Celebrity Cricket League AKA Me, Me, Me

Watched a bit of CCL stuff while at a bar. Self-indulgent, ego-maniacs, actors posing as sportsmen and squeezing as much more tv time as possible. It is so fake that silicon boobs & porn stars look genuine by comparison. Each time a player hits a 4 or a 6, cameras pan to some chicks who jump up & down, bouncing their only useful assets and then do a typical, stupid dance routine when they know that the cameras are on them. Hugging & kissing. Even more dumber blond women cheerleaders with their un-choreographed dance routines so out of step with each other. And the stupidest names for the teams!

Imagine if you are a sportsman in any of the other sports – football, hockey, athletics, table tennis, tennis etc – you would be pissed off at all this unnecessary show off stuff happening in Indian television. Look at the sponsorships happening. Look at the money spent. Look at the tv coverage. Now imagine you have toiled all your life trying to achieve a certain level of excellence in your field of sport. Indian is a huge country, with the second largest population in the world (over 1.21 billion as per numbers from 2011) and with making babies not diminishing, we are projected to overtake China in less than 30 years or so. Surely there are enough people to support several sports and bring in viewership and money – oh no, cricket takes precedence over anything else. With all the matches that India plays, then then have state level and then IPL and now CCL. Where will the other sports be? Sidelined with occasional bouts of headlines!

So yes pretty women with glamorous looks and bodacious bodies bouncing about, hugging & kissing whenever a 4 or a 6 is scored, making a spectacle of themselves – and the channels don’t try to hide it, even putting these scenes in slow motion replays – is good for gathering viewers. Cricket is by far the main sport in India and hence it’s natural that these actors who want to keep hogging the limelight will look for ways to add themselves into the mix. Team owners as team captains, Face of the team, glam doll actresses as brand ambassadors (yes only in India people) and interviews with these actors on the pitch, off the pitch, before the game, during the game, after the game. Women checking to see if the camera is on them and then instantly becoming the most passionate fan that this short lived team and league could ever hope to have. Oh the humanity! The worst thing to happen to India is Indian cable tv channels!

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