Chance Meeting With A Former Colleague

This evening, on my way home, I met this guy who works in the main office of the former corporate that I used to work for. He is from the finance department and a Tamilian and he was always a cheerful and helpful fellow. He happens to live not too far from where I do and saw me while he was riding home on his bike and so he decided to chat.

It had been atleast 3 years since I last had any contact with him – I worked for a year more in the outsourced agency of that company but I rarely had to interact with finance in the profile in which I worked during that year. I’m surprised that he remembered me so well although he did forget my name and I forgot his. I mean, he wasn’t there for too long before I made my move to the outsourced agency.

download the ghost and the darkness dvd So it’s really nice to know that I do make good impressions on people. He said that he always used to hear good things about me, even now, from people in that company. I’m touched that they still talk about me there; after all it’s been over 2 years since I left. My current company is doing a big project with my previous employers and he wanted to know if I would be joining in the new center starting up in Coimbatore. He had asked for a transfer to Tamil Nadu, as he is a native Tamilian. I told him that it would be too complicated for me to go back to doing work for them.

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But I felt nice to be thought of fondly by those people. Lifted my spirits quite a bit.

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