Cities I’d Consider Moving To

I love Vancouver cause it just is the most naturally beautiful & appealing city in the whole world. I love it’s charm, the ocean nearby and the attractions. Vancouver seems all green & blue to me, which is the best that the earth has to offer. Stanley Park is amazing, wonderful snowboarding & skiing is just close by and you can go swim/kayaking with the Orcas nearby.

Barcelona is another big wish list city that I would want to visit. So is Munich, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Madrid, Stockholm and many other places. But no city can ever be greater than Vancouver in terms of me wanting to move there.


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6 thoughts on “Cities I’d Consider Moving To

  1. The whole of British Columbia is pretty amazing. There are so many different climates and visually interesting areas it’s pretty amazing.

    Coastal rain forests, wine country, old growth forests, mountains everywhere, storm watching & surfing on the west coast of Vancouver Island, some pretty cosmopolitan cities, a bit of everything really.

  2. Hey, what about Sydney? Hahaha.
    We need to find you a nice Canadian girl so you can marry her and move to Vancouver and then I can come and visit because I like the look of Vancouver too. It is a gorgeous place!

  3. Well there’s a couple of very pretty & awesome Canadian women I know. However the nicest one I know lives in Toronto. I would love to go to Canada even if it’s only for a visit.

    Actually the OZ city I liked the most was Perth after watching some TLC programs. The city looked so pretty.

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