Changing Place Names In India

Why change the names of Indian cities & states now, many many years post independence? This ofcourse after the recent renaming of the state of West Bengal to Paschim Banga (which is the literal translation to Bengali).

The first flurry of renaming cities & places from more “Anglicized” names was back in 1995-96, almost 50 years post Independence. During this period Bombay became Mumbai & Madras became Chennai. My hometown of Cochin (a name I love so much) changed it’s name to Kochi, but a lot of us still call her Cochin. The capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum became Thiruvananthapuram – a name which on use borders on oral abuse in 1991. Other cities – Quilon to Kollam, Calicut to Kozhikode. In most cities in Kerala it was a case of making the name of the city in the local language of Malayalam official. In 2001 the capital of West Bengal, Calcutta was renamed Kolkata.

If we had the balls, we should have renamed them on Aug 15th 1947 right in the face of the British who were leaving. Instead we waited like sissy fucking pansies for 50+ years and then started renaming & Indianizing the places! Bangalore = hip, sexy, trendy, Bengaluru = sounds like a bitter vegetable; Bombay = fun sounding became Mumbai = a down on her luck 50+ year old prostitute; Calcutta became something you say as you swallow something nasty in taste = Kolkatta. Now morons want to call West Bengal Paschim Banga or Bongo or Pogo!!!!! There are also proposals in place for renaming Mangalore to Mangaluru, Patna to it’s ancient name of Pataliputra, Mysore to Mysooru, Hyderabad to Bhagyanagaram, Delhi to Indraprastha & Ahmedabad to Karnavati. Where will this end?

And why is it so important to do this? Don’t the state governments have better things to worry about? The biggest item on their agenda is to change the name???

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