Choosing The Right Colour For Me

I just can’t wait for November 2nd and for the BlackBerry Curve to be delivered to me. I’m a little obsessed right now….ok a whole lot obsessed right now. I’ve been wanting a BB for a very long time, from 2006. In fact it was one of my January 2007 New Year’s resolutions! So it’s the 20th now and I just have to survive the next 12 days.

The question I was asked was what colour I wanted it in! Good question : I am aware of the default silver, pale gold, titanium, black & sunset colours. Black is cool but most of my phones (7 in all) have been black. The ones I really like are the red & sapphire blue colours (as shown here) and either would be cool for me. I do not want the pale gold colour as it is so bland and 3 other people in my office have taken the titanium one! The sunset colour is so cheap that I would not be caught dead with it! I’ve seen an orange version but I think that is a 8330 and not an 8320.

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