Cheapest Full Meal I Ever Ate

I’d like to take you back to early 1992. I was in grade 10, a very young lad of just 15 years old. Until this particular day I’d only gone to the movies with my family & cousins. Never had I gone to the theatres with friends. From 16 till 28 I would go quite often with friends or a cousin or 2 (or 3 or 4 or infinity) and many, many times on my own as well. But the memory that I am digging up from my cellar of a mind is this day, I think late January or so. My best friend Samir and I decided that we would go out on a Saturday afternoon and catch a movie and then have an early dinner before heading back to our homes.

So post a quick lunch I caught a bus to Edapally Toll, where he was waiting for me and then we both headed out to the city (we used to live in the suburbs) for some window shopping and bird watching. So we roamed around for a bit and then went for the movie. It was sold out. We tried another one that we thought would be good but that was sold out too. What do we do now? Well Samir was a closet Kamal Hassan fan and so he talked into going for this really dumb Tamil movie and 8 minutes in, I almost killed him because it was really quite stupid!

Anyways, 3 hours later we came out of the theatres, minus a few brain cells that didn’t survive the movie viewing and then walked for about an hour talking about stuff. We came to the North Railway station area and selected a small hotel that was known for their good food. For 9 bucks each we had a belly full of dinner – 4 porottos each and beef curry! Just 9 bucks per person. Nowadays that will cost you 40-60 bucks easily, depending on where you eat. The hotel had since closed down and demolished and rebuilt, I think 7 years ago after the owner died of old age. It’s now a store that sells books but everytime I pass it, I always remember my buddy & I having dinner there all those years ago. Cheapest full meal I ever ate.

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