Everybody loves food trucks! Well, atleast the food trucks that you see in the US, Canada & some other western nations. Chef is a 2014 American comedy film written, produced, directed by, and starring Jon Favreau. The film co-stars Sofía Vergara, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman and Oliver Platt. Robert Downey, Jr. & Russell Peters have cameos in it as well.

Carl Casper is a chef in a popular Los Angeles restaurant and is preparing for the visit of prominent food blogger and critic Ramsey Michel and is trying out some new dishes when the restaurant owner Riva intervenes and tells him to serve the usual classics that they are known for. Michel comes in and eats dinner and thrashes chef Casper in his online review. Disappointed Casper, who has his 10 year old son Percy create a Twitter account for him, calls out Michel on his opinion. By the next day Carl has almost 2000 followers and Michel taunts his back. Carl invites Michel back for a special dinner but Riva won’t allow the menu to change and after having a few words, Carl quits. That night he goes back to the restaurant and yells at Michel in public which is shot on several mobile phone cameras and the videos go instantly viral, giving Carl internet notoriety.

However his credibility & job prospects vanish and he needs a job quick. His wife Inez hooks him up with an agent who says she can him work on reality tv but Carl just wants to cook for people. Inez invites him to go to Miami, where she is from and where they met & fell in love, so he can spend time with their son Percy while she works. He also goes to meet Inez’s first ex-husband Marvin who hooks him up with an old food truck. Carl & Percy clean up the truck and go buy the equipment needed to start cooking and serving food. Martin, Carl’s line cook from LA who got promoted to sous chef after Carl quit, joins him in Miami and has the truck cleaned up and painted. Calling the food truck “El Jefe” they prepare and serve Cubanos, a form of Cuban sandwich, which gets them some notice. Pecy starts tweeting the locations where they will be and uploaded them to Twitter and sets up a FB page for them and they hit the road back to Los Angeles, stopping at several placed along the way where they sell a lot of food and gain popularity.

Having reconnected with his son Carl promises him that he can work at the food truck on weekends and when he is done with home work since he has become a good cook as long as Inez is ok with it. Soon “El Jefe” becomes a hit in LA with Inez back with Carl and helping him & Martin sell the food that they are cooking along with Percy. Michel comes to meet Carl and they bury the hatchet as the critic tells him that the food is excellent and that Carl is back to the groove he was 10 years ago when he first moved to LA and started cooking. Michel having made a ton of money selling his website invests in Carl’s business and they start a new restauant, with the same name ‘El Jefe’ and the finall scene is a ix months later, the new restaurant is busy and closed for a private event: Carl and Inez’s wedding.

Sweet and funny movie which focuses on food & social media stuff, family & loyalty with a light hearted theme. Funniest scene is when Russel Peters comes in as a cop and on recognizing Carl from the internet video asks him to pose for some funny pics! Loved that one! It’s a feel good movie and should be taken lightly. I’ll give it an 8 outta 10!

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