Changing Tires

Changing tires¬†doesn’t have to mean a trip to the garage. It’s easier than¬†you¬†think.¬†Changing your¬†own¬†tires¬†is a job¬†you can¬†handle¬†yourself¬†if¬†you¬†already have rims attached to¬†your tires. Anyone¬†can do¬†it, it just takes knowledge, practice and confidence to build the skill. Tire change if you do not know what you are doing can be difficult and if so you have options.

Yes, it can be a good idea to call someone if you with a flat tire, especially if you are in an unfamiliar, possibly dangerous area, or if your car is blocking traffic. The police will be able to put flares around your car so that other drivers will see it, and luckily, they are trained to change tires.

The general rule of thumb is that¬†tires¬†can last anywhere between 25,000¬†to¬†50,000 miles before they need¬†to¬†be replaced. You will want¬†to¬†refer¬†to¬†the owner’s manual for specific recommendations that come with your car. It is better¬†to¬†be safe and sorry¬†when¬†it comes¬†to tire¬†replacement.

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