City or Countryside?

Oh, I prefer the city so much more. The Indian countryside – speaking of Kerala – it’s not something that I can get used to. It may be green and in some cases peaceful and lots of people may like it but not me. I cannot see myself ever settling down in a countryside or village area where you cannot get a good cafe. What’s life good for if you can’t get a caramel latte within 30 minutes of where you life? Plus the people in villages tend to be more religious and their idea of a fun evening is going for a temple (interchange with mosque or church) and listening to repetitive drumming and blowhorns while standing around with their arms folded and some elephants in the background. Me? that music (and I use that term lightly) makes me want to kill myself!! So some of you may like it, great! I don’t!

Also fast internet will be difficult to get, not impossible, but difficult and how the fuck am I gonna survive without the net? Shops, transport and commodities are different than what it is over here. Ofcourse the city has a lot more pollution but take a look at the villages – it ain’t exactly clean & tidy son? A lot of people here say, ah the peace and quite of the villages & countryside. Keep it, I’d rather have the hustle and bustle of the city. I don’t even see me staying in a village for a vacation – no thanks! Retirement – not a chance. Semi-urban areas is about as much as I can stand.

My sister & brother-in-law bought some land in Chalakudy and built a house there. It’s right next to a river – that has crocodiles for fuck’s sake – and although it’s an ok looking area, it’s just too interior for me. It’d be difficult for someone to stay there if they don’t have a motorbike or a car and shops are atleast 20 minutes away. I can see them spending their weekends there, with plenty of cool breeze, easy chairs for relaxing, couple of shelves filled with books and spend the afternoons & evenings reading a ton of stuff. But living there is not for me. And that’s not really a village, just a little interior of the town.

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