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Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

Hmmm interesting topic.

Ok, I have just stepped into the room, a bedroom. I see an old (not working) pedestal fan near the door. Dusty and need of cleaning. Next to it and right smack against the center of that wall is a big steel almirah (cupboard or wardrobe). Next to that is an old broken computer swivel chair on which some books and a laptop bag and some other stuff is kept. There is a builtin two door cupboard in one corner. Let me take a look inside – it’s got a bunch of boxes with Star Trek starship models inside it and some magazines and a few clothes in a lower shelf.

On the opposite side of the steel almirah is the bed, pushed towards one side. Nice sturdy bed, queen size and looks comfy even if a little hard. Towards one edge, stacked together are a smartphone’s earphones, a BlackBerry Q10, an iPad with box, a couple of books and an office id tag. On one bedpost is a USB cord tucked away. Looks like a lonely guy sleeps here. There obviously isn’t a woman’s touch.

There’s a clothes rack pole thingy next to the windows and just beside the built-in cupboard. A clean shirt, one worn pair of trousers and one worn shirt are hunt on the round pegs. A slightly torn bag is hanging off one of the pegs on the lower level. Finally we have a small table on which a laptop, mouse and speakers rest. There are a bunch of external hard drives, dead & new batteries in covers, modem, extension cords, dvds and cases lay in the lower racks.

Looks like the place of a lonely guy who sits in his room a lot and spend a lot of his free time online.

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