Change Of Work Hours

Got a change of scenery after a long gap. Yesterday evening I came home rather early from work as instructed by my superiors. My Shift started at 6:30 pm and at 8 pm I was informed that I could go home at 9:30 pm as I would need to step in to train a batch at 8:30 am tomorrow. I will only be with them for 2 days and will continue with my regular shift from Friday. Therefore, I reached home at 10 pm!

Hence I left my home for work in the morning for the first time since mid March. I left for the office by 8 am and reached there by 8:30 am and post work I left the office at 5 (well 30 minutes earlier than usual) and had a leaisuerly stroll in one area looking for a new store that had opened. I had a quick bite to eat with a friend who works in that area before heading on over to Penta Menaka and buying an office bag for work (my current one tore at the seems as I had 3 books and the iPad with case inside it). After a check in 3 shops I finally bought a bag and by 7 pm I was back in my bedroom.
Now this change in work shifts is only for 2 days after which I will be back to my routine shift which is 6:30 pm to 3:30 am. From Friday onwards. Which is ok, I find this shift to be ok. As long as I get to bed while it is still dark so I can fall asleep and sleep for 6 hours or so. I hate graveyard shifts as I can never get enough sleep during the day.

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