Chilling With Drinks & Squid

Clients releasing newer & newer softwares & applications are a pain in the neck. Clients releasing newer & newer softwares & applications often are a pain in the ass. Clients releasing newer & newer softwares & applications which don’t work properly in our office premises is an kick in the scrotum!

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Dealing with all that rubbish is hard work. I guess that was part of the reason that the interim manager (who currently manages both Kerala & Tamil Nadu processes for Quality & Training) decided that he wants to spend some time with my counterpart in the Quality department, Leslie and myself outside of the office in a casual setting. So went went to his room at Park Residency (excellent view out the window) at around 3:30 pm and ordered some drinks and some food to chill out and relax.

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We ordered Signature whiskey, Smirnoff vodka, seven up, 2 plates of squid roast, chicken 65, battered prawns (dipped in koos-koos) and peanuts. It was a good decision as Leslie & I aren’t really comfortable with this guy but the guard may have lowered down a bit and it was enjoyable. Leslie & I walked a bit and then took an auto to HMT jn. I then took a bus back home.

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