Cathy – Queen Of Pachalam

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As I got out of the bus and was trying to make my way towards home, I saw a pretty & cute girl in a light green dress. I had just a moment’s notice to look at her, when she turned towards my direction and suddenly smiled at me in recognition. Her smile lit up the night : it was Cathy. My sweet Cathy, who I hadn’t met in 4 years but who has always been in my heart.

Catherine Figrado was a former colleague and one of my best friends, someone who I love unconditionally and even though I haven’t seen in 4 years, she is on my mind almost every day. I keep wanting to meet her and even though since 2 years, we now live not to far away, it just hasn’t happened. The last time I met her was when I went to visit her & her mother who was hospitalized. That was in 2004 September.

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We spoke for a few minutes as we waited for her bus. After she got in, I walked back with a smile on my face but I still felt sad. Meeting her only reminded me how much I miss her impish smile and her naughty character. She was a handful for all her friends & colleagues and basically ran the show at the office. She was the defacto leader; we were all so fond of her and indulged her whims but she never once took anyone’s friendship for granted and returned the love back.We used to call her the Queen of Pachalam (her area of residence).

I miss her. A great deal. I’ve always had a huge connection with her. I was so upset when she left the company that I was working for previously. I still want to see her everyday. She’s getting married in January and I hope the guy is going to take good care of her. Or he will have me to answer to! And I am not a nice guy when you hurt the people I love. So be careful buddy!

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