Caught In The Middle

This happened a few days ago but I guess I just plum forgot to mention it here. A few days ago I was on Broadway street after hanging out in a cafe nearby having a cold coffee and a sandwich. I then went to this medical store to buy some meds for mom, as she had called me and said that she wasn’t really feeling well and an Asthalin inhaler for me. I had to wait a long time as the place was crowded; it also has branched out to sell a lot of other stuff including beauty products, candy, bottled juices & other soft drinks, some food & candy. So it was packed.

A rude middle aged man was holding the prescription paper right in front of the pharmacist girl’s face. Any closer and she could use it as a face mask you asshole! Anyways, I bought my stuff, paid for it and crossed across to Marine Drive and hailed an auto rickshaw to take me back home. My auto driver was a chatty fellow and I found it funny that he has 3 different horns – which he explained was 1) were for girls & women (a harsh high pitched shrill sounding horn that made people jump) 2) a loud horn for cars and 3) a funny sound just for kicks. I found this amusing and told him so but was regretting it 30 seconds later as the driver was a very talkative & chatty fellow and a bit too eager to engage his passenger in banter when he should keep all his efforts & energy on the road.

So guess what happened? We were in an accident but truly it wasn’t his fault. As we made our way towards St. Albert’s College, a red Alto cut in front of us without signaling and then slowed down a bit, causing the auto guy to turn quickly to the right. But there was a white car on our right side and there was no way that this auto driver could avoid hitting either side. We were caught in the middle and he could get the brakes in time and what happened is that he drove his auto right through the middle of both cars and hitting & scraping both! The red car, unfortunately as they were the cause of this accident, had the least of the problems as there was just a think long line of scratch metal which was hardly noticeable and easily fixed up. The white car had a big dent on the left side just behind the back door. The auto being in the middle had more damaged and the mudguard over both back wheels were damaged and needed a complete refit.

The owner of the red Alto, a harsh speaking and totally uneducated but rich woman wanted Rs.10,000 for the repair or she wanted to wait for the cops. The driver of the white car was in a hurry and after talking to the auto driver for a while, was convinced that it was not his fault and that he couldn’t get the brakes in time. But he was getting late and so after 20 minutes of talking & getting nowhere he had to rush. The people in the red car – a hired driver, two kids, the rude lady and another lady – didn’t want to do anything until the cops came were adamant that the auto driver was at fault. By then a small crowd had gathered and as a neutral party (yeah I am Switzerland) and someone who had seen everything, I was asked to tell my points of view. I made it clear that it was the fault of the driver of the red car, as he had cut in front of us & slowed down without even signalling and that caused the accident. Most people bought my story and I would have wanted to wait a while to see it through but I wanted to get the medicines to my mother quickly and had to leave ater waiting for 30 minutes.

I really wanted to shut that rude bitch up because she sounded like a total fuck up – the kind that had no education or manners to speak of but had probably married to a rich man or whose family got rich recently and probably not through the legal means. She wanted Rs.10,000 for a thin line while the auto guy would have to have a lot of repair done on his auto and his livelihood halted while the auto was in the workshop. I wished I could have stay there a bit longer.

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