Changing Tires

Changing a tireĀ is actually rather physically demanding. You have to put some muscle in getting the lug nuts off and cranking the jack, and then you have to bend down and lift theĀ tire. Often, folks will try to do all of this is a hurry to get on their way, but that’s a mistake. If you feel like you need help a tire change service will be handy.

How to change a tire in 10 simple steps.
Find a Safe Place to Pull Over.
Check for Materials.
Loosen the Lug Nuts.
Lift Your Vehicle Off the Ground.
Remove the Lug Nuts and the Tire.
Place the Spare Tire on the Car.
Replace the Lug Nuts.
Lower Your Vehicle and Begin Tightening.

What about those of you who live in places that have harsh winters? A good rule of thumb is to change to winter tiresĀ seasonĀ tiresĀ once temperatures consistently drop below 7Ā°C or 45Ā°F. It’s also important to consider the time of day you are drivingā€”daily highs might read well over 10Ā°C or 50Ā°F, but given your early morning and evening commute, temperatures could be below 7Ā°C or 45Ā°F at those times.

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