read earlier today that @ WWE Elimination Chamber, Chris Jericho won the World Heavyweight Championship in an Elimination Chamber match, lastly eliminating the titleholder The Undertaker following interference from Shawn Michaels. This was on Sunday. Couple of days later, Edge decided that he would take his option to challenge Jericho at WrestleMania.

At WrestleMania 26, Jericho will defend the Championship against Edge, who won the 2010 Royal Rumble Match. As part of kayfabe, there’s a lot of history between these two wrestlers, who I vote as my top two favourites for the past few years. Title matches against each other, former tag team parters….who knows what’s gonna happen on the biggest show in wrestling.

The Return Of The Hitman : From Wikipedia

On December 28, 2009, after weeks of speculation, surrounding Bret Hart and his presence in World Wrestling Entertainment, Chairman Vince McMahon announced that Hart would host the January 4, 2010 episode of Raw. Hart made his first appearance in WWE Raw in over 12 years by hosting the program and confronting Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon regarding the Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series in 1997. Hart and Michaels were able to agree on a truce, shaking hands and hugging.

While many cast doubts on the sincerity of their reconciliation, Hart has confirmed that it was indeed genuine. It also appeared that he had buried the hatchet with Vince later in the night, until Vince subsequently kicked Bret in the gut area (this was in fact part of a storyline, as Bret and Vince have been on speaking terms since 2006). Hart said of the ongoing storyline with McMahon: “I hate to tell you what’s going to happen… I don’t want to ruin it for anybody.”

During different encounters the following month, Hart and McMahon would reproduce similar events that occurred in the Montreal Screwjob: McMahon spat in Hart’s face (as Hart did to McMahon), and Hart then destroyed parts of the technical equipment that goes into producing Raw (as he did to the Survivor Series equipment). On the February 15th episode of Raw, Hart said goodbye and thank you to the WWE Universe and every WWE Superstar. Moments later as part of his kayfabe, Hart was getting into his limousine, a woman backed up her car right into the door and also Hart’s leg. It was confirmed on SmackDown that Hart sustained a broken left leg, as well as ligament and tendon damage.

What’s next for the Return of The Hitman?

Who The Hell Is Sheamus?

Ok, I already admitted that I don’t keep up with the dealings, comings & going in the world of wrestling like I used to and am at best a casual observer for the past 2 years but who the heck is this guy Sheamus! I mean he comes outta nowhere and wins the WWE Championship on RAW!

Pale, pasty white skinned (reminds me of toothpaste) and a mop of bright orange/red hair, the Irishman moved to the WWE in 2006 but was in the development sections till July 2009 that he got a huge push into the main WWE matches. He had feuds with Goldust and Shelton Benjamin & Jamie Noble. He made his pay-per-view debut on Survivor Series and later on RAW won a battle royal to become the #1 contender for John Cena’s WWE Championship.

On December 13, at the TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view, Sheamus defeated Cena to win the WWE Championship, his first championship in WWE, making him the first Irish-born WWE Champion. I hear he’s being taunted with chants of ‘You can’t wrestle’ in many arenas but can’t state anything as I am yet to catch one of his matches.

2010 Royal Rumble Winner : Edge

Alright, nice way to make a comeback. I don’t usually get to watch much tv these days and get to watch WWE wrestling once in a blue moon, so this evening when I just switched on the tv and I saw that they were broadcasting the Royal Rumble event – I thought I’ll sit me down and watch it. Adam Copeland aka Edge came back from a long absence to win the Royal Rumble. He was last seen on July 3rd, where in a match against Jeff Hardy, his Achilles tendon tore and he had to undergo surgery.

At the time, it was reported that he would have to miss upto a year of wrestling but surprise, surprise, the roof came down on the crowd at the Atlanta venue as Edge walked in at the number 29th spot of the Rumble. To massive ovation, Edge jumped in and eliminated Chris Jericho and survived elimination a couple of times before dodging John Cena’s rush which turned into an elimination dive over the top ropes for the rap reject.

Edge must have turned into a ‘face’ as the crowd stood on it’s feet and cheered the returning Rated R superstar, who earned a championship opportunity of his choosing at Wrestlemania XXVI.

Still The Number 1 Search Topic

It’s the number one search item once again! 28 times someone has searched for something on the Chris Benoit controvesy and reached this blog.

The Chris Benoit-double muder/suicide controvesy and the theory that Kevin Sullivan may or may have a part in it is still the number one reason why people stumble upon this blog. Amazing that two years since the incident, Benoit’s legacy refuses to die out. He was such a character that anyone who was a fan, refuses to believe that he could be capable of such an act.

I’m still not convinced that Chris committed the crime of killing his son & wife and then himself. He, who was such a wonderful person and devoted family man. Did steroids or brain trauma play a part? Or did Sullivan instigate the crimes? We still don’t know. All evidence seems to lead to the fact that Benoit did it but there’s the possibility that he didn’t as well. So, we are not sure!

I just hope that someday his name is cleared and the real culprits are found.

WWE – Show Of Champions

I haven’t been able to watch WWE ever since my stupid cable company, Asianet, stopped showing TEN sports channel a few months ago. Even before then, I barely watched a full show of the three banners – RAW, Smackdown & ECW – in the last 2 years.

I used to be a big fan of WWE and I still do like to keep up with the news & pay-per-view event results by clicking on the appropriate page in Wikipedia. However, the whole thing has changed too much for my taste. In recent years, storylines became way more important that the actual wrestling. It’s still entertaining when you have good characters who can mouth off funny lines but unless you alliance and leicester loan back it up with the moves in the ring, it’s not worth watching.

Another issue that I have with WWE is that they seem to be trying to please way too many wrestlers (and consequently each individual wrestler’s fans) – there’s way too many title winners in a year! Too many. I can’t keep up with the changes; it’s like flavour of the month.

Each of the main titles in the 3 shows keep getting changed after 2 or 3 pay-per-view events. In a year either of the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship or the ECW Championship has 4 to 6 Champions in a year. How can you keep up? And they want to please everyone by having a whole lot of wrestlers winning titles.

The recently concluded Night Of Champions had only 2 title holder changes (one of which was Christian who beat Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Championships) among the 8 titles on the line but we’ll have a different set of champions in a couple of months. How does one keep up?

The Wrestler Aka Mickey Rourke’s Comeback

I finally got round to watching one of loans 100 the best movies that I have seen – ever! The Wrestler is a movie about a fallen star, a one time top wrestler now a fading relic of the excess that was the 1980s. Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson’, the guy who headlined arenas now is a weekend wrestler, strutting his stuff in small halls with opponents who are fans of his and remember his glory days. He is booked to fight a rematch of his crowning moment, a 20th anniversary celebration of his sold out match against the Ayatholla. We see Randy getting locked out of his trailer for not paying the rent, working behind the meat counter at a supermarket, puke and collapse after a heart attack, looking very aged as he puts on his glasses to read the instructions on medicine bottles, get’s insulted by his boss and breaks down in front of his estranged daughter as he begs her not to hate him for abandoning her.

We see him smitten by a stripper named Pam (Marisa Tomei) and see him try to woo her. She suggests that he tries to speak to his daughter, who takes some convincing but agrees to build back a relationship. After Pam gets scared of getting too close to him and says that they keep their distance, he gets angry and insults her. Then after a night of partying, drinking, snorting cocaine & having sex with a wrestling groupie, he forgets to show up for a night out with his daughter & their first dinner together after patching things up.

His daughter Stephanie  (Evan Rachel Wood) throws him out of her house and says that she never wants to have anything to do with him. Broken and devastated he finds himself embarrassed at where he is working when a wrestling fan recognizes him at the meat section and quits his job. He quickly arranges for his comeback match against the Ayatholla and understands that he can only be truly happy in the ring, cheered on by his fans. Randy’s heart strains in between the match and even the Ayatholla is concerned but Randy ploughs on and gets on top of the ring post.

We expect he dies of a heart attack after the match, post the final dive from the top. His heart wouldn’t have been able to recover. The movie ends as Randy jumps but that would have been fitting. He was a loser, couldn’t make a life for himself and screws things up. So in the moment of retained glory, it would have been fitting for him to die just after. And as the credits roll, a wonderful song by Bruce Springsteen plays.

“I’m an old, broken down piece of meat and I’m alone. And I deserve to be alone. I just don’t want you to hate me.”

RIP Andrew “Test” Martin

The wrestling world has lost another of it’s brethren. On March 13, 2009, Andrew Martin was found dead in his Tampa Bay apartment. The cause of death has not been determined; however, police believe that foul play was not a factor. Police were called in after a neighbor reported Martin appearing motionless for several hours through a window outside of his apartment.

Under the ring name Test, Martin wrestled for World Wrestling Federation (later World Wrestling Entertainment) from 1998–2004, and 2006–2007. Most recently, he worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling under the ring name “‘The Punisher’ Andrew Martin”. Martin enjoyed success as a singles competitor, becoming an Intercontinental Champion, European Champion and Hardcore Champion. Martin was also successful in the Tag team division, becoming a WWF and WCW World Tag Team Champion with Booker T.

March 17, 1975 – March 13, 2009

Jericho Is Champ

I haven’t been following the WWE that much in the last year or so. It kinda soured on me with the whole Chris Benoit death controvesy thing. So I just watch snippets here & there or try to catch up on pay-per-view results – not on tv – but through Wikipedia. I also try to read up on some of the former wrestlers and what they are upto these days.

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I suddenly remembered today that ">Unforgiven had taken place on the 7th but I had no idea of the results. I wasn’t sure as to when they would air it here on Ten Sports but since I rarely watch tv anymore, I thought I’d check out the results.

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And I found out that although Chris Jericho lost the grudge match to HBK due to the severity of his injuries, he still shone in the end. Jericho replaced reigning champ CM Punk in the scramble match for the World Heavyweight title (as CM Punk was unable to compete due to an assault) and, with 2 seconds, left on the clock in the limited time contest, pinned Kane and won the belt in an awesome comeback.

I know he is supposed to be a ‘heel’ wrestler now but I can’t stand most idiots that the WWE seems to support and hence I’m cheering on for Jericho. Y2J rocks!

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King Of Harts

I was sitting in front of the tv, eating a lite dinner and flicking through the channels when I stopped at TenSports. They were showing classic wresting matches and today they were showing a match between my favourite wrestler of all time, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and, his younger brother, the late Owen Hart. As wrestling fans will know, Owen met with a tragic death 9 years ago in Kansas City, falling from the ceiling in an entrance stunt that went wrong. But his memory lives on in the hearts of his family, friends & wrestling fans all over the world.

The match in particular was one in a steel cage at SummerSlam 1994 for the world heavyweight title, held by the older Hart. The two brothers went at it in front of their parents, brothers, sisters & brother-in-law Davy ‘British Bulldog’ Smith. It was a truly great match and finally, with both brothers hanging on the outside of the cage, Bret banged Owen’s head against the steel and jumped to the ground, the victor. The Anvil then attached Smith and together with Owen, pushed Bret back into the cage and beat him up after locking the door. The other Hart brothers tried to interfere and finally were able to chase the Anvil & Owen.

It was a great match between great wrestlers. Brought back memories of a fine person and a great wrestler. Still missing you, Owen!

Trish Was In Kochi?

This is news to me! And I want to cry!

Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus was in Kochi, in my hometown, and I missed her! I didn’t get to see her and get a stratusfaction from her.

download legionnaire Apparently she was in town earlier this year for work. She hosta a new TV series Stratusphere and where Stratus gets to travel the world and actually see the world. And the first episode, Stratus is in Kochi, India, where she learns the ancient martial art of kalarippayat, progressing from fighting with sticks to fighting with metal swords.

It debuted yesterday across Canada on the Travel & Escape network, so hopefully they will show it on channels like Travel & Living over here.

Watching her on tv travelling in my hometown is going to be hard to swallow. Next time Trish….call me!

Wrestlemania XXIV

I haven’t seen the event yet, but this morning I went through the results of WWE’s flagship pay-per-view event, Wrestlemania XXIV. Held in the Citus Bowl in Orlando Florida, the event drew a crowd of 74,635 spectators. I kinda had an idea the way the matches would go. I was sure that ‘Taker would win, because there was no way that the WWE would let go of his phenomenal record. Let’s go through a few of the matches :

  • Ric Flair lost to Shawn Michaels in a ‘retirement match’; which means that the 59 year old 16 time world champion Flair will never wrestle again professionally.
  • Kane defeats Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship; after winning a 24 man battle royal earlier in the week, the big red machine beats that puny idiot for the title.
  • CM Punk beats Chris Jericho, Carlito, MVP, Mr.Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin & John Morrison in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, and thereby gets a contract to challenge for either of the WWE, World Heavyweight or ECW championships at any time or event of his choosing, within a year.
  • The Undertaker defeats Edge for the World Heavyweight title and his record at Wrestlemania stands at 16 wins to 0 loses.
  • Randy Orton retains his WWE Championship in a triple threat match against HHH & John Cena, when he pins Cena after Triple H ‘pedigreed’ cialis pricing the rap reject.

Ok, that’s it for the wrestling results. Now here comes the fly in the ointment, the shit in your cake, the joke of the century – Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeats a man 5 times his size (I think), The Big Show, in a no disqualification match!! WTF? He beats Show with chairs and brass knuckles. Yeah, right! I think Show should just take the ghetto dwelling, uncultured, loud-mouthed barclays bridging loan dumbo Floyd and use him as an ass-wipe. The WWE can be really ridiculous at times.

Intercontinental Champ Is Jericho

Once again returning wrestler Chris Jericho is a champ! Now an 8 time Intercontinental Champion, Jericho beat Jeff Hardy on the last Raw show for the title. Even though his new look has him being mistaken on occasion as a kinda like a grown up member of the Backstreet Boys (compared to his previous Metal Rocker long locks), we shall forgive him for that.

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