Change In The Weather

Well it’s a lot cooler outside and inside the last couple of days. With a bit of rain and rain clouds overcast and generous gusts of cool breezes it has been a nice change of weather the past couple of days. Good weather to sleep in late most mornings I myself had a peaceful sleep with a lusty dream and slept till 10:40 am whereas I usually wake up by 9 or 9:30 am on most days (remember that I sleep at 4:30 am).

It’s odd how things change mood wise when thr weather changes as well. I am less grumpy and more rested due to this change. I love the monsoon as long as there is no thunder and lightning and the power doesn’t go out. Yesterday was a nice rainy later afternoon on the way to work – the kind of weather where a grilled chicken and some vodka goes down well! Oh, I miss vodka. Gotta go get some this weekend from the BevCo.

It’s also strange that the days seem shorter with the hours, especially when at home and enjoying your free time – the hours seem to fly by. 60 minutes isn’t what it used to be! Or so it seems.

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