4 Way Showdown @ Backlash

WWE pay-per-view event Backlash will feature a four way title defence for the WWE championship featuring two pairs of fighting tag team partners. Champion & rap scum John Cena has had issues with his tag team partner Shawn Michaels, also known as HBK (Homo Butt Kisser). They will enter the ring @ Backlash and face off for Cena’s belt and joining them will be two more former champions, Randy Orton & Edge. Now, I can’t stand “bad rapper cum worse wrestler cum worst actor” Cena or Michaels. I won’t be too bummed out if Orton wins it but I am cheering for Edge, who is my second fav current Wrestler after Chris Benoit.

Edge has had two stints at being the champ, as short as they were, and each time it was tainted with having lost to Cena. So at Backlash, I hope he wins it for the third time and we will never have to suffer through Cena’s bad acting & rapping on screen! Ok that is to much to hope for, but atleast I hope he never becomes champ again. Come on guys!

Good Friday?

Good Friday.

What indeed is so good about this day? If your are Christian and you believe in Christ, shouldn’t this day be named more appropriately? Good Friday…he died on the cross on this day didn’t he?

I think Malayalee Christians have it right – they call this day “Dhukha Velliyazhcha” (Sad or Mournful Friday) . Yuk, yuk, snicker :D

Undertaker is a champ again

download bottle shock movie The Undertaker broke his own record at Wrestlemania by beating reigning champion Batista and winning @ the annual event for the 15th year in a row. No one comes close enough to that record.

This is the first World Heavyweight Championship for the Undertaker, his previous title wins all coming in the WWE Championship title. Batista, has been trying tactics to turn the confrontation in his favour ever since he found out that the dead man would be gunning after his title, as the winner of the Royal Rumble can chose which world title he wants to challenge for at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker decided that he would go after Batista and the two have had some seriously hostile meetings as the days passed. So now, the Undertaker reigns again.

Dead Man Stalking

Fine, the Royal Rumble actually got over more than a few days ago (january 28th to be exact) but I only got to watch it today. I also knew who the winner was, thanks to Wikipedia and WWE.com. But I didn’t want to comment on it until I had seen it and I did watch most of it today. This year’s Rumble was held in the city of San Antonio, Texas – home of that asshole Shawn Michaels. I was afraid that they were going to let him win the event but he only made it to the last two. This is the second time that it was held in San Antonio. This marked the first time the new ECW brand would participate in the Royal Rumble match. The winner could have a title shot at WrestleMania for the ECW World Championship as an alternative to the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship. And this year it was won by the legend The Undertaker who came in last at number 30 and eliminated Michaels, by dodging a sweet chin music and throwing him over the ropes to win the entire event and go on to Wrestlmania 23 as the challenger to Batista. At WrestleMania it will be Undertaker’s Streak of 14-0 versus Batista and his World Heavyweight Championship. Before that, the two team up in a tag team match versus Shawn Michaels & John Cena. Batista has said that he is in no way intimidated and looks forward to the “biggest match of my career”. Watch it on April 1st.

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