Children’s Day @ The Office

Today being Children’s Day in India, there was a plan in the office to collect money, clothes, books, pens, pencils or anything that could be deemed useful for orphaned kids. An HR drive all these things were collected and donated to an orphange in the city and some of the employees were selected to go and present it to the kids.

Also, HR thought that it would be nice to have employees bring their kids to work. You know, have some competitions, drawings & colourings, some games for these kids. Only about 20 kids, all under the age of 6 came to the office and they must have had a jolly good time judging by the shit eating grins on their faces. Or maybe it was chocolate.

I myself gave a chocolate to a little 2.5 year old spitfire girl who is the neice of one of my trainers. She was having a ball, enjoying the attention of all and parroting what ever you told her to say. She called me chettan (big brother), uncle and grandfather (?????) all within the gap of 2 minutes!

By 5pm the noise had all died down as the kids were packed off and there was peace and quite. So I went to get some coffee and complete my work for the day.

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