Chilling At The Nyle

Long day yesterday. I was up by 6:30 am, preparing for my section of the review that Cochin center of our company is presenting to the new VP and the Sr.VP. It has a department wise snapshot of 08-09, 09-10 (so far) and a detailed KPI wise for April-July. By 8:45am I was out of the house and @ work by 9:20.

The review started around 11 am and stopped at 1:45 pm for lunch – a small burger, a small sticky triangle of bread with some toppings (that a bakery tried to pass off as pizza), chips and Pepsi. I think everyone was still quite hungry even after lunch and the grumblings continued on. We went back to our respective departments and continued our work till 7 pm (quitting time for me) when we were informed by the Admin head that us HOD’s were required to be present for a presentation/dinner at Hotel Nyle Plaza.

So me & the Quality lead went to watch Tom & Jerry in the reception hall (with no sound as the tv needs repairs) and we left via a mini-bus provided for us. All HODs were at the hotel by 8:15pm and we sipped on a fruit punch while we waited for the VPS and our center head to come. Turns out that it was a very casual affair, no presentations – just a dinner and a showing our our recently held grand R&R function (end of June) on a big screen.

Dinner was nice – nan rotis, chicken, fish masala, gobi manchurian, some salads and stuff, rice & fried rice and for dessert gulam jamun & chocolate pudding! We stood and ate for the most part and it was fun. By 10 pm we left the hotel but it was only by 11:15 pm that I reached home, due to people living in different areas having to be dropped off.

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