Caught On Tape

Our office is under close circuit camera surveillance. I’ve never had to work in such until I joined here at the age of 30. In the last 3 years I’ve heard/seen things on the camera that I’d never thought I’d see in my work place. Theft, people snuggling, people smoking, people breaking things!

The security team has caught boy & girl making out. Once I witnessed a guy knocking one of the fire extinguishers off it’s perch and the foam exploded all over the floor. We caught that guy. Apparently it was purely by accident. Also one of my trainers was called by a girl trainee of his and she tried getting too close for comfort and on tape we watched him trying to move away. We’ve also caught cell phone, wallet and watch thefts.

Today another girl was caught, on camera, stealing a little cash and some kitkats from her colleague’s purse. They are supposed to be best friends but this girl forgot to inform the other that she was “borrowing” the cash. And now she is caught on tape. Why do people go for such cheapest personal loans uk things?

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