Changes @ The Top

Lots of changes going on at the corporate level for the company that I work for. A few resignations, some comings and goings and much organizational structure changes. Not sure if this is an adjustment or if things are looking very bleak.

We’ve had 2 GMs, our Ops VP & the senior VP visiting our center during the last couple of days. Luckily and thankfully, there was no long winded speeches or reviews of the sort, where usually much time is wasted and nothing is achieved. This was more of a sitdown, meet & greet session with a new GM that lasted for 2 hours yesterday evening. And today we spent a lot of time with the VP with the senior VP chatting with us & telling us about the changes to the Org structure.

At the end of the day I was quite confused and puzzled and not sure as to how much of this is going to affect me, my team and our work. I hope things don’t turn sour or anything and remains as rosy as the meeting with the VP. Time will tell.

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