Changed My Laptop’s Hard Disk

I had my laptop’s hard disk replaced today. My 320GB was having tons of issues with bad sectors up the ying yang and Windows crashing every couple of days or so. Whenever I download files and it falls on some of the bad sectors, Windows crashes and I get to see the Blue screen of death – which always sends chills up my spine. It had been going on for a long time and I had hoped to get a new one soon. Cash being the problem. Anyway I couldn’t wait any longer.

After checking around for the best options and a trusted place to go and have it done at. A few calls to some friends and I settled on IT Net at Ravipuram. I went there this morning at 11:30 and gave them my laptop. They had a new 500GB drive installed in my laptop and installed Windows 7 plus MS Office and a few other essential software that they could provide. By 4pm I got a call saying that it was completed and I went back there to collect my pc.

Goodbye old 320GB drive. You served me so well for the past 3 years :_(

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