Chatting @ The Local Store

I really like buying stuff at the little store right smack @ the junction near my apartment. It’s like a few steps away from my building and you get most of your things there, except for vegetables. But I buy soft drinks, sugar, oats, bananas, toiletries, bread, biscuits and most food items from there. The owner is friendly, polite & chats with everyone who comes to buy stuff from his store.

That last part is the problem really. I mean I do chat with him and agree on a lot of things that he says (like his stance on never selling cigarettes in his shop cause he is against it) but it sometimes gets in the way of your shopping. You’ll be standing there having made your purchases and with money in your hand but he is still chatting with another person. And this can go on for more than 5 minutes which can get very annoying.

I always make it a point to not let a fellow shopper wait just because I want to talk to the shop owner but you know the typical Malayalee local – has his points on eveything under the sun and yaks on and on about it. So you’re left standing there like a jackass waiting to handover the money and get the change back.

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