City Of Garbage

With all the cutting edge technology and advancements in every field in science, we still haven’t found a suitable means of cleaning up our planet and disposing off our garbage! Shame on us. Cochin city has been desprately screaming for a solution for the past few years. Platic bags filled with soiled paper, food waste and other stuff lies littered on road sides as there isn’t a proper waste disposal or waste compact unit in the city or state. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like in a few more years unless we arrive at something. Edapally bus stop is disgustingly bereft of any people waiting for the bus – instead there are about 20-30 garbage bags lined next to each other. Near my apartment there is a college and on the other side of their wall, I often see waste bags stacked one upon another for days at a stretch. How many kids are going to fall sick?

The city needs to pull up its socks and demand the politicians for a proper solution. The main roads are begining to look like garbage dumps. We will always produce waste. It’s inevitable. We need a solution to properly dispose of it. What kind of epidemic or plague must start before we open our eyes. I wish I could offer a solution. I keep thinking about a powerful checmical which when combined in the right quantities will dissolve all waste & garbage into thin air. Ofcourse it’s a sci-fi dream.

Can we dispose of it into spaceships and launch it into space to be dumped out there? Or find some moons or planets that we can convert into a garbage dumping planet. Like in that movie Soldier happily n ever after 2 download with Kurt Russell. There’s a scene in which a spaceship that collects garbage goes to a planet and dumps the whole lot into it’s surface. That might work!

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