Changing My Gmail Look

Gmail, is the default personal email id for most people. I have a gmail id and a hotmail id but to be honest hotmail sucks. Gmail is so much better but since I have used my hotmail id for several official purposes I am scared to make a change and not use hotmail anymore.

Gmail, like a lot of web applications has themes and other customization options. I remember that the first time I found out about themes on Gmail, I tried out a few and then settled on one. That lasted for a while before I selected this one below. I am not sure how long this theme has lasted but I am sure it has been atleast 6 or 7 years since I chose this particular theme. I like the fall look but it has been too long.

I check on my email at home on my laptop a few times a day. Social media, actual emails, app related, alerts etc etc. Since I get so many emails in a day, I tend to access it several times on my phone and on my laptop. Now I just felt that I was getting bored of this particular fall theme and though to make  a change. After several minutes I settled on this one.

This theme should last a few years or so. I don’t change them too often but this is rather nice, don’t you think.

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